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In defence of Chris Scott

Following Geelong’s disappointing finals exit against Sydney, and a trade period that netted Zach Touhy and Aaron Black while losing a host of assets (the biggest two being Josh Caddy and a 2017 first round draft pick) coach Chris Scott has come under fire from Cats supporters.

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AFL ladder prediction 2014 - top four

The pre-season; where hope and optimism reign. Each club is more or less quietly confident about achieving more than the last year. Yet for all the talk of the most even season seen in years, the top of the table may be remarkably similar to last season.

Full disclosure I am a cats man James so that’s probably some bias coming through! The cats did play some highly watchable games though, no?
I do like Tippa and McKenna.
As I said, this is totally subjective so please don’t feel insulted. Cheers for reading!

The official AFL 'watchability' ladder

Strewth, you’d think geelong had finished last given some of the comments here!
Thanks for reading and the discussion

In defence of Chris Scott

It is as I thought, there are plenty of #opinions flying about re: C.Scott – mostly negative!

Would any of the learned readers of the Roar like to comment a list of how they subjectively rank the AFL coaches 1-17 (dont count Fagan obviously).

I just love a good list, I’m very male

In defence of Chris Scott

Not to give myself a plug on someone else’s article (sorry Ryan)… but my statistical power rankings are out again soon, and they reveal some interesting results for trying to separate teams in such an even year.

Making sense of an insane Round 12 in the AFL

Bit of a vested interest in that sort of article catsfan?

Tracking the free agency recruits at the mid-point of the season

The fixture means the cats can’t miss the 8

2016 AFL season forecast: Where will your team finish?

wouldn’t have thought you would be skeptical of the cats Ryan…

The matches you must not miss in 2016

Cats are a sneaky chance for the minor premiership, however the bookies beat me to the punch and cats are third favourites at $6!!
Thought I might have outsmarted the bookies but that doesn’t happen

The matches you must not miss in 2016

Ease up. Just giving the other side to what seemed quite a provocative piece

Can the Cats take the pressure?

Just a couple of holes in this article…
The cats might struggle if they had actually picked up ADAM Selwood, as he has been retired for a couple of years now.
SCOTT on the other hand has an ankle issue, but if he can get over that, will be a great asset to the midfield.
Also, I do not think it is accurate to say we have not seen much of Henderson.
Ignoring this year, where it was obvious he didn’t want to be there, he has been in the blues top half dozen players, and came third in a club B & F.
But it is completely false to say he will be a Steve Johnson type player. Although there is not much between them in height, they are totally different style players. Henderson plays as a genuine tall, and perhaps his real strength is intercept marking in the backline, where Stephen Wells has indicated he is likely to play. Stevie J played as a half-forward and midfielder, and seemed to be curtailed by injury in the front half of the year before finishing strongly.
Your NBA analogy will only hold weight if the Dangerfield falls out with Selwood, and indeed the rest of the team, much in the way Dwight Howard did in LA.
No one is saying the cats are favourite, they are $10 at most betting agencies behind Hawthorn, West Coast and Fremantle.
However the Cats do have an exceptionally favourable draw, so it is not impossible that they make the top 4. And as we know, any position in the top 4 can go on to win the flag, look at Hawthorn this year.
I believe that the “high expectations” you mention for the cats are that they are certainties to reach the finals, and I would be very surprised if they didn’t.

Can the Cats take the pressure?

I highly doubt Curnow will be around at 8. Not impossible that dees pick him up at 3 and if not then there seems next to no chance he will get past both Essendon picks, Gold Coast and Melbourne’s other pick. Who else could blues get at 8? Francis?

Who they will get in the AFL draft: Adelaide, Brisbane and Carlton

why do you say that? extra incentive for blues to beat the cats. i would have thought that would make it more exciting, not less Brian?

AFL trade rumours update: The Hawks swoop in

Are the cats allowed to trade next years 3rd round pick if they get if from Brisbane? I thought they were prohibited from trading anymore future picks now they have traded next year’s first. Or is trading someone else’s future pick ok? It is getting confusing isn’t it

AFL trade rumours update: The Hawks swoop in

As a cats supporter, I am ecstatic that the cats are going all out this trade period.

Joel Selwood is a once-in-a-generation player, and he has 2 maybe 3 good years left.

I want him to be able to go out a 4-time premiership player and premiership captain, and the only way it will happen is if geelong take a few risks with their lists and prime it with the right aged players.

In my opinion, anyone they may lose the opportunity of drafting over the next few years would not help win a flag in the short term, so why not have a crack when you still have Selwood, Taylor and Hawkins at their peak? (which is 2014, rather than 2015 form)

Too many times we see rebuilds from clubs never eventuate into anything more than maybe one or two finals appearances, before they decide that they need to start again (Carlton are the obvious example).

Flags are hard enough to win (even though Hawks make it look easy) so I am proud my club is being brave enough to have a go at winning one.

If it does not work, I, and I hope other fans, will still buy a membership during the rebuild, as we know our club gave it’s all to climb the mountain.

And if it does work, we can taste that sweet nectar of victory again, and Joel Selwood will get what he deserves.

Good on you Chris Scott, and it is not often I say that in recent times

Geelong testing the theory that Cats have nine lives

yes, you are right that nearly every team on paper looks good. It depends on how you rate each player.

Big ask, but I’d love someone to do a mock of each team, then give a rating out of 10 to each player. eg Ablett – 10. Selwood – 9.5 etc… And then add up the numbers, just to see how they come out!

Rose and Ryan: AFL season review Part 3

strongly disagree Guthrie is mediocre! But the major issue is injuries… Clark, Stanley, Menzel are key. If they stay fit, it is undeniably a very strong team

Rose and Ryan: AFL season review Part 3

I know these mock teams for next year are fanciful but….

Enright Lonergan Kolodjashnij
Mackie Taylor Thurlow
Duncan Caddy Blicavs
Lang Clark Motlop
Menzel Hawkins Gregson

Rucks: Stanley Selwood Dangerfield

Int: Guthrie S.Selwood Bartel Henderson

Emg: Vardy Cockatoo Murdoch

Ryan tell me that team won’t contend for top 4?

Rose and Ryan: AFL season review Part 3

Two unbelievable dogs

Will the best greyhound win the National Championship?

Do you know patrick dangerfield? you seem very certain. I have some eggs for your face when you need them

A tale of ten coaches: Ranking the best of the worst

Players do not get to choose where they are drafted. Why are they then expected to be suddenly loyal to that team for life?

Free agency is here to stay; being a one-club player is not

Excellent Mullo. Clearing up a LOT of false statements. Compo pick was what the crows knowingly signed up for when they rejected Melbourne’s offer last year. The crows won’t match

Adelaide's Dangerfield dilemma: Do they match a rival offer?

Anyone but Hawthorn, but the AFL will no doubt sort out another flag for all those cats and dogs Hawthorn members

Which AFL club’s bandwagon will you jump on in September?

But Dangerfield hasn’t (and based on history of players remaining unsigned-probably won’t) signed a new deal with Adelaide? This is just rambling barracking. Two massive assumptions that Dangerfield stays and their new coach will fit in right away

Has the Adelaide Crows' window opened?

That is untrue about the cats. Geelong won their last flag in 2011 which was Gold Coast’s first year. And remind me, didn’t the cats lose their best player to the Gold Coast? A bit of research wouldn’t go astray Dave

Mark my words, Adelaide Oval will remain Danger's field

How about Sydney finishing top after starting 1-3 last year? You can twist stats anyway you want them, but really I think some actual analysis is needed when making statements, something this article greatly lacks, just looks like someone taking pleasure in what appears the inevitable end to a great run

Geelong are 16th and will not make the eight this season