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Expert ladder predictions are offensive

Now that the storylines have been written, player recruits and transfers have been finalised, the pre-season trials are done and the banter has commenced, experts are publishing their ladder predictions for the 2020 season all over the interweb which has caused much debate, on-line blow-ups and in some cases offence.

Easily in the top 5 greatest Cowboys in our history.

Career cut way too short, but a career which he achieved everything a player would want to achieve… premiership, origin series win, World Cup win.

That flick pass to Feldt in the 2015 grand final, one of the biggest plays in grand final history. Doesn’t get much better than that!

Enjoy retirement Morgo!

Shoulder injury forces Morgan into immediate retirement

What people either don’t want to understand, or refuse to accept, is State of Origin hasn’t been “Origin” for a very very long time.

I’ll go through dozens of players who weren’t born in the state they represented.

Qld: Greg Inglis, Sam Thaiday, Billy Moore, Josh Papalii, Mick Crocker, Adrian Lam (ex-Captain), Israel Folau, Petero Civoniceva, Matt Gillett, Tony Carroll, Brad Thorn, Robbie O’Davis, Paul Bowmen, Julian O’Neill, Karmichael Hunt, Jayden Su’A, Felise Kaufusi, Joe Ofahengaue, Christian Welch, Kalyn Ponga.

NSW: Peter Stirling, James Tamou, James McManus, Ben Elias, Timana Tahu, Willie Mason, Ian Roberts, John Hopoate, Chris Johns, Luke Keary, Junior Paulo.

Probably missed a few names. Point is, many of those names are from NZ and I can confidently guess none of them would have any interest in playing for Australia, but they were willing to sacrifice playing for NZ so they could be a part of Origin. “Origin” was seen as a stepping stone to the Australian side but all Origin has done is weaken the international game because so many players have chosen rugby league showpiece and the money, over representing their country of birth. I wont soon forget James Tamou playing his first test for Australia, didn’t sing the anthem and the look in his eyes when standing across from his countrymen doing the haka.

Origin should no longer have anything to do with international football. Taumalolo is just as Queenslander, if not more so then several of the names mentioned. Been there since he was 12, went to school there, played his junior footy there, represented QLD junior rep teams, plays for a QLD club and plans to spend his life in Townsville. Origin isn’t Origin anymore, especially since the Greg Inglis debacle. Change the rules. If you were born in QLD or NSW, lived there and raised since before your 13th birthday and played your junior footy there, you should be eligible for that state, regardless of international affiliation.

Jason Taumalolo can’t play Origin

Exactly right!

New Jets NRL bid could soar above rivals

As an Ippy boy, what do you think about an Ipswich based club being called ‘Brisbane’? I know the Jets are Ipswich, but I don’t think many in Ipswich, as well as Logan and Toowoomba, will feel ‘Brisbane Jets’ will be inclusive for them.

New Jets NRL bid could soar above rivals

The NRL need to kick rugby union while its down and recruit a few of their players. Raid Super league too… plenty of good ones over there.

Hey NRL, where did all the talent go?

2022-23… because after this year they can get rid of some dead weight and they’ll have the cap space to buy some decent players. They have a plethora of quality juniors coming through their system, a successful Q-Cup affiliate side and a coach who’s already made improvements in this team. Only 1 win, but during the games they lost, they’ve shown a bit of fight and been competitive. 6-6 in the second half against Canberra in round 1. 6-6 in the second half against the bunnies last round. Their next goal is showing that effort and fight for a full 80 minutes and they’ll win a few games.

Gold Coast Titans to be NRL contenders by 2025

Fair points. He’d need to fine-tune his tackling technique to defend in the middle, but that will come down to training. He hasn’t needed to defend in the middle-third since origin last year. It’ll take time for him to adjust. From an attacking perspective, I still think he’s shown in the past how good he can be at dummy half, spending the first 4 years of his career as a bench hooker. He also scores a lot of tries when he’s at dummy-half, it’s a credit to his vision and decision making. If Mary gives him a month at 9 to find his feet, you’ll see how good he can be, IMO.

Ben Hunt needs to accept his best position is hooker

Now this is a hilarious article! 😂

V'landys is out of touch and losing his battle with AFL and rugby

The owner loaned the money to his own club, I wouldn’t exactly call it a debt. He’s 69 years old and he knows the loan won’t be paid back in his lifetime but once the leagues club is up and running, he’ll get some of that money back. I actually think the 25 mill is for the leagues club. If the dogs, panthers or wests ashfield etc fail, those clubs will be as good as dead. Would the leagues club fail, I doubt it, it’s the GC and its gamble central.

Brisbane’s Western Corridor cannot be ignored in NRL expansion

KCR Lang Park is an easy commute. Trains go straight to the Stadium (Milton Station). The stadium is almost literally on the end of the M5 (From Ippy) and Captain Cook Bridge (from Logan). Seems easy enough IMO… perhaps parking would be an issue though. Problem with the Broncos being a pathway for Ipswich, Logan and Toowoomba, is 19,000 players from the western corridor plus 13,000 from Brisbane. 32,000 players with a pathway to NRL via one club? Good lawd! It makes Johnson’s point though, that too many players need to move away from home and their families to Brisbane, Sydney, GC or NQ for an opportunity at playing NRL. How many Ipswich players are in Sydney? Heaps. How many players won’t make the move? Heaps.

Brisbane’s Western Corridor cannot be ignored in NRL expansion

The Titans have just received a $25 million loan from one of the co-owners and a leagues club is being built to finance the club. Titans, believe it or not, are in a better financial position than most clubs. They also have a strong junior base on the GC, Northern Rivers and pretty much all of Northern NSW (about 7000 players) with direct pathways to the NRL through the club. I don’t think the Titans will be too affected by a Western Corridor team.

Brisbane’s Western Corridor cannot be ignored in NRL expansion

Christo, you’re right. The first part is my own opinion about converting fans whereas the second part is the view of V’landys which is a direct contradiction as far as the argument is concerned. The Broncos have 1.2 million supporters (Roy Morgan research), even if the bid team could convert fans, I don’t think it would make much of dent in the Broncos supporter base.

Brisbane’s Western Corridor cannot be ignored in NRL expansion

Great article! The current trend in sports journalism is worrying to say the least.

Why I’m worried about the quality of NRL journalism

The selfishness of these blokes is unbelievable. But then again, maybe it isn’t a surprise at all. Perhaps an IQ test should be conducted with the COVID-19 test before the season restarts.

Players put NRL restart at risk: Federal government

I like that observation 😂

Jason Belmonte wins third consecutive PBA World Championship

Crunching a plastic bottle I believe… 😂

Jason Belmonte wins third consecutive PBA World Championship

It’s all or nothing for poor ol’ Mary. Hopefully Flanno is having a positive affect on mary’s coaching and the teams performance

Expert ladder predictions are offensive

The Storm are still very much a relatively complete side, but I still have reservations about the halfback position, although Hughes was impressive in the trials. Their depth in their centre positions is also a concern and losing the wombat for the first few weeks puts a dent in their impact off the bench. A finals certainty though

Expert ladder predictions are offensive

After the Broncos efforts in the trials… oh dear 😢

But one must always keep the faith. Broncos have only missed the finals 3 times in 32 years si I guess that stat bodes well for your lads.

Expert ladder predictions are offensive

Apologies for the offence caused. Inexperienced backline and the fact Matt Moylan can’t get himself fit is why I offensively predict the Sharks to miss out on the finals.

The Cows/Sharkies rivalry has been too underrated over the past decade after we’ve knocked each other out of the finals a few times. Now that we have Val, it’ll make our games much more interesting.

Expert ladder predictions are offensive

If the Sea Eagles can keep their key players fit and firing this year, I see them as the team best equipped to knock the Chooks and Storm out of the finals.

Expert ladder predictions are offensive

Bellamy easily. No disrespect to Robinson, great coach in his own right, the Roosters have star players 1 to 17 but many of whom were developed elsewhere. Bellamy has not only developed no name youngers for many, many years eg Smith, Slater, Cronk; he’s also helped the average ‘journeyman’ reach their full potential.

The NRL's coach of the decade: Bellamy vs Robinson

The “greatest of all time” is merely in the eyes of the beholder. A subjective opinion. Some will say Thurston is the greatest. Some will say Smith. Some will say King Wally. Some will say Lockyer. And for the subject at hand, some will say Joey. All have valid arguments to be considered the GOAT when you list their accomplishments and describe their attributes.

That said, Joey deserves a statue. Us Queenslanders have immortalised many of our greats already; Lewis, Lockyer, Meninga, Beetson and Langer at Lang Park. JT gets his statue at NQ’s new stadium (he might get one at Lang Lark as well with the other Maroons greats). Smith will get one, Slater will get one. GI will get one.

NSW are so far behind already. I’m both amused and disappointed that the NSW state government has never chipped in or even considered recognising their sporting heroes in bronze. Not just Joey, but there’s a list a mile long of NSW players who deserve a statue eg Fittler, Mortimer, Stuart, Daley etc

It’s a great image for rugby league that we commemorate our legends in bronze.

Newcastle deserve a statue of Andrew Johns at McDonald Jones Stadium

North Sydney Bears has 8 district clubs and 16 clubs on the Central Coast. You might be right about the current demographic, but it’s negative thinking to suggest Manly can’t make in imprint on the area. Nobody thought the Storm would work in Melbourne. Success comes from imaginative thinking and risk taking. I formulated my ‘opinions’ using quotes from Scott Penn, Greg Florimo and Brad Fittler.

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive

Sorry that’s CC and North Sydney combined… read that stat on Central Coast Bears Wikipedia

Manly must invade enemy Bears territory to survive