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Forgiveness is far easier to achieve than permission.



It’s been a while since centres had “combinations” with one another.

Has Freddy gone a little bonkers?

Once the Indian innings was over, that all became mute. Australia had a hefty target to chase and went about it all wrong. Warner needed to pick up the scoring rate way before he holed out. 48 dot balls for an opener of Warner’s hitting ability whilst chasing 353 was Cricket criminality.

Australia's baffling batting ensures failure in record run chase against India

This exact scenario is why I was critical of the selection of the team. They basically have no flexibility now to bring in more pinch hitter type players. Handscomb and Turner should have come into consideration for this one. The team may chase a big score here successfully but I don’t think the top 7 is the right one to be relying on going 350+ against quality bowling.

Australia vs India: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview and prediction

Played pretty good I thought.

Wayne Bennett lied to us, signed James Roberts and then got pants'd by the Eels on Friday night

You are joking insider aren’t you? You are way under valuing Cook and Murray.

Wayne Bennett lied to us, signed James Roberts and then got pants'd by the Eels on Friday night

That’s Bennett’s problem with Journo’s though. And sometime’s I think he’s justified. If Bennett had just given a “No Comment”, what do you think the chances, every journo in the room would say to themselves “Oh he doesn’t want to talk about that, I won’t ask him another seriously annoying question on the same subject”. The answer is zero. He’s had enough crap written about him by journos over the last 50 years, that I’m not surprised he has little respect for them..

Wayne Bennett lied to us, signed James Roberts and then got pants'd by the Eels on Friday night

I agree with everything you’ve said there Chris. Where I am worried is that Australia were competitive in those games recently with an in-form Peter Handscomb who was easily our best bat in a number of those games. The picked Cup side doesn’t leave a lot of flexibility in the batting order if we are on a road. I would have loved for them to pick Handscomb as a back up and then if the road comes he can replace Carey. The top order wouldn’t have to worry as much about their wickets and swing for the fences if they had him possibly coming in anywhere between 5 and 7.

Uber-flat English pitches would mar World Cup

Gee how good are the bunnies going without him. Can you imagine if they were able to snare Latrell Mitchell with those dollars? I suppose there’s a few backs at Souths that have earned an upgrade also.

A sensible conclusion to the Greg Inglis salary cap situation

I agree and I have an inkling that it will be a wrist spinner we are talking about at the end of the tournament.

Jos Buttler is the new MVP of ODI cricket

Root? In ODI’s? Hardly.

Jos Buttler is the new MVP of ODI cricket

I think this article highlights why so many are complaining about scrums taking up so much time In rugby. The “dark arts” these days are all about gaining some advantage before forcing a scrum to the ground to gain your team a penalty. Maybe this has always been the case at the highest levels, but it used to be referees looking for any intentional action that forced a scrum to collapse was penalised regardless of who had the advantage when the scrum collapsed. Sure it takes some serious skill and power to achieve these dark arts but every time a scrum collapses, there is a risk of serious injury to front row players. To do so intentionally is dangerous.

We need to go back to watching scrums where one team pushes the other off the ball or get rid of them all-together.

Why the Wallabies' props are no longer in a bind

Cracking article and well argued. I have to agree with you. With all these injuries going around I would love to see this team run out for game 1.

1. James Tedesco
2. Blake Ferguson
3. Latrell Mitchell
4. Josh Morris
5. Josh Addo-Carr
6. Cody Walker
7. Luke Keary
8. Payne Haas
9. Damien Cook
10. David Klemmer
11. Boyd Cordner
12. Tyson Frizell
13. Jake Turbo

14. Ryan Matterson
15. Cameron Murray
16. Tevita Pangai
17. Paul Vaughan.

Matterson and Murray in Blue? The perfect one, two

I thought Gus had explained that perfectly.

Where has it gone wrong for the Penrith Panthers?

To be fair Griffin wasn’t going well at Brisbane. He did much better at Penrith but was always going to get the sack at Brisbane regardless of if Bennet became available.

Where has it gone wrong for the Penrith Panthers?

I think that if these muppets in the selection seat give Joe Burns a decent crack, he will end this Ashes series still averaging over 40 with that 20 test Barrier passed.

England will unleash two 150km/h quicks in The Ashes

Wasn’t Izzy simply quoting directly from the “Good Book”? I’m no religious scholar but I figure the bloke had his research done before he repeated the words. Then isn’t anyone quoting from the book using “extreme language”? I think the greens will have a field day if we go down this path and it becomes the norm.

We are (IMO) deviating too far from the issue at heart here. Wether his language was “extreme” “fanatical” or “fundamentalist” is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT.

What matters is what is in his contract. It is the first second and only point here. If he has signed something that says he can’t preach this stuff then he’s done. If there is no such clause, then who ever at RA that prepared/approved the contract (especially after last year), needs to walk away from the game without pay right now.

Folau confirms he knocked back RA's peace offering

My thoughts exactly. Also the reason I think it’s madness that Handscomb isn’t at least touring to give them that option if they need it.

The Aussie team’s biggest weakness

Yes wind assisted but to be doing that, at his age no mater the race or genetics would raise eyebrows. The fact that he’s white makes it that little extra-ordinary.

Caster Semenya loses landmark case – possibly ending her career

Spruce, google Mathew Boling. That may be about the change.

Caster Semenya loses landmark case – possibly ending her career

I think David is right. Finch, in spite of that amazing return to form, hasn’t made me confident that he’s not vulnerable to quality swing bowling early in the innings. Similarly, Khawaja more often than not struggles straight up against spin. Warner and Khawaja to open with finch at 3 I think is the best combination.

David Warner ends his IPL campaign on another high

Mary, I’m someone who has been critical of your opinion in the past (aka JDB&Semi Radradra) but you’ve nailed this one! While I have your attention. Which halfback will score the most SuperCoach points between now-round 8 and the end of round 12?

The Cowboys need to start planning for 2020

The thing is, with Walker they offer as much in attack as any team in the comp. Braidon Burns getting injured along with the G.I. Retirement has slowed down that edge attack somewhat. I think the only thing stopping a Rabbittoh top 4 would be the selections of Murray, Walker, and or Reynolds in origin this year.

Sadly, after just six rounds it’s already a two-horse race in the NRL

I don’t really care what his record was @6. He managed 4 hundreds for 109 innings with the vast majority of those innings opening. A whole lot of spin required to suggest those figures equal an opening test bat. Jesus, poor Joe Burns has 4 test tons and only been given 28 opportunities.

The joyous autumn of Shane Watson

If only he was happy to be playing @ 6 for the test team he probably wouldn’t have been criticised at all. He simply wasn’t a test opening bat.

The joyous autumn of Shane Watson

I think your assessment is probably right. But I think Manly will make the 8 if Tommy Turbo gets back sooner rather than later and they get some luck injury wise. Same with the Bunnies, though I think they can push the top two deep into September if they get their act together.

Sadly, after just six rounds it’s already a two-horse race in the NRL