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Good post…

“In 2019, match officials have been directed by the NRL to allow games to flow where possible, at least to the extent the actions of the players permit that to occur.” G. Annesley in the message from the NRL in that book.

And we wonder why we are where we are.

Good post, although a bit peculiar coming from someone who thinks Australian laws and values apply in overseas jurisdictions, only to then have a problem with the NRL making up their own rules.

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

It’s the question no one needs to address, because the answer is plumb obvious.

The genesis for all sport is that you codify the rules after the initial game is played and tinker along the way.

People don’t mind the rules being tinkered to reflect the evolution of a game. People mind greatly however when rules are not followed because those entrusted to enforce the rules don’t know the rules. People mind further when people do agree to rules and then they are blithely ignored.

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

I see where this is coming from, but it does need to be taken with a bit of caution.

NZ go on their spring tour to Europe each November. They take a compliment of about 27-28 players to play 4 high intensity matches. Now, if they followed your example and played Spain, then there’s simply no way they are going to put out a full strength team against the Spanish. That exposes NZ players to the risk of an injury before the big games and it’s also exceptionally dangerous on the Spanish. They would get physically pummeled. Which means NZ are going to be asked to take upwards of 40 people to Europe. It’s too expensive.

A PI team in super rugby is a good idea. Don’t know where they will play out of though…again, there are cost issues at play. It might work in Fiji, but Tonga and Samoa are just too small.

The plan that will boost rugby in the Pacific

The experiment failed because it wasn’t given enough support.

NZ and Australia instead chose to cherry pick the talent away from the three islands rather than boost them.

The plan that will boost rugby in the Pacific


There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

Section 15 1.e: deliberately and continuously breaks the laws of the game.

Stripping is a deliberate breaking of a law of the game (section 11 9b).

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

A strip is considered foul play – that’s why it’s penalised.

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

The last line is spot on.

I love that there are a stack of rules out there that are actually designed to protect “The flow” by having the referee blow penalties.

Oh the irony.

There is some really weird stuff in the NRL rule book

I think the PI countries, Uruguay, Japan and the US would really benefit from an expanded pacific islands cup. Let’s get the NZ Maori team and a Wallabies B team involved as well…the smaller nations just need exposure to a slightly higher calibre of opponent on a more routine basis.

Whatever happens next, the Brave Blossoms have changed Japanese rugby forever

interesting with the US…they went backwards this tournament.

Whatever happens next, the Brave Blossoms have changed Japanese rugby forever

I think it’s something that hurts a lot, right now.

Mitch Marsh mourns moment of madness

The middle part of this article made some pretty long and loose comparisons to the 1995 South African team, which is a complete misreading of the room. Additionally, there are some inaccurate comments on the Japanese team vis-a-vis national identity.

The Brave Blossoms have become the epitome of Japanese national identity.

The first event is the nationalistic passion that the Japanese people have embraced during this tournament.

Japanese nationalism is focused very much around being ethnically Japanese. This is one of the most ethno-centric populations on the planet, and a highly xenophobic nation too. 98% of the population is of Japanese ethnicity. Japanese citizenship is one of the hardest to acquire on the planet (i.e look at the intense discrimination Koreans-born-in-Japan receive in Japan)

This Japanese team certainly has got a lot of support by the public, but the multi-cultural nature of the team absolutely does not reflect Japanese national identity, and is long overdue in challenging that very idea. If anything, it’s making a mockery of it. And bravo to them for it.

Whereas the South African team of 1995 was very much about uniting some intensely divided people under one banner.

Whatever happens next, the Brave Blossoms have changed Japanese rugby forever

By the way I know of no such country where if a situation arose where some one was threatening a mate or a relative with a busted bottle, where friends would just stand back & let it happen.

Well, I truly hope you don’t find yourself in such a situation. You’re in for a real shock if the situation goes south. Considering I’ve just told you a few…but what would I know…I only live in one of those countries at the moment. And I’ve lived in 2 others as well. Middle eastern legal systems would be a VERY rude shock to you. Malaysia as well for that matter…a country that tends to find foreigners “guilty until proven guilty” if you’ve assaulted a national.

Btw, I note you didn’t respond to the fact that the NRL (and most sports) punish the third man in more than the two instigators of a fight – something that’s remarkably contradictory to your “great Aussie tradition”

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season

I can’t agree that Australia are favourites.

Better bowlers, but not that much better.

The Australian bats are just dire. I think Warner deserves a chance, but his average of 60 at home days are done.

An ordinary English team would have blanked them if not for Smith.

NZ have earned their high ranking.

What Australia's selectors confirmed in Round 1 of the Sheffield Shield

Where is bowraville? That’s in Queensland!!

Queensland everywhere!

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season

in some countries…yes. Indonesia is one of those countries. I live in SE Asia – I’ve been enough times to Indonesia and seen enough to know that your “great Aussie tradition” means jack squat outside Australia. The best thing to do is to protect your own interests and stay away from any altercation, or seek peaceful ways to end it.

You trying to foist “great Aussie traditions” overseas might land you in prison. The “tradition” either is disregarded, or a another countries justice system is so corrupt you get the blame.

Jock Palfreeman is a textbook example.

Besides, even the NRL is harsh on “third man in” which is exactly what you are advocating is a “great Aussie tradition”.

You need to travel/live overseas to get some perspective.

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season

That last paragraph is horribly off the mark.

the English super league is far slower in pace than the NRL. the only good thing about it is that it has one ref.

But there is a very good reason why England get spanked by Australia in the rugby league…they just aren’t playing at teh same pace.

TV now owns our game

If he’s clever…he sits out three years and plays for England in the 2022 Ashes.

Should Khawaja and Renshaw open against Pakistan?

Bit like Andy Murray in the tennis.

British when he wins. Scottish when he loses.

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season

“…he should also ban that great Aussie tradition of looking after yer mate when he is in trouble.’

Noosa, that “great Aussie tradition” ends at the shores of Australia.

In Bali – you know, an island in a completely different country, that’s not how it works.

Enough is enough: Time to ban NRL off-season

Racism is the manifestation of outright jealousy and envy of someone else.

Whether it’s the jealousy of talent, money, family, love etc…the people do it because they are angry they don’t have it and use race as the easy excuse.

Shame on them for behaving like neolithic thugs. Shame on others who don’t condemn it.

Stamp racism out of not just sport, but all walks of society.

Disgusting race hate blights England's Euro qualifier win over Bulgaria

It’s a bit disrespectful to NZ… They would be favourites to win this series on current form.

If you were to select a combined XI between them right now, Smith is the only Australian batsman in the top 6, NZ keeper and then the bowlers are split 2-2.

I wouldn’t be “blooding” anyone this summer. I’d be picking the best XI to win test matches.

What Australia's selectors confirmed in Round 1 of the Sheffield Shield

Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit…

ICC announces super over modifications

Its more Australia picking someone who had a FC average of 36 when picked…

How times change.

Good on him though

David Warner and Joe Burns should be the openers for the First Test

But only at the moment.

That home record should no longer gives him the line of credit it once did.

He needs to be treated on the same merits as Burns, Renshaw, Bancroft, Harris etc etc now.

Starc flops and Carey shines in Sheffield Shield