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What a beautiful post David. Thanks for sharing.

Boks glory: A team of 57 million people beats 23 professionals

Thanks Jonty. Boks chose the right game to peak.

They delivered on the promise of their potential. It was so amazing to watch.

Rassie’s Boks rise to the occasion

Agreed Corne. A successful coach needs a good rugby brain, but also the people skills necessary to motivate his squad in order to enact his plans.

Rassie’s Boks rise to the occasion

Thanks Maxx,

They’re a classy bunch of guys. Very inspirational. They’ve done the country proud.

Rassie’s Boks rise to the occasion

Would love to see Canada or US!

Can you imagine one of those big NFL stadiums for a world cup final?

It would be great for the sport’s growth in the US, and the yanks are pretty sport crazy. I’m sure they’d show up for the games.

Rassie’s Boks rise to the occasion

Thanks Ragnar. It’s been pretty dire as a bok fan the past few years but rassie managed to achieve a miracle. Couldn’t be more proud

Rassie’s Boks rise to the occasion

Hi ken
Thanks for reading. Glad you liked it.

Here’s the link. Happens about halfway through I think. Inspiring stuff.

Rassie’s Boks rise to the occasion

Thx Corne. I understand he is stepping down as coach but will continue on as director of rugby. Sad to see him go as coach to be honest. Given more time I think he could work more magic

Rassie’s Boks rise to the occasion

Disagree. The tournament was exhilarating. Different brands of rugby suit different teams, and equally different tactics suit different matches.

The final was a cracker. With a luckier bounce Pollard’s cross kick might have ended in a third try as well.

Only rule I’d changes I’d be advocating for are:
-if your maul goes backwards then scrum to the defending team
-when the ball is out of the ruck the ref has to declare it out loud. That would encourage aggressive defence at the rucks, rather than the hesitance we see when players are afraid of getting pinged offsides

The Rugby World Cup final proves something needs to give

I think I know what you were trying to say with this article. But, it hasn’t clicked, and in fact your underlying assertion is by its very nature insulting. Bradbury got a medal through luck.

Despite saying that you don’t want to take anything away from South Africa’s victory, the underlying premise is about taking credit away from the victor. South Africa didn’t win the tournament due to Benny Hill style hijinks knocking out their competitors. They played the teams in front of them just like everybody else.

The ’95 food poisoning theory has never been proven. In fact, as a medico, and as someone who has been through a bout or two of legitimate gastro, I find it hard to believe those blokes could take the field let alone step away from a toilet. When you’ve got gastro, I mean really got gastro, you’re not climbing off the pot.

In 2007 we got to that final fair and square. Ditto 2019. Japan upset Ireland, and Scotland prior to the QF clash. And Wales were grand slam winners. The assertion that we “Bradbury”d our way into the final is, unfortunately, bunk.

I know you weren’t trying to be insulting with this article, though.

South African channel their inner Bradbury for the third time

Hi Old Bugger thanks for reading.
I take your points and agree for the most part, but I think they blew it in the sense that they let themselves down.

They were outplayed by NZ sure, but they had a match riddled with errors. Defense, kicking, rucking. It was sloppy stuff by SA at crucial times.
I think if SA had a better tackle percentage, and managed to properly secure their rucks, they could have won.

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Thanks man. I thought we had a chance at lifting the cup before the weekend.

Saturday changed that perspective fairly drastically. Ireland looked like a well oiled machine last night. They looked hungry and clinical

If SA bring the same weak ass tactics into the knock out stages then forget it.

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Francois Steyn did great work for us in the past at 15, including some key penalty goals in 2009 when we beat NZ 3 times in a row.

PSTD is a talisman. Unfortunately, him and Kolbe were somewhat carrying the team

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Point well made Sinclair, but something didn’t sit right with being told that rugby isn’t my thing

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Fair enough, guess it paid off 👍

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Cheers mate, I’ll decide what’s my thing thanks. I’ll try to add a line next time to balance the article better, and maybe you try not to be a dolt.

Boks blow it against All Blacks

I am serious with that, actually. I thought his kick was pretty much lateral, didn’t go forward into much space. If Mapimpi had more awareness he would have shut it down earlier.

I think SA was lucky to get off without a yellow. Similarly, NZ got away with multiple infringements at the breakdown in their own 22 when SA had a lot of momentum. Argument can be made there for a yellow. Garces is a clown.

Not sure what stimulated the ire in your comment. NZ got the better of SA, I say so clearly multiple times.

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Thanks for the feedback Pinetree. Glad you enjoyed the article. Point taken about the ref comments.

I actually wanted to mention the fact that there were some lenient calls that had gone the Boks way. Unfortunately some of the readership seems to think I’m having a whinge about the ref!

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Thanks Ralph. Glad you enjoyed the read. It was a lamentable tackle completion percentage. Not up to standard at all

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Thanks Andy.

It wasn’t the intention to lay blame with the referee. A smart team will make adjustments to the game plan as things unfold. Part of that involves reading the referee.

We didn’t do that. The Boks should have adjusted their play accordingly, but didn’t.

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Thanks for commenting One Eye. And again. And again. And again.

In case you missed the point of the article, titled “Boks blow it”, I’m focussed on how badly the Boks stuffed up.

Part of that relates to not adjusting to Garces officiating of the breakdown. I agree the boks were lucky to avoid a yellow. I didn’t want to write a treatise on everything he got wrong.

You seem to have a big issue with my Springbok bias. I suggest you hold yourself to that same lofty standard of impartiality in your future comments.

Boks blow it against All Blacks

Cheers Jonty. I was happy to see new faces bringing a bit of change to our attack.

And as for new guys making mistakes- at least they seem to be positive ones a lot of the time. Guys trying to make something happen rather than being passive.
That comeback will be instrumental in shaping our mental fortitude.

Let’s hope we come off the blocks a lot better this weekend.

Rassie's Boks look to rebuild

Agreed Corne(biltong?). I’m not even focussed on silverware at the moment. Like I mentioned, the fact that we are playing with energy is reason enough to be excited.

But if we back these young guys and try to cement some positions prior to out!

Rassie's Boks look to rebuild

Thanks for commenting Harry–the midfield is a question mark that has been hanging around since JdV and Jaque Fourie stopped playing. We haven’t had a settled combination since and it definitely shows.

I think last week Kriel showed that he also has some defensive frailties.

Esterhuizen however looked like a bulldozer.

As for Pollard he luckily gives as good as he takes, and his defense is usually reliable. Need solid tacklers at 10-13…

Rassie's Boks look to rebuild

you’re a poet and a man of history harry. impressive stuff. well researched and bloody well written. if you like maritime history you should read “ghost ship; the mystery of the mary celeste” about that mysterious disappearance. interesting read.

Michael Cheika and the SS Waratah: A story of a Wallabies coach and a shipwrecked cruisliner