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These times are what I love about sport. Although my team is long gone and sitting on a beach somewhere no doubt, I really want to see dynamic football. But I also really want to see Canberra’s fans get a win. The Viking clap in the stadium – everyone standing all as one – must be special to be a part of and be emotionally attached to. The city is lime green mad at the moment I am sure.

If Souths get up, their Bunnies fans will come from everywhere and the streets will be awash with coachwood and myrtle.

Here is to a great game. And Geoff – deep breaths, buddy. 😉

Canberra Raiders vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: NRL preliminary final preview, prediction

This round of the finals is going to be extraordinary. The teams that deserve to be involved are involved. Can’t split Canberra and Souths.

Souths looked cooked in last week’s game but Bennett has the ability to get players to rise and if they get it right, it is sties the limit. Canberra are just continuing to play dynamic football and they have confidence in each other.

I’ve tipped Canberra but I have no idea on this. Let’s hope it is a game for the ages.

Canberra Raiders vs South Sydney Rabbitohs: NRL preliminary final preview, prediction

Cronk is ready for retirement and besides, he left Melbourne to be based in Sydney. What would possibly want him to take on a stink in Brisbane?

Broncos promise review after record loss

The option is not his to decide. It is based on the number of first grade gaes he plays next season. I believe the number he must play to trigger the extension is 15.

Broncos promise review after record loss

The side is quite different. Two players that immediately come to mind are Nikorima and McGuire. Both had an impact on the Broncos and how they played.

Broncos also had issue at Hooker last season.

Broncos promise review after record loss

This season Bird looked busy in the centres before he was injured so put him back in there. Issako needs to get some confidence in defense again. Who is the defensive coach? Was Peter Ryan a consultant for the Broncos in preseason?

Milf has the ability but he needs someone beside him who can settle general play. Get Milf the wall when he wants it and sees space. I think Milf way down on confidence. He is bumped out of the role he had previously played reasonably well in and pushed into a role he had not trained for. Milf is not a leader. He needs a general on the field with him.

The desperation has not been with Brisbane all season. Watch back over the season and and observe how many times balls were left to bounce, other loose balls were not dived on and how many defenders gave up chases. Very few people can put their hand up and say they gave it everything this season.

Griffin: Broncos have lost their soul

It is Boyd’s prerogative to see out his contract for next season and to see whether he triggers another one year via extension.
He has been a wonderful player for the Broncos and in the NRL in general but time has caught up with him. I still think he is injured and has been for two seasons. The only other reason he is not putting his body on the line and not showing effort or is no longer making effective tackles can be that he is being coached to play in that manner.

Boyd, is getting front of the ball player to slow their momentum but is not making ball and all tackles. Ball players bounce off him. I just hope he doesn’t end his career in reggies. He will be well positioned with a career at the Broncos after football if he does fall on his sword and for his playing lagacy, I really hope he does that. If he chooses to play on, I hope we see him fit and getting back to some level of quality required for first grade.

Griffin: Broncos have lost their soul

Well it was a real pasting to be sure. Not too many players looked like they wanted to be on the paddock within ten minutes after the kickoff.

Boyd: He has been a great servant of the game and the vlub but he has now looked like he is running lame for the past 2 seasons. Last season he never broke a canter until the second half of the season. This year his defense has been very poor. Since he moved to 5/8th it seems like he has been doing the kind of job Alfie Langer does does in attack – Boyd is hanging back and directing and rarely getting involved. He just cannot be in the team next year.

McCollouch: He is looking slow and tired with very little dimension to his game. A few rounds ago he actually starting darting out of dummy half and it looked like he had been sparked back into life. But he’s not there. Even his ball service to the first out looks slow. Segeyaro is running rings around him. Mac needs to be third string hooker or he can find a new home.

Milford: Needs to be played where his strengths lay or he should leave. Someone of Kieron Foran’s ilk would do well with Milf. Although Foran is yet to put a full season together with competent display to demonstrate that he is getting back to his Manly form.

Seibold: Don’t want to sound like I’m sinking the boot in here, but Seilbold doesn’t seem to have the type of charisma a man-manager style coach needs. Seilbold has been under fire from media most of this season but that was to be expected due to the club who’s invitation he accepted to join. He seems surly and even when stating his responsibility for when things go wrong he tends to tack an excuse of others making to the end of his apology.

The players certainly don’t look happy. Damn, if you can’t get up for a final in a comp you probably didn’t have any right to make it to, I’m not sure what will get you motivated.

I’m not sure Seibold has the defensive structures at this stage of his career to make it. I certainly hope I’m wrong about that, but I don’t need to Anthony Seibold with all the stats in the world to realise that I’m probably not.

Six talking points from Parramatta Eels vs Brisbane Broncos NRL elimination final

poor guy. They are never good injuries. But It’s not all bad. If he wasn’t injured he possibly might have had to endure playing in yesterday’s game.

Six talking points from Parramatta Eels vs Brisbane Broncos NRL elimination final

Yes, Bancroft had about a 20% better average than the other two. 😉

Australia Ashes series player ratings: No surprises as Steve Smith and Pat Cummins take top honours

Pat Cummins just continues to impress. Bowled his heart out and there was rarely a spell where it didn’t look like he was about to make an impact.
Smith? Well, what can you say. He has just so much time. The way he opens his stance at the crease to make room must make bowlers shudder. His catch in the last test was a gem as well.

Labs really impressed. When he was subbed in after Smith as hit, he had every excuse to not perform. He then gets felled himself yet picked himself up and played with a determination of Ponting in 2005, Steve Waugh in the West Indies, or Allan Border. I hope for his own sake and that of Australian Cricket Labs continues to show that steely determination throughout a long and rewarding international career.

Warner was a beaten man. Anything in to him had him falling over himself. His head always about a foot or more outside the line of the ball just left him ripe for Broad’s picking. Great research by England on taming him.

Hazelwood had taken over the role of bowling metronome role that was once head by McGrath. Head was unlucky. Will Kawaja continue to bounce in and out of the team this summer? Either Australia stick with him or give up. This is Shaun Marsh II.

Australia Ashes series player ratings: No surprises as Steve Smith and Pat Cummins take top honours

Yes, Fruit and Nut Ski Double – Up did a good job and grew into the role. I would have liked him to have worn something a little more in line with the the traditonal bone, the cream, the off-white, though.

Highlight was Ian Healey in the first or second test off camera berating his female co commentator by telling her to “Shoosh!”

The Liebke Ratings: Fifth Ashes Test


The Liebke Ratings: Fourth Ashes Test

This game really has me stumped. Whether or not I take out my local footy tipping might well come down to this match.
I’m leaning toward Tigers because of Benji’s form and McGuire in charge. I think the emotion of Gallen and Farah cancel each other out and Tigers are at home.

Sharks have conceded 101 points in the last 6 games. Tigers 78. But in that 78 was only 4 points put on them by Newcastle when Newcastles had spat their dummies over their coach. Last time the Kgight and Tigers played Knights put on 26 points. So there is not much between Sharks and Tigers – they both leak a few tries a game.

Sharks have a few more big game players with experience but I’m not sure how well they are traveling. Morris, Graham, Gallen. If Johnston turns up, who knows what can happen. Tigers are more of a team that you know about what you get.

Can anyone add to this? I’ve got the Tigers chosen right now, but I can change up to kick off.

Wests Tigers vs Cronulla Sharks: Who wins?

Cummins was shagged, as were all the bowlers after being out on the middle for 2 days. Apparently it was pretty hot on the ground there during the last few days.

Aussies need a reshuffle but only one change for fourth Ashes Test

I agree with your assessment on bowling too short. I’ve been bleating the same thing with the regularity of a metronome during the live calls for all three tests.

I wouldn’t lose too much sleep if Hazelwood was overlooked as I know the replacement will do the job at the moment. Pattinson just seems a little more wayward at times whilst still being economical, a little more short than the others, who are also a bit short, and he doesn’t seem to get the bounce of Cummins.

Aussies need a reshuffle but only one change for fourth Ashes Test

you make some good points. Especially moving Khawaja and your comments on Pattinson and Warner. Warner has shown he is too good a player to be in a funk for too long. He has received some very difficult deliveries this series and the results seem to reflect that somewhat.
Warner is looking ugly with any ball that even considers inswinging. His head is way over to the offside and well out of the vertical line of bat and ball and that is causing him all amount of troubles. It is like he is set for the outswinger only and when the inswinger comes, he is lost. But no doubt people in the Australina camp have picked up on that and he is working on it in the nets.
Starc might have just built up enough aggression and frustration of being ignored for the first 3 tests and it might just be time to let him go. Starc has shown before he can react positively to criticism. Remember the Warne comments from 5 or so seasons ago? Whether that should be at the expense of Pattinson – well selectors might just need to take that gamble.

Aussies need a reshuffle but only one change for fourth Ashes Test

How the public and the Cricketing hierarchy deal with the next few days in the aftermath of being beaten will have a major impact on the rest of the series. Persecuting the captain might just play into England’s hands.

It was a great match to watch. On day 4 as Leach marched onto the field, Australia were still supremely confident. England showed mettle. Australia started crumbling under the pressure.

Dropped catch (albeit difficult and made to look more difficult than it may have needed to be), poor throw for a run out, a poor take to accept that throw for a run out, bowling at the last stages that seemed at times to just be going through the motions and DRS all showed that Australia were blindsided and couldn’t stop for a breather to collectively change the tone of the game.

They can learn from this or they can let it destroy this campaign. Australia at this point have lost the momentum. But it can swing back.

On the DRS, it was designed to account for the Umpire howlers. It was never intended for frivolous attempts with low margin of success. Because some teams use them incorrectly, it doesn’t mean the system is at fault. That needs to be taken into consideration.

As for the game it was one of legend. Something seemed different with the England chase on Day 3 and there was some banter about what would the score need to be before England went from playing as if they could hold out for a draw to thinking they could defy the odds and go for a win. Well England won.

A wonderful match that anyone who witnessed it will never forget.

Stokes revives Ashes with extraordinary match-winning ton

After Val Holmes got put on his back, it looks like he jumped up and was about to play the ball :). That would have been funny.

There wasn’t much different in that tackle compared to what he has taken in the NRL.

Good on him for getting a few runs on the board. Have to wish him all the best. He is always welcome back for Qld if he chooses to come home.

WATCH: Every involvement Valentine Holmes had on NFL debut for the New York Jets

The big games just aren’t the same without the follow up Liebke Ratings.

The Liebke Ratings: First Ashes Test

I remember when Craig McDermott came back for his most recent stint as bowling coach. The AU bowlers all started to pitch the ball up a little more. They started getting more late movement and they started getting more nicks. Sure, they got driven a bit but you need to be prepared for that.

I would have liked to have seen Siddle and the others teasing the Englishmen a little more. maybe that 1 metre worth you just mentioned.

The Ashes are alive: Beware a wounded England

I would be wary of anyone thinking Australia are in the box seat based solely on the first test match’s performances and results. As well as the AU bowlers went in the second innings, they still look light on and vulnerable in that department. Cummins can make things happen on a dead wicket, but can Pattinson and Siddle?
As good as he is, Siddle has a habit of bowling just a bit too short when things aren’t going AU’s way and that effectively takes out the LBW and bowled when he reverts to such tactics. Pattinson is still to really find his rhythm. If any of the ENG bats take a liking to one of the AU bowlers, which part timer is going to pick up the slack?
Let’s not forget that if Siddle didn’t stand up as staunchly as he did -and to some extent this goes to Lyon, too – the whole game takes on a very different tone from the end of day 1. Smith can’t make runs when there is no one sticking around with him. England were also one major bowler down for the majority of the match.
Of course there were some highlights in the second innings with Kawaja and Head starting to get into the zone and Wade definitely in the zone. But Australia can’t expect to be winning games being 2 or 3 down for double figures on a lot of occasions.
I expect changes from Eng in the next test. Forced via Anderson and selectively via Ali. Bairstow is looking out of sorts and Roy will need to get some confidence. As will the captain.
It will be a very interesting 2nd Test, for sure. And I am waiting with anxiously to see what type of pitch is served up. Will the Poms attempt to dull Lyon’s input with a pitch that stays together for 5 days?

The Ashes are alive: Beware a wounded England

Great innings from Smith. Well backed up by Peter Siddle. Siddle was showing a straight bat and looked very comfortable out there. At times he looked like he was really enjoying himself. At one stage Siddle was outscoring Smith by quite a margin.

It was interesting to see Smith really start to throw the bat in an unorthodox fashion at times after Lyons came in. Smith also sheltered the strike from lyons quite a lot. Lyons was looking okay out there as well. I wonder if Smith could have calmed it down a bit and kept plundering more runs with orthodox shots.

He may have got the call from the dressing room to hurry things up a bit, though.

Interesting day’s play. Let’s hope Cummins and Pattinson can get into the meaty part of the batting order with the new ball. Pattinson had a few balls looping late. Siddle might just play a bigger part to this match with the ball.

Steve Smith once again saves Australia from Ashes embarrassment

Hodges was a wonderful centres who could occasionally cover full back at a pinch. Lyons was more versatile and could have slotted in well at 5/8 or even lock if needed.

Lyons was out of contention for rep selection due exile of his own making. Comparing would played what and how often does not come into the equation.

NRL team of the decade

Bradley Clyde was a next-gen player of his time. He was a big man who was quick and mobile. Knee injury robbed him of some of that mobility and was never really the same player, but like all champs he modified his game and remained a powerhouse until his Bulldogs days.

The transformation of the lock forward