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Yes, but how is their scrambling defence on their own line?

'It rattled me a little bit': Haas booed, three binned and a comeback for the ages as Broncos run continues

Agree that if Martin can keep the defense simmering, he should own the fullback spot. He seems very mature and confident there so why change.

Saw the Souths / Falcon game about a month ago and Mam didn’t set the world on fire, but Souths looked sloppy in general.

One guy that Walters and the scouts might like to keep an eye on is the Falcons Hooker, Tyson Smoothy. He’s only young but he is sharp and giving the opposition plenty of grief. He also kicks goals. Some more time in the Q Cup will have him primed for NRL.

Bronco Martin grabs multi-year second chance

Really liked that read, Matt.. the first player I thought if was Alan Cann, but did he okay Origin it is he eligible for another team? I think he played for St George and also a short stint at the Rams.

He was outstanding in the early 90s. That unsung nugget of energy that teams need.

The best Broncos who never played representative football

Mal Meninga has been very quiet on the subject of David Fifita lately. It would be interesting to get his take on Fifita’s performance.

NRL NEWS: Fifita under the pump after going missing again, Maloney stood down over cocaine

Agree that Tszyu will need to lift his game substantially if he wants to go further on the world stage. He left me very underwhelmed. Before he was knocked down, he must have taken 6 or 7 jabs that split his defense.
Gausha’s right side was often open on the right side because of his high defense. Tszyu needed to pivot and get his opponent side on and really damage him. Tszyu just stayed toe to toe and square on. He was also quite stiff and slow by his standards. He was lucky to get the result with that performance.

Let’s hope he lifts. He should be staying in the states and getting some quality sparring partners. There just isn’t the talent in Australia to challenge him the way he needs to be for a title fight.

Tszyu triumphant: Aussie survives early knockdown in comeback win on American debut

On the whole, round 1 for many teams seemed a lot more polished that should have been expected.

Especially the mettle shown by some of the lower ranked teams in the defensive department.

Let’s hope this is a sign of more tight games and less blow outs throughout the year.

Nicho Hynes impressed and it might mean that the Sharks push a little deeper into the end of season this year.

Starling for Canberra showed glimpses of getting back to his 2020 form. Adam Reynolds may have breathed a sigh of relief in seeing his new team roll up their sleeves in his absence.
Clifford continues to grow at Newcastle. Will the Cows rue letting him go? He was showing effort and potential before getting shown the door for Deardon.

Great to have the footy back.

Don’t freak out, it’s only one game: NRL Round 1 talking points

It sure was a scrappy encounter but the effort that Brisbane showed was wonderful. They believed last night. As you mentioned, Broncos teams of the recent future would have capitulated. And after about 15 minutes it felt like the Broncos defense was teetering yet they found a way to hold on.

They were resilient. There will be tougher competition in weeks to come but there are weeks to come to build on this defensive performance.

The opening try was against the run of play and although there were plenty of opportunities created, the final execution needs some tuning. Walters caught defense out by straightening up attack a few times early and whilst it didn’t get results, having that play in the back pocket might come in handy in future rounds whether he is in the starting 13 or off them bench.

If he does come off the bench, Walters might be a handful in the last 20 minutes of each half.

Souths got rattled as the game went on. They needed a cool head to get the troops focused when things were going against them. Yet no-one stood up to take charge. Maybe they have a GF hangover and just expected to get the chocolates. If Walker was undisciplined, how will Latrell when he gets onto the field keep his composure with no one calming him down?

REACTION: Walters hails defence 'you can build a team around' as Kelly stars in Bunny boilover

What happened, above the comments the list says I’m 0-3. It my tips are showing as the away side for all games now arggghhh!?

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

Turpin for mine is the weak link. He needs to have a strong game and set the tempo. He needs to find quick metres when he runs and when he passes they need to be crisp and accurate.

An upset is possible. But whether or not it is likely is purely down to the Broncs tonight.

How Broncos can upset Rabbitohs: Create space, interchange wisely and attack Ilias

Monorchid, it is not difficult to see your point of view, but just looked at the backline for round 1 and there is:
1. Isaako – can be rocks and diamonds but on his night can do good things. And he is worth a few extra points due to his boot.
2. Oates – Maybe not playing the way he has in the past but can still finish and can also do the hard yards our from his own tryline to give the forwards a breather.
3. Staggs – A superstar in the making. He is fit for the first time in a long time and can win a game with some half decent ball service pushed toward him.
4. Farnsworth – A slippery customer and fills a Jack Reed style role in that he may not be an all out superstar but he is there popping up unexpectedly and likes the ball in his hands.
5. Cobbo – Have not seen much of him but there are big wraps on this young lad.
6. Walters – He needs to play a steadying role and defend his patch. A good effort in defense by Walters might inspire a few others.
7. Kelly – Can be erratic but that has pros and cons. He has the experience and might just take the pressure of Walters.

So, yep, I’m not sure if the Broncs can push it for 80 minutes, but if they start strong and play to somewhere near their potential, they can really give Souths a nudge.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

Someone pass me a beer before it starts… Oops, too late. It already started 😂

The Barry fires an opening broad side shot to open the tipping banter for 2022.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

It is always tough at the start of the season and now can be the best time to take a few chances because there can be upsets to what is generally accepted.
I’ve gone
Manly – Yes, slow starters and can look ordinary for the first 10 rounds, but maybe this year.
Canberra – Raiders to win because they are home. There is a bit to prove for several players and there is competition in the forwards. If it was Sharkies at home then it would be Sharkies.
Brisbane – This is more of a willing them to win, but I was impressed in the short amount of time I saw Walters Jr defend. And now is a great opportunity to get an unexpected upset.
Chooks – Too strong with a full team. They were too strong for some last year with multiple key players out.
St George – Because Ben Hunt seems focused. Let’s hope the 2015 demons have been buried. And besides, who knows with NZ at the start of the season?
Tigers- Because Jackson Hastings has matured, found his mojo in Super League and will no doubt want to prove a lot to some people. Also, with no Munster, Grant, Johns or Kami – Kami – Kami – Kami – Kamika-mic-a the Storm look more like scattered showers.
Eels – Strong at home but will go either way.
Cows – showed glimpses in patched during the trials and Cantebury will need to earn their stripes before people seriously start tipping them.
Enjoy your footy, all.

The Roar’s NRL expert tips and predictions: Round 1

It may be the yearning to help young people toward being the best imagine of themselves that they can be. Football might just be the vehicle that allows Bennett to easily seek out those young people that he wishes to assist.

Wayne Bennett leaves clubs in tatters. Are Souths next?

England have bowled far too short all day long. Why would people bowl so short of a length when they are trying to get a bit of swing?

Hazlewood hopeful of MCG return, Warne taunts Huss, No player bubbles despite Cummins 'farce': Talking Points

The other thing about the West Indies of that era was that it was relentless. There was no weak link bowler to wait for to score off. The rotation of fast bowlers with pace, bounce and movement just never seemed to cease. Then Larry Gomes and Viv Richards would roll an arm over and lull Bats into a false sense of security.

Test cricket's home and away bowlers

Phil’s sesquipedalian prose was magniloquent to say the least 😂

Send him back to Bellamy: Storm call bluff as Smith apologises for causing 'deep offence'

Jacko, he brought the game and the club and his team mates into disrepute. Do you understand that concept?
Players get paid big money to uphold values of the community, the clubs and the sponsors. Noone is saying Smith can’t be a classless fool if he chooses. But if he wants that he should go play park footy and get a job where his actions and language are acceptable.

Although letting secrets of drinking sessions get heard by the wives of ‘mates’ people work with in blue collar jobs, might have found Smith feeling a little worse for wear.

Be an arse or get paid handsomely for playing sport. Choose one.

Send him back to Bellamy: Storm call bluff as Smith apologises for causing 'deep offence'

If Storm have made him a better person, he must have been a first class ass before they picked him up. With mates like Smith, you certainly don’t need enemies.

Send him back to Bellamy: Storm call bluff as Smith apologises for causing 'deep offence'

Well he should be fit. He has 7 or 8 choices of gym to work out at.

Australia's newest selector faces some serious headaches

He isn’t nicknamed “Jimmy” for nothing 😉

Australia's newest selector faces some serious headaches

I’d also question whether or not he is the type of mentor that you want at a club. The guy admitted to taking stimulants throughout his career, used blatant and overt racism in team environments when there were indigenous people in his own team and acts like a schoolboy a great deal of the time in his commentary role.

There is no doubting his foresight and understanding on the game. But do you want his personal traits rubbing off on a team? Maybe having him as an analyst offsite where he has indirect contact with players might be a better solution.

Andrew Johns is coming home

Fury was taken down in the 4th (?) twice in a bout 1 minute. Judge gave him a long 10 count but he never looked totally stunned. Wilder showed courage but gassed out in the later round yet somehow held on at the end of each of the later rounds and occasionally countered strongly.

Fury couldn’t end Wilder in fight two even when it was clear Wilder’s legs and balance were gone from the early rounds. Wilder has been closer than the results have shown. But it was a mighty battle for the ages.

REACTION: World goes nuts as Gypsy King retains heavyweight title with epic win over Deontay Wilder

Benji aged like a fine bottle of wine. I actually enjoyed watching him overall in the last few seasons more than I recall enjoying watching him be that young brash kid with the big diamond earring and the ball on a string.
He has matured into a level headed and astute observer of the game. It would be wonderful that if his heart is in it that he continues to be involved in analysis of the game as well as being an NRL mentor.

Benji Marshall mixes comedy and heartfelt thanks into his retirement presser

Have to hand it to Cleary and the Panthers. I really thought that they would crumble under the pressure of the GF. They hung tough.

Cleary confirms it: There are just three kinds of successful NRL coaches

Great defense does win premierships. Both teams being allowed to ignore 10m rule makes for a dull game.
Happy rugby league for 2021 everyone.

Guts, game control and a gift from Cody Walker: Grand Final talking points