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The Blues lose nothing on last year if they pick Cleary. His stats last year in Origin were unremarkable.
1. Averaged 245m in kicks per game with a total of 1 forced line drop out for the series.
2. No try assists or line breaks in the series.
3. A total of 78 tackles at less than 80% efficiency for the series.
4. Less than 150m run for the series.
5. They won with Cleary as a passenger last year. Why not choose him again?

VOTE: Pick your NSW Blues team for Origin 1

Fat Toad, explain to me about the responsibility he has. You are ignoring the responsibility aspect as well. Why are you ignoring the responsibility?

Freedom of speech does not mean you can say anything you want. If Freedom of speech did not have conditions, Nazis, pedophiles, wife beaters and the like would have the right to sprout their hate. Christian haters would be able to verbally persecute Christians. Now how could Folau have freedom of religion when your version of Freedom of Speech allows others to victimise him.

You really need to think things through.

And also, are you are happy for the sponsors to walk awake because of Folau’s comments? Who pays the bills then? Who would have paid Folau’s salary?

And tell me, you walk into work on Monday and in from of your boss and the business’s customers and start sprouting hate. Let us know whow long it takes for you to be looking for a new job.

Pull your head in.

Folau fired: Rugby Australia axe Israel

Israel Folau has just said he has rights to freedom of speech and freedom of religion. He sure does. He seems to be forgetting that rights aren’t a one way street. Rights come with responsibility. He had a responsibility to not make controversial statements that society, sponsors and the governing body don’t adhere to.

If nothing else, he is naive if he truly believes what he said to the press today.

Folau fired: Rugby Australia axe Israel

Just signed up to Kayo. No boxing, not even the undercard are on there today.

How to watch Tim Tszyu vs Joel Camilleri online or on TV: Australian super welterweight title fight live stream, TV guide

Tim Tszyu – Kostya 2 – looks better with every fight. I wish the young guy well. No rubbish trash talk from the lad. He just professionally goes about his business of learning the craft. He has good reach and moves freely. He will be a handful.

How to watch Tim Tszyu vs Joel Camilleri online or on TV: Australian super welterweight title fight live stream, TV guide

Ivan Cleary, aside from the average coaching record, has lost a lot of personal credibility with the way he departed the Tigers. Ivan recruited players to Tigers by selling them his long term vision of a bus ride to stability and prosperity. Players bought into what he was selling. He left the team, the management, players, sponsors and supporters sitting on that bus in the car park with the engine running and no air conditioner. How anyone at Penrith, especially the players, believe what he says is beyond me.
Now, take one good year’s worth of results, where a near NZ strength test team made a strong run at the title, out of Cleary’s record as a coach and it really doesn’t look pretty.
I’m still not convinced about Cleary Jr. Sure, he is confident and well composed and although I have not seen a lot of him, he looks more a stable player with a good kicking boot rather than match maker. In last year’s Origin he had no real impact and any competent link-man could have done the job he did. If Cleary wasn’t in that origin series, the result stays the same.
Penrith as a club have made their bed. It will be interesting how many players choose to resign when their contacts come up again. On one hand, the paleyers may be forced to stay if the team keep playing this poorly because most will need to accept a salary reduction to move on. On the other, they might be counting their days until they can get remove themselves from an average coach with questionable integrity and mediocre results and the club that sold its soul to bring him back.
I hope young Cleary proves me wrong and becomes the superstar his currently unwarranted accolades suggest he already is , but I’m not holding my breath.
As for the Fans, I really feel for them.

Where has it gone wrong for the Penrith Panthers?

I’ve warmed to a confernece over time. One thing that would make it better for past rivalries is to have a draw at the start of each season to see who ends up in which conference. It may affect travel, but it will equal the playing field.

In your suggestion, the teams in the Sydney teams will all have a massive advantage of not needing to regularly fly much throughout the season. Where the other teams, specifically North Qld and NZ will be majorly disadvantaged.

By having a yearly draw, that benefit to one conference is negated somewhat.

A fresh NRL expansion proposal

Isaako has a good boot on him but has been missing in defense lately. From an outsider looking in, it seems that at training nothing is being done on defending the line. The guys don’t trust each other in defense and far too many times people are coming across to the inside instead of stay out on their mark.

It might be a blessing in disguise to have McCullough out injured. He is a liability in attack at the moment. He is one of the few tackling his heart out but Brisbane need more go forward. This will be his last year at the Broncos, I’m guessing.

Disaster for Broncos as McCullough injured at training

Shaun Berrigan was a very handy utility player and went under the radar at times.

Utilities: Picking a side made of the NRL's most flexible players

Yep, I actually didn’t see any of the trials this year and he has some big wraps on him. To his credit he must have worked hard to get the opportunity. Let’s hope he takes it will both hands.

You know, that’s one of the things I love from rugby league. New stars in the making always keep coming though. People were up in arms when Andrew Johns near the end of his career, plyed the “I’m going to Union” trade to get a last big pay cheque, Sonny Bill Kept us on a string having us beg him to come back to save him.

But we’ve had a bunch of new superstars coming through every year. League is in good shape and I hope this young Bronco makes his mark.

Kodi Nikorima pulled from Brisbane NRL team with Tom Dearden to debut

No doubt KN signed his own contract. He was happy wiht the coin for being picked as a utility and fill in half. My point was that he has been given a tough time from within and without for not running the team, when he was recently, as you rightly point out, a fairly regular pick for utility and a fill in half.
So the Broncs increased is job description but not the salary to go with it. Which again is fair enough if the team are happy for him to take time and find his groove. He is yet to find his groove as the leader of the team that is generally playing poorly across the board, and rightly isn’t being paid highly for it. Yet he is being criticized as if he were on a million a year with a team in red hot form. It’s tough on the young guy.
If people expect him to be the shot caller, he can be paid to be a shot caller. Then if he doesn’t perform it is open season.

Kodi Nikorima pulled from Brisbane NRL team with Tom Dearden to debut

Based in the scheme of things 250k is not much. It is all relative. Are you being paid 25% of what the guy beside you at your job is being paid? Emcie, I’ve never seen you running around a paddock so it hard to guess what your worth is in a fixed salary cap.
Nikorima is an international player and when taking into consideration most low end contracted are still about $100000, Nikorima’s 250k doesn’t seem anywhere near outlandish. Plenty of also ran forwards getting around in the comp for 200k figure, too.
And according to this, Milford was offered 600k PA to join Broncs in 2015. He gave up $1,000,000 pa from Raiders. So if that $500k combined for Milf and Hunt in 2015 was true, was Hunt paying Broncs 100k to play a season? ????

Kodi Nikorima pulled from Brisbane NRL team with Tom Dearden to debut

Very disappointing for the Broncs. Letting Nikorima go will be regretted in time is my feeling. The game plan is not aligning with neither his nor Milford’s strengths and that is a shame.

But credit to the young guy. He is on base rate money and has been criticized from within the club for not running the team while his halves partner is apparently on 400% more per season. Can’t begrudge him going somewhere he will be respected and paid what he is worth.

He must be close to the lowest paid half who has been a regular first grader for more than a season if the reported 250k per season contract is true. I would love to watch Nikorima play beside Cronk or Maloney for a season to see what he really is capable of. Maybe Blake Green can be the steadying manager Kodi needs.

Kodi Nikorima pulled from Brisbane NRL team with Tom Dearden to debut

By utilised in a different manner, that may be in a pivot role or hooker or off the bench. He is a massive talent. I don’t think the Bronc’s game plan is playing to Milford or Nikorima’s strengths right now. We need to get our hooker back in the correct mindset and running and speeding up the play the ball to give these guys a bit of space.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

Scott, to be fair, round 1 was a long time ago. I still think he is carrying injury and it is to the detriment of the team.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

Yes. let’s hope that presence stays. Word has it that Warriors are going to formally approach Brisbane with checkbook in hand to take Nikorima. I personally hope he stays with the Broncs. He is a talent, he needs to be utilised in a different manner to what his is now to get the best of him.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 7

I would be okay with a 2 conference setup as long as the makeup of each conference was dec ided by a draw each season. I don’t like the idea of a conference because your team may never get to play the team your dislike / like/ or have history with until they both make the finals and happen to have a finals draw that match.

By choosing the makeup of both conferences each year, you get more mix-up and I like that concept.

Time to go our separate ways?

Boyd is running lame and was for most of 2018 as well. It took until around origin time last year to make a clean break, from memory. He did start to pick up some form at the backend of last season. He is injured for sure. He is not putting his body on the line in attack.
He is probably out there to marshaling his troops in defense but that is not happening either. So the only real thing to do is to replace him until he gets back to fitness. The only other thing they could attempt is to hide him in the centres but he would have a target on his back.
Hooker has been poor. Whatever has happened to McCollough has been serious. He is pedestrian and unenthusiastic. He needs a rest on the sidelines.
Nikorima is a talent. Where best to use that talent in this team is the challenge. I’d try him at hooker because I want him on the field. But it would be understandable if he came off the bench as an impact player in the second stanza of each half.
Milford shows signs of brilliance but he is not yet and maybe never will be a leader and it seems that if he is bogged down in set plays he loses his spark. Either let him run or put him to fullback.
Defense is the first big issue for Broncos. They need to start trusting the players beside them and stop running up out of the line so often.
As badly as they have been playing, and they have been playing poorly, they still are getting across the line so they have points in them through individual effort. Get the defense sorted and the trust that instills in each other will bring on a bunch more points in attack.
It is going to be interesting to see how this coaching plays out this year. The board alienated a lot of people by allegedly having eyes only for Seilbold from the very start. If Seilbold does not get decent results there are going to be a few board members in a very uncomfortable situation being asked questions of their judgement. Time will tell…………………………………
To the Admin, why don’t my paragraphs show up after I have send my post? If I go back to edit, the formatting and paragraph spacings are there..

The Broncos' spine is broken

Just thinking out load here, but could Nikorima play hooker for 80 minutes?

The 2019 Brisbane Broncos are struggling and it won't get any better

Matt H, one guy on your list that optimizes the Successful Broncs teams over the years for me was Allan Cann. Broncos have always had workhorses and bench players without the frills who just got the job done. Rarely were forwards paid as much as they could have negotiated at other clubs and those amongst a lot of other factors helped the Broncs be successful.

They almost pulled off the 2015 comp, too. One player’s misfortune and one players brilliance in the dying minutes took the match away from the Broncs.

What happened to the Broncos?

Yes, bowling too short.. when they have been full and wide (aka loose ball) they have been driven.

Are you really saying Pat Cummins has been bowling too full?

The lost aura of the baggy green

In the late 90s and early 00s Australia liked to back themselves to bat first and get 100 runs in the first session for less than 3 down. That simply may not be an option now. But these players need to have some confidence they will not be replaced after one game (Callum Fergusen anyone?).
How many times has Kawaja been out and back into this side. How much more worse off would the team have been if he had just been left in the squad for the last two years without risk of being dropped? I’m guessing not much and possibly he would have gained some confidence knowing he was a part of the team.
Maybe that is a strategy. For the life of me I don’t see what the Marsh borthers have really done to deserve the opportunities they have but if the selectors did decide to go with them, stick with them or whoever for an extended time.
The batting isn’t great., granted. But the bowlers are just bowling too short. There was a time earlier this was case when the same issue was happening. Craig McDermott came in to assist and the fast bowlers started to pitch the ball up and inline or just outside off stump again.
This allowed for the opportunity of the ball to swing more, enticing batsmen onto the drive and bringing the slip cordon into the game. It allowed the short ball at either the ribs or the shoulder height to be a weapon and not just a stock ball.
They set fields to encourage the drive and if there were a few boundaries, so be it. Back the bowlers and the fields and build pressure to allow Lyon to attack from the other end after 25 overs.
A team of batsmen, already low on confidence and having been in the field for 6 or more sessions, walking out with 450+ on the board are already defeated.
Australia are just playing dumb. If Saker is responsible for the bowler’s game plan, needs to change strategy or be replaced as bowling coach. The batsmen have issues but they need help from the very commitment bowling squad to give them achievable targets until they find their feet.
On a side note, I’ve been watching the live broadcast in India and Sunny Gavaskar and Michael Clarke have been at the helm with a rotated English ex player as the chair. Clarke has no time for a lot of current players and is not afraid to say it. There is not a coating of sugar in sight. He has also had a few choice words for a few selectors and strategies adopted by the team during the panel shows at intervals.
I wonder if he would be as outspoken if he was on Australian Domestic TV?

The lost aura of the baggy green

Cummins – Gaviskar.. Love it.
The 4/4 from 4.4 overs showed Cummins truly is metachlorical. But if we expand that into 2 * 2/2 off 2.2 overs, Ritchie would have been in ecstacy.
Happy new year, Dan. Bring on test 4

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, Third Test

An excellent result from you to open your 18/19 account, Dan.

A super commentary team. Hmm.. If you can get a well known tool manufacturer on board as a sponsor, you might be able to come up with a very catchy name that instills a bit of history.

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, First Test

And nor should he move on. The press and some players have been all over recent players and coaches not honouring their contracts. There has been talk of NRL rule changes to stop player and coach movements while still under contract.

Now you get a bloke who wants to stay and fulfill his contract or ‘drive his bus to the destination’ and he is being whacked for it. It tells a lot about the press more than Bennett.

Now having said that, I have know doubt Bennett has orchestrated this outcome due to the initial actions of others, but I don’t believe he threw the first punch in this matter.

He also was ridiculed and criticized for leaving Newcastle after that place self impolded due to no fault of his and he still gets blamed for it to this day. Does anybody remember Brown’s ‘think with the head’ comments this year? No people will criticize him for staying.

And why are the press all over Bennett, why aren’t the Broncos board being hounded by the press on this matter? Is that because the real story – one that is less explosive – may come out? Were the Broncos board thinking Bennett would just roll over?

Wayne Bennett says no to early Souths move