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Fo rthe number of first choice in play kickers in the Qld team, it was a terrible display. The only quality kick was Norman’s kick in goal for a try.

Where was the management and pace setting for the game other than DCE’s early first half kick into goal to settle things down.

Qld lost that game as much as NSW won it. A mountain of breaks were made by Munster, Mbye and Chambers but either no one was backing up or in the case of Mbye and Chamber’s case they suddenly forgot the ability to pass with men on their inside and outside on occasions.

Papali, Lowe, Welch, Kaufusi and McGuire all played their part. Norman showed promise but faded. DCE’s passing in a attack was good but his defense was woeful as was his kicking in general play. Morgan looked good coming off the bench until he was injured.

Mbye unfortunately looked out of his depth.

2020, we need to find a new centre or two depending on how Chambers is playing next year, Ponga to 14, Welch more game time, and find a way for Hunt to learn to run straight from dummy half if he is to keep his hooker role.

And someone needs to stand up and be a leader on the field. It shouldn’t be all left up to Munster.

Queensland Maroons player ratings: Origin 3

I would have him as my 14. Could play lock, and second row at a pinch and slot into the back line if needed for cover there.

Queensland Maroons player ratings: Origin 3

With 20 minutes to go, Segeyaro put McCullough into space and the guy nearly came to a stop and surrender tackle by fullback Morris. What happened to pinning the ears back and trying to get around the man?
Broncos effort has been terrible since they played the Cows at the start of the year. There have been so many instances this season of no one jumping on loose balls, falling off tackles and just general lack off effort.

Baby Broncos stun Sharks

They didn’t pick Klemmer as first open when he was available again and he is their best forward.

The craziest Origin series ever is destined for a crazy finish

Pearce is on a hiding to nothing. NSW now have two dominant halves who will both be demanding the ball. Be sure if NSW lose, Pearce will no doubt be held accountable. Although the clean skin who he is replacing can do no wrong even when he goes missing in attack.

Strange times indeed. Here’s for a great game.

The craziest Origin series ever is destined for a crazy finish

As a northerner, I was really hoping Sims got off the other night. Wasn’t to be. I can’t imagining too many teams having a preference to play against Klemmer rather then Sims. That is no disrespect to Sims but Klemmer can change the whole tone of match with a few runs and a bit of really strong defense.

Klemmer denies rift with Fittler

Boyd was out of sorts for most of 2018. He looked injured last season and he looks injured now. Even in the game against Newcastle last weekend where he was bumped and a try was scored, he got into position in defense, yet his execution was terrible. He read the cut out ball fine. But come time to make the tackle he got down low, opened his arms and closed his eyes well before the time of impact.

It is a sad situation and you don’t want to lay the boot in on the guy, but maybe his time is up. He has been a great finisher and for many seasons I fair and safe fullback. But for whatever reason he is simply not playing anywhere near NRL level and has not been for 18 months.

It seems the Broncos are suddenly becoming the Warriors – A place where people go to learn to play in the mediocre spectrum. the 2015 GF seems to far away right now.

Rothfield reports Darius Boyd is close to being dropped from the Broncos' side

Thanks Nat. Either way, Drinkwater is a good pickup for the Cows.

Why Queensland might be a more dangerous Origin beast without Kalyn Ponga

Really? I thought I heard Billy Slater mention that he was Qld. I must have misheard.

And if he was eligible, I know he is not ready, but it is a one off game and we are on the back foot with not a lot of options. A bench spot for him to come on with 15 minutes to go in each half could be just the spark needed. Who else would fit the bill?

Why Queensland might be a more dangerous Origin beast without Kalyn Ponga

Scott, you have made a brave all in what you say about Ponga. But I agree with you. Unsettling Munster to move him to fullback is not what I would want to see. Weaken a strenth to strengthen a weakness and all that.

Mbye to fullback would be my pick out of the current team. But actually I would have gone left field and picked young Drinkwater for my fullback or at least my utility instead of Norman. The young guy has energy to burn and wants to be involved in everything. A real Energizer Bunny.

Why Queensland might be a more dangerous Origin beast without Kalyn Ponga

Qld have done nothing in the last two games where NSW have had a player sin binned for 10 minutes. Qld couldn’t focus to make use of the overlap in those previous games. How would last night have been any different?

Chambers’ State of Origin penalty try a debacle

Was enjoying a chat up with old mates during the game and didn’t watch it as closely as I usually do, but there seemed to be a few flops by Qld players onto NSW players as they were in a sitting position on the ground. Borderline crusher tackles on first glance.

The game looked spiteful and both coaches may get a quiet word from the Refs boss during the week. Qld can’t make excuses. They were ambushed and outplayed. Qld had no plan B to fall back on.

Bring on game 3.

NSW Blues dominate Queensland in Game 2 to force State of Origin decider

Yes, the win didn’t suprise me, Ray. Wet track and Qld’s preference to play on wide had me thinking they would play a tight one-out style. It seems Fittler thought that too and came up with a game plan that rattled Qld. NSW’s balls skills were exceptional at times.. Bring on game three.

NSW sells papers while Queensland win Origins

NSW came prepared and out played a very conservative QLD in the wet. NSW’s ball skills in those conditions were outstanding and Teddy’s flick pass to Turbo for the last try (I think) was good at the best of times and brilliant in the wet.

There was plenty of improvements available for both teams after game 1 and it looks like NSW took advantage of it. I heard a guy in the place where we were watching say that it looked like the jerseys went to the wrong dressing sheds before the game. NSW played like QLD in the dry. Har to dispute it. Well done NSW. On to Sydney.

NSW Blues dominate Queensland in Game 2 to force State of Origin decider

Brad Fittler is the media and when he doesn’t have the clipboard in hand is paid handsomely to generate drama.

What was Brad Fittler thinking with that backline?

Ray, I saw the interview with Fittler when talked about needing to bring the ball back with venom. What is suprising me is why he thought team one had enough venom. Okay, she was short on centres due to injuries but I just don’t understand his rationale with Ferguson or Maloney.

If they weren’t good enough for game 1, why are they suddenly good enough for game 2? Sure Maloney has put in a few extra performances in winning games recently. But his defensive stats have not changed. Fergo is not playing any better than he was 6 weeks ago ,12 weeks ago or last season.

Either way, there is plenty of room for improvement for both teams and this series is still wide open.

NSW sells papers while Queensland win Origins

From what I saw, Mitchell was marked by a much more confident Will Chambers but no one seems to be giving much credit to Chambers for his effort. Last year Chambers was off the pace. He held back on Mitchell and we know what happened.

This year Chambers was in Mitchell’s face. Queensland’s defense worked better and when the Blues defense of Mitchell and Walker wasn’t gelling it just compounded.

Big thing I saw was Mitchell wasn’t getting traction on the ground. What studs was he wearing?

Did Gus Gould play a hand in Latrell Mitchell's Origin 2 omission?

It will be a difficult call to make to bring Maloney back even if it is the right thing to do. He was deemed to be playing too poorly to be selected. Little has changed and suddenly he is good enough? That will reek of desperation. And besides he is close to retirement or at least if the rumours are correct, he already has a flight booked to Superleague. So at most they will get two more games out of him and then NSW will have the same dilemma next series.
Can Fittler make such a call and come out of smelling like fresh cut grass if NSW lose again? If they lose again in Perth with Maloney, will they attempt to find another solution for the dead rubber? That’s back to the halves pairing merry go round of years before.
Cleary played no worse this game than last series. But really no better. They were happy with his performance last series. In fact he was hailed a hero. How can they drop him on the back of last night’s performance.
Fittler is in a sticky situation which ever way he turns due to his benching of Walker.

Queensland win again because they're better at Origin

Yes but look at the competition. 2 tries in 19 against game hardened, well drilled teams playing with purpose. The other stat is against NSW 😉

Queensland win again because they're better at Origin

Clearly played no better and no worse than he did last year in attack. His stats last year showed a pedestrian like involvement. Cleary did knock out a lot of tackles. He didn’t play badly, but his role could have been filled by any number of NRL players in attack. A great halfback once admitted to using stimulants before games. Looks like Cleary uses Valium in attack.

Queensland win again because they're better at Origin

I’m guessing Klemmer and Jurbo were on the pine in the dying stages “earthing” or drinking Kombucha to get their Chi up.

Queensland win again because they're better at Origin

1. It was a low score in the first half with a lot of scoring opportunities……

2. Napa’s no try wasn’t a try but physics should come into play in future law adjustments. With the direction of travel is greater than the balls and they are both traveling in the same direction toward the ground, it is difficult to understand when there will be a loss of control in grounding the ball…..

3. Penalty Try? Possibly. But it was Teddy in defense and anything could have happened. 10 minutes in the bin for Mitchell in hindsight was not all that good for QLD…..

4. Wingers are great in big games. Be more of it…..

5. I’ve bleated for year that Morris had GI on a string. No average guy can do that. He is massively underrated not that he is 3 years older since he last played at this level. It has been to Qld’s benefit for sure.

Five talking points from State of Origin Game 1

I never said he was drunk. I said ‘drink driving’ which is having residual alcohol in the system over the prescribed amounts for one’s specific license. So I think drink driving as an apt ‘headline’. I actually haven’t seen any headline and was told word of mouth from a client in Brisbane. Or are you suggesting my post is a ‘headline’ and I used the incorrect term? Because Harper Finch Lawyers in Brisbane use that exact term no matter what the residual alcohol content in the bloodstream.
I said it will interesting to see how the Bronocs approach it. I never made any assumption that Segeyaro was drunk to the point of passing out as Robert’s was.
If you interpret it that way, you have read into my short post far too much and made your own assumptions based on your own bias.
I simply wanted to know how the Broncos and to be more specific, the coach, will deal with the new Hooker as he has not put the club in a good light when using alcohol. Especially being thrown a lifeline to get back into the top grade.
Seibold made a bold statement with the way he dealt with Roberts. I wonder if he will do the same with Segearo for bringing the club into disrepute.

Queensland Maroons Origin 1 team: Expert reaction, every selection analysed

Thanks, as an aside. I just heard Segearo was caught drink driving. It will be interesting on how the Broncos approach it. Especially after Robert’s “having a sleep on the drink” scenario.

Queensland Maroons Origin 1 team: Expert reaction, every selection analysed

Hi Graham, you column codes are a bit cryptic for me. What are they referring to? I can only assumes a few of them.

Queensland Maroons Origin 1 team: Expert reaction, every selection analysed