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i have been involved with league for over 30 yrs also pro and amatuer boxing trainer love most sports exept AFL fav quote if you cant help em dont hurt em..

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Queensland Roos are smart arses

16 Oct 2012

After the game at Dairy Farmers on Saturday night, the victory for Australia was soured by Queensland players singing their Queensland State of Origin victory song, let’s call it “the yippee song”.

ARLC denies unrealistic Cowboys

10 Aug 2012

Robert Lui’s appeal to be able to return to the NRL early has been quashed by interim ARLC boss Shane Mattiske. Lui who was placed on a good behaviour bond for two years and fined $2000 for assaulting his girlfriend after a Mad Monday meltdown.

Des Hasler's outburst a symptom of a sick system

8 Aug 2012

Every week we are seeing more and more bad decisions by the refs, both on the field and in the video box. Not only are the decisions poor, but there is no consistency with interpretation of the rules.

Seriously, do we need really the scrum?

24 Apr 2012

For years now the scrum has been meaningless. There is no contest anymore, however there are still penalties for players not packing in right, screwing the pack around or pushing.