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Will the Suns rise in 2014?

18 Feb 2014

Since 2009 the AFL competition has seen a bottom five team rise to make the finals the following year. Last year it was Port, before that is was Adelaide, West Coast, and Sydney going back to 2009 bottom fives.

Why ninth is the new eighth in AFL

Why ninth is the new eighth in AFL

15 Aug 2013

The AFL top four has everyone is a tiz at the moment, but another interesting battle, akin to avoiding the relegation drop in the Premier League, is the battle for ninth.

Developments in the AFL from Rounds 7 through 19

8 Aug 2013

Each year in May an article comes out looking at the ladder positions at the end of round 7 and commenting on how rarely this does change.

Western Derby has all the hallmarks of a classic

13 Jul 2013

It’s that time of the year again (well the second time of the year) when footy fans in Western Australia start preparing for the best game of the year. It’s the Western Derby (der-bee), despite Bruce McAvaney intentionally mispronouncing the word.

Essendon’s travelling tactics strike again

Essendon's travelling tactics strike again

29 Jun 2013

It’s clicked to me just what the Bombers are doing. Damn those sneaking buggers! First let me state my bias. I am a Freo fan.

A prediction for the AFL's top eight

30 May 2013

How many hours have I wasted … I mean spent productively on the AFL ladder predictor over the years? Mostly I admit in trying to devise a way that Fremantle could possibly make the finals.