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If he gets the same protection calls from the refs that Brady did at the Pats he should thrive,he got bashed at the Panthers.

Is Cam the man to keep the status quo in New England?

I think he should be sent to a reeducation camp where he will be forced to read The Guardian and watch The Drum,The View and The Project for a month.Thatll learn em

Addin Fonua-Blake's 'punishment' doesn't go far enough

Last time I read the calendar October had more than 5 days..even in Perth.its called player welfare and won’t be played (scheduled) earlier than 7:30pm local time

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

What about November

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

Because of the heat the g f won’t start till 7:30..9:30 in NSW won’t finish till near midnight.. simple

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

I can’t stand watching cricket from the W.A because of the time zones…stay up till midnight to watch AFL..pass..The S.CG or A.N.Z

An MCG grand final probably can't happen - but where else works?

NRL..The crying game

Broncos in tears after latest horror loss

I’m sorry as a Maori I can’t say I’m too worried.Always remember Mary Arthur B was the first Aboriginal to captain his country in any sport.

The sports media must promote inclusivity

How does V’landy make a AFL thread anyway he really does irk those south of the border,I doubt weather anyone including NRL tragics could name more than Gallop, Quayle or Arko.

V'landys is out of touch and losing his battle with AFL and rugby

I like Navy Cross in Brisbane today.

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 6 June

Mansa Musa late scr

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 30 May

Full disclosure please P.P are you a member of the Victorian Racing Club

NRL enjoys best TV ratings in more than half a decade

Give it up punter your anti Landy spiel is getting extremely tired

NRL enjoys best TV ratings in more than half a decade

Good story reminds me of the dollar nights at Parra Leagues in Kicks before the responsible service of alcohol became a thing,I had a similar incident with a young Adam Ritson who I think was still in the pretty sure it was the last time IV spoken to another man in the toilet.

The night I crossed paths with the Raging Bull

Groan..some rain and Sydney races go to pot least next Saturday I’ll be able to have a beer at the pub

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 23 May

Iv never understood why this curtain issue has been such a big deal.As primarily a Rugby League fan IV never cared about watching a game on T.V in a 50,000 seater with a 4,856 crowd to me it just makes the big occasions special.A packed MCG doesn’t make me watch Nth Melbourne v Geelong.. bewildered and jealous yes but still can’t maintain interest.The sooner we stop listening to the ponytail marketing types the better.

The A-League stadium situation: Part 2

Good your more than welcome to stay Peter.

Peter V'landys not walking despite NRL's return

Garbage across every news outlet..Caroline Wilson..Peter Fitzsimmons..

Why I’m worried about the quality of NRL journalism

R.I.P Darby Macarthy 1000 wins 3 Melbourne Cup rides Aboriginal hero to many including Cathy Freeman.

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 9 May

Got a late tip EW for Saint Eustace in the Derby

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 9 May

I’m going to stay on Tactical Advantage today similar conditions to its last win.Good luck Dixie always take note of your selections.

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 9 May

Interesting article I remember Karl Malden telling that pearly gates story to Martin Sheen in a West Wing episode,these anti vaccine people should not be lauded because they say no when everyone eles says yes.Perhaps they can do something similar to when I want to worm my cat and hide it in their dinner.

I’m desperate for the footy to start but I’ll stand by Sia Soliola

The intentionally knocking the ball forward rule I would love to see scrapped.From memory it was after Campo knocked a ball away from England player, cynically as the commentators said.The reason I give is it’s the defenders job to stop the opposition scoring however possible and it’s not their fault if an attacking player holds the ball for to long before passing.The attacking team would usually have been given the loose and feed in the resulting scrum anyway.Just another rule to put more pressure on the ref.The rule also has put players off attempting intercepts one of the most exciting plays in Rugby and at the same time stop defenders rushing out of the line giving more options for the smart ball players.

Which laws of rugby union need changing?

I think World Rugby especially Australia will be waiting on what the new administration is going to do… same old same old or fresh ideas.But not just talk..action

What would a combined rugby league and union broadcast package be worth?

World Rugby bailing out the A.R.U don’t hold your breath..World Cup coming to Australia ..see above..Asia and Nth hemisphere wants to see N.Z Rugby teams …how does that help Australian rugby.Struggling financially,I’ll think about that when on May 28 I’m watching the NRL on free to air channel 9 or Fox sport and Rugby Union is sitting on their couch

What would a combined rugby league and union broadcast package be worth?