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Go Nature Strip … sitting at home on the weekend with a few beers and channel 526 enjoying the races but not punting due to the fact IV never got around to getting a tab account or a on line sure a lot of other people are in the same boat but goes to show racing is a genuine sport not just another way to blow your money.

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 4 April

Ah.. great memories when every test match mattered and not trials for future World cups and coaches and players didn’t utter such nonsense words such as moving forward or haters.

How to watch a game of rugby

Always had a soft spot for the Knickerbockers growing up watching Patrick Ewing but after they traded Jeremy Lin after making the playoffs in 2012 was the final straw i think the league has almost given up on the Knicks and are leaving them to their own divices and giving Brooklyn a leg up.

The state of the Knicks

And the missus still expects me to tap and go everytime I get a beer.

NRL lockout fury: Angry fan slams home match day experience as 'unaffordable' and 'lacking atmosphere'

Horse racing the sport of kings is still going even after surviving its own (equine) virus.I like Sylvia’s Mother in the Emancipation stakes at Rosehill this Saturday.

As sport goes into lockdown, what do you want to read on The Roar?

No pub no beach no sport seemingly everything enjoyable, but tomorrow I’ll be fronting up to work.. strange.

Should the A-League still be on tonight?

AFLW Finals Round 1 at a glance

Brilliant ..Addeybb…C’mon Sherwood Forest $$$

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 21 March – Slipper Day

Tampa bay ! good lord,Pat’s out to 26$ on the NSW tab looks like they will be in the NFL wilderness with Dallas for a few years.

We have a decision: Tom Brady leaving Patriots

V’landy has a duty to look after the best interests of the ARL he is the chairman.AFL has never been shy to ask any government for money.The NRL is a billion dollar business hiring thousands of Australians of course he would expect some help from the government.

'Scaremongering at its absolute best': Veteran AFL journo takes aim at ARLC Chairman

Brumbies v Auckland at Eden Park on Saturday would have been a great contest..dang!

The Wrap: Rugby shuts down… am I ever going to see your face again?

I won the war..I get to see every game I want to see live, just have to wander down to the pub for the games not shown on Ch9 (bonus).I remember the local used to put a radio on the bar and we used to listen to Hollywood and P.Peters and go around the grounds.

Who really won the Super League war?

Hard to gauge a lot of this year’s S.R with some teams resting rep players the Cheifs leaving out a half dozen and pulling off Cruden.I understand the policy of managing player workloads but tell this to your son who wants to watch his favourite player,when cricket had this arrogant policy I stopped watching.

Waratahs' experience counting for not very much at all

I hope FIFA were watching some of these images from the MCG I couldn’t think of a better advertisement for Australia hosting the Women’s football World Cup.

Faultless on the biggest stage, Aussies delight and empower

Good pick on Flasks..nice collect..

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 7 March

Touchy feel good empty palitudes.Mitchelll staring wistfully out to sea draped in the Aboriginal flag.

New NRL ad is 'simply the best'

Leave the woke stuff to the A.F.L please.

New NRL ad is 'simply the best'

Mid strength as well

Brumbies and Sunwolves to feature in historic double-header after coronavirus cancellation

I’ll get on Fierce impact as well…be a strange meeting tomorrow at Sha Tin with most of the punters staying home due to the coronavirus.

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 29 February

Groan Micro on the fence..stupid

Racing selections for Saturday, 22 February

Phew just in time…Dixie ..

Racing selections for Saturday, 22 February

Nice positive article Mike,sounds like something worth checking out.

Why we should all pick a J.League team to support this season

Watch the game and be aware and not have your nose in your iPhone.Baseball have announcements during the game to make people especially along the foul line to be alert..maybe cricket could do the same

Crowd catches are a disaster waiting to happen


Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 15 February

Great start Dixie punting with their money now…keep up the tips

Sydney racing selections for Saturday, 15 February