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Need more Australian born players

Australian rugby has a bright future

Cant see Broncos lossing lead from the back by Baker.

The NRLW grand final is a toss of the coin

Go the Wolfpack another country Canada playing professional rugby league in the super league..

The statistical truth: Roosters vs Raiders NRL grand final

Kansas my Cinderella team after last years defeat in the A.F.C champion game in o.t.
But of course im talking through my wallet

Are the Niners this year's Cinderella team?

Great writing should be compulsory reading for the channel 9 blowhards.

Do you have a feel for rugby league? Take the refs' quiz and find out!

Will the officials do something about the reserves coming onto the field to congratulate try scorers in the end zone .its a bad look and one day someone will pull the to many players on the ground rule out.

Five talking points from All Blacks vs Springboks

Good tips over the last fortnight Matt keep it up.$$$$$$$$$

Surprise, surprise, wet weather dampens Sydney racing

Good tips over the last fortnight Matt keep it up $$$$$$$$$$

Surprise, surprise, wet weather dampens Sydney racing

Just heard a statistic weeks 1-2 :178 flags for off.holding a 66% increase over last year.

The two-minute drill: NFL Week 2

Your right about the Q.B”s dropping like flies even though they are a protected species.The last 2 monday night games have been terrible,they wont be able to blame player’s taking a knee during the anthem for the drop in t.v ratings this year.To many flags and to many uncompetitive teams .If Patriots make the Superbowl again this year which looks extremely likely im going to work instead of getting my yearly 24hr flu.

The two-minute drill: NFL Week 2

I cant handle the statistical truth.Go the mighty Eels

The NRL semi finals: The statistical truth

Wallabies 28-7.. just have to much class for a determined Fiji.

Wallabies confirm team for first Rugby World Cup pool game vs Fiji

“Impartially, without fear or favour, ” Greenberg is either delusional naive or full of it.

Big Sam should be applauded for standing his ground with the NRL

I agree we need a new sponsor that doesn’t think it has a right to run the sport.That Irish twit is the highest paid executive in the country but QANTAS maybe our most famous and iconic brand cant crack a recent survey of the world’s top 10 airlines.

Time to back the Wallabies for another surprise World Cup run

I understand Bogut being disappointed but the Boomers lost the game and had many chances to win after leading in regulation time and Patty at the free throw line at the end to ice the game.Great tournament for the boys.

WATCH: "F--king disgrace": Andrew Bogut goes ballistic at FIBA after Boomers loss

N.S.W rugby should come out now and say any potential semi final featuring the Waratahs will be played at Bankwest if they want to show their commitment to Bankwest.

Rugby union could be the first casualty in the war of the west

Not a good start to next year with the first game the Tahs play at Bankwest is against the Lions in Feb who would all the appeal for westies as a boot in the balls.

Rugby union could be the first casualty in the war of the west

Channel 9 piss and moan about bad ratings why wasnt the eels manly game the tv fri game why isnt the tigers sharks game the sunday tv game.

Wests Tigers vs Cronulla Sharks: NRL Sunday afternoon forecast

25k at Bankwest in a game that didn’t mean anything, Leichhardt packed to the rafters today nothing wrong with rugby league in Sydney my friends.

The death of a Sydney NRL club is inevitable

Beauty Manly suck again they must be going good again.Iv been watching and playing league for however and every time iv seen an interception off the try line its been called a penalty for offside.But being a eels supporter its good to see trickys face go purple.

Suck it up princess: Addin Fonua-Blake did nothing wrong

Makes a huge difference with better facilities. Going to A.N.Z is a ordinary experience with one pub the Homebush brewery putting up cyclone fences and fluro security guards.Thankfully Bankwest has brought back a better game day experience with the stadium in the heart of Parramatta surrounded by pubs and restaurants.Eels will make the 8 this year and i have no doubt it is because of our home ground and i might put a few bucks on the Wanderers making top 4.

The real rugby league magic weekend

Jesinta made sure her man signed with the glamour Sydney team and they quickly became the it couple.Be that as it may the Swans made the G.F in his first year and Giants 16th so there’s no denying Buddys impact as shown this year with his injuries and lack of depth due to salary cap concessions gone contributing to Swans missing out on semis.i do not believe the Giants will ever be a powerhouse playing out of Homebush and should move holus bolus to Canberra.

What if Lance Franklin had signed with GWS?

If buddy had of gone to Giants both clubs would still have their cost of living allowance

What if Lance Franklin had signed with GWS?

The jolly green giant N.S.W T.A.B has the Wallabies at 5$ in a two horse race.They dont get it wrong 2 weeks in a row.

Why Australia's Bledisloe Game 1 wonders are unlikely to be repeated in Auckland

Can’t stand the Sunday sports show on channel 9 anymore with Lefty Peter and Liz its like watching a sport version of The Project.

Peter FitzSimons takes a cheeky dig at Israel Folau after Wallabies upset win