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Very disappointed with Marcus Stoinus tournament i hope he can turn things around.Did Australia’s world cup get derailed by a net session,where were the coaches to tone down the heat from Starc.

Australia World Cup player ratings

Cant see Wallabies beating Boks at Ellis Park even if Ellis Park was transported to Penrith.Sad to hear the passing of James Small of a heart attack only aged 50, i remember he had to mark Jonah Lomu in the World Cup final at Ellis park in 95 and put the breaks on him with copy book defense..

Ellis Park win a golden chance to get Wallaby tails up

What is Rugby Australia’s true financial position,what will the effect of a payout to Israel be,what was the financial ramifications of the failed new world competition,new t.v deal etc.

Genia and Cooper confirm move to Japan post-World Cup

Its all about the gamblers getting upset if a conversion wasnt taken not any rules or is that cynical.

The slightly farcical finish to an Origin instant classic

I dont mind the way the yanks carry on just like the male U.S teams..think Ryder Cup any Olympic relay team.There was a strange narrative a few years ago that womans sport was played in a better spirit of competition than the mens.More professionalism more pressure bigger the release think Sam kerr’s interview after the Brazil game.

The Americans are rude, loud, arrogant... and winners

Nothing annoys me more than these yellow vested hero security guards standing around doing nothing when something actually happens.

Shocking vision emerges of fans fighting during Pakistan-Afghanistan clash

I watched the game as it was close to when the Matildas played Norway on Saturday morning.Brathwaite must have felt the same as Thommo and Border to climb Everest and get knocked out at the Hillary step.Top knock

Brathwaite: 'Remember the name'

Big talk of Canberra building a new stadium my guess Giants will be relocating there in the next decade,and the renaming of Spotless to Giant stadium was an expensive admission that nobody knew the hell where they were playing.

GWS are tearing up the AFL, so where are the fans?

Swastika come on man he’s never talked about the final solution

Folau fires back after GoFundMe axing

Sun hearald reports cumulative total of 1.65million

Has women's State of Origin outgrown North Sydney Oval?

Why change a raging success. Keep it at nth sydney for s few years its a t.v game after all nearly 400k viewers

Has women's State of Origin outgrown North Sydney Oval?

Great tournament something for R.A to build on forget chasing NRL money boys.

Junior Wallabies lose Championship final by a single point

Is answer that the biggest star of last..well ever Tim Cahill was such a master at the art..

Why is Austrlian football obsessed with heading?

1..sign up the best of these young guns on contracts instead of N.R.L players (support the junior systems)
2.If your good enough your old enough.You tell a player he probably wont see 1st grade for 2years after being told hes a superstar since he was 14 watch his face drop and his dad will be ringing around N.R.L clubs the next morning.

The Junior Wallabies offer RA a way forward – just don't call them a 'golden generation'

What would the out come have been if one the players had in the heat of the moment abused or worse assaulted the security guard,for all the payers know it could have been a spectator who jumped the fence.These blokes are glorified lollypop ladies.

Security guard attempts to break up fight between two players

Was worth the trade just to get rid of the meddling Lavar.

Irving or Walker to join LeBron and Davis in Hollywood after blockbuster trade

Great article Matt about a great Aussie character, i have a photo in my man cave with then P.M Hawke in the Parramatta Eels dressing room after the 86 G.F with Mick Cronin and Ray Price.The joy on his face and admiration is obviously genuine. R.i.P

When Bob Hawke tipped me the Epsom

Where is the cash for the A.R.U to sign him going to come from? After the Western Force debacle and Izzy’s lawyers get through with them they would be lucky to sign some kid from Wenty Magpies.

A Kalyn Ponga code-switch would haunt the Wallabies, not help them

Wake up the advocates for equal pay for womans sports know all the arguments..less revenue,eyeballs on tv and live attendances, they don’t care they see this as a equal rights issue even though in some cases the male game is subsidising the ladies,it is still free entry into the WAFL.Money created by the men diverted straight into building an different competition and im very surprised the players union has allowed this money to be taken from their members.The solution i can only see to protect themselves from litigation like U.S.A soccer is for these sports to organise under an independent associations such as the W.T.A.And in any case ask LeBron James teammates about equal pay for equal play.

No obligation to follow women's rugby

I don’t mind the G.F being at the S.C.G as it will be a big occasion with a sold out crowd,as long as all the semis are played at the home of the highest ranked teams.

The SCG is a terrible choice to host the NRL grand final

Groan..Marsh bros to the rescue again? If this is plan b put a line through Aussies.

So, which Marsh should replace the injured Marcus Stoinis?

Why do the Giants have Canberra emblazoned across their backs but no mention of western Sydney anywhere.Sooner they leave to Canberra permanently the better.

Pyke hails AFL win against Giants

Queensland to smart last night.Speaking of smart why didnt they put on the Perth S.O.O Sunday night game on this week so we can enjoy the game and sleep in on moday with the public holiday.

Queensland win again because they're better at Origin

Why not there’s already been Rugby League 7’s,9’s..touch footy ..flag footy backyard, frontyard,street footy. As Roy and H.G says to much footy is barely enough.

Rugby Z? Alternative versions of sports and why rugby league doesn't seem interested

Its time all womens sports branch off independently of the men .This would end the arguments for equal pay as they will have to survive off their own revenue as does the W.T.A (except majors) and womens golf tour.It would also benefit those women who believe they are being exploited it some way or another.

The obvious question that Heather Reid is yet to answer