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Some good points in this article

Golden-point bonus points are unfair

I quite like Labushagne as a player and think he has a future, but just wonder how often in the past a player with about 10 tests, no hundreds and an average in the mid to high 30’s was such lock for the test team.

David Warner and Joe Burns should be the openers for the First Test

Good points but as always with a ‘best of’, its subjective. I do find it ironic though that one of the points was that he had superstars (Smith, Cronk, Slater, Inglis), at his disposal and criticised for never coaching a successful Origin series (where he had to coach against Smith, Cronk, Slater and Inglis).

Why we can't call Bellamy rugby league's greatest ever coach

I dont think Australia got the rub of the green. I spoke to a few referees on Sunday, who seemed to agree. But even if they had, that would still likely have just papered over the cracks. Having never been to a world cup and being highly unlikely to in the future Im reluctant to critique, but… they were a central defender down before the tournament started, and Laura Alleway wasn’t replaced. When Polks was injured this made this seem like an even worse decision. And having watched a few matildas games live I believe the team operates better when Elysse Kellond-Knight plays as a 6. Van Egmond is great over a dead ball and probably still worthy of a place in the 11, but KK for mine should be the 6.
When it comes to VAR, 3 or 4 looks at the video should do it. If you cant see any glaring errors with the original decision in that time, then there probably wasn’t one.

Matildas World Cup campaign leaves us wondering 'what if?'

It wouldn’t have to be an ‘open slather’ window. It looks like there’ll be 10 – 15 players moved on mid season. Thats probably historically high. i’d just prefer to see it happen in one go, rather than dribs and drabs over about 6 weeks.

An Origin 2 trade week would make the NRL a better place

“Blues supporters only celebrate when the job is done and the series is won”
So…not very often?

Queensland win again because they're better at Origin

Dear Dane, please remove all reference to the ‘blues’ in this post and replace it with ‘the other team’.

Kind regards,

A Qlder

Freddy: Let me be your whisperer

Too right Adam. There are a few other things with the ‘moneyball’ approach too. Baseball is a game of measurables. Home Runs, RBI’s, batting average, hits. These stats all have value though. If you have a team of people that have more hots & RBI’s than the next team, you do well. Baseball is a game that lends itself to stats. Although, I would also point out that the Oakland Athletics, the team that came up with Moneyball, lost in divisional series playoffs.

The only stat that matters for the Broncos

Yeah, i don’t think id pick that 8 if I was picking on form, but I was just looking at trends from year to year. And I was just thinking the same thing about fergo. Sometimes one player can make a huge difference. Getting their sets started well and getting their relatively small forward pack going forward will make a difference. Not backing them just yet though.

2019 NRL season preview using stats and not form