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“From what I understand of this charge” – that’s irrelevant. The stand down policy applies when the police decide there is enough evidence to charge someone – not investigate, not interrogate, not question, but to charge someone.

You simply can’t stroll into a police station, say ‘this person [committed crime x]’ and expect a charge to be laid. Sure, police might knock on their door, do some investigating and ask them some questions, but they will not charge someone unless they themselves are satisfied there is enough evidence to proceed. The NRL have based application of the stand down policy entirely on whether police are of the opinion a charge is warranted.

You don’t know as much about this case as the police do, and you certainly don’t know more than they do. I don’t mean to be blunt or rude, but your personal assessment of the De Belin evidence means very little.

When sport attacks civil liberties: The NRL’s no-fault stand down

“If such compelling evidence exists, which would be sufficient to merit an arrest and the player being charged, then the NRL should be empowered to act and stand a player down during this period.”

Not sure what point you’re trying to make here, as the NRL’s stand down policy only applies when a player is charged by police. It doesn’t apply to heresay or allegations, it only comes into effect when the police decide there is enough evidence for the player in question to be charged.

When sport attacks civil liberties: The NRL’s no-fault stand down

Didn’t North finish ninth last year with a slightly inferior team?

2019 AFL season preview: North Melbourne Kangaroos

I would say it is more a case of him being satisfied the allegations just aren’t obviously bogus.

Jack de Belin stood down as new policy confirmed for NRL players charged with serious crimes

Actually, having just checked attendances over the last decade or so, it might not be so hard at all. The Blues averaged 53,212 fans per game in 2011, a season that saw them finish fifth.

That’s roughly 4,000 more than what the Pies got this year, and only 2,000 less than what Richmond averaged in 2017.

Who knows what numbers they could hit if they actually became a top four side?

Why I'm getting around the good old Navy Blues

You’ve got to wonder what it will take to get things back to that level though. I started watching football as an eight-year-old in 2002 which means, for the overwhelming majority of my football-watching life, the Blues have been a basket case.

How much irreparable damage does that do to a club? That’s more or less a generation of fans lost.

Why I'm getting around the good old Navy Blues

Agree with you on Vancouver’s skins being hideous, but they got their jerseys right.

Atlanta and Toronto’s uniforms don’t look bad, but I think they’ve got them wrong in that they don’t really match their skins.

Forget stats and rosters; which new Overwatch League team looks the sleekest?

Need to express my displeasure/get your thoughts on some of the changes existing teams have made.

Very unhappy with Philadelphia and San Francisco ditching the orange for black and grey, respectively.

LA Valiant’s new green is nice though.

Forget stats and rosters; which new Overwatch League team looks the sleekest?

On fire today Dane, great read.

Rugby league pre-season article template: Updated 2019 version

At the moment, top-level players a running a tank-heavy composition comprising D.Va, Reinhardt, Zarya, Brigitte, Lucio and Moira.

Reaper is in the process of having a buff trialled that might help him break this composition up though.

Just about everyone gets a run at the competitive level in certain scenarios – I often find it’s the lightning-quick adjustments mid-match that separate the pros from the rest of us. That said, Symmetra, Torbjorn and Mei are about as niche as it gets.

Everything you missed from the first season of the Overwatch League

I think Sydney’s best 22 is still top tier, but they are perilously thin on depth. I was surprised to see them delist a lot of fringe players.

I’ve got them sneaking into the eight, but not doing much beyond that.

Sydney 2019 season preview: Best 22 and predicted finish

Certainly one of the wildest (and worst) moments I’ve witnessed in competitive Overwatch.

The worst part is it proves in the mind of certain folk that women are treated too nicely in esports when, in fact, it proves the direct opposite.

A dark day for women in esports

They’ve finished in the top four at some Asia-Pacific tournaments – an achievement that can’t be understated – but they’re as much of a victim of Australia’s lack of esports investment as anyone else when it comes to global tournaments.

They have had players poached by top US teams, however.

"Like the All Blacks, Man City and Patriots combined"; The Aussie esports team that can't stop winning

My tip has always been to tell your opponent what you’re going to play in advance, you’d be surprised how often they outthink themselves and your honesty pays off!

English referee suspended after using scissor-paper-rock instead of coin toss

At this stage I think the Swans have their eye on making a big splash next year.

AFL Trade Wrap Day 8: Tom Scully, Steven May, Tim Kelly and more

100% Wayne.

As someone else in the office just suggested, what’s to stop a superior ruckman just grabbing the ball and holding onto it when their team is up by less than a goal with a minute to go?

Flies in the face of the concept of prior opportunity, as well as the third spirit of the law (in that the ball shall be kept in motion).

AFL unveils rule changes for 2019

Going to respectfully disagree with you on this one.

The 6-6-6 set-up is going to see lesser teams get flogged more regularly, the removal of the requirement to kick the ball is totally unnecessary (although I am in favour of the mark being moved to ten metres), the 50-metre penalty and set shot after the siren changes are a complete mess, and the ruck rule change will add to congestion and totally distorts the definition of prior opportunity.

Relaxing hands in the back, and the nine-metres-from-the-boundary mark laws, however, are pretty good.

AFL unveils rule changes for 2019

Thanks for the correction Greg – we’ll amend accordingly.

Billy Slater shoulder charge FAQs: Your complete guide to tonight's judiciary hearing

Aubusson at halfback?! Surely that’s a big ole’ typo Scotty!

NRL team list Tuesday live blog: grand final, State Challenge, NRLW - all teams named

Don’t worry mate, we’ll have a piece up soon helping you all make sense of this. I appreciate your ongoing interest.

World of Warcraft's Jeramy McIntyre explains how the esport has grown

Too true Onside. The lengths to which our players have to go to just to get practice in is outrageous.

How can we use our Overwatch World Cup success to push esports forward in Australia?

It almost defies belief doesn’t it! I can run rings around AI opponents and… that’s about it.

Find esports confusing? Rocket League could be your ticket in

Hope you’re right Alister!

Who will progress to the semi-finals at the FACEIT CS:GO London Major?

Hi Onside,

If this is something at interests you, I’m more than happy to pen a piece like that.

Just promise me you’ll give that one a read too!

The greatest achievement by an Australian national team this year has been in esports - and it happened yesterday

Hi Wayne,

That’s fair enough. I suppose my angle is more in the sense of performance versus expectations.

The Kookaburras are a consistently dominant force in field hockey (although I’m not suggesting that takes any gloss away from Comm games gold) whereas nobody really gave our guys a chance at this world cup and we played out of our skin.

It’d be like if Brazil’s cricket team beat us in a Test match in the same year as winning the FIFA world cup – the world cup is obviously the more prestigious competition, but the theoretical cricket upset would be something else.

The greatest achievement by an Australian national team this year has been in esports - and it happened yesterday