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Nice article Lost and enjoyed reading the comments. For my 20 cents worth, I think the issue with the Broncos is the whole organisation is full with overpaid rookies – players, coaches and board members. I think they need to bring in some experience rather than assistant coaches with great playing records but limited coaching credentials. Cheers

Why the Broncos need to give Brad Thorn a call

I don’t read anything into the Souths win, and it doesn’t change my opinion that it is a 3 horse race – Panthers, storm and roosters.

Cooked Chooks make NRL semis a five-team fight

I think a fair selection for the bench.

Dragon McInnes closes in on NSW Origin debut

I read today that Broncos assistant Peter Gentle will be an assistant to Griffin. Dragons fans, is Gentle from the Illawarra?

2020 Dragons season review

The highlight for me was a little mentioned story that Warrior RTS, although out injured and could have returned to NZ to be with his family that he hasn’t seen all year, chose to stay and watch his teams last game and Adam Blair’s farewell. The guy is all class.

Seven talking points from NRL Round 20

Kevvie needs to get himself some very experienced assistants. It’s likely that he can only improve on this year – but same squad, some board, new CEO?

Kevin Walters to get the nod as Brisbane Broncos coach

This is happening more and more – at some point we have to ask – is it an accident?

Storm youngster savaged after nearly breaking Dragon's leg with ugly 'hip-drop'

Was that statement before or after he performed the gender reveal?

Darius Boyd says Broncos will bounce back

I think the board and CEO are totally responsible. The recruitment has been terrible – they seemed obsessed with signing every large kid they could find and flushing out experience. They also seemed intent on getting rid of any Wayne Bennett influence and introducing mass changes to tradition and culture. The club wasn’t broken – they decided to break it to serve their own agendas. I think Darius was a victim of being an obstacle that represented the “old” Broncos philosophy.

From powerhouse club to wooden spooners: The Brisbane Broncos' demise is complete

Maybe a DRAFT for coaches Jimmmy?

Trent Robinson: The best coach of the modern era

I think the only way to settle the debate of Bellamy vs Robinson, is allocate them poor performing teams and give them 3 years with a relatively unchanged roster – see who wins.

Trent Robinson: The best coach of the modern era

Time will tell on this one and the motivation to move.

Fonua-Blake locks in Warriors move

Passes like it! Gee he reminds me of a young Steve Mortimer or Slippery Morris.

For Dragons fans, 2021 can't come soon enough

I like Dufty, a really exciting player. Just not sure if he should be at fullback or closer to the action in the halves? Was he always a fullback?

For Dragons fans, 2021 can't come soon enough

I’m not a Dragons supporter, but from what I have seen: Dragons need to get rid of Norman – he spreads mediocrity whoever he goes. McInnes has a heart as big a Phar Lap, but he is slow around the ruck. The wingers need to learn to catch a ball on the full. Not sure what happened to Vaughan since SOO last year? Same with Simms. Just my observations from afar Dragon fans. Not sure what to do with Dufty!

For Dragons fans, 2021 can't come soon enough

Looks spot on Jack. Only thing that may influence this round is if any of the top 4 teams decide to rest key players.

NRL finals predictions: Where your team will finish and who claims the spoon

This round confirmed for me – (1) Roosters have the best performance and management NRL model, and the Panthers are duplicating it, (2) Titans will be the #1 QLD team for the next 3 years, (3) Merged clubs are destined for the bottom, (4) Dragons problem is not coaching but recruitment, (5) young players coming into first grade can’t tackle and can’t catch, (6) the bunker and refs are like two seperate countries locked in a civil war.

Eight talking points from NRL Round 19

I really liked that moment. Great relationship between a long time team coach and captain – and what a great Australian way to show respect!????

Absolute gold as Craig Bellamy reacts to Cam Smith passing his career try tally

Young needed to get wider experience. Learning under Mary would have been limiting and I think you need some separation from your playing career and coaching career for a decent period. He should try and get a gig with Robinson, Bellamy or Green for a few years.

It’s the assistant coaches' turn on the merry-go-round

Yes, no problem with that sin binning – came in contact with the head. As for Souths, I reckon they have 5-6 players that would be bench players at best at a top 4 team. I can’t see them doing any damage in the semis.

South Sydney's pretend contenders can have no complaints about Su'A's sin-bin

BB for me the root cause are the commentators and the broadcasters playing endless replays looking for possible refereeing errors to boost their profiles. Have one reply, make a call and everyone move on!

I hate the Bunker

I don’t have any statistics to pull out, but my gut says Panthers will be in the GF but won’t win it. Why? They look like they are already celebrating.

Four reasons Penrith will fall short of NRL glory in 2020

For a club to go through a “rebuild” means the foundations of the house (team) are stuffed. The better clubs don’t do rebuilds, they continually improve, and don’t rely on a few players to carry the weight of the team. When a team needs a rebuild it means they have made poor recruitment decisions and have bad player development systems. Look at the Storm when Slater and Cronk moved on – no mention of a rebuild. I’d put the Roosters in that category smart player management.

What constitutes a rebuild?

Looks like to me in recent weeks Souths seem to lose the plot when they use their bench, and they have a relatively small pack and tall skinny outside backs who struggle to get out of their own 20m and lack speed. Souths have had a better year than I expected, but are a few steps down from the Panthers, Roosters and Storm.

Attack might be the Rabbitohs' king, but defence must improve

I initially liked the rule, but now I’m not so convinced. I agree with the posts here that it needs tweaking. If a team is in their own 50m, give a penalty so they can get better field position. Or if in the opposition’s half, give 6 again.

The problem might be you, not six again