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Really hard to pick this early out. My only comment is that Ponga needs to live up to his pay cheque in 2020.

The Knights who will rise in 2020

I think having his brother there might lift Joey a bit. Although I must say, the centre position on the field doesn’t seem to have the level of involvement expectations and impact it once did. We used to have some great centres like Meninga, Gasnier, Renouf, Cronin, Ella, Jackson, Coyne, O’Connor, etc. I guess because they don’t get the space anymore and are expected to pack into scrums.

Tigers sign Joey Leilua to three-year deal

I think Curtis has got a bit of history around similar behaviour. But I wouldn’t hold my breath with the Integrity Unit – unless there is smart phone evidence!

Curtis Scott charged with assaulting a police officer

Let’s face it. Todd never gave a stuff about anybody. Disgraced himself, his family, his various clubs and the NRL and embarrassed anyone who followed the game. Was given more lives than a cat and continued to dish out the same off field crap again and again. Keep him as far away from our game as possible – now and forever.

Who sank Todd Carney’s career?

I think Jimmy is the player that any team would want. He is a bit of a larrikin, won’t take a backward step and gives it all. Good, well thought out article. There are not many players that we could call “journeyman” that have had so much impact at each club. The fact that he has had to move his family around so much, get resettled in a new region and team, and do it all over again is extraordinary.

Where does James Maloney rate among the NRL's greats?

It’s certainly a business. A business with one customer – TV rights.

Living in England, I have to act like sport's not business

I think the last time Boyd played well consistently was at the Dragons. I think the Broncos will pick him at fullback for the first 4 – 6 games, hope he either improves, gets injured or calls it a day. I think he is too small and slow now to be a serious choice at wing or centre.

What to do with Darius Boyd?

Both are larrikins, passionate, take risks and play hard. I think Wighton needs to dominate SOO and captain the Raiders to a premiership to be truly comparable to Laurie. Too early to call IMO.

Like Laurie Daley before him, will Jack Wighton now become a star?

I’ve got the Titans as my smokey to make the 8. I think they have the individual talent and a new coach just might be able to pull them together. I also think there are a few players there playing for contracts and basically the future of the club.

Why your team will do better in 2020: Gold Coast Titans

Ryles perfected the third man in flop. Working at the Storm and under Bellamy you’d have to think Jones is looking at slowing the ruck down – if it is possible to make rugby any less boring and slow.

Eddie Jones recruits Storm assistant Jason Ryles for England rugby coaching set-up

My Smokey this year is the Titans – IF Arrow stays. I just think they have the talent, a new coach and a few players playing for their future might just get them in the eight. Parra and Cowboys are 2 that I am struggling to pick.

The myth of the Parramatta Eels will be shot down in 2020

I think there will be enormous pressure on Croft, it just comes with the number 7 jersey at the Broncos. To me, he plays like Ben Hunt – hot, cold and gets frustrated easy. Could win you a game or lose you one. If the Broncos aren’t winning, the media and fans with be ruthless.

The Broncos see Brodie Croft as a mini Cooper Cronk, but the Storm just see Brodie Croft

I agree with the majority of comments here. I barely watch either of these games/tournaments. Just opportunities to flog merchandise. Couldn’t tell you who won last years’ games. I do, however, hope it works in WA -Any league over there must be a good thing.

Psst, the NRL Nines and All Stars game are coming up

Would it be fair to suggest that some clubs have a stronger link or affiliation to indigenous players than others? When I think of past great indigenous players and their clubs, Souths, Balmain, Broncos and Cowboys seem to jump to mind. Just thinking out loud.

Latrell the Rabbitoh

I think this experiment has been a big fail for Bennett and the Lions. At the very least they need a coach who can commit part or full time – not just float in and out when needed. I also think picking Aussies players with distant UK relatives would do nothing for team morale or fan loyalty.

Rivals emerge for Bennett's England job

I think because it’s the off season, this whole story got much more space than it would have received during a season. It seemed to be mostly media speculation and gossip. I think the guy wanted to play for another club because he felt like he needed a change – he looked around and settled where he felt was right. For a young bloke, I think he has handled himself well.

Why Latrell Mitchell should be praised according to Wayne Bennett

For me, Souths really don’t have a fullback. They have a some makeshift ones, but none would be signed by any other club as a fullback. Mitchell will be just as good, probably better than what they have. The real risk I see with him though is that he is a big unit, and I think he will have trouble managing his weight in the next few years. Could see him move into the back row in a couple of years.

It's finally over: Latrell Mitchell officially has a new club

I just hope he enjoys his footy.

It's finally over: Latrell Mitchell officially has a new club

So players that accepted less are at clubs that are rooting the cap? How may ex-players (Gallon, Slater, Cronk, Luke Lewis, Sutton, Etc) have all stated that they received huge offers to join rival clubs but decided to stay loyal to their current club for less! Some clubs just have to pay more because of their location, performance, culture, etc. Look at the Broncos for example. Haas, Fifita, Oates, Flegler were offered more $$ by other clubs- but decided to take less to stay in Brisbane. Does the NRL step in and tell the Broncos they need to pay these players more because the market offered them more?

Souths to be the beneficiaries of Roosters' gamble on Latrell

I’m with you soaps. He wanted to test the market – and guess what, the market, as of January 2020, has responded.

Souths to be the beneficiaries of Roosters' gamble on Latrell

What happens if Souths don’t sign him? All other clubs have pulled out and he has stated on social media he has finished with the Roosters. I think the Roosters are just stalling to give Souths the sh*ts and upset their training/team, and Souths will stall so the Roosters keep paying him! Love the rivalry.

Souths to be the beneficiaries of Roosters' gamble on Latrell

He’ll make his way back to the Sharks. I don’t think Morris will have a good year, and Flanagan will be there in 2021. Dragons – well that’s another story. Got them in my bottom 4 this year. Poor recruitment, suspect coach, JDB case will impact and I just don’t think joint ventures work well as they struggle for identity. Sorry Dragon fans.

'I want to be a head coach again': Flanagan

Agree. If we continue with scrums we should at least have some structure that enables and encourages a backline attacking play. The players in the scum don’t pack or bind because there is no reason to hold or push. Their focus is to break quickly and defend. We may as well have 12 players stand in a circle waiting for the ref to yell “out” and then they can join the play. I’d love to see a scrum become a contest that requires some sort of skill.

What are scrums good for in rugby league?

This whole episode has been bizarre- I don’t know who to believe. I just read somewhere he has rejected Souths offer?

"My stay at the Roosters has come to an end": Mitchell confirms he's flown the coop ahead of likely Souths move

I’m not a South’s supporter but I just hope the young guy develops into a great player for them. He has so much talent and could be anything – just hope he gets the right advice and support moving forward.

"My stay at the Roosters has come to an end": Mitchell confirms he's flown the coop ahead of likely Souths move