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Nice one Mike and as I look over successful teams, they tend to have clear roles rather than a position. Interesting how roles can change over time with rule changes, opposition styles and coaches.

Role with it: Why it's about time we rethink positions on a rugby league team

I don’t think I have a mate that close that would be kind enough to come into a toilet cubicle, close the door and hold both of our drinks whilst I threw up. Gee that’s a tight culture at the Knights.

NRL News: Ponga season over as weird video emerges, Shoey Vasa-Sheck ban lifted, Martin, Latrell OK, Crichton staying

I think the support needs to be for juniors and seniors. By seniors I mean getting some experienced quality players into the system in NZ. Like a SBW, Cam Smith, Cronk, Slater, etc – that can mentor the younger players and also attract sponsorship, media interest, etc.

The NRL should step in to fund Warriors junior development, says Nathan Brown

Big risk for both parties. Could kill Ciraldo’s coaching career if he falls short of expectations and 5 years for an unproven first grade coach is a big risk also. One thing is for certain- Gus will either claim the credit or say it wasn’t his recommendation.

Why Ciraldo 'five-year plan' is a massive risk for desperate Dogs

Really showed to me that so many teams are so dependent upon one player. Parra = Moses, Souths = Latrell, Storm = Munster, Panthers = Cleary, Manly = Turbo. The next few weeks are going to be critical in terms of injuries and suspensions to key players, and these teams have shown they will struggle in big games without their key player. Cows look good to me.

'We got steamrolled': Arthur bemoans pathetic Parra pack as Souths nil Eels and leapfrog them on the ladder

I used to like Kenty, but these days he seems to sink so low to get his name in the news. But I also have no sympathy for MG, he’s also more than willing to dish out on others via his media roles.

'Completely unacceptable': Stuart banned one game, fined $25,000 by NRL for 'weak-gutted dog' rant

I think the sporting bodies have to get together and work on a stadium concept that works across multiple sports, supports local business/community and reflects the area in which in stands. Plus they need to be built to last and be maintained. The suburban grounds are party of rugby league’s DNA and need to be part of the future.

Sydney Stadiums: Accor should be a palace, while Penrith become the bad guys from 'The Castle'

I don’t mind his decision. My only suggestion would be for Victor to go and play a few games in the UK league. Not in 10 years time.

'I thought screw it, I’m not listening to my head': How Radley let emotions choose England over NSW Blues

I’d give Ricky the rest of the year off. The unnecessary pressure he has now put on, not only the club but his family, it totally unacceptable. I think he is frustrated and burnt out.

Is Ricky Stuart a weak, gutted coach or an old dog unable to learn any new tricks?

Somehow we have to encourage one on one low tackles. At the moment defending teams get rewards for 3 in a tackle to slow the play the ball. Tackling low used to be an art and certainly some smaller players were exceptional low tacklers.

Head shots are the result of poor technique, not accidents

My mistake. He’s even a better bloke!

'It's not his go': Good bloke or not, judiciary must judge every case on its merits

Totally agree Dani. James Graham seems like a good bloke – didn’t stop him eye gouging Billy Slater. Can’t recall Billy at that time suggesting Graham shouldn’t be suspended because he’s a nice bloke. Cleary to his credit has taken it on that huge chin of his, apologised and keeping a low profile for 5 weeks.

'It's not his go': Good bloke or not, judiciary must judge every case on its merits

Held get off!should be enough, or “held, x tackle.” I hate it when a player is looking at the ref waiting for him to say “get off” or “release.” Refs shouldn’t be telling players what to do and when. I also detest the fact that refs use players names – how much time must they spend studying these – perhaps spend more time on studying forward passes or other aspects of the game? Call the player by the number of their back! Are we afraid that the player won’t know who they are? And get the touchies to do something! Anything will do!

MICHAEL HAGAN: Held means held - refs need to crack down on players slowing ruck

– I’m sure Hasting would change weeks with Carrigan if he could.
– two reason to go to the Gold Coast. To party or retire. Titans provide both.
– Hook will sack the statisticians next week. Ball boys the week after.
– Cheese will be suspended again

Round 21 team lists Late Mail: Coates to make early return, Carrigan banned, Klemmer axed, Arthur in, Feldt out

Tony, we have to change with the times. Introduce an avatar of Les Davidson, who could quickly sort out JWH and Nelson, get 4m likes on TikTok, become a social media icon and we have a GoFundMe page to pay his fines for dishing out justice.

Two players marched in two days! Is the biff finally back in the NRL?

Carrigan should get 4 weeks, Nelson should have been sent off and got 6 weeks and JWH should have got 2 weeks, Burgess got what he deserved.

Carrigan faces lengthy ban for 'horrendous' tackle on Hastings as Tigers put dent in Broncos' top-four hopes

The Dragons sit on the ladder where they deserve to be. I think to be a contender a team needs at least 3-5 current rep players. Whilst the Dragons have this, they are all from the previous decade.

Dragons done: Drinkwater and Taumalolo star as Cowboys put red line through Red V

If Reynolds was still at Souths they win that game I reckon – same with a few other games this year. Burgess deserved to be sent off, but geez there were some other props this weekend who should buy a lotto ticket. Well done Sharkies and every team needs a McInnes, but not many have. Wasn’t he the captain of the Dragons not so long ago?

'Wild old night' sees Tom Burgess sent off, Latrell miss three field goals and Hynes the hero for Sharks

A bit strange to sack 2 assistants at the same time. On the squad, maybe Hook has too much young talent to choose from and has tried to bring in some older wiser heads. Problem is he bought in older heads only.

Dragons fans, here’s a scary thought: The case for 'placeholder' Griffin - no, really

There has been more damage done to the NRL in the last month than I have seen in the last 5 years. Is there an instruction from above to let front rowers be exempt from suspension? Tino, JWH, Nelson – cheap grubby shots that get fines that are 1% of their salary. So much for attracting smaller players to the game.

‘He could’ve quite easily broken his jaw’: Repeat offender Asofa-Solomona strikes again as Storm sink Warriors

JWH should get 2 weeks. That was a dog act, the guy defenceless and pinned to the ground. Seems we are waiting for him to break somebody’s jaw before anyone will act. There were a few bad head shots op from both sides in that game x but buggered if I can understand the grading sand sin bin rules.

NRL News: Taupau set for Eels switch, JWH escapes ban for Fulton forearm, Rudolf opens up on Pride debate

I don’t like the fact that jerseys are continually being adopted to make some sort of statement. It’s a mindless cash grab by clubs and the NRL to try and flog jerseys. There are so many more options to promote various initiatives rather than plant content on a jersey.

Robinson spot on: What would Manly seven think if a teammate refused to wear a Pasifika themed jersey?

I’m not a gay man. I’m not a religious man. Have many friends that are one or both. I don’t like Manly so much. But I like a good game of footy. Getting harder to like.

Hasler's hair-raising humility saves Sea Eagles by tiptoeing through cultural war minefield

* Seems NRL is judging suspension by the injury incurred.
* How many shoulder charges went by this weekend?
* Clubs have a roster. Use it and stop poaching from lower placed clubs.
That’s my 20 cents.

'Significant mistake': Hasler apologises for rainbow jersey as seven players boycott Manly game

I was going to write that surely he couldn’t be that thick. But seems he is.

Contract goes up in smoke: Proctor apologises after Titans sack him for 'half-time vape' incident