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I agree with everything you’ve said there, Mary- and it was a shocking sentence for Ristevski, but I’d like to note that his defence disrespects himself as much as anyone. Since when did players need to be told that violence against women wasn’t ok?!

His lawyers portray him in a very bad light by claiming that without training – which he undoubtedly has had – he can’t tell the difference between right or wrong.

A few people pointed out on twitter that they’d never gone through NRL programs, yet they know it’s not ok…as Luke Lewis said: “You either have morals or you don’t” or words to that effect.

'He wasn't educated': De Belin's lawyers play the blame game


Plans revealed for new AFLB league to begin in 2020

A-league is watched less than rugby, check Mediaweek on twitter.

A controversial opinion on NRL expansion

Good post, but I’d change it up a bit: Canterbury Rangas- they do wear red after all…

Crusaders seriously considering name change after admitting current branding "no longer tenable"

Canterbury United is a bit soccer-y tbh, but I get what you’re trying to do re the message.

Crusaders seriously considering name change after admitting current branding "no longer tenable"

“…importantly have been getting around to the local clubs and schools running clinics and introducing kids the game.”

This is more than important, this is crucial! But that’s good they’re doing that.

I’m not sold on the No kicking from inside the 22 – I’d change it to maybe a 15 metre line, which would cull a lot of the kicking. The idea of it is to obviously let teams clear when they’re near their own line, but 22 metres out is a lot. You could make it 15, or 10, and still retain that.

Shot clock for scrum is incredibly hard to police, especially given how players are often getting bandaged for something in the lead up.

Friday showed that Rapid Rugby can work

Beaches United RLFC? Ok now that sounds like the round ball code.

Beaches Suns? Beaches Boys? All of these names are so fitting.
How about East Coast Working Class?

The Sydney Roosters are the most logical team for relocation

Heard from one of the Fox guys that it was a realistic bet that the Force would be back in the fold…who knows.

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Yeah I suppose – although having a team winning the championship, yet behind on the points tally is weird.

All the possible scenarios for the final week of the Six Nations

Surely though, T-man, if you clinch the grand slam, you should get the title.
That’s really what the rule is there to enforce.

Bonus points contribute to the other ladder positions.

All the possible scenarios for the final week of the Six Nations

I think- and literally no-one agrees with me, that golden conversion would be good. Eg: score a try, ok, up by 4, but convert that and you win.

I don’t mind seeing field goal attempts, but if something similar happened to what took place in the 2015 GF, where the Broncos didn’t even get a chance really, I don’t like it.

Or just plain old extra time, where highest tally wins. But what’s wrong with a draw anyway, hey

Golden point: It’s time for the NRL to try harder

I’d like to see people not be shocked when a player like Fifita chooses country over state. In almost any other sport, it’d be run-of-the-mill, but not in this one.

That being said, State Of Origin and Tests shouldn’t clash, albeit it’s hard to find room in the season.

What should the ARLC be focusing on right now?

Swedish DJs are legendary.

The Wrap: Super Rugby and the art of being ready when you’re not ready

Ironic that there’s not depth for five men’s teams, yet there’s depth enough for five women’s teams.

Word about is that you guys may be returning in SR come 2020.

Season 2 of Super W has arrived!

“The idea of playing the same number of BBL games in a shorter season starting on Boxing Day is also a good one.”

How? Sure, compress it, but the same amount of games in a shorter season?

How is this doable, other than overlapping games or double headers starting at 4pm on the day-to-day.

I’d have it as low as a round robin, or maybe the round robin plus another derby game like they did before last season.

10 per season would be a max, even last year, crowds were starting to dwindle. Now they’ve nose-dived.

Discussion about improving BBL shows people care

I think often in Rugby in particular we’re a bit lazy with previews, just pretty much going with last season’s form, but this one is very comprehensive.

I remember a game in particular – it might have been against the Lions at home – where the Jaguares’ back three landed the ball in touch at the Lions 10, from their own 22, almost every time and it severely hamstrung their opponents.

Certainly one of the more interesting teams to watch.

How will the Jaguares fare in 2019?

“Nobody cares about the Stormers.”
Don’t they get the biggest attendances in SR? Maybe the crowds are there to see them lose, haha

A bloke, the weather, other codes and Super Rugby 2019

“but then CA started up the BBL and instantly relegated the A League to a secondary code.” Trust me Christo, in two years the BBL will be relegated to a secondary code, at the way CA are running it.

The A-League has six months to save itself from oblivion

Thanks for the reply, Mary.

AFLX annoys me a lot; the whole tournament structure, the rule changes, etc, but if people like it, cool.

It is frustrating when the two competitions take audiences off each other – that being said, the whole point of it is to get teams up to scratch in preseason, not to be an offseason treat, and AFLW to be fair doesn’t leave much room in the preseason.

Certainly in terms of advertising, I’ve seen nothing about AFLW.

Re: conferences, I watch a lot of rugby and NFL, and conferences have their pros and cons.
People will talk about the draw and so on, but the draw is never fair anyway. Conferences certainly can reduce travel costs, travel time, jet lag etc.

Obviously if all the in-form teams are in one conference, no wildcard positions leaves no margin of error. See how we go, I guess.

What do you mean AFLW starts this weekend?

I can understand the reasoning behind why AFLX exists – competitive, fast preseason games with something on the line, I guess, but certainly a proper women’s competition, which we already have, should rank before an early year gimmick.

On AFLW itself, how the conference system pans out will be a big talking point, but more often than not the cream rises to the top.

What do you mean AFLW starts this weekend?

Not every Super W game is (at least last year) broadcast live on Fox, some were delayed and broadcast on, but otherwise a good article.

How does women's sport coverage weigh up?

Yeah, SOK has been pretty good, but the Sixers have played the equal most games from memory.

One of Hughes, Henriques or Silk need to cash into the runs.

I think the Strikers, Renegades and even probably the Thunder are ahead of them, and I know I wrote them off a few days ago, but last night shows they have a chance.

A clear favourite has emerged in the BBL, and we’re close to knowing the challengers too

Think you’re being very kind to an unconvincing (read: shockingly bad, at times) Sixers team. They’ve had a collapse of sorts almost every game, and their bowling relies on an inconsistent Sean Abbott and the in-form Tom Curran.

A clear favourite has emerged in the BBL, and we’re close to knowing the challengers too

“If two of Jordan Silk, Moises Henriques, and Daniel Hughes fail with the bat, the Sixers battle to post decent targets.”
Interestingly, this is exactly the same for the women’s team. Just sub in Perry, Healy and Gardner and you have a big problem should one get out.

Brisbane tend to rely on McCullum and Lynn, and the former hasn’t exactly been on top of his game. From memory he made 16 from his first three innings.

And then the Scorchers’ dismal start has stunned me. That being said, you wouldn’t rule any teams out, except maybe the Sixers. Last night convinced me that they’re an almost certain wooden spoon

The just-past-halfway BBL report card

Better in the islands than against some RA XV or NRC All Stars, I’d think.

2019: The battle for the soul of Pasifika rugby