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I meant more FTA, whether that be ABC or the commercial networks. Certainly true about an economy hurting their revenue, sure. But definitely sport remains a key player for those, moving forward.

The Wrap: Rugby’s off-again, on-again, rollercoaster a test for players and coaches

Geoff on the other hand, look how the public turn to media companies like TV especially in times of crisis like these. Surely the increase of audience might give them some extra dollars to work with.

And when COVID-19 dies down, the crowds turn away from tv, how essential will sport play as a means to keep people watching. For most sports fans, they watch 0 hours a week. If you count sport, they watch 10+

The Wrap: Rugby’s off-again, on-again, rollercoaster a test for players and coaches

Government have denied any thought of banning interstate travel according to Morrison yesterday. However, the way things are going, that could all change tomorrow. And it would affect a number of sports, yeah

Aussie sports and me

Actually, I’m surprised they did well enough to take down the Brumbies. I expected even less.

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

Brett, Hurricanes-Sharks got me as well. I think at that stage I was pretty hyped about the Durban dudes’ tour so far.

Geoff, I’ve noticed that the Odds are often not indicative of what most fans would think. They tend to be very much ‘last year’s form’. The punters lag behind I guess. That or they just go “Highlanders-Rebels. Hmm. NZ are better at rugby, yes? Ok then.”

Super Rugby round on hold: Tipper’s remorse

Great article Mary 👍

I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already been, but hopefully we do start to see increased opportunities in the XV format. Assuming the Olympics go ahead, and that Australia achieves, maybe the public’s attention (and RA’s funding) will extend to the Wallaroos, especially with a World Cup coming up.

Claudia ringing the Bell for women's rugby

Upset won’t come in Brisbane, fair to say. Waikato? Canberra? Either of those.

Sure thing: there will be less calls for rugby teams to “get out into the schools” after the last week…
Sure thing +1: The Bulls’ jersey will clash with the Reds, somehow. Not sure how, but they’ll manage it

Super Rugby Round 7: go ahead Blues, make my day

Re: jerseys.

How is it that multiple NZ teams seem to have the same away strip? Crusaders, Hurricanes and Highlanders all look very similar. I don’t think they look terrible, just doesn’t match the colour scheme of any NZ team barring the Landers.

That being said, shame the Bulls had to change jumpers given their original once was the nicer of the two.

Reds have done well, IMO, seems like they’re trying to get at least a losing bonus point per game. When the Crusaders started to pull away in the 2nd half, I’m thinking “gosh they’ve lost this now”.

To their credit, they reeled it back. I think there’s some real promise there. It’s just the little things which are sucking the life out of them.

The Wrap: Super Rugby splits into two

Brett, great to be back. God these offseasons are getting short. Soon rugby season will look identical to the school year, mid December finishes and late January starts. Anyway.

Half decent slate of games, not gonna lie. Blues and Chiefs is a coin toss, Lions may put up a fight in Buenos Aires. Stormers and Hurricanes is fascinating, although at the least fan friendly time for us east coasters.

The Reds? The Tahs? Could both win, I think, but I’m still tipping against em.

Super Rugby Round 1: Whaddya mean it starts this week?

“I’ve just been amazed by them. That Aussie 20s group is the real deal. They compete out there, they back themselves.”

Little bit off topic, but I saw a few people on the cricket reddit tab talking about Australians approach, and one of the things they said was that Aussies always believe they can win. Kind of surprised me, I guess you it’s one of those things you can only see on the outside looking in. Anyway good to see the U20s seem to have that confidence.

I don’t have a problem with SR starting early: even gives rugby a bit of freedom without the major codes within Australia. But I reckon draw the line at a mid February start, not January.

And moving forward, with a shorter SR competition, surely you have to push back round 1? If this year was a 13 week regular season with 3 weeks of finals, at the current start date, the grand final would be on May 16.
A winter sport which is finished before winter comes around…

The big questions coming out of the shortest ever Australian rugby pre-season

I know I had a whinge about Texas last week, but geez. Geez. I’d hate to be their fan.

I’m assuming that rules out Notre Dame for the CFP. And good riddance. Without them, we can play Ohio State, Clemson, Bama and LSU. And it’d be awesome.

And even though I support them, Oregon are overrated.

Shout out to Navy – 15th bowl in 17 seasons I heard.

College football 2019: Week 9 winners and losers

XI, I’d disagree. Bama have beaten no-one who is anyone, it wouldn’t look good to lose to the first good team they play.
LSU’s scalps on the other hand: Texas, Florida and Auburn.

College football 2019: Week 9 winners and losers

How ya doin, Andrew.

So much for the “Texas is back” narrative which we heard so much of preseason – multiple losses, near losses to OSU and Kansas to boot. Sheesh.

Thought Oregon’s playoff hopes were over when I saw they were trailing, but glad to see they snuck home.

As you mentioned, UCLA and Oregon State. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by those two and Bowling Green in recent weeks.

As for that top Power Five spot, gosh. Thought it’d be UCF, but they’ve dropped off. Unlikely Boise State after that performance. Who knows.

But hey, isn’t it heating up!

College football 2019: Week 8 winners and losers

Ohio State have been very impressive so far, no doubt. Scary o-line. I feel like the gap is closing, Clemson haven’t reached the lofty standards they set themselves last year, but you’re right: they’re still a way ahead for now.

Quite liking how the playoff race is heating up: gonna be some gutted teams when that 4th spot is decided.

College Football 2019: Week five winners and losers

Nice read, Andrew.

How good are OSU looking? Watched their last couple of games, and I’m liking what I’m seeing from them.

Doesn’t the season fly by. There are teams who could be bowl-eligible as early as next week.

Re: the Pac-12, I’d rather see a conference where (pretty much) anyone can beat anyone on their day, rather than a conference with two standout teams who are flanked by cannon fodder. cc: ACC.

College Football 2019: Week five winners and losers

Surprised not to see Oregon amongst the winners – Ducks had a field day at home.

College football 2019: Week 2 winners and losers

Brett, thanks for this. Disappointed to see that most Aus Super Rugby clubs have finalised their squads for 2019 – before the NRC even starts.

Clearly haven’t learnt anything from that article last year bemoaning this very situation

Return of the old Sydney jersey the final missing piece of the NRC puzzle

Hi Mary,
Recently, the Women’s Rugby Super Series was played in the USA, with the top five teams in the world.

It’s a bit of a catch 22: finish poorly at the World Cup, and you’ll get less opportunities to compete, hence, less improvement.

No doubt playing in that series would’ve been a much better warm up for the Wallaroos.

That being said, Japan threw a lot at Australia, particularly in the second game.

Looking forward to the series. NZ should win, but Aus will compete

Wallaroos head to Perth for first Test against the Black Ferns

Ya know, Brett, it’s quite funny.
Four years ago, at the RWC, we were the team who chanced our arm, who ran it out of our own 22. Then you look at this. Naisarani was the only forward who carried well. And Kerevi wasn’t bad in the backs either. Other than that…

Address the structures rather than attack the scapegoats

Geoff, I lament that when Super Rugby has its best season in recent memory, very few people are watching it.
Now, I remember tv audiences increasing slightly within Australia for the 2018 season, haven’t seen many numbers for this year.

You don’t have to go back too far, maybe 2016, or a couple of years before that, to see great crowds on a pretty regular basis. If memory serves, the Waratahs-Chiefs game that year got in 24,000.

I’ve not had to rely on it this year, but surely SANZAAR can ensure that highlights reels on their own YouTube channel are not geoblocked to one of their target counties. It may not seem like a big deal, but to those who don’t have paytv (aka: most people) and younger fans, it does matter. I assume this is what they mean with
“inconsistency of content across geographies”.

The Wrap: SANZAAR perfects the art of the Rumba when it needs to Tango

Throw the book at him. Make him an example. And you can’t argue forehead, because no-one would jab at a forehead, like you would if you were eye-gouging.
12 weeks is fair, I think.

What do you need to do to get sent off?

This comment section is on fire!
Folau Fainga’a makes sense as first try scorer, doesn’t he. Brumbies with an early penalty. Banks chews off 50m plus with the touch finder. Lineout won… Fainga’a at the baaaccckkk.
Geoff, Eminem once found some dodgy rhyme for orange, so “Crusader” can’t be too hard :p

Super Rugby semi-finals: All eyes on the (sur)prize

Brett, credit to a Bulls team who, before this year, really struggled to compete in this comp. A good year for them overall, but wouldn’t a win in Wellington be a feather in Pote Human’s cap.
Jags must have the best crowd in SR, and well deserved too.

As you say though, anyone can win it- far cry from the “Just give the trophy to the Crusaders already” narrative.

Four very deserving winners to lift the Super Rugby cup from here

I’m taking the plunge. This is brave (or dumb) of me.

Brumbies the only home winners. There, said it.

Highlanders away…just because. Also, Crusaders lost their last game vs a Kiwi team…
Chiefs, not because I’m Phil Kearns or because I doubt the Jaguares in any way…just because they were hot last week.
I predicted early on that the Bulls would be hard to beat, and Imma try to show faith in my own predictions.

Brumbies at home…why not.

Now: “…everyone in this room is dumber for having listened to that.”

Super Rugby quarter finals: Reset the counters

G’day Geoff, have to agree. “Too much force” is akin to “tackling too hard” – what the?

That being said, a shoulder charge is a shoulder charge, and an arm flapping around doesn’t change that imo. Fair call

The Wrap: Only one Australian finalist a poor Super Rugby return