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Can you tell me the name of Fiji’s GRR team? What about where they will play? Their coach or any players?

The point is: we know nothing yet. I know that the season’s start is only two months away, but still time for it all to collapse.

2019: The battle for the soul of Pasifika rugby

Not sure how mate – I only pointed out a small increase in form. From 0/26 to 4/16 is an increase of standards, by 25% is it not?

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

Interesting mate.
Surely an improved Rebels side- and improved to the extent that they were very close to competing in a finals series, is an improvement to the competition. More teams who are competitive can only be a good thing.
No-one’s saying the Force should’ve been axed, simply that the Rebels have improved since they’ve been axed.

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

To be fair mate: we do say this every year!

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

To be honest mate, I watched one of their games about 3 days ago: vs the Bulls. I agree that the way they play is fantastic to watch, even if they don’t always/rarely pull it off. In terms of finals appearances I think we can agree though, and that’s what this article is focused on.

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

G’day Lano- as others have said, I certainly think the Rebels gained from the extra Force players, to the extent where they went from a no.17 side the year before to only just missing out on the finals.

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

How true. Best thing is, that duck against NZ teams is broken. Let’s hope for a more competitive year this time after a better season in 2018 hey.

A not-too-early look at Super Rugby 2019: Part 1

Ok mate – cite some of these figures for me. The ones I came up with weren’t good enough for you.

From my experience, AFL is growing, but as kangas said before growth is minimal compared with soccer’s growth. If it is an ALT-FACT as you say, where are the real facts.

They kinda do have a growing women’s game don’t they? Yes, the competition is pretty short, because they don’t want it and the men’s comp to overlap too much, which would push the women’s comp into the shadows, much like what happens in football. Actually, there are more teams in the women’s comp than in the A-League…

No-one really thinks private schools are a fair representative of the population, or that their sports accurately demonstrate it. That’s basically the first I’ve heard of AFL being a private school sport, not saying you’re wrong.

How’s this then:
“Take away participation growth in NSW but slight drops in what is the heartland state, huge crowd numbers at most games bar Giants, and huge tv ratings everywhere but Sydney, while in Sydney they still are bigger than A-League’s, and you have nothing”

What should Tasmania call its A-League club?

Sydney Swans’s site has club participation in NSW as growing by 8.2%. And crowd numbers are very big, I know that much.

“Take away participation growth, huge crowd numbers and huge tv ratings, and you have nothing” would be more accurate. Still better on two accounts to football, which only has big participation.

What should Tasmania call its A-League club?

“AFL only has big TV ratings to focus on. Take away the big TV ratings & AFL has nothing else.”

Disclaimer: I’m from Sydney.
Doesn’t AFL get huge crowds? Isn’t AFL participation growing in Sydney, huge in SA/WA/Vic?

What should Tasmania call its A-League club?

How about the “Raiding Rams”

An aesthetic assessment of the A-League's new expansion teams

Heh, GWM Giants is somewhat asking for it IMHO,reminds me of the recent Ch10 “Boss” issue.

An aesthetic assessment of the A-League's new expansion teams

Great article as always, Nick.

You could almost rename it to “Wallabies flaws this week, *insert team* edition”

Don’t know what has happened to the 2015 coach of the year. He doesn’t seem to have any responses, that’s all I can say.

Why the answers for Australian rugby are blowin’ in the wind

Ugh, the site still translates some emojis into question marks. Bloody hell

NRC 2018: Five takes from the regular season

I agree with plenty you’ve said there, but – and this’ll sound funny – does Twiggy have the vision, so to speak to run it. I’m not suggesting that a broad view of things is a characteristic of RA, but I think Forrest is too focused on WA to even have a broader interest in this comp.

Anyways, it’s been a great couple of months, and I’m more than interested to see where Twiggy goes with WSR ????

NRC 2018: Five takes from the regular season

All hail King Nick.

Once again, so so comprehensive. Seems entirely aimless having all three defending on one side – if you’re a winger, surely the last place you should be is in the other winger’s territory?!

Cheers again.

It's time for the Wallabies to stop the music on defence

Interesting that the Tahs are announcing all their fixtures, not just at once but day by day….maybe just an attempt to make and then stay in the headlines.

In fairness, the sharing out of games seems pretty fair. SCG trust still get a few, action in Western Sydney, going regional as well. Not too bad.

Waratahs complete home fixtures with three games at SCG

Yeah, that’s been interesting.

Nick Phipps played a game for the Rams last year, and as you say, really seemed to push himself even though it was just a run-around before the spring tour.

It’s what we want to see, no doubt.

NRC 2018: Five takes from the regular season

I did see that article. For mine, there’s a certain beauty if you like, with penalty goals, and aren’t the long distance ones the most exciting anyway?

Surely penalties near halfway would increase, if they knew a kicker (most Super Rugby ones anyway) wouldn’t exactly find touch on the flag, and didn’t have an option at goal.

Breakdown penalties can be contentious, but surely teams have to adapt to the ref and not give him the chance?

Interesting debate, but I won’t be jumping up and down for point scoring changes yet.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

I think it’d be an interesting game, that’s for sure. I have no doubt that the Wallabies 23 on the weekend wasn’t Aus Rugby’s best 23 players, and I don’t think you can put it all down to injury either.

In saying that: the best player for each position….

Super Rugby XV couldn’t beat a weakened Wallabies XV, so it’d be hard to see an NRC XV doing so.

Interesting stuff.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

Ah ok. Yeah, I’d back them to approve it from here with RA’s tick and the recommendation.

Honestly, I don’t know. I feel like the governing body is on a different level sometimes.

However, to their credit, they aren’t corrupt soccer officials, or running cricket and determined to reduce the WC to less and less teams. Or RL with, what, 3 staff?

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

This is what I found- dunno if it will hyper link, or whether youll need to copy and paste.
Very interesting to see how it pans out. I expect more news within the next couple of months.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

I mean, everything’s so up in the air. Honestly, I feel like if they want to take over the world or whatever, they should try something a bit whacky.

Who knows. Certainly rule changes at NRC level have mostly worker quite well.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

Yes, that’s how it would appear. You don’t become a billionaire by wasting time, however.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

Thought I elab’d in the article, but just checked and I didn’t unfortunately.

I think purely 60 minutes (as opposed to 80) sounds better in terms of actual minutes spent on the field, add in 12 subs and you have a much easier game to play.

What I briefly mentioned, is not for every stoppage to be a timeout – it isn’t NFL – but for scrums and contested lineouts, as the two big time wasters IMO, for the clock to be stopped, but not the full 60.

Penalties, after tries, after penalty goals and at 22 metre dropouts would still be time on. I feel if time wasn’t ticking away, teams wouldn’t feel the need to save energy as much by cutting down on ball in play time.

Perhaps in time, if my theory is correct and teams did speed it up, they could increase to 80 again, with time off.
Maybe it’s just that I hate seeing the seconds tick by while scrums collapse, especially when my team is losing etc.

In summary: 60 minutes. Timeoffs, but ideally shorter stoppages, meaning the game could finish in less time (matches seem to go for about 1:45 from when I’ve kept count), 60+10 for halftime, still leaves a sufficient 20 minutes of timeoffs,if you want to finish within 1.5 hours.
More ball in play, up to 40/45.

That’s how I’d like to see it.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy