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So we judge ireland and england on their world cups? Why are they even in the discussion then? At least Argie fronted last time out. So they have already been judged, and have been found to be successful. Anyone that performs that much above their ranking is.

Is Agustin Pichot the man to save rugby globally?

Sounds like SA, and I havent been there either but despite all that, the Pumas IMO are going to struggle without outside resources because globally everyones doing it. Teams cant stand up on their own anymore, and Oz, SA and Argie tend to rely on home grown talent, much of which are playing more and more overseas in baabaa type clubset ups, so it confuses the international game, and compromises their ability to put sides into the test arena.

NZ is able to self sustain simply because we have such a sound local structure at all levels of the game, and less distractions of the type you mention.

Still think Argie will struggle on that basis. The north is syphoning off and hiding SH talent from the test arena in increasing numbers.

Is Agustin Pichot the man to save rugby globally?

Yes agree Carlos, and some of Argentinas rugby last year was as good as itgets, Sanchez, Bofili etc stunning in their space finding efforts. They always look like theyre ready to join the top ranks but keep falling short when it comes to the final hurdle. I think at WCup time Oz, Boks and Argie will get a ‘boost’ over their NH counterparts who are really what you see are what youll get. The SH sides stunned the north last world cup at quarter time and I think will again, in such a way that again heads will be scratching…’we didnt expect that, they didnt play like that last two years!’
Argentina rugby lives in the real rugby world, they just dont have that all round sustaining resource to push into the top rung yet but in terms of talent across individuals they have that in spades.
They just need to find that secret of what it takes to close out 2 or three close matches.
The refreshing thing is they dont bolster their sides with imports in a way the northern sides do, the Island players providing most of the edge their game has been missing, and that keeps them, like SA, unique in their involvement. Argie rugby is played by Argentinians and long my that last.
Unfortunately, that may just continue to be their issue with other sides adopting outsiders more readily these days.
I mean look at the NH midfields, practically every side has a PI doing the tough work through the middle.

Is Agustin Pichot the man to save rugby globally?

Yep, kiwis will never stop underestimating the French. They could lose ten straight but that next world cup knockout will always send the shivers. Thats why 2015 wasso comprehensive. They left nothing to chance. Not a shred.

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

ABs are about fifth in the betting last time I looked.

Truth is rugby desperately needs Oz and SA back at the top of our sport because we cant have what we are seeing in the 6N representing the best rugby at the highest level. Little imagination, many journeymen athletes and the odd bit of excellence punctuating a match like the sun briefly flashing through the clouds then back to grey again.

If theyre going to start dominating the higher seedings they need to get there by bringing through an exciting brand of rugby, not fill the positions by other teams defaulting through lack of resource.

Oz particularly sparkled when they were at their best and SA played the Hyde role of the big monstering packs far better than England or Ireland are capable of now.

The ABs are probably at their weakest for some years yet are still winning with relative ease, the odd hiccup their only blips. None of the back three are settled or firing, we dont know who our midfield is etc etc.

Mediocrity has truly set in and the game needs new stars, new ideas…hopefully this years world cup will bring that out, because for two or three years its not been flash.

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

Just what I was gonna say. ????

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

I dunno, if a team cant even win every match and finish ahead due to a bonus points system they don’t deserve the title. Only in the north huh?

Why have them if all you are going to do is ‘top em up’ cos the bonus points norm was ineffectual in providing a clear winner.

Super Rugby Round 5: Perfection lives here

Yes defence’s are good but the seem to need a parochial 70,000 crowd behind them to be able to use it. They wont get that in Japan and other than the Lions northern teams are usually easy to score against because if you get us at the beginning of the season we are far more mobile than in your autumn.

The quarters are really where world cups begin (…and end, for some)… and key for our side is to recreate whatever Hansen did coming out of pool play to produce that French result, then change plans completely to keep the Boks at arms length, then open up against Oz. With now three world cups with this side, Hansen has a lot of experience in managing World cup years, and campaigns. Knowing what works, and what doesnt work in this tourney, is an attribute shared by very few.

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

True, nor are the NH sides.

So far they’ve beaten the worst Oz and SA sides in decades to climb the rankings in the last three years.

Confirmed by the margins put on them by NZ in the last three years, a period youve just said is worse than the 2015 and earlier side, yet the ABs have increased winning margins by an average of about ten as well. Clear evidence theyve regressed.

Oz and SA were far more competitive when NZ was stronger- 2010-2015. the north won one vs NZ in that period, and two 2016-now, and no one, bar the Lions once, has even won a test since the June series started.

And that ten points regression has allowed the NH sides climb the rankings, not because they’ve actually got better. They’re still playing the drab, one up, kick or knock em over no plan B stuff they always have, except now the same stuff is making headway over lesser resourced Oz and SA sides, who haven’t had a single genuine world class star come through in that period. And neither really has anyone else. Mediocrity in this game is thriving.

I do expect both to be better at World cup time as there’s usually more focus. the north teams will be the same, they cant extract anyone new, where Oz and SA will at least have a few returning from overseas.

This 6N has hardly been high quality stuff. England and Ireland’s plan of shutting the opposition down as a primary means of winning is a boring way to represent the best in this game. They say defence wins matches…don’t agree with that either. The world cup knockout matches from quarters and semis last time- Minimum 37 points across the last 8 matches, the northern teams all exiting because they couldnt get tries on the board. Theyll need to this year.

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

Its not my rationale, its more the norths. For example theres a consensus that Ireland were the better team in 2019. That would never happen in a year they tour NZ. Last year Ireland wouldnt have had a hope in NZ basing it on their Oz scores:
Lost 18-9, then won 2 by 5 and 4, scoring less points, and half the tries of Oz (3,6) for the series.
NZ v Oz was 38-13, 40-12, 37-20, scoring 17 tries to 5.

Night and day.

But hey, win a close end of year affair in the north and presto, Ireland are it. Please.

Explains why sides go into the 6N overconfident after winning in the AI’s. England did it the last time the Abs were beaten as well, in 2012. And creamed by Wales.

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

Cool, take longer, and look up the meaning of comparison, you seem to have missed that class. Sorry to have baffled you. Bit like the rugby huh????

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

If you go on SH tours the NH are still poor. One convincing tour by England in the last four years. A scratchy ireland series win, devoid of any class. Theyll rave about the AIs, something we care least about.

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

Oh…And ‘I dont understand why there usnt the same conversation about Argentinas…’ is, yes, you guessed it, a comparison. (Hint… ‘same’)
All Im adding, is context.

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

Yes, and being forth amongst a group that has between them seven world cups is a far cry from Italy being sixth amongst others who have a pipe dream at best.
If Argentina are spoken of in relegation terms, so should italy, Scotland and France based on this years 6N. You know, the three non SH coached sides.????
As we are ‘comparing’, Argie finished the last world cup higher than every 6N side, the other three the only opponents in their RC tournament.
Now, when did Italy do anything within a solar system of that to the RC sides. A bengin comparison.

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

Yes South Africa’s entire chances could rest with that first match vs NZ. Win that and they top the pool bar a massive upset but I see them matching either Ireland or England in a World cup year. Different beast where Oz and SA are better resourced than non world cup years.

A lot to learn for the Wallabies from this weekend's Six Nations action

Geez, great photos. Gotta go down there again.

Kieran Read to depart New Zealand Rugby after World Cup

Yeah I do see all that, in fact the use of the 6N and RC as the cornerstone to this new league has all sorts of complications, especially if relegation comes into it. What happens for instance, if England are relegated, or NZ.
What do they do at 6N and RC time…move aside and not play their tests? What do their players do? Play club only, or do we really expect them to play the likes of Spain etc etc.

The whole thing is flawed, rushed, as were the Super rugby changes. My point was simply that Argentina are not in the same position as Italy in terms of ‘being last’ in their comp. Italy are and always have been hopeless at this level. Italy don’t play world champions reqularly in their comp, and even then they’re still poor. Argentina have had it by far tougher than ANY of the 6 nations sides by being in the RC rather than the 6N. And they’ve proved themselves at World cup time. Ireland, Scotland and Italy never have. Wales, like Arg, have barely, England and France the only real contenders.
The fact that the finals in the NH when likelihood is at best they will get one finalist is poor as well. Instant favouritism to the money clangers.

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

Well I don’t see the comparison is the same at all. Italy have five countries ahead of them and only one has won the World cup, once, and that was when Italy had only just entered.
Argentina have in front of them three sides that have all won the tournament at least twice- EACH.

So no, Italy are not in the same position as Argentina. Nor is the 6N a guide or prelude to what might happen at WCup time. The 3N and RC certainly is, proven by the very last world cup.

Italy and Arg? Apples and pears.

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

Whats happened to Mark Reason, has he awoken from a coma and forgotten his loyalties? He’s now a born and bred Saders fan and can’t stand the way England play…

Wish the real Mark would come back. Not liking all this agreeing with his comments…some things are just…not…right… 🙂

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

Oh, the all away ones…:-)

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

‘Bit of a damp squib of a 6N weekend for me this time. ‘

just this time? 🙂

Seven talking points from Six Nations Round 4

Thanks goodness the Blues hung in there, be ripped if they lost with Reiko getting four tries. Like getting a seventy break in snooker and losing, shouldnt happen. 🙂

For me the saders are on that well used cliche…’another level’, and right now better than any side in World rugby, including those nutting it out in the 6N. Even without a few stars, everything they do is clicking. Newbies are slotting in like seasoned pro’s, passes are sticking, defence is sound, decision making is solid yet still full of energy and creativity.

Razors got the world at his feet and since taking over from the 8 season without a title Blackadder has lifted this saders side to one of its best ever, and thats saying something.

Its this sort of rugby that should be winning world titles, not the scared or unable to do anything other than run straight into a barn door coming from the north.

A pleasure to watch amongst all this doubt and black cloud of greed going on.

The Wrap: Dark clouds gather again around Super Rugby and the World League

Predictable and deserved. Some good signs in early 2019 for oz rugby. Still a bit of a mixture but enough good bits amongst some of the usual rough.

Quade Cooper called up to Wallabies squad camp

The best argument for Quade inthe squad there is. Hes worth selection in every Wallabies side this year at least for that reason. They may not all be good, but ‘things’ will happen when he cones on with 20 to go. Thats what you need off the bench.

Wright time to make a mark for Brumbies

was Winx the other horse?

UPDATE: Rugby Australia deny match-fixing probe, Michael Hooper "shocked" by claims