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This list is so interesting as it clearly shows what a fraud, Green was. His IBO reign was a complete joke an embarrassment. Fought nobodies or has beens to either, make a name for himself, (fair enough most boxers do that) make money or do a friend a favor. His ifhgts with Manny Siaca and Paul Briggs never should of happened. But Ironically enough it is a real shame that is best fight(s) were loses, his two fights with Markus Beyer were the best of his SMW campaign closely followed by his victory of Eric Lucas. His fight with Mundine showed that he was not of world class statue in the SMW division and he went to the light-heavyweight instead. His fight against the was easily he most credible fight, at the real weight limit with a legit champ. it really sadeens me that he almost got the job done, he almost won the title and imagine what if he had won that fight??? But then again how long would he have held on to that title. Many aussie champions have been two second champs. Lester Ellis, Gairy St Clair and Robbie Peden, when they were the IBF Super-featherweight champ, Lovermore Ndou when he was the IBF Super-lightweight champ and Green himself he when was the WBA Light-heavyweight champ. I still cant believe that he retired a month before his first defence agaisnt Hugo Garay.

Top ten Danny Green fights

I feel that I should throw my hat into this ring, with my own list.
10. Sakio Bika IBO (2008) and WBC (2014) Super-middleweight champ.

Bika fought anyone and anytime for any title. Competed for every single Super-middleweight title, WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO and won two. Defending WBC title twice but no victories

9. Barry Micheal, IBF-Superfeatherweight champ 1985-1987 defences 3. The only reason that he retired is because Alphonse Gangitano and his bucnh of misfits gave Micheal a hiding before his last fight. Micheal defeat Ellis a ten year junior to win the title and had decent defences.

8 Johnny Famechon – WBC Featherweight champ- reasons above

7. Billy Dib – IBO – Super-featherweight (2008) and IBF featherweight champ (2011-2013)

Dib was another that competed for every world title at some stage in his career, and won two. IN 2008 at just 24 he won the IBO Super-featherweight belt and the immediately went after the WBO featherweight belt. In 2011 he won the IBF Featherweight title and defended it three times before losing it in 2013. His five defeats came only at the hands of defending world champions.

6. Jeff Harding – WBC Light-heavyweight champ – reasons above

5. Lionel Rose WBC-WBA Bantamweight champ – reasons above

4. Daniel Geale IBO, IBF and WBA (Super) Middleweight champ – reasons above

3.Jeff Fenech, IBF- Bantamweight, WBC Feather and Super-featherweight champ- reason above

2. Kostya Tszyu – Undisputed Super-lightweight Champ – Reasons above.

1.Vic Darchinyan IBF/IBO Flyweight, Undisputed Superflyweight, and IBO Bantamweight champ.

This bloke did more than most combined. Titles in three divisions, like Fenech, undisputed champ like Kostya and fought for titles in five divisions. Not even Mayweather or Pacquiao can say that they are multi divsion and undisputed champ. He also holds the record with the IBO for most regins across the most divisions..

The top 10 Australian boxers of all time

this is simply and awesome story, pity that you didnt get any footage of it

The day I smashed Kostya Tszyu

This sort of thing has always been tricky, it used to be and still is by my account that you played for the state that you played your first A grade game for but now thats just a mess. I have never been happy that a player can play origin but then deficit to a team of hertiage just because they didnt get picked for the Australian side. The problem is that we now have so many international players in our ranks that players from QLD and NSW are no longer enough to keep Origin going, talent from other States and countries have to be used to keep Origin at its highest level. It should be simple,but unfortunately its not and there is no simple answer to reslove it.

Why are more and more players choosing to forgo Origin?

why? what didk he do that was that great in the first place?

Michael Ennis suggests Roosters should bring back Sonny Bill Williams

I blame the Defence force it’s where Dad was posted when I was born, otherwise I’d be a Qlder. Could be worse though i could’ve been born the NT like my sister

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

And I’m Victorian

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

Are you joking Thurston was one of Lockyer apprentices and Filter couldn’t hold a candle to either of them. Yes to Lockyer no to Jt and Freddie

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

I think also with this is that whenever Smith was absent from the Storm they completely fell apart, the 2008 grand final is the evidence of that and the game against Manly around this time last year was also an embarrassment. Cronk never lead a team to a premiership as Walters did so again just below immortal status

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

I think that is a very fair assessment. Cronk was the one behind the number one

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

Ha ha

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

Ok I’ve completely missed the point of the above comment as I didn’t watch the game, my bad

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

Absolutely terrible that easily one of if not the best halfback in Qld history gets booed off the field just because he lost a game. That’s sad Suncorp, wake up to yourself

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

Disgusting isn’t it?

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?

What Busty Mccraken said is dead on, the more immortals you make the less prestigious the award becomes, it should be one a generation. So Lockyer and Cameron Smith should be next and this shouldn’t be discussed again for a good fifteen years so that the next generation can come through and given a chance to see if they are better. Cronk and immortal, no I’m afraid not, Smith was easily the standout of this generation. Plus they shouldn’t name him for atleast fifteen years after his retirement. They named Johns only five years after his retirement and the Melbourne big 3 and Thurston were all better than Johns and so was Lockyer.

Anyone who has not been named an immortal by now that many think should have unfortunately miss out as thier time is long past.

The burning question: Is Cooper Cronk an Immortal?


Deontay Wilder ruins his opponent in just two minutes

I would have to agree with Jason and this one and this list clearly shows what a joke Danny Green was. Had more joke fights then legit ones especially at Crusierweight, his best fights where all losses with the exception of Roy Jones Jr and Lucas. Beyer, Wlodarcyk, Tarvier, and Mundine all either KO’d him or gave him a lesson in boxing. What really angries me about Green is that he says that he is a four time, three division world champion, WRONG!!!!!!!! he is a one time, one division champ. The WBC Interim title that he won was not full world title and when he took on the real champ he lost, twice. The IBO is not a governing body for boxing so therefore thier belt is nothing more than a glorified toy belt for has been’s and never will be’s. You can count the number of legit champs to hold a IBO title with one hand, Lewis, Klitschko, GGG, Darchinyan. Mayweather, Pacquaio and even Alvarez held these titles, but for about two seconds before they vacated them to go after a real belt.

Top ten Danny Green fights

Without doubt

LISTEN: Can Magic Round ever work outside Brisbane or Sydney?

Tszyu not ready for Horn yet, needs atleast another five good victories before facing Horn

Tim Tszyu bravely challenges Jeff Horn after claiming Australian super-welterweight title

Well Tim Tszyu defeated Aussie champ Joel Camilleri in a unanimous decision victory. Although Camerilli did not make it easy for a Tszyu, Tszyu stalked and counted his opponent most of the night in a fight not that far separated from Mundine v Soliman 3 a very upright fighter v a awkward stick and move fighter. Tszyu will most and hopefully fight Michael Zerafa as he is coming off a victory over Les Sherrington just last month and he talked about a Tszyu fight. Defending his Aussie and WBA Oceania Super-Welterweight titles should be next for Tszyu and Zerafa would be another great test for Tszyu

Tim Tszyu wants Australian title on path to Horn bout

WHat a joke, they seriously could of find someone decent to fight

WATCH: Justin Hodges KOs opponent in just 20 seconds

True but I doubt your going to get 30000 people to and Penrith v Radiers or Eels v Bulldogs or Manly v Knights game in Townsville. Melbourne and Perth would have a better appeal as to people to just experience a game

LISTEN: Can Magic Round ever work outside Brisbane or Sydney?

May is an awesome time of year in Townsville, I recommend not changing the round. But remember the new stadium only holds 30000, Melbourne would be better for next year then Perth

LISTEN: Can Magic Round ever work outside Brisbane or Sydney?

Unfortuanetly for Akkway he was knocked out pretty badly the on the Canelo v Jacobs under card and will go back down the rankings a little. Zac Dunn successfully defended his WBA Oceania Supermiddlewight title with a 2 round TKO over Partick Rokohi and has another fight coming up next month in Melbourne, Blake Caperllo won the WBA Lightheavyweight title from Reegan Dessaix in a ten round UD in February but no new fight has been announced. The Moloney twins are well on thier way to world title status. Jerwin Anacajas the IBF Super-flyweight champ wants to fight Andrew Moloney as he ranks sixth in the IBF, despite him being the no 1 contender for the WBA belt he would be better taking IBF fight.

Can Australian boxing survive the post-Mundine era?

Judah was really aggressive when Tszyu knocked him out cold. I read the other day that Kostya’s son Tim wants to fight Judah if given the chance. Tszyu 2.0 would repeat history against Judah.

Who is Australia's best boxer; Jeff Fenech or Kostya Tszyu?