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Statement from Folau’s team this morning said it would be refunded pro-rata which would seem to indicate either he settled for less than the $2.5M that was raised or costs so far will be deducted with the remainder to be refunded.

Rugby AU and Israel Folau settle legal dispute

Vunivalu will not be there until 2021 ….. in the meantime there is Durngunu and Campbell

Confirmed: Storm star Vunivalu switching to rugby

Exactly why Starc should always be picked if fitness allows …. I have never understood the calls for Pattison’s inclusion at the expense of Starc

Starc hits form for blockbuster Tests against New Zealand

Thinking about it and the Rebels should have the most experienced backline and a competitive pack …. backline containing Toomua, Deegan, Meakes, Hodge, Maddocks, DHP, Koroiobete, English plus forwards with Naisiarani, Jones, Philips, Rangi, Smith, Ululese, Cottrell, Hardwick ….. there is no reason they can’t be competitive.

Huge off-season for Australian No.10s – unless you’re in NSW

I reckon Hodge’s best spot is 15 and he should probably be prepared to sit the bench as Mr Fixit until DHP gets injured or moves on. Realistically with Petiaii and Kurindrani both playing 13 I can’t see Hodge as a Wallaby 13. Likewise with Koroibete, Pulu, Speight and others on the wings I cannot see Hodge as a Wallaby winger either. Likewise I don’t see a future for him at 10 or 12 ….. and a big boot is not enough of an asset.

Huge off-season for Australian No.10s – unless you’re in NSW

Interesting speculation there Brett and we all have another 2 months to speculate further. The Brumbies problem seems the least defined although I reckon both Lolesio and Kuenzle will share the spot. Reds is interesting but JOC would seem to fall into the KB spot, there if needed. I reckon Lucas has 10 nailed down at the Reds. Likewise Rebels, it will be Toomua and Deegan sharing the spot. Hodge is Mr Nowhereman and injury cover, or playing 13. At the Tahs I reckon it is Mason and Harrison sharing the 10 spot and Donaldson sharing 15 with KB. Anyway thats my thoughts. Cheers for the read.

Huge off-season for Australian No.10s – unless you’re in NSW

Nice read Geoff, I had a smile on my face while sipping my coffee. Am looking forward to the 2020 season. Cheers

The Wrap: 2019’s rugby highlights, lowlights and wish list for 2020

No, it would not be a major coup ….. Rugby does not need or want him ….. why pay big bucks for someone who does not know the game ?? Anyway, tis just a kite flying ploy by his manager …. a manager whom Lattrell needs to sack asap

Code swap? Latrell Mitchell reaches out to Rugby Australia

Yeah the full quote does not say first choice, clearly Beale is 3rd choice if form or injury requires

Beale set for five-eighth spot at Waratahs

Fionn he has not shown any evidence of that, but on a similar stance Beale has shown that ….. turnstile defence at 12 but at 15 Beale puts his body on the line and takes runners ball and all ….. so if Maddocks shows he can do that then I will stop my criticism but he has shown no evidence to date

Karmichael Hunt re-signs with Waratahs

Pirate you must have watched different games to me ….. Maddocks is a turnstile in defence ….. ccall him a speed bump cos he don’t get low enough

Karmichael Hunt re-signs with Waratahs

Lots of comments here about both Wade and Head in the middle order. I am not sold on either but if they work hard and produce results then that will be good enough. One name who is missing this summer is The Spoon. Where is he? Would love to see him making runs.

As for the bowlers …. Starc, Cummins, Hazelwood and Lyon with some support from Labs and Smith ….. no one else should enter discussion unless injury forced.

Australia are two middle order batsmen away from balance

Yes ….. remember at the time Foley at 10 and Beale at 12, plus at times prior QC at 10

Rugby AU edging closer to their preferred Wallabies attack coach

Fionn if I remember correctly AAC didn’t lose his position. He was moved to wing because the selectors wanted to try a bigger body at 13 but they didn’t feel that they could drop AAC. AAC actually suffered because of his versatility.

Revealing The Roar's Test rugby team of the decade for the 2010s

G’day Brett, yeah I’m back !! Did you miss me ??
Nice article ….. certainly there will be lots of back room wheeling and dealing. Considering that RA has yet to table formal offerings how genuine is the Optus interest? I reckon that I will try to follow this closely over the next few months.

Trial by media: Australian rugby’s broadcast future to play out in public

Ok head coach and attack coach nearly in place ….. looking good so far ….. to be fair to Nathan Grey as the recent defence coach he did have to devise a defence method that included nonsensical music chairs. Of particular interest to me is a forwards coach who can bring out the absolute best from our still young, but now quite experienced forwards and continue the development of an exciting young bunch coming through.

Rugby AU edging closer to their preferred Wallabies attack coach

Thanks Brett …. I will be here, can’t live without it ….. besides I need a little break from OJ 😁

Rugby World Cup final expert tips: mad Boks and Englishmen

Thanks Geoff

Rugby World Cup final expert tips: mad Boks and Englishmen

Good morning Brett. Congratulations on comfortably sewing up last place in the tipping. Do you have to do a nudie run or something?? For what its worth my tips are England (too clinical and cynical ) and the ABs (too angry). Yes, I will be watching cos they are the last tests for the year.

On a personal note, I retire tomorrow and the wife and I move to West Visnayas province in the Philippines on 20 November. I have cunningingly given myself the off season to establish my pay tv and internet comms in order to watch world wide rugby again in 2020 ….. and of course stay with The Roar.

In closing, Brett, the rest of the panel, and all you fellow contributors, stay safe, happy, rugby passionate, and all the best for the future.

Rugby World Cup final expert tips: mad Boks and Englishmen

Ok, so to talk about the game a little ….. Western Force looked good when they held onto the ball. They did have dominance in the set piece, mainly scrums, and used this to adavantage. A very mature Jeremy Thrush was head and shoulders the best lock on the field, out played Enever and Frost.

Deegan outplayed Loloese by a long margin. I have seen Loloese’s name mentioned quite often as an up and comer flyhalf ….. he has a long way to go. Deegan is streets ahead of him.

Banks had a shocker. Missed kicking out for at least two penalties, rarely seen in attack and no where to be seen as fullback whenever the Force broke thru the line. Many people talk about Banks being the next Wallabies fullback. From what I saw he is nowhere near test standard. The Brumbies may get better pay from trying out Tom Wright at fullback, at least he would be in position. Looks like Cheika and co were correct when they did not select banks.

Well done to the Force.

Congratulations, Western Force, but there are huge problems with Australian rugby

I kept waiting for Mo’unga and Barrett to attack the gap between Farrell and Tuialagi. Tuialagi kept rushing up out of the defensive line obviously to cut off the wide pass, he was regularly 2-3m in front of Farrell. I felt sure that the ABs must see this and exploit it. But, nothing ….. either it was not seen or they did not know how to exploit it.

Otherwise England deserved the win and realistically 40 seconds after the kick off the ABBs were never in it.

Farrell though is a grub. Sam Whitelock puts a palm with bugger all force to Farrell’s forehead and Farrell goes down like his skull has been split with a battleaxe. Poor show Farrell, you are a better player than that.

Five talking points from England vs All Blacks

Amazing that in 3 teams plus a list of also rans there is no room for Glen McGrath, Brian Booth, Brian Taber, Gary Gilmour …. some names just off the top of my head

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: Best ever NSW team

Rumours, conspiracy theories and people with too much time on their hands ….. so I will throw my little theory in ….

There has been no announcement about the Wallaby coach because RA are waiting to see what Jamie Joseph will do (probably preferred option) with Dave Rennie the fallback position if Joseph declines.

Lol write about that Jamie Pandaram. 😊 😊

On another note Scott Johnson has been very invisible and quiet for a Director of Rugby.

Week 5 World Cup reflections: Entering the war zone

I reckon Jamie was just clutching at straws for something to write …… rumours and conspiracy theories …. remember Brett?? 😊

Week 5 World Cup reflections: Entering the war zone

I voted for Joesph. Why? Because I reckon he is the best coach who may be available. He has not yet resigned with the JRU. Joseph fulfils all of RA’s supposed criteria.

I know that it has been heavily suggested that Rennie will get the job, but no one really knows. May be Rennie is the fall back position in case Joseph rebuffs the Wallabies and resigns with the JRU.

Maybe that is why there has been no announcement as yet.

VOTE: Who should be the next Wallabies coach?