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Passion for sports journalism. Football is where my expertise lies however I have the ability to cover many other sports including the NRL and NBA. Follow TFP on Instagram at @thefootballproject. Website coming soon...



You have some good points here. Zullo, Grant and Ninkovic are all proving to be vital players for Sydney this season. To limit them to their absolute minimum would be a great way to start and bring Sydney down. I guess we will have to wait and see if any managers in the League can take notes on how to shut down their dominance this season.

How to bring down Sydney FC

Great article – I’ve seen a lot of pieces lately with these in-depth analysis with financial statistics and they’re honestly very entertaining to read. This has made me a lot more interested in what goes on behind the scenes of the FFA.

Thanks mate!

Can NPL clubs afford to play in a national 2nd division?

Great read. I agree with some comments here. Sometimes the FFA discuss the expansion of the A-League for the sake of expanding the A-League. Sometimes when you think it will generate income and popularise the game, it won’t. It needs to be successful and if it fails, it will dramatically impact all other expansion experiments in the future for the A-League. Only way to succeed is to try though. I like your analysis of population here, made the article more interesting to read.

To grow the game, FFA must look to regional Australia

A great game for Arsenal; dramatically improves their morale and there is some real quality shining in the squad, particularly in youngster Alex Iwobi.

Arsenal vs Chelsea highlights: EPL scores

I agree Vas,

Yaya, if he was smart, should have left city in the transfer window while his value was still at a reasonable price. Two years ago his value would have been much higher, when he was in-form but after an disappointing season last season, his worth would have dropped. Now he can’t get a start for City and a move to a successful club might be tricky for Toure. Fair call on Pep’s behalf, why would you change your midfield if your team is first on the ladder? A midfielder can completely change your entire teams tactics.

"He must apologise. If he doesn't, he won't play": Guardiola's ultimatum to Toure

A lot of people don’t know that in any transfer fee the actual player receives somewhat around 10% and the agent receives some sort of cut too but there is no set amount, that is between the agent and the negotiators from the club. Not sure what is salary is, would be out of this world!

I also agree that he is a tad overrated overpaid…but he is still young, has talent and possesses quality – he will come good with time and hopefully will be worth his price tag.

The man of 89 million pounds

I do agree with this, Liverpool unlike other squads possess depth but sometimes not enough when injury strikes and unfortunate times. As we all know, Liverpool when they tick can be very hard to beat which is why they must stay consistent to have a successful season. Good read, thanks mate.

Consistency will be Liverpool's biggest challenge this season

‘Piling up” is a bit of an overstatement. Three successive losses is never a good thing however Mourinho will come good, he knows what he is doing. Good read nonetheless.

With losses piling up, let's see how special Jose Mourinho really is

Hi, thanks for the comment.

Fair call mate, this article was in relation to those so called ‘fans’ who are already slamming the waste of money he is. Knowledgable fans know he needs time to settle into his new home. Thanks again.

Xhaka and Capoue steal the spotlight as Pogba disappoints

Hi, thanks for the comment.

The headline comes from a few sources and the comments I’ve seen of some idiotic fans who have no patience, and no knowledge of football already slamming Mourinho and posting “Jose OUT” all over social media. Hopefully it is those ‘supporters’ that take a good look at this article’. I suggest wording your comments a little better, maybe not have a dig at anyone before they justify themselves is all.

I have no doubts he will easily last till the end of the season, but if any manager loses possibly 3 successive losses to 6 successive losses, people begin the question. Understandable losses to teams of equal quality and value. Jose will shine through I believe anyway and do well with the club. Thanks again.

Sacking Jose Mourinho would be a mistake

Hi, thanks for the comment.

I understand where you’re coming from, but saying Cristiano I do not intend to refer to him like I know him on first name terms – just didn’t want to cause repetition of the word ‘Ronaldo’ is all. I do think you’re looking a little too much into it, as well as making an effort to criticise as it is not constructive. Maybe think about how you word your comments, as this is a website for ANY writers to have a go at writing pieces even when they’re beginners.

Why Cristiano's injury inspired Portugal to defeat France

Hi, thanks for the comment.

No one was implying that, however you could gain a sense of inspiration from not only the fans, but the players and Cristiano himself that this gave them another platform to step up and prove themselves on the big stage, without their big name.

Why Cristiano's injury inspired Portugal to defeat France