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Name's Kenny John, living in Hong Kong. 15 years old and planning on moving to university in a few years. Perhaps Uni of Melbourne. Have family members who live in SA, so an AUFC fan. Go the Reds. Getting a job related to soccer would possibly be a dream come true, and every one has to start somewhere. So why not sport opinion writing?



umm, probably Marco Rojas for those who remember him. I thought he was fantastic.

What will change when Milos Ninkovic leaves Sydney FC?

CCM vs Bri 2-1 (Mariners look better all of a sudden)
Nix vs Syd 1-0 (Sydney were lucky to get a point last week.)
Victory vs City 4-1 (City were poor against Newcastle last week. Victory to win comfortably.)
Jets vs Adelaide 2-2 (Two inconsistent teams. Could really go either way.)
Wsw vs Perth 1-2 (Glory to edge improved Wanderers)

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 20

I think Ninkovic has been very ordinary this season. In 2016/17, he was very good but I still wouldn’t have put him as Johnny Warren Medalist. In 2017/18, he was good in patches but certainly was less effective.

What will change when Milos Ninkovic leaves Sydney FC?

You’re an optimist! Well, I just can’t really see any of them being the next Harry Kewell or Tim Cahill. But, there’s some hope.

Qatar's 'overnight success' a long time in the making

Australia is just not the same side in the Middle East, or without Boyle, Mooy and Arzani. Considering Australia’s poor record, I’m not disappointed. I would have settled for it beforehand.

Qatar's 'overnight success' a long time in the making

To be honest, I believe that all the teams in the top six are pretty similar in ability. There are only 11 points between 1st and 6th. So really, I think it could be any body’s year (except the bottom four teams of course).

If the A-League did have relegation, perhaps the bottom four should all go?

Sorry, just no. Luongo is simply not good enough. He always plays in a deep role, and has been underachieving so far at the Asian Cup. Starting someone playing badly in an unpreffered position, just no. He wouldn’t even make my starting xi.
Anyway, Idk. Maybe worth changing formation.

Who should replace Tom Rogic for the Socceroos Asian Cup quarter-final?

Perhaps it’s about time the Uzbeks got their revenge after that 6-0 loss in 2011, and the Round of 16 clash is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Socceroos receive Asian Cup boost with Mathew Leckie set to return

Tbh I don’t like Australia’s predicted starting lineup much. Maclaren should be benched because he should already have a handful this season, with Leckie coming back and Giannou looking sharp, why start Maclaren?
I’m also not a big fan of Behich, hasn’t scored or assisted so far. Will bench him for Gersbach, as I think the latter has done well considering the little amount of time he has on the pitch so far.
We should also be looking past Milligan, as he is too old. He’s slow, probably unfit and played poorly against Syria and Jordan. Amini for him.
As for Australia’s weaknesses, injuries, a weak defence, and a lack of firepower.
Well, as for Uzbekistan, I don’t think they are much worse on paper than Australia. The only weaknesses I can see is that Uzbekistan doesn’t defend the flanks particularly well and they have less time to recover after the Japan game.
Prediction: Australia 2 Uzbekistan 1. a.e.t
Uzbekistan to capitalize on an error at the beginning before Australia equalise shortly after. A player to be the difference in extra time.

Socceroos vs Uzbekistan Asian Cup preview and prediction

We need to significantly improve if we can consider us an Asian powerhouse. Against Syria, Palestine and Jordan we were not at our best. We were fortunate to come away with a win against Syria, Palestine was underwhelming and the performance against Jordan was appalling.
To be honest, I can see Australia going out, well straight away, if they aren’t at their best. The team is simply not performing well and unless if that changes, we should no longer be considered an Asian Powerhouse.
And btw, yes Maclaren found the net once, but I still can’t see him scoring another one soon.

Mission Impossible: Can Arnie take us all the way in the UAE?

I’m sorry mate, but Brisbane is sitting 9th on the table, and have only scored 15 goals in the season so far. When was the last time Brisbane scored six anyway?

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 13

Well, fair enough Nemesis, but let’s not forget 16/24 teams go through into the knockout stage. I think Ange would make it through the group without much trouble either. But, I expect Australia to get knocked out in the quarter finals against Japan. Regardless of the coach, I think the result should be more or less the same.
And let’s not forget Ange only lost twice during more than 20 games in World Cup Qualifying, and that was away to Japan and Jordan. Personally I think that is acceptable.

What have the Socceroos learned from previous Asian Cup campaigns?

I think we really shouldn’t underestimate any of the teams we come up against. One thing that I do hope is that Arnold does is rotate players like Postecoglou did, or else Australia will be stuffed by the Quarter Finals.

What have the Socceroos learned from previous Asian Cup campaigns?

Well, I like the formation the Nix and Perth Glory are playing, and btw, you only have ten players. Juric also did not make the squad.

What would be Australia's best Asian Cup lineup?

Great article Paul Williams.

Socceroos Asian Cup preview: Australia faced with a massive challenge to defend their crown

Same starting XI as mine! Except a different formation.

What would be Australia's best Asian Cup lineup?

Would have replaced Boyle with Adjin Hrustic. Someone regularly featuring for FC Groningen in Holland.

Giannou set to join Socceroos squad

Not a bad article. Tbh I disagree with some of your choices and I will submit a similar article shortly.

My Socceroos Asian Cup line-up

It was a good performance, but Oman was worse than Australia was good.
Let’s not get too optimistic.

Australia smack Oman 5-0, but Asian Cup predictions remain foggy

As an AUFC fan, I’m quite optimistic. Goodwin hasn’t been entirely at his best recently, but Mileusnic looks good. Blackwood coming back is helpful as well and could compete with underrated Ben Halloran for the centre-forward position.
Regan and Jakobsen could be a formidable centre-back pair, and Galloway has impressed me. And of course, Isaias is possibly the best dm in the comp IMO.

Are Adelaide United a good football team or not?

No Mileusnic?!!

The A-League team of the week: Round 9

Victory 2 Nix 0. (Victory’s should be a bit too good, and scoreboard should lie a bit)
SFC 3 Roar 0 (Aloisi to get the sack soon…)
Jets 1 Adl 2 (Neither team played very well last week but Adelaide have a good away record)
CCM 1 Perth 1 (Central coast to come closer to first victory, and Perth are falling)
Wsw 0 MCY 2 (Soz Wanderers but Mcy are just a bit too good)

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 10

You always tip for the Roar! No offence, but well, they’re ninth on the table for a reason.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 10

Well, not a huge fan of the squad. Attackers Kruse and Maclaren don’t deserve to go, especially Maclaren, who struggles for game time in Scotland and neither played well against South Korea. And we have Mooy and Rogic who are not fully fit yet. Only five central midfielders (including those two) are in the squad. Worst case scenario, Mooy and Rogic can’t play, Irvine, Luongo and/or Amini get extremely tired in midfield and get overrun. Of course, we can put Milligan in midfield as well if necessary. But then the defence is vulnerable. And speaking of which, not a fan of Rhyan Grant. Sainsbury, Gersbach, Behich and to a lesser extent Milligan, has not had a lot of game time.
Deng over Grant for versatility. Antonis/Jeggo/Isaias/Kilkenny for Mooy/Rogic if unavailable. Kruse to be replaced by a central midfielder. Enough wingers in the squad. Maclaren out for idk any striker. Hardly touches the ball at international level. Hardly gets any game time in Scotland. Even Juric could do better!

'Tis the season for giving, and the Socceroos' Asian Cup squad is giving us hope

Victory over Roar. Wellington over Mariners. Draw. Draw. Draw.
I’m an AUFC fan, but expecting a real tough clash against City.
Want the Wanderers to win the derby. They have suffered too much. Can predict a draw with Ziegler at the back. Better than VDL.
Perth should have lost two consecutive games imo, but will somehow get out of jail again.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 8