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Name's Kenny John, living in Hong Kong. 15 years old and planning on moving to university in a few years. Perhaps Uni of Melbourne. Have family members who live in SA, so an AUFC fan. Go the Reds. Getting a job related to soccer would possibly be a dream come true, and every one has to start somewhere. So why not sport opinion writing?



Rudan will be a hero if Wellington gets the three points in Sydney. But away from home, one would think it will be too tough for them.

Match preview: Sydney FC vs Wellington Phoenix

Good job Jordan. Hard to believe this was written by a fourteen year old, along with a few of your other articles.
It is quite difficult to compare players in this category tbh, but I would say Wales, O’Toole or McGree should top the list. Then, Baccus, O’Neill, O’Doherty, Statemopoulos and then De Silva. Personally, I would omit any youth players who didn’t play in the past month. But don’t take my word for it.

Riser rankings: December edition

It was only one poor performance. Wsw can make the top 6 imo. However, the absence of Bonevacia is causing problems. O’Doherty needs to step up as well and Riera needs to find the back of the net more frequently.
A draw against Perth, a crushing victory against the Nix away from home and a dominant display against the Brisbane Roar isn’t bad at all.
There is still every chance of them making finals, and this result doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

Wanderers fans demand answers from management

Griezmann winning the Ballon D’or makes no sense to me, let alone Pogba or Mbappe.
Griezmann only scored one goal in open play at the world cup, more of an goalkeeping howler. He was also an underserved MOTM against Australia, where all he did was win a controversial penalty and put it away. He was pretty bad for the rest of the match. Don’t know what people were thinking.
Anyway, don’t really know him that well, but to win Ballon d’or?

Is Luka Modric's Ballon d'Or deserved or not?

I would take Krishna and Fenton out. Perhaps Toivonen and Ikonomidis in . Also, Deng for Ansell
durante, schenkeveld, deng
ikonomidis, honda, isaias, antonis, goodwin
Halloran, Toivonen

The A-League team of the week: Round 6

I’m sorry, where is Risdon? And Petratos?

The A-League team of the week: Round 5

The first goal was just a defensive error from Brendan Hamill, how did he not cut that out?
Still, you need to put it in the area for defenders to make those sort of mistakes.

Misfiring Wanderers give Newcastle their first win

WSW 2, Jets 0. Jair and Hoffman failing to fire. Wanderers look like a different side this season.
Nix 0, Reds 2. Reds are a little better than some people realise and have a great record against the Nix.
Roar 1, City 1 Can’t pick between these two teams, draw?
Smurfs 2, Victory 1
Glory 3, CCM 1 Mulvey to solidify the defence during the break, but Perth’s attack is probably still too good.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 5

I hope so too, because who else is going to score against Lebanon?

Cahill hopes to score one last time in Socceroos farewell

It doesn’t make a difference. The South Korean goalkeeper made a howler, it was probably overdue considering how many shots were fired at him. If we can’t put the ball in the back of the net properly, without relying on goalkeeping errors, we don’t deserve to win or even draw.

Late equaliser can't conceal familiar issues facing the Arnold era

What worries me ahead of the Asian Cup is that most of South Korea’s key players didn’t show up. Arnold put in what he thought was Australia’s best lineup, but we were very fortunate to get a draw in the end.
I tipped a loss, and we didn’t lose which is great but it’s going to be a whole lot tougher in the middle east, and we are drawn in a very tough group, Syria who nearly beat us on our own turf, Jordan who we never beat outside Australia and Palestine who is fairly highly ranked for a top 4 team.
Anyone see the Socceroos going home in the group stages?

Late equaliser can't conceal familiar issues facing the Arnold era

“Milligan led the team in last month’s friendly against Kuwait but defender Trent Sainsbury, goalkeeper Mathew Ryan and wingers Mathew Leckie and Robbie Kruse were also thought to be in the mix for the role.”
It would genuinely surprise me and disappoint me if Robbie Kruse is given the armband. Ryan and Sainsbury are good options for vice captains though. Maybe even Mooy.

Mark Milligan named Socceroos skipper

Leckie and Kruse need to be benched. Can’t even trouble the defense of Kwuait.
Yet Mabil comes on, scores and takes the game on by the scruff of the neck but people still says he’s not good.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Korea gives us a real hiding and if we exit in the group stage of the Asian Cup. I don’t have any good words to say so far.

A-League stars the headline as Socceroos lock in squad for Korea friendly

You believe in your team (Brisbane) and I believe in mine (AUFC) so let’s see what this fixture brings.
I don’t understand how Brisbane will win away from home to a side that defeated the Mariners 3-0 away from home. However, Brisbane didn’t manage to defeat the Mariners at home and spent the majority of the match chasing the game.
I don’t know how Adelaide can get thumped 4-1, we are FFA Cup champions for a reason and we are the only team in the league so far to share the spoils with Sydney FC. Their attack is also better than Brisbanes, as we scored more goals and players are to return. Statemopoulous was fantastic last week. Not a quality to scorn about him so far.
Perth is still a title contender and I underestimated them in my preview. But no MrCela. Surprised Keogh and Chianese are firing, but still I expect them and Ikonomidis to cause trouble, if not score.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 4

City 1 Nix 0. Eventually City will get one. To be scored by Vidosic.
WsW 3 Brisbane 1. Should go their way. Prices have fallen into place. ODoherty is way better than McKay and Kristinsen. Kamau and Bonevacia are dangerous, so is Baumjohann. Not sure about a team who can’t beat CCM or the Nix at home.
Jets 1 Sydney FC 2. Jets should be able to score one with Petratos and Jair. But Sydney look outright favorites. They were fantastic the other week, but can they repeat it at hunters?
Adel 2 Perth 2. Some people still underestimate Adelaide, and say it’s a one man show. But Statemopoulous was fantastic, and Mileusnic and top scorer Ryan Kitto returns. 2 goals, more than likely.
I admit I’ve underestimated Perth preseason, they look a title contender. Can they score twice, sure. Can they get the win away from home, unlikely.
Melb V 2 CCM 1
Toivonen and Athiu are injured, but there are holes at the back for the midfield to penetrate. CCMs attack is alright though, provided Pain starts.

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 4

I haven’t tipped any results so far, so don’t take my word for it.
Anyway, for reference. These were my tips.
Round 1
Prediction: Adelaide to defeat Sydney. Outcome: Draw.
Prediction: Melbourne derby all square. Outcome: City win.
Prediction: Newcastle to defeat Wellington.
Outcome: Wellington win.
Prediction: Brisbane to defeat Central Coast.
Outcome: Draw
Prediction: Western Sydney to defeat Perth.
Outcome: Draw
Round 2
Prediction: Adelaide to defeat Newcastle
Outcome: Draw
Prediction: City to defeat Central Coast.
Outcome: Draw
Prediction: Wanderers to defeat Sydney
Outcome: Sydney defeated the Wanderers
Prediction: Brisbane to defeat Wellington
Outcome: Draw
Prediction: Victory to defeat Perth
Outcome: Perth defeated Victory.
Anyway, Round 3 tips.
Draw, draw, draw, draw, draw.
Hopefully it will end my streak of bad luck!

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 3

Well, Ilso is the no. 10. He hasn’t impressed me at all so far, especially since he hasn’t scored or assisted yet.
Kurz has got very little with Blackwood, Boland and Stamatopoulos unavailable, and Mileusnic, Diawara and Kitto all unfit. Putting Halloran and Strain up the front in unfamiliar positions is simply not a solution. However, Niyongabire and Brook both deserve their chance to play again for the Reds, and Kurz shouldn’t be afraid to put newer and younger players in the squad who have shown they can perform at youth level.
So, why not roll the dice in the final?

There are ten A-League managers - and eight of them are fed up

Stuart, tbh I feel that you seem to favor Wellington, Brisbane, Sydney and CCM over the other teams. I felt Marrone, Honda, Antonis and some members of Perth deserved to be there.

The A-League team of the week: Round 2

We already saw at the end of last season that Newcastle was starting to play badly with Nabbout’s departure. And losing Patito Rodriguez and Riley McGree who were brilliant shows a lack of creativity and depth in Newcastle Jets attack, putting a lot on Vargas and Petratos.
Losing Boogaard or Topor Stanley, and the finals hopes may be over.

Late spark can't decide draw between Reds and Jets

As an AUFC fan, I certainly wouldn’t say they are useless, but they had a relatively easy run to the final.
Weakened CCM, won 3-0. (That was why I predicted the Mariners to finish 9th).
Queensland Lions, won 1-0. (Lucky to come away with a win there)!
APIA Leichhardt, won 2-0. (Defended pretty well, but was a fairly below-average performance).
Bentleigh Greens, won 2-0. (Was Adelaide’s second best performance).
8 goals, 0 conceded. Were certainly lucky not to concede against the Lions IMO, but that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Late spark can't decide draw between Reds and Jets

Waz, as an AUFC fan, sometimes I wonder where you get your ideas from. Then again, the feelings are probably mutual m8.
I would say Baba isn’t useless, just inconsistent at times. He impressed me last season. And Blackwood was fantastic when he came on, Adelaide looked like a different side.
The penalty was a fair claim IMO, especially as Moss broke Blackwood’s shoulder without getting anywhere near the ball and Adelaide fans and players have every right to be unhappy.
I didn’t actually watch the game, just listened to it live but I was disappointed that Adelaide couldn’t come away with the three points, instead, they came away with an injured striker.

Late spark can't decide draw between Reds and Jets

The Roar soccer experts all think practically the same!!! Well no but I’m surprised that the tips are similar after such an open round.
I’m not saying I disagree but variety would be nice…
Adelaide over Jets
CCM to score 2 but still lose.
Wanderers to win over their rivals.
Brisbane to send the nix back to earth.
Victory to crush Popas defense, I mean Grant?

The Roar's A-League expert tips and predictions: Round 2

no way. sounds like corruption to me.

Qatar World Cup will be the best one ever: FIFA president

Very well written EJ, especially as a debut piece. Didn’t agree with everything, especially not about Central Coast, and I also think many people overrate Adam Taggart. Still, a good read and certainly more accurate than my ‘A League Previews’.

A-League Round 1 wrap (part 1): Why every team has a chance

Idk what’s the point of all the moving around of all the players, and I’m not sure if right central midfield is Honda’s natural position either.
Instead of shifting Barborouses and Antonis and limiting the movement of the fullbacks, why not just continue to play a 4231, except move Barborouses to the left attacking midfield position? Wouldn’t it suit him more than playing as a striker?

How Melbourne Victory will polish their Keisuke Honda diamond