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I think you’re being a little rough on Warner there. Remembering that we actually lost that match in Hobart, Warner has played some other memorable innings in tough situations when others have failed:

1. Bangladesh 2018 he scored a second innings century in the first test, scoring nearly half our runs as we only lost by 20. He followed this up with a great century in the next game to lay the platform for us to win; and

2. South Africa 2014 he scored two centuries and over 500 runs in just three games and was player of the series.

He’s scored fine centuries in Australia too, when others have struggled.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

It’s only to do with concussions.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Gee there has to be very few examples of such a discrepancy. Not that I think it would have made a huge difference, but I suspect if he’d been shown more faith over the years, he’d have a slightly better record overseas.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

According to Cricinfo:

Warner averages 59.64 at home and only 34.91 away.

Khawaja averages 52.97 at home and only 24.93 away.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

You can’t count on it though

You certainly can’t… gambler’s fallacy that…

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

we should never off put ourselves in the position of batting last; we were always chasing, batting defensively. Batting first it may well have been England struggling to survive after a declaration yesterday

This. I cannot understand what Paine’s thinking was. We’d won the first test, so we didn’t need to push the game, and we’re so much better batting first and we have the best spinner. Why on earth did we want to bat last? You’ll never know, but as you say, it could easily have been England batting for a draw yesterday…

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

I agree.

I’d actually allow genuine injury substitutions more generally. I’d really only exclude them if the player goes down with a pre-existing injury, although that’d be so hard to determine that maybe I’m happy to just let injury substitutions happen whenever.

The problem with so many rules/changes is that they all sound good in theory until someone pushes the boundaries – it’d be terrible to start sitting around wondering if a bowler is faking an injury so that they can be substituted…

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

In what have been pretty low scoring affairs to date, Bancroft’s ability to at least stay at the crease is commendable. From what I’ve seen of his batting though he really doesn’t even look like making runs though…

But I still wouldn’t be changing the team bar the forced change re Smith (if it indeed has to happen). Harris looks alright, but he really doesn’t seem any better to Bancroft in my eyes; if we lose the next test and Bancroft again fails, then maybe we try something new, but I’m not a big fan of just chopping and changing when all the potential options are pretty mediocre.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

If Smith is out next test, they’re going to need proper contributions from at least one of Warner or Khawaja, but preferably both – Head has batted well 3 out of 4 innings, he’s unlikely to be able to back it up again across both innings next test. I don’t have much faith that we’ll see anything from Bancroft or Wade, but you never know.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Will be interesting to see how Archer pulls up in back to back tests. He didn’t bowl a lot of overs, 44 isn’t many at all by test standards, but he did do them all within three days, he’s returning from injury and he’s not played a heap of fast bowling. He may struggle to back up.

Broad I dunno, 33 isn’t that old, but perhaps he might also struggle.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Archer looks like a good bowler, but I don’t believe that Australian batsmen can’t handle a bit of pace, now that they’ve seen him in action.

But if we really have lost Smith for a test, it’s a bit loss, because we’re light on for batting in this side.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

The only change will be Labs in for Smith. People need to relax and not overreact – five days ago we were on top of the series, no we’ve lost some momentum. But England still need to win two of the remaining three, so the pressure is on them.

If we’re really looking to make changes I think it’s Bancroft that has to go. I’d also wanna see what happens next test re Wade…

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

And what about Wade? so far he’s made 1, 110, 6 and 1. So yes a century, but in the second innings after Khawaja, Smith and Head had done the hard work. Khawaja and Warner need to lift as the senior batsmen, but honestly the only guy other than Smith who’s position is ‘safe’ is Head; surely with the far superior records Warner and Khawaja are safer than Bancroft and Wade?

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

I’d be interested in the actual numbers.

Warner has 6,381 runs at 46.9 with 21 centuries.

Khawaja has 2,856 runs at 41.4 with 8 centuries.

I’m not sure how much more superior you can get, but Warner is a different class of batsman. The ‘problem’ with Warner is that he’s the James Anderson of batting, mediocre away, but the ultimate home town bully.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Smith suffered a concussion, so he could be subbed out. Anderson did not. Likewise, if Smith simply couldn’t bat because of the other injury he suffered, he wouldn’t have been allowed to be subbed out. It is only for concussions, no other injuries.

Warner and Khawaja face make or break Ashes Test

Except you’re still cherry picking – go back 12 instead of 10 innings and you take in his back to back 80s against Pakistan in the opening test of those “three series” you mention.

As for the Hughes and Warner business, Cowan was opening next summer; so you got an even slower plodder for your trouble.

Anyway, I’ve got my ‘hands full’, so I’m outta here, been a real pleasure as always.

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

I really hope that cricket is never an Olympic sport.

Putting aside the fact I don’t think major sports like cricket, rugby, golf, tennis or football should be in the Olympics anyway, there are a few things of importance to note:

From the actual perspective of hosting the Olympics, this is a real drag. The event is already too expensive to host, can you imagine the expense involved in non-cricketing nations in having to build an oval stadium with a cricket pitch in it and a minimum seating of even a few thousand – we’re talking millions of dollars here;

From a cricket perspective it is also a bad idea. At least with rugby, rugby 7s hasn’t and doesn’t look like over taking 15s as the dominant version of the sport. You can’t say this with cricket; T20 is a global threat to the integrity of test cricket and if you made T20 an Olympic Sport, you’d simply accelerate this – minor nations would only fund T20 cricket with no view to even ODI cricket, while even major countries would lose talent who want to get a gold medal, rather than don the whites (we already see it with the lure of money in the various T20 leagues around the world).

Why cricket should go Olympic - this time for real

A bit like Herath? Get your real shot in your mid ’30s after the genius retires?

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

Why is it that you mock others for “statistical cherry picking”, but you love doing it too?

Sure he’s last few innings, i.e. the Ashes, didn’t go well. But he still averaged 46.82 for the 2010 calendar year; has a guy with fifty tests under his belt not earned just a little patience? Are all players who have a bad series “overdue” for a sacking?

The highlight of his career (and possibly the cause of it being ended) was grabbing M Clarke by the neck. Well played for that Sime.

Bizarre in the extreme that the only thing you liked about him was that he was shockingly violent to a teammate/co-worker and probably should have been dismissed from the team there and then, regardless of form.

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

An amazing difference of opinion. I would have called him the worst Oz tactical captain I’ve ever seen.

Ever? Guess we have different opinions then; lucky it’s an opinion site! Interesting though, I would have thought Waugh was the worst you’d seen? Or does your dislike of him extend only to his batting?

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

They all do/did. His brother averaged low 40s in shield but filled his boots in the UK.

One of the reasons for the drop off in FC averages in the last decade is because less of our bats go to the UK and pile on easier runs.

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

Hastings wasn’t so bad;

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

Look forward to it mate – there’s some real clangers regarding batsmen…

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

You should do an article setting out the guys that were lucky to play Test cricket (or as much as they did play).

I’d imagine it would be captained by S Marsh and the VC would be his little brother, but some ‘quality’ selections might include:

(Tests / Test Average / FC Average – averages are either batting or bowling depending on what so and so did):

1. Rob Quiney (2 / 3 / 36.84)
2. Alex Doolan (4 / 23.87 / 33.80)
3. Nick Maddinson (3 / 6.8 / 34.8)
4. Moises Henriques (4 / 23.42 / 33.98)
5. Shaun Marsh (38 / 34.31 / 40.79)
6. Mitch Marsh (31 / 25.39 / 31.85)
7. Graham Manou (1 / 21 / 25.49)
8. Peter George (1 / 38.50 / 30.75)
9. Xavier Doherty (4 / 78.28 / 42.65)
10. Michael Beer (2 / 59.33 / 40.37)
11. Paul Wilson (1 / – / 30.77)

12. Marcus North (21 / 35.48 / 39.08)

I gotta admit we don’t really pick too many fast bowlers who don’t have FC careers that suggest they should be selected… but we could fill out about 9 spin bowlers that shouldn’t have been selected.

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era

Big assumption lol

Australia's unlucky XI from the 2000s golden era