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He’s also underrated because he’s not Australian, English, Indian or a pre-90s West Indian. For some reason South Africa cricketers struggle to get rated by the wider cricketing public (so I’m not referring to the tragics on this forum).

Shaun Pollock: A statistically perfect bowling all-rounder and an all-time great

I agree, I don’t think Butler looked to be terribly out of his crease at all and if Ashwin had followed through as expected, I think it would have been fine.

What I haven’t heard from Ashwin, or anyone else, was whether Butler had been doing it far worse on other occasions.

Jos Buttler is a two-time Mankad loser

I have to admit, I agree.

I am not necessarily against Mankading, and Butler may well have been taking the pis$ all innings (if he’s been caught in other games doing it, he’s clearly got a problem), but in the particular instance of this dismissal, he didn’t seem to be overly backing up and if Ashwin had followed through with his action as he was expected too, I think Butler would have only just been leaving his crease.

Jos Buttler is a two-time Mankad loser

Huh? They had four top class strike bowlers. How is that “sacrificing” the bowling for the batting? And Symonds made the team as a world class batsman, but his bowling was excellent. There was no “sacrificing” of bowling for batting.

Warner can flourish in middle order at World Cup

So that line up has no chance. You only have 5 bowling options. Under no circumstances are they gonna rely on Finch and Smith to be the “6th” bowlers. Especially when Maxwell, a spinner, is the fifth bowling options.

Next, it’s been made clear that Carey will keep. Like it, hate it, but they’d be mad to not be using Handscomb now as the ‘keeper if that’s the plan.

So overall, your team has no chance of selection.

I don’t get the reference to following cricket since ‘03, but I’ve been following it since the early ‘90s and Aus have usually tried to field a top notch bowling line up and have rarely sacrificed this for runs, rightly or wrongly.

Warner can flourish in middle order at World Cup

The more our streak of good performances go, the less I want either Warner or Smith back. They might be world class, but they’re not part of this team and they’re not part of this momentum. They’re also big personalities with baggage that could disrupt a group that has only just come back together.

As neither of them bowl (not really), then they’re not dislodging Stoinis and Maxwell. So this means two Marsh, Handscomb, Khawaja and Finch have to miss out. In reality, it’s really two of Handscomb, Marsh and Khawaja. This will be incredibly unfair as all three players have been key to our resurgence.

Better the devil you know and especially when things are coming together so well.

Warner can flourish in middle order at World Cup

Batsmen already do adjust their guard when receiving bowling from around the wicket or a left hander – you open the stance up or as you say, take guard at leg. But either way you’re still expecting the ball to be pitching on at least the stumps or further to off almost all the time.
It would be a different mentality, right now you play shots under the expectation that the vast majority of balls will pitch either on the stumps or outside off, and that any that do pitch outside leg can be countered easily by simply avoiding being bowled (though of course, always easier said than done). Batting as we know it has been structured under this assumption.
Batsmen would certainly adjust and the good ones would continue to score, but you’d score at a slower rate and need to play more conservatively. That is where the “spectacle” aspect comes into it.

It’s time to change the leg-side no-LBW rule

I dunno, he didn’t look real great in RSA right before the banning, so things were definitely getting to him then. But great to hear he’s playing well again. Hard to wish the guy ill – compared to the chatter boxes this two colleagues has been, it’s been refreshing not to hear anything from Warner.

Warner's stunning return a World Cup boost for Australia

Totally agree, same theory.

But at the end of the day, it’s got to be about the overall game and the rule has to stay for that reason. The “unfairness” about cricket these days it to do with big bats small grounds (due to ropes) and flat pitches. Fix this up and you’ll have a contest again.

It’s time to change the leg-side no-LBW rule

Completely agree Chris, it would ruin the spectacle if we just watched teams hammer a batsmen from the leg side and they weren’t free to play their shots because they were now at risk to being out LBW.

It might not be “fair”, but it’s the rules to ensure the sport is enjoyable.

But I must admit, I feel sorry, from a pure physics perspective, for the left handed bowlers. The reality is that a left handed bowler, going over the wicket, and hitting a right handed batsman’s pad after just pitching outside leg, has the same theoretical angel and trajectory as a right handed bowler pitching just outside off…

It’s time to change the leg-side no-LBW rule

Yeah talk about taking the fun out of it…

(As if I won’t be following it closely regardless)

Australia set to face an understrength Pakistan

Are the Jaguars being ditched as well? Is the plan to simply move back to the competition we had ten years ago but with the Rebels instead of the Force?

I liked the original conferences, five in each of the countries, it was the convoluted mess that was 2016 that ruined it.

It’s really hard to see how going back to the future is going to save rugby in the Southern Hemisphere, but it’s probably moot anyway, there’s nothing you can really do about progress.

SANZAAR should show some love in the Asia-Pacific

You make it seem like all 35m people are are within easy striking distance of the stadium. That’s like suggesting fans can “easily” get to any stadium in Sydney.

Sunwolves reportedly axed from Super Rugby

Too late now Ronan, that ship has sailed, you’re right there.

Lyon should not be a World Cup certainty

Are they playing test cricket right now?

Matthew Wade clubs another Shield century and it's just getting ridiculous now

A slightly different take on the XI with Finch at first drop.

But there is exactly 0% change of that side being picked. Unless the selectors complete an abrupt U-turn from their current stand point, Carey will be ‘keeping for Australia come the WC. So if you’re trying to actually select a real XI, you have to put him in there.

I also can’t see Finch batting at first drop. If one of the “natural” openers does get moved down, you’d have to bet on Khawaja as he has actual experience at first drop in multiple versions of cricket. From memory Warner and Finch’s experience when not opening consists of a few matches batting down at 5 or 6 in a few domestic games (IPL for Warner and FC cricket for Finch). I’ve never heard of either of them doing it in international cricket (unlike Khawaja). Perhaps my memory is rusty.

I also don’t get why you’d drop Carey, glove up Handscomb, but then not want to have all of Turner, Maxwell and Stoinis in the side. Isn’t the whole point of giving Handscomb the gloves so that you’re removing one slow batsmen and replacing him with a hitter?

After some long overdue success, how will Australia front up at the World Cup?

It’s shame we haven’t gotten see what Agar could have produced with a prolonged run in the side. They have the same SR with the ball, though Agar has an even worse average, though he’s only played 9 games, so it’s such a small sample size. What we have seen though is he’s a better bat. Unfortunately it’s too late now and the selectors just don’t seem interested.

Lyon should not be a World Cup certainty

I’m not a huge fan of assessing form across formats Ronan, but you’re not entirely wrong.

Jhye Richardson is on the verge of stealing Josh Hazlewood's World Cup spot

Yes and no. The focus has been on our poor batting of late, so the desire to recall the batsmen was always going to be stronger. Our bowling doesn’t seem to have faced the same criticism, so the situation is different.

Jhye Richardson is on the verge of stealing Josh Hazlewood's World Cup spot

There’s already a very real chance we’ll be taking in two rusty batsmen and a rusty bowler (Starc). If you put Hazie in there, that’s nearly half the team…

Jhye Richardson is on the verge of stealing Josh Hazlewood's World Cup spot

Yes and no, Australia is very unlikely to go in with only five bowling options and our “fifth” so to speak is Stoinis who regularly bowls in the final ten (it’s really Maxwell that you wouldn’t want bowling then, necessarily).

Jhye Richardson is on the verge of stealing Josh Hazlewood's World Cup spot

I get your position on Khawaja. It’s just frustrating because once again we’ve seen how a guy with a classy domestic record, once given a proper chance and some support, proves that he’s better than the “hunch selections”.

Khawaja has a wonderful List A Record and should have been backed in the ODI side for an extended period years ago. Instead we’re only seeing it now and potentially we’ll never see it come to full fruition (at 32 he’s unlikely to be considered for the next world cup, though you never know).

Australia stun India with 3-2 series win

We’d all love these guys to hit the ground running from game one, but unfortunately that’s just not the case with most players. He’s played 14 ODIs and only debuted last year. He’s still finding his feet at international level. I’m loath to judge him so early, it’s just a shame that the WC is so close.

The reality is this:

1. They have apparently ruled out giving the gloves to Handscomb. That’s at least my interpretation of what the selectors said the other day. People can like that or they can hate that, but that’s reality;

2. If Wade wasn’t even in the last squad or the next squad, surely he’s not going to suddenly pop into contention for the WC when he’s playing red ball cricket at the moment;

3. So it seems we’ve got Carey. If he’s playing, we need to think about where best suits him or the role that best suits him.

As I said, he did a good lowe order job in back to back games in ODIs 3 and 4, so I’m willing to give him some more leeway. However I’d like to see some flexibility in the order and that we promote him if that saves as our proper hitters for later on.

Australia stun India with 3-2 series win

I’m not sure what you want here? He’s in the team, you have to use him, shouldn’t we use him to the best we can?

Australia stun India with 3-2 series win

No brainer to you or a no brainer to the selectors? I don’t feel they’re the same thing…

Australia stun India with 3-2 series win