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No different to an Australian crowd; boo Broad for “not walking”, but cheer Warnie despite being a dru9 che@t.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

I’m sure he’s given the same licence as Maxwell, he’s just not very good at it. He has a career LA strike rate of well under 90, so I’m not sure why people think he’s consistently capable of striking better than 100 at international level.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Why stuff with that??
I agree with you, but I feel it’s too late now – we HAVE stuffed with it…
Warner, in being back, has batted well but hardly set the world alight with scoring rate.
He’s not the Warner of old, I agree, but he’s still scored 500 runs at a strike rate of 87. Is that lightening? No, but it’s not quite as slow as everyone is making out. As a comparison, Joe Roots career SR is 87.
Overall I actually agree with you, except for the fact that we need to stop shuffling things around. We’re winning, things look okay, let’s leave it and try and our best.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Just pointing out that, sadly, way too many people have suggested that, including the selectors.

I suppose it’s true, he couldn’t have gotten into the squad if someone didn’t think that, happy to acknowledge my error.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

And I believe he was selected in the 12 or 13 man squad for the Sri Lanka Tests. Ridiculous.

It was, but it’s got nothing to do with what we’re talking about. It was also six months ago and Stoinis’ star has fallen a long way since.

No one should be picked as an all rounder unless they are good enough to make the team as as a batsman in their own right, or close to it

Totally agree.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

No saying he can’t, I’m saying he shouldn’t.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

ok “The Bush” ( I’m from Tarong myself, where are you from? Mosman or Clovelly? )

I dunno what that’s got to do with anything, but I have the Queensland flag next to my name if that helps you for some odd reason.

so what is your reasoning behind the Stoinis obsession? Shaun Marsh in for Stoinis?

Do you mean my obsession with getting him out of the team? S Marsh is not a “like for like” swap; one is an all rounder and the other its a batsman. So I’m not sure what you want me to say here.

What I am saying is when Maxwell comes in with 5-6 overs to go he is great. When he comes in with 20 to go he is horrid as a devilled egg in the sun.

There’s no evidence to support this at all and it’s not what you said anyway.

He (and Stoinis) should be nowhere near the minds of the Ashes selectors.

I’m not sure what the Ashes have to do with a World Cup. Feel free to come back on July 15 and tell me why Maxwell shouldn’t be in the Test team, you may even have a relevant point to make.

Watch Stoinis get picked for the Ashes and us lose as a consequence. Well, it might result that Mitch Marsh is picked for the Ashes. Series over.

I didn’t mention Stoinis, I was talking about your comment regarding Maxwell.

Again, I’m not sure what the Ashes have to do with this. Stoinis has never been selected for the Australian Test Team and other than Shane Warne, I’ve never heard anyone seriously suggest he should be in the line up.

As for M Marsh, well, we’ll have to wait and see. Happy to discuss it on July 15.

Do you think the poms will miss the semi finals in the WC?

I don’t, I expect them to beat one of India or NZD and I don’t expect Bangladesh to win both of their remaining games (Pak and Ind). This’ll see them through. However it’s a lot more likely than it was 24 hours ago (when I would have said it was very unlikely they’d miss out).

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

No, openers open, middle order batsmen bat in the middle order.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Definitely Dwanye – Maxwell’s job is not to score 100s or even 50s – it’s to score between 25 and 50 in the last 10 to 20 overs at a rate of 125 plus. If he’s done that, he’s done his role. If we get 100+ runs out of numbers 5 through 8 in the last 10 to 20 overs, with one of the top four going well, then we’ll be scoring more than enough runs every game.

So far Maxi and Carey are doing their job, but I fear we’re going to need Stoinis at some point over the next fortnight.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Maxwell has scored:

4*, 0, 28, 20, 46*, 32 and 12.

So the first game he was not out, what’s he meant to do? Then a few failures, then two great contributions and another failure last night.

So that’s actually two good scores and a not out when he only got to face two balls. You do realise he comes in at the hardest moment in the innings (as a general rule). Not sure who’s the court jester in this situation to be honest…

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

I’m not sure if we’re going against form Josh, we had a good lead in over 8 ODIs and across the warm up games. But we’re definitely on track to exceed my expectations (I thought a pass mark for Aus would be making the semis, even if we went straight out).

England are certainly not meeting expectations!

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

But it feels like Maxwell is the only one trying to play 2019 style ODI

But I’m not so sure that this “style” was sustainable when playing proper cricket, on proper wickets, against proper teams.

I feel like the approach taken in 2015 by the top teams, to build a platform and then explode in the last twenty overs (i.e. play a T20), is the most aggressive we can expect in real cricket. I just don’t believe that a team can go hard for 50 overs, game after game, on proper wickets and against decent bowling.

As for Maxi, he’s just doing what he needs to do – get in there with twenty to go and let loose. I also think your discounting how good Carey’s been at the end of the innings.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Its a nice problem, when Cummins, who’s been our best bowler over the past 12 months, goes wicketless and gives up more than 5 an over – and the side still wins.

Those sorts of moments are when you know the team is performing.

I still think India are the favourites to win the whole thing and New Zealand are hot on their heels, but I now feel more confident than at any point since 2015.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

It sorted of is… but it works

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

So who plays at three? Where does Warner/Finch bat?

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Yes and no – Carey is doing a great job and Maxwell was in sublime touch the game before last before he was run out.

Stoinis isn’t performing, but well, he’s not very good, so I’m not sure what we’re really expecting there.

That bowling performance last night is exactly what we need moving forward; economical bowling from the spinner and the quicks taking wickets. They need to leave this line up for the rest of the tournament.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

It’s really working for them, I can see why they’re sticking too it.

Savage England crowd show Warner no mercy despite 50

Gayle will be gone, the Windies would be insane to pick a guy that wouldn’t be 43 at the next world cup…

Dhoni, I dunno, it depends I guess. India has always been slow to drop long standing stars, so I’d say he’ll get to go on his own terms.

Time for Gayle and Dhoni to hang up the gloves

Bold move going with Behrendorff

For some reason this made me think of Dodgeball – “It’s a bold strategy Cotton”

England crumble as Australia secure World Cup semi-final spot


Is it really “demoting” Cummins if he doesn’t open? Doesn’t it just reflect that he’s the most versatile of the bowlers and therefore the most capable of making the most of an older ball? Anyway, I got the point, just sounds oddly harsh on Cummins.

The key now is to keep this side on the park, let them work together.

I can’t understand all the Khawaja complaining going on right now. He’s not setting the world on fire, but he made a handy contribution on what was clearly not the easiest wicket in the world.

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

I wonder if Michael Vaughan is “officially” worried about Australia yet?

Australia leave England in World Cup disarray

Fully agree, it’s like playing a league instead of a tournament.

If we’d gone with four groups of four, quarters, semis and final, we’d be playing the final now (game 7).

Instead we’re playing an almost meaningless game before we play two more almost as meaningless games (or absolutely pointless if we win this one).

I always want Australia to win, more so against England, but now there’s a further emphasis as it’s pretty close to the only way to keep the tournament alive in the group stages.

The ICC has created a World Cup devoid of character

Was thinking the same thing.

Australia vs England: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview

It’s not the team selective stats that I dislike (i.e. so and so against so and so), it’s the very small sample size stats that I question. I don’t know what the magical number is, but my gut feeling is that any sample size of less than 10 is really pushing it.

Australia vs England: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview

Have never considered Eng a genuine contender for this WC – just carrying too many poor or under performing players. But of course, you never know in knock-out matches.

Australia vs England: 2019 Cricket World Cup preview