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Happily married. Still working full time. My younger self played league and cricket and now it's golf and the gym. Love to travel.



The measure of a coach is subjective at best. Perhaps we should consider player development and on-field performance as the best yardstick. It’s very obvious that winning teams have the most dominating players. Having elite players affords a coach the luxury of assigning players tasks they can complete successfully, hence their collective contributions allows those elites to add their polish. These are the players that can be the difference when it counts. History is full of champions being able to bring it home on the back of the workers.

Is Wayne Bennett a super coach or a super fraud?

The discussion around ‘the best’ is subjective and analysing players attributes creates great banter but let me pose a question ‘if you had to pick just one player who would that be?’ No doubt in my mind it would be either Wally Lewis or Andrew Johns purely based on their ability to make it happen. Sorry guys I did say just one but I can’t split them. Happy with either.

Five reasons why Tedesco will eclipse Slater and Lockyer

As a lifetime Tigers fan I’m sorry to say that Brooks is not the answer. Albo is spot on ! When he first came on the scene he offered plenty but has delivered too few times. Unfortunately he has not developed into the ‘on field general’ we desperately need.
Perhaps we could try Benji and Reynolds and give Brooks a rest. Nothing to lose.

Where will Mad Madge wield the axe next?

No doubt a success, so far. The players co-operated, for the most part, which didn’t turn it into a penalty fest, ‘a la the on line penalty experiment’. No doubt though coaches are working out how to manipulate it to their advantage. Lots of comments about ‘fatigue’ and more attack but every player is still way short of match fitness, so round one over, bring it on.

The six-again rule is a game changer for the best

Don’t know what game you were watching.

The six-again rule is here to stay, and so are the Eels

The back end of the 2009 Hayne show was definitely memorable. Unfortunately he will be remembered for his indiscretions and no doubt he will reflect on the decisions he made. As the saying goes ‘natural ability will only get you so far. A work ethic to match will take you far.’ Also as the saying goes, ‘show me a man’s friends and that will show me the man.’ Perhaps he needed fewer YES men around him. Also perhaps investing in one player who was out of step with his club and teammates, despite his obvious talent, didn’t help. No doubt though he was gifted as a player but somewhat flawed in his judgement as a person.

The rise and fall of Jarryd Hayne, rugby league's magic man

Is that the same administration that got rid of him?

Repatriating Reynolds would be a Bulldog blunder

I like the idea for the six again to let the game flow. Perhaps a solution is to give a penalty inside the defensive half. Or perhaps this is an opportunity for a captains call for the penalty option.

The pros and cons of the NRL's one-ref move

Your last sentence sums up the difference perfectly.

Is Johnathan Thurston really better than Andrew Johns?

Always enjoy comments from the ‘Roar’ guys. An Interesting crosssection of opinions and some very intelligent thoughts. Love that about this site. As to the article, I would have to say that PV has shown more initiative than his predecessors, not that there was much to ‘beattie’. As to A/CEO Abdo, he was in a no win situation dishing out punishment for stupidity, or was it arrogance. Smart move by PV to pass the buck, deliberate or not. Anyway Abdo is shortlisted for the job so he probably didn’t want to rock the boat too much.
It’s a honeymoon period for PV so let’s get it started and see how he handles the rest.

No matter what went wrong, it's totally not Peter V'landys' fault

It will be interesting to see how player selections will be determined. Any player selected from outside the 8 will not have played for 5 or 6 weeks. Admittedly most players come from the top 8 teams but playing after the GF will require a different mind set to the usual mid season schedule. And yes Paul a good point about the weather in November for the SOO particularly in Brisbane. If the series is on consecutive weeks it will end late November and that will see a much shorter break between seasons. Perhaps the opportunity here was to play a full season with teams only playing each other once not 5 teams playing twice against possibly the top 5 teams. Bad luck for some. A professional sport based on bad luck from the draw. Total lack of integrity.

NRL confirm season length, lock in date for grand final

I agree with you JGK. Little bit surprised by Cronk’s comment, but then again it must be difficult for some one like him who is so disciplined. The clubs themselves must be shaking their heads in disbelief. Just like the rest of us. Is it just plain stupidity or arrogance ?

Gould wants NRL ban for Latrell and Addo-Carr

A point of difference between Touch and Oztag is that Touch, aside from the National and State Associations, is run by a committee of volunteers, whereas Oztag is controlled by a single person and competitions are run as a franchise. Their common ground is that they are both user pay sports, at both park and representative levels. The benefit of Touch being aligned with NRL is the exposure and the elite players do get their gear and other expenses covered. The preference to play which game is dependant on the individual. There are as many differences as there are similarities in the type of game. The origins of both are from RL but Touch has a non stop style that has very little recognition to RL whereas Oztag has retained much of the RL format. Both games are great fun, particularly the social aspect.

Time for Oztag Australia to align with the NRL

100% Big Daddy.

Craig Bellamy is right - settle down with the ‘innovations’

Hey Corona Kid. That’s a joke, right ?

Craig Bellamy is right - settle down with the ‘innovations’

Spot on Albo.

Craig Bellamy is right - settle down with the ‘innovations’

After the idea of taking away the corner post, this is possibly the next best idea. So many pluses can flow from it as I mentioned in response to your previous article.

Robinson calls for rule experiments on return

Agree Paul, getting organised is a good thing and when the all clear happens being pro active with a plan and communicating your intention is not a bad thing. Your comment about getting fans TOO excited which can lead to more frustration is a concern. Hopefully we will get some sort of competition going this year.

NRL return 'ambitious' as clubs sort plans

If this is the real Gus Gould, welcome. If not welcome anyway. Surely the principle here is ‘if you can you should’ get back to normal. If it’s possible to get RL or any other sport going why not. The RL decision makers don’t exactly fill me with confidence when it comes to the direction of RL but in preparing for a possible return is very proactive. Nice change ! The simply truth is that we are a nation of sports fans and it does play an important part of our lives. While I might not like many aspects of how the sport is played – rules are a mess – I watch because there is still just enough to enjoy. In regard to the structure of RL you don’t need to look any further than ‘The Roar’ to find so many very sensible comments about what would make a better game. Unfortunately unless you are an ex player or an elected official our opinion can’t be right. How could it be, we are only the fans !

Why rugby league is an essential service

Some good points Paul but my position about integrity still stands. I just would like to see an even competition where every team plays every other team the same number of times. But if any games go ahead this year I can accept that we will have to take whatever we get and celebrate our wins as they come. But when we return to ‘normal’ I truly believe that there are better competition formats. I might put something together for comment.

Why the 2020 NRL premiership will be forever tainted

Given that we play ever season with some teams clearly disadvantaged by meeting some teams twice or only once makes a mockery of a professional sport anyway. Total lack of integrity. So if 10 games is enough why not. The fact that some teams do not play some other teams is as absurd as the current structure but at least it’s a forced lack of integrity. Yes I’m sure you are right, whoever wins will celebrate as winners but the record book will forever taint that result. Unfortunate as that is, it’s the reality. Getting some games going can’t be a bad thing though.

Why the 2020 NRL premiership will be forever tainted

Despite what was deleted I read your article as ‘tongue in cheek’ and not for one second do I believe that this scheme is workable for so many obvious reasons. I say ” tell the NRL they’re dreamin ”. Let’s just accept the situation as it is presently and plan for something that might actually be possible, taking in to account whatever is achievable and what it represents. Let’s accept that it will not be a season for the record books but a trophy that will be something else.
SOO is the only credible competition that is possible for 2020. If something is created then it will simply be that, something else and nothing more than entertainment for the NRL supporters who will accept anything rather than nothing.
‘Not that there is anything wrong with that.’

NRL island is here to save the NRL

Enjoyed your article. In particular I would like to see the ruck area enforced better. Defenders get away with too much and that makes your idea of six again very smart which keeps the game going. Multiple infringements should result in a sin bin and penalties applied only for a kick at goal. This could be a Captain’s choice. The effect is continuity of play and perhaps stopping the wrestle and second efforts by defenders which also adds a fatigue factor, The solution for scrums is very simply. Hold the players together until e.g. the referee counts to himself 1000 and 1, 1000 and 2, 1000 and 3, and then calls break. That’s enough time for any structured play to be executed. Lots of other interesting ideas.

Rule changes to make rugby league great again

Fair comment about Gutherson but he always gets involved and looks likely. I think he would benefit in a more structured team. Nothing in attack offered last night. Big wraps on Moses but he offered very little other than some poor kicking options. Can’t recall a run or a pass of any note.

Arthur: “I thought we’d be better”

Nice to hear from a Tiger fan. As a lifetime Tiger fan my highlight is the 1969 G.F. against Souths.
My uncle is Keith ‘Chicka’ Outten. I was at the game that day and even went into the dressing room. Keith was a great player. Tough and smart. If you recall Dennis Pittard was a key player for Souths. Keith was moved from halfback to 5/8 to mark Pittard and played him out of the game. There is a great book about the rivalry between these two clubs. It all started way back in 1908/9 and the book details why it started. A must read for a Tiger fan. Let’s hope 2020 is a great season for us. GO THE Tigers !

Redefining the career of Benji Marshall