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A fan of NRL but really love my Queensland Cup and anything PNG league related. Love my Football, but really enjoy the Football League in the UK. Love F1, and still trying to convince the world that Alain Prost is one of the all time greats. I support a lot mediocre sporting teams. South Sydney having achieved the most recently. Redcliffe Dolphins are making a comeback, PNG Hunters are always thereabouts. And Ipswich Town are the most mediocre sporting team in the world. But someone's got to support them. Would like to know more about AFL and US Sports but simply don't have enough time now with Bein Sports on Foxtel. I save some of my "better" or discussion-worthy work and more popular sports here for The Roar, and hope people enjoy. The more obscure sports like English Football League, Queensland Cup and the more light-hearted look at sports and life, and celebrating the forgotten and forgettable along with some wild theories and suggestions I leave at my own small blog. It's if anyone has time to kill or fill. Love The Roar though, best place for sport in Australia.

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A somewhat comprehensive FA Cup fourth round preview

A somewhat comprehensive FA Cup fourth round preview

26 Jan 2018

After all the excitement of the FA Cup third round and all of its magic, the next round is sometimes overlooked even though there are decent contests, potential upsets and a great round of football, all of which I will attempt here to promote here.

Creative ways to spend Alexis Sanchez’s huge weekly wage

Creative ways to spend Alexis Sanchez's huge weekly wage

24 Jan 2018

A lot of football talk is about transfers at the moment, and the biggest chat concerns Alexis Sanchez’s move to Manchester United.

FA Cup third round preview

FA Cup third round preview

5 Jan 2018

One of sport’s greatest sporting weekends is here as the FA Cup third Round is played out across England and Wales.

Channel 9 Origin 1 coverage: Power rankings

Channel 9 Origin 1 coverage: Power rankings

1 Jun 2017

State of Origin is a big deal, the NRL know it as they let their regular season go to rubbish for two months.

FA Cup fourth round preview and selections

FA Cup fourth round preview and selections

27 Jan 2017

FA Cup fourth round doesn’t have quite the number of clich├ęs or amount of affection as the previous round does.

The Toronto Wolfpack: The world’s first trans-Atlantic sporting team

The Toronto Wolfpack: The world's first trans-Atlantic sporting team

18 Jan 2017

Given there have been not many great rugby league stories to start 2017, one good news story unexpectedly comes from the Toronto Wolfpack.