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A fan of NRL but really love my Queensland Cup and anything PNG league related. Love my Football, but really enjoy the Football League in the UK. Love F1, and still trying to convince the world that Alain Prost is one of the all time greats. I support a lot mediocre sporting teams. South Sydney having achieved the most recently. Redcliffe Dolphins are making a comeback, PNG Hunters are always thereabouts. And Ipswich Town are the most mediocre sporting team in the world. But someone's got to support them. Would like to know more about AFL and US Sports but simply don't have enough time now with Bein Sports on Foxtel. I save some of my "better" or discussion-worthy work and more popular sports here for The Roar, and hope people enjoy. The more obscure sports like English Football League, Queensland Cup and the more light-hearted look at sports and life, and celebrating the forgotten and forgettable along with some wild theories and suggestions I leave at my own small blog. It's if anyone has time to kill or fill. Love The Roar though, best place for sport in Australia.



I meant 5 points to third.

The Football League weekend ahead: Episode 4

Good point and cheers for noting that one. Soft spot for Wimbledon after a stint living in sw19. Both clubs have done well.

The Football League weekend ahead: Episode 4

It looks a real quality signing and almost a final piece of the puzzle. There is real confidence amongst Ipswich fans this year. A win tonight gives an early 5 point gap. Early days I know but a refreshing change from mid table mediocrity. Mick has done a sensational job given most of the squad was assembled for free or next to nothing in Today’s terms.

The Football League weekend ahead: Episode 4

Thanks for the update.

Not a bad third round, the League Cup threatens to be be interesting again. Spurs v Arsenal and Villa v Brimingham good ties.

As an Ipswich fan, I’m looking forward to Man Utd game.

The Football League weekend that was

Nice work gents.

Will be an interesting side dish for next year’s season to see who puts up the best show for Kimi’s seat in 2017. Would love to see the Hulk finally get a decent car. Although an Aussie in a Ferrari sounds pretty good too.

Ferrari opt for stability as The Iceman remains

Great read – most of my favourites are there. Would love a follow up all-time or 80’s 90’s edition.

The George Rose All-Stars

The League Cup is limited to the 92 EPL/Football League Teams whereas the FA Cup is open to any team and has multiple qualifying rounds before Round 1 of the FA Cup starts. The EPL and Championship teams only join in Round 3. Leagues One and Two and the best of the Non League teams meet in Round 1.

Leagues One and Two get their own cup – the Johnstone’s Paint Trophy. Further down there’s the FA Trophy (National/Conference and below) and FA Vase for Non League Teams from the seventh tier downards. All finalists in each cup get a day out at Wembley though.

I don’t mind the sound of all four nations – not a bad idea at all.

Thoughts on how to spice up the League Cup

I think Crystal Palace will be the top side outside the Top 6 big names, and they were great to watch last year and have only improved with summer recruiting. I also think Bournemouth will do very well – a good mix of last year’s winners and new recruits. Maybe not as good as Ipswich Town’s first year up in 2001/02 (5th and 3rd at Xmas) but capable of Top Ten – if Eddie Howe doesn’t get pinched.

Will be worth keeping an eye on West Ham to see if the post-Allardyce hoodoo continues like at Bolton, Blackburn and Newcastle. I’m sure they won’t want to be playing at 60,000+ stadium in the Championship. And to see where Big Sam pops up next. Probably Leicester when Ranieri get the boot before Xmas.

Up the top it looks as open as ever, but you tell yourself that every year and by October it’s clear there’s only 2 teams capable.

Fighting for the title and survival: Premier League preview

Agree with all the above – story and comments. To continue as is during Origin will eventually kill the game. No point having a marquee games if the rest of the game suffers in the mean time.

The one thing they can do from next year is move Origin to Sunday as stand alone (never going to happen but you can dream) and create a round robin tournament from International week – Samoa-Fiji-Tonga-PNG. 1st round played on Anzac Test week as it is now, Weeks 2 and 3 on the Friday/Saturday night of Origin 1 and 2 weekend. And the final on the Friday night of Origin 3 and “plate final” on the Saturday.

From there you could expand the comp to include the top 2/4/6 sides from Qld Cup and NSW Cup plus regional rep sides (Vic, WA Qld/NSW country) and make it a knockout. With the rounds still being played around stand alone Origin Sundays.

But ultimately the NRL needs Origin standalone. Games like NQ v West Tigers this year during origin or 4 game rounds are a waste of time, and tempt the viewer to look elsewhere for a few months.

But I do like the idea of 18 teams. Playing each other once, plus a UK style Magic Weekend (opponents drawn from hat) to make the full 18 rounds. Make that Magic Weekend just after Origin to get everyone back into the NRL after the Origin break.

Or at a bare minimum, let the game decide the future not the TV stations.

The NRL needs a second comp

Apologies – Michael Bugger should be Michael Buffer.

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