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As with most blokes, I'm passionate about music and sport, however during the week I write for ResourceStocks, an international mining investment magazine. Can be found on twitter @alex_paull



I remember reading somewhere that an umpire from the 60s (Col Egar maybe) was commenting on the modern game, and he believed the square leg umpire should actually be in line with the bowling crease to monitor the front foot, while giving the central umpire the time and diligence to getting the decision up the other end correct, as opposed to drifting down to the popping crease, up in a second and then making a split second decision. Given that stumpings and run outs almost always go upstairs, it’s not the worst idea I’ve heard…

Hey, ICC: fix this umpiring and DRS debacle!

I’m with you there as well Glenn, however to an extent. Judging by Tremlett’s success last tour, the theory holds water, but with Tremlett struggling to touch 130km/h it renders him pretty toothless (despite taking a couple of wickets in Brisbane). For me, it highlights that while the theory is sound, it was somewhat of a narrow-minded decision. It seems the biggest oversight was not picking Graham Onions. Coming off a county season where he snared 66 scalps at an average of 17 in the side who won the Championship, the guy has current form and has taken wickets in previous Ashes series. At 188cm he probably doesn’t fit the bill of a seven-foot beanpole, but looking at the successful Aussie attack and it seems that it’s not a necessity.

So it’s more of a case of picking the right bowlers, rather than bracketing every seven-foot bowler in the country (or Ireland) and booking them a ticket to Australia.

If England is fair dinkum, now is the time to show it

Great article Glenn. I believe that if Sangakarra did away with the gloves earlier in his career, we would be talking about him as being statistically the greatest batsman of the modern era – as of October 20, his average without the gloves was 68.86 from 69 Tests, which if I’m correct would put him second behind Bradman. But hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Is Michael Clarke currently the best batsman in the world?

Being based in Perth and working across the road from the Perth Arena, it’s phenomenal how much support the Wildcats continue to garner over here. Juxtapose that with Tommy Greer’s article Greer makes some good points, but hopefully with Ennis’ flamboyant talents, it can be the rebirth of the game on a national scale.

James Ennis dunking his way into Aussie hearts

When India generates 80c out of every dollar raised by cricket, you do what you’re told. It’s sad when a meaningless SEVEN-match series may jeopardise what could be the most important series in years. But it’s the nature of the cricket economy on a global scale. Unfortunately that is dictated by India, and that word ‘economy’ should really never be used in relation to sport. But it’s the world we live in.

The series that Australian cricket doesn't care about

I watched that GF with a life-time Dragons supporter, and at half time he told me he felt that the streak was going to continue, but what an incredible second half! Hopefully your boys march up the ladder next season!

Savour the moments in September

Thanks Ronaldo. I remember walking into the Valley Inn which is now Billy Brownless’ pub in Geelong and first beers were on the house. Grown men were still crying and hugging strangers. It was seriously the most electric atmosphere. As a West Coast supporter it hurts me to say it, but Freo fans deserve to feel that. I was in Freo on Saturday night and it was insane. In saying that, I want Hawthorn to win!

Savour the moments in September