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Well this is awkward

Why Craig Bellamy should seriously consider coaching the Dragons

Hi Nat,

I’ve written other positive articles including this one about celebrating forwads:


The Titans aren't going anywhere, and that’s a good thing

Cotric’s tackle was worse not because it was incredibly dangerous, which it was as you point out, but because he immediately tried to go on with it and was giving Lafai a facial on the ground too. Mistakes are going to happen but the aggression shown by Cotric when Lafai could have been seriously injured shows his true intent and makes it a clear send off.

Was the Cotric incident yet another false dawn for the send off?

I’d rather Gus

Why Mary and his little lambs have got to go

Trent Barrett would just be a continuation of the same problem. We need someone totally outside of the club who is not bias at all to come in and redo the administration and structure.

Why Mary and his little lambs have got to go

Thanks mate.

I often think backs that drop simple balls in good field position earned by their forwards should have to defend a set or two in the middle so they understand how easy their job really is.

It's time to celebrate the forwards

They need to pull an Ivan Cleary and bring out the war chest to lure a coach down. Preferably it would have been Wayne when he was available but Mal Meninga might not be impossible. They cant be placid and wait, they need to be proactive.

Why Mary and his little lambs have got to go

The headline was originally “The Curious Case Of The Brisbane Broncos” which was a play on the old and young nature of the titular character in the film and the Broncos but it was changed by the editor who approved it.

What's going wrong with the Broncos?