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I didn’t say it on here Muzza but I did tweet about it last week.I’ll take the credit though 🙂

Time to look at introducing Plate and Bowl to Rugby World Cup

True Kuruki,I accept he has built a solid side with plenty of youth and exuberance,BUT his job description was to win THIS World Cup,not the one in 2015.
I cant see how all of a sudden Australians are accepting mediocrity.Losing TEN times in a row to the All Blacks is criminal.Losing to Samoa was down right embarrasing and losing a pool game at a World Cup for the first time ever was beyond comprehension!
I repeat.The Crusaders systems and structures have been in place since Wayne Smith.That is common knowledge.The careful selection of players,the ‘family’ atmosphere around wives/girldfriends being inclusive etc,the work ethic required,are all ingrained in to Crusaders psyche.It makes the transition for new players and coaches so easy.
5 Super titles in 9 seasons?pretty good.What else has he done again?

Robbie 'Dingo' Deans simply overrated

Enjoy it Australia.3 wins over the All Blacks in 14 attempts since Dingo took over is hardly inspiring stuff.Losing to Samoa showed up your lack of depth while the Scotland loss in 2009 showed your complete inconsistancy.
The Wallabies threw everything but the kitchen sink at the All Blacks last weekend and squeaked out a 5 point win.
As for Dingo Deans,what has he done again?Apart from taking over a Crusaders side that Wayne Smith built,and winning titles with them that Smith also did,what has he done.He hasn’t even proven himself with a NZ Junior squad or similar.Then he loses 10 in a row to the All Blacks and you revere him?Pleeeeease,you have serious problems if that is the case.If he was an EPL(English football) manager he’d have been gone 3 years ago!.
Enjoy that victory and your first Tri Nations in TEN years.We dont want it.We won it in 1999/2003 and 2007 and it did us faaaaark all good for the WC.
And I remember us getting all cock a hoop when we beat the Wallabies 6-3 at Eden Park just before the 1991 WC.Big deal aye?And guess what.We lost didn’t win that WC,Ozzie did!

Dingo Deans serving the Wallabies proud