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They weren’t going to play finals anyway.

More injury woes for Dockers as Hamling hurts ankle at training

Furthermore, Western United should be able to increase their average to over 10,000 once they move into their own stadium in Wyndham.

No stadium will be built. It’s complete fantasy.

Comparing attendances to other Asian leagues isn’t really relevant. Comparing it to other codes in Australia is more meaningful.

In order for the A-League to be sustainable in Australia at the level it is now, crowds needs be bigger, media rights need to continue increasing in value, big sponsors need to get back on board.

Simple as that, otherwise the A-League will have to be scaled back to a semi-professional league.

Think the A-League has poor crowds? Think again

When it used to blow a gale at suburban grounds, people would talk about it being a 2 goal, 3 goal, 5 goal breeze.

9 of the 14 AFLW sides struggled didn’t score more than 3 goals on the weekend.

VFL, SANFL, WAFL teams play on suburban grounds and don’t score so few goals.

There’s more to it than being windy.

Carlton and Dogs impress in wet and windy AFLW opening round

At the death they are looking to hit the ball over the fence, so the yorker becomes very effective. Especially the wide yorker.

Our bowlers seem to just bang the ball it into the ground harder and shorter when things aren’t going their way.

Everyone has a slower ball but only a few have the yorker - why?

Cheap beer would get me through the gates. $4 for a cup of beer.

If football wants answers, it has to ask the right people

Soccer is played by a large number almost like a recreational activity.

Aussie Rules and Rugby League can’t be played as a recreational activity by 95% of people because they’re contact sports.

Even Sam Kerr admitted she doesn’t watch soccer she watches AFL.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

Just some blokes letting off some steam.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

AC Milan and Inter Milan share a stadium.

Is that a contrived rivalry????

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

When you regularly get 80k people in one arena, supporters of each team sitting side by side (no segregation in AFL stadiums that would be un-Australian), matches involving 140 year old rivalries, tempers will occasionally flare (pardon the pun).

An NSL game would have a few thousand people in attendance, you’d have flares being ignited, fighting between ultras that went to games looking to pick a fight.

Completely different.

50% of AFL crowds are females. Females wouldn’t attend the footy if they didn’t feel safe.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

We’re all going to die!!! Let’s all start panicking!!!

The best worst game ever

It’s me that’s constantly abused by others.

I just stick to the facts, never get nasty or personal.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

Soccer is competing against 3 other footy codes and is currently coming in last in terms of ratings.

In Europe soccer isn’t competing against any other codes except Rugby in a few countries.

Soccer moved to summer to avoid these codes, but they’re competing against cricket, NBL, tennis in January.

When the NSL came along the VFL/SANFL/WAFL were already 80 to 90 years old. Some teams have existed since the 1850s.

Don’t underestimate our native game.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

I believe in climate change. The climate has been changing for 5 billion years

The best worst game ever

A day at the footy is already 4-6 hours out the weekend depending transportation and how many beers before the game. It’s a hard sell to get people to spend 5 hours minimum at a ground especially when you might only see both teams kick 6 goals between them

The best worst game ever

Elite athletes don’t have their one month bender in Vegas every off season.

That’s fine if they want to do it. I’m not judging anyone. I personally need to be drunk at the footy to enjoy it properly.

But these guys shouldn’t kid themselves that they are elite athletes if they like their Vegas end of season benders and drink alcohol during the season.

Most cross trainers look after themselves better then footy players.

Tasmania eyes AFL team by 2025: Report

Kayo subs only dipped because it’s not footy season. When footy starts the customers will be back.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

I’ve been thinking about this. You’re spot on (as you always are)

Thanks mate.

I agree with those suggestions. Maybe even a mini unofficial AFLW season needs to be run October or November this year in order to trial new rules and to sharpen the players skills for the 2021 season. Or a few “lightning carnival” style events over weekends during the year while AFLW is dormant. Obviously this will be at great cost to the AFL and clubs, but the league needs to evolve. It’s actually regressed because the league increased in size by 40% this year.

Obviously not all players would be able to take part because of work commitments.

The best worst game ever

I think every sport in Australia looks at the AFL and thinks “we should be like that”.

It’s a country of 25 million with the most saturated professional sports market on Earth.

There’s only so much time in the week. Most people don’t have time to follow one sport, let alone multiple sports.

Plus the culture is changing. Sports just isn’t that important to kids today. You never see kids kicking/hitting a ball in the street.

There’s going to be a rationalisation of sports leagues in this country over the next few years. I see soccer and rugby being played nationally but basically on a semi-professional basis. They can’t sustain professional leagues.

I think the A-League should have taken a punt with Usain Bolt when they had the chance.

The code wars are here, so let's have at it

It’s both. He’s great to watch, but not worth $900k per season with all his niggling injuries. He’ll struggle to play half the matches. Contract was too long.

Five reasons to watch Sydney in 2020

9 of the 14 teams failed to score more than 3 goals.

It’s not good for the game.

It’s like if the W-League had 3 of their 4 games every week ending in 0-0 draws.

Maybe highly restrictive zones are needed which will get rid of all this congestion and force players to kick to marking contests.

The best worst game ever

Crazy decision. Shambolic.

FFA forced to cancel Sydney derby due to wet weather

Sensational catch from Vaucluse’s finest

The insane crowd catch Shane Warne reckons is the best in BBL history

Sure, but Nadal could have switched from Uncle Toni to Carlos Moya 5 years earlier.

Agassi could have not gone on meth benders and won half a dozen more titles.

Race for greatness: The case for Roger Federer

Federer is an anomaly among champions in that he’s some what mentally weak. Someone like Sampras actually became better when the pressure ramped up. Djokovic and Nadal (to a lesser extent in the last couple of years) also are pressure sponges.

Race for greatness: The case for Roger Federer

I’m not sure he’s a rung below LeBron.

He won 5 championships at one organisation over a 20 year period.

LeBron went to Miami to create a super team with Wade and Bosh but only managed 2 championships in 4 seasons. Should have won all 4 given the level of talent and no injuries. Without a Ray Allen 3 on the buzzer he would have won only 1 championship in Miami.

Kobe and LeBron are on the same level.

LeBron would probably have 8-10 championships if he had Bryant’s mental strength.

But he doesn’t and that’s why he’s sitting on 3. Maybe Anthony Davis will help him win a 4th.

Brilliant and disquieting, Kobe Bryant remains unsolvable