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A shambolic football club.

What we all know is that Fremantle will have to get rid of Neale. He’s a disgruntled employee.

Bell is a little bloke wearing some big shoes trying make his mark early on.

It’s a bluff that is completely transparent.

Dear Fremantle, I hope you know what you're doing

He’s not happy. That’s why he’s demanding he be traded to a worse team than Fremantle to a city with zero AFL culture.

Fremantle's pursuit of Hogan hits a snag

Neale doesn’t want to be there. He said he’s not playing there next year. He’s a disgruntled employee.

A deal might happen but the ball is in Fremantle’s court. They’ll have to back down.

Melbourne can hold on to Hogan. Fremantle needs to dispose of Neale.

The smart thing would be for the teams to just lock Fremantle out of negotiations.

Lobb stays, Hogan stays, Brisbane get Neale next year for less.

Fremantle's pursuit of Hogan hits a snag

Fremantle are stupid.

If they think Neale is disgruntled now, just wait until they hold him to his contract.

They have the opportunity to offload a disgruntled player and get Lobb and Hogan.

I think I read that Fremantle turned their nose up at 5 and 22 for Neale. They want two first rounders.

Is there really that much difference between pick 22 and 15 (or whatever Brisbane have?).

Is it really worth jeopardising a trade over?

You have to laugh.

This is a club that blames all their ills on never having a crack at a key forward. They have two fall in their lap and still can’t pull off a deal.

Hogan might just have a great year at Melbourne and suddenly might stay, or the Eagles might take a crack at him. Kennedy is getting old and injury-prone after all.

Fremantle's pursuit of Hogan hits a snag

He’s played 2/66 games in his time at Fremantle.

Same injury has recurred multiple times.

Half a dozen off field incidents.

I can accept that people make poor decisions (ie recruiting Bennell to begin with).

But to persist with him after the off field incidents, 2/66 games played, recurring injuries.

Well, that’s plain daft. That’s stubborn, can’t admit you’re wrong, no longer seeing the world objectively.

AFL Trade Wrap Day 3: Dylan Shiel, Scott Lycett, Chad Wingard and more

You don’t have anything really to give for Hogan and Lobb unless you do a deal for Neale.

AFL Trade Wrap Day 3: Dylan Shiel, Scott Lycett, Chad Wingard and more

I was right about Bennell.

Many keystrokes have been spent on defending him, I have copped a lot of abuse from people on here, but I have been resolute in my belief that Bennell would be and was an enormous mistake.

Today I’m vindicated.

Over 3 years, 2 games, numerous off-field incidents, calf injury that hasn’t improved only worsened over time. You can’t just blame bad luck. He spends his off season drinking and god knows what else. How’s that going to help your body recover from a serious injury?

AFL Trade Wrap Day 3: Dylan Shiel, Scott Lycett, Chad Wingard and more

Now you’re just making stuff up.

Can Fremantle finally land Hogan?

Signing Conca is a strange one for a team rebuilding. I’m not sure what he offers really.

Hogan will show that the problem was never a key forward but game plan.

Can Fremantle finally land Hogan?

West Coast and Fremantle if anything have an unfair advantage over the rest of the competition.

The number of WA born players who have gone back to one of the WA teams over the last 5 years is staggering.

Of course, the still complain (especially Fremantle).

Hogan’s foot injury is a big unknown. Fremantle should be using that as an excuse to exchange less with Melbourne. One first round pick should be enough given the foot injury.

Can Fremantle finally land Hogan?

This is a simple question.

Are you a greater favourite for the championship with a 1.5 race lead, the best car (by a margin) and all the momentum in late September, or are you a greater favourite with the best car, the momentum and a 2 race lead in mid-May?

Mathematically you are a shorter priced favourite in late September with the 1.5 race lead.

Let’s make it simpler.

Is a 40 point lead more valuable in May or October?

Even if Hamilton DNF’d in two consecutive races, he would still be favourite for the championship. That’s almost unheard of in this era of bulletproof reliability.

Hamilton’s had one DNF since Malaysia 2016 (2/10/2016). One DNF in two years. They could have two DNF’s in a row and still be favourite like I said.

You’re looking back at 2002 after it happened, not at what Ferrari’s thinking would have been thinking in May 2002. They weren’t to know that they would continue winning.

Barrichello wasn’t even close to Schumacher.

He beat Schumacher by 0.05 second in Melbourne qualifying, taken out on the first corner.

Schumacher out qualified him by 0.625 second in Malaysia. Schumacher tangled with Montoya early on. Barrichello went out with a mechanical failure. If it can happen to Barrichello’s car it can happen to Schumacher’s.

Schumacher out qualified Barrichello by 0.7 second in Brazil. Schumacher won, but you could argue that the Williams was quicker.

Schumacher outqualified Barrichello by 0.064 at Imola. Beat him comfortably in the race.

Spain, Schumacher outqualified Barrichello by 0.326. Barrichello had mechanical problem in the race. If it can happen to Barrichello it can happen to Schumacher.

Then yes, Barrichello outqualified and beat Schumacher in Austria, but Barrichello always went well in Austria.

If you go over the speed advantage Schumacher had over Barrichello in all of 2000, all of 2001 and early 2002, then it would have been stupid of Ferrari to think Barrichello was any chance for the championship with a 44-6 point deficit to Schumacher.

Why Mercedes was right to use team orders in Russia

At least with Gaff on $1m per season he can afford a better haircut now.

In defence of shooting for the moon, or why I love North Melbourne's AFL trade strategy

There’s a huge anti-Schumacher/anti-Ferrari bias out there.

Barrichello had 6 points. Schumacher had 44. Schumacher 21 points over Montoya (10 points for race win).

Barrichello out of contention.

Ferrari missed by the skin of their teeth with inferior cars 1997-99. McLaren had the edge again in 2000, Ferrari finally had the edge in 2001. In 2001 the Williams was often on the pace of the Ferrari, but had poor reliability.

6 rounds into 2002, Ferrari weren’t to know that they would continue to dominate. A two race lead in mid-May is nothing. There were no limits on development back then. Teams could and would improve their competitiveness within the season (something we haven’t seen in the hybrid era and much less since engines were homologated in 2006.

Put this way.

Are you in a stronger position with a 1.5 race lead in late September, or with a 2 race lead in mid-May.

Hamilton went into Russia as a $1.10 favourite for the championship. Almost unbackable. Virtually assured of the championship such was his position.

It was completely unnecessary. Certainly less necessary than doing it in 6 rounds into the season.

Why Mercedes was right to use team orders in Russia

Foxtel also show the Indian Super League. Every game I believe.

That’s what the A-League is the equivalent of for someone in Pakistan or Indonesia.

9 million people overseas flicked over for 30 seconds while flicking to another channel.

A close grand final does not a classic make

Ferrari were right to move Barrichello over for Schumacher in Austria 2002 right?

Why Mercedes was right to use team orders in Russia

Underperform when the chips are down.

Shades of 2012 about it.

Was it a lack of dare?

On reflection, it was not a classic at all.

West Coast were at least a 10 goal better side than Collingwood after the 25 minute mark of the 1st quarter. West Coast just couldn’t kick straight at the goals.

A close grand final does not a classic make

He’s right. Simple as that. Dom Sheed should never have been kicking at goal.

Umpire missed the block, then failed to call play on.


Matthews criticises grand final umpires for 'choke'

West Coast were fresher. They had an extra week off. Two finals at home. Their prelim was done and dusted by half time.

West Coast are also simply a better team.

Collingwood made the top 4 on the back of a soft draw.

Only beat one top 8 team in the home and away season.

Got an injury ravaged GWS in the second week, then had a tremendous against the odds win against Richmond.

The Richmond win was great, but it was an outlier. Cox will never repeat that first half in his career. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong for Richmond.

West Coast had big scalps through the year, Richmond had big scalps, Sydney had some big scalps, Collingwood had none. They beat a flaky Melbourne back in June. That’s it.

Collingwood did what Collingwood have always done under Bucks — underperform. Be worse than the sum of their parts.

Was it a lack of dare?

Gaff has now tasted karma. The universe has a way of settling the score.

After a dozen years, the premiership heads back west in style

It’s a failure because they demonstrated themselves to be the clear best team all year.

Then they lost to Collingwood who were (imo) the weakest of the top 4 sides.

Not just lost, but didn’t fire a shot.

Yesterday proved that Collingwood weren’t really a worth Grand Finalist.

They barely fired a shot after the 25 minute mark of the first quarter.

Was Richmond's season a pass or failure?

I think this article is on the money.

My feeling at quarter time was that West Coast hadn’t turned up and all — but Collingwood let them off the hook with two cheap goals in the last two minutes of the term.

The second quarter was terrible. Collingwood went about a quarter of the match without scoring once. West Coast had failed to capitalise on Collingwood leaving the door open, and Collingwood failed to capitalise on their general control of the game. My feeling at half time was that neither of these teams were worthy of a Grand Final and would have been spanked by any other Grand Final winner this decade.

Game did open up in the third quarter. I felt West Coast had got on top. Collingwood had zero fluid ball movement. West Coast intercept markers were running riot. Collingwood kept kicking it to the West Coast spare man all over the ground. I got to three quarter time thinking West Coast would run over Collingwood in the last quarter and at least this match was close because it hadn’t been much a spectacle.

We know about the final quarter. It felt like it came alive with 5 minutes to go. Players started tackling with real intent.

Maybe because these were two teams that had been a step below Richmond all year (in what is already a weak era), two teams that (in my view) were a clear step below most Grand Finalists of the past decade, the match didn’t carry the same weight as previous Grand Finals.

2017 was about two success starved clubs
2016 you had the Bulldogs fairytale story and the Swans looking to atone for 2014.
2015 was about Hawks creating history, quest to become one of the best of all time.
2014 was a heavyweight match up between clear two best teams.
2013 was Hawthorn atoning for 2012, Fremantle’s first GF.
2012 lacked a certain something going in but it was a sensational match. I think it broke the all time tackling record at the time, high quality football throughout.
2011 was a true heavyweight bout and lived up to the hype. Three quarters of amazing footy before Geelong powered away.

And so on.

Collingwood got to the GF on account of a soft draw (beat one top 8 team in the home and away) and Richmond deciding to have their first off night in 22 MCG games in the preliminary final.

A close grand final does not a classic make

The Lions did it with virtually half the side carrying an injury in 2003. Voss had bone rubbing on bone in his knee.

Collingwood went in with the extra rest having beaten Brisbane in the QF. Brisbane had to travel interstate for the prelim.

Travel back to back weeks, significant injury toll, had lost to Collingwood on the MCG three weeks early, and blew Collingwood off the park GF day.

Brisbane were the best.

West Coast crowned 2018 AFL premiers in all-time classic grand final

It’s hard to believe Collingwood came so close to winning.

AFL grand final player ratings: Collingwood Magpies

2005 and ’06 were a blight.

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 were better matches, but this was one of the better ones today.

For most of the day it felt like a match played in the middle of July between two mid-table teams. There weren’t many passages of brilliance — apart from the passage that resulted in the Sheed goal of course. That will be replayed for decades.

West Coast probably should have wrapped it up early in the 4th quarter. They completely dominated the second half.

West Coast’s extra rest throughout the finals seemed like a big difference. Collingwood were barely able to run the match out.

West Coast crowned 2018 AFL premiers in all-time classic grand final