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So Dhoni’s job is not to close out an innings because he comes in at #5?

The fact is in game 2 Australia were headed for 260 until Maxwell lifted the run rate with a brilliant 48 off 39.

We just have a different perspective I suppose.

A quickfire 48 late in an innings is a brilliant innings. You would have been happier if he made 48 off 60 and batted out the innings.

If anything it was Marsh’s job to see out the innings. He got out playing a risky shot two balls later.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

26 off 19 is just a normal innings. Not a failure, not a success.

Handscomb or Marsh is there to play cautious 80 strike rate cricket and be there at the end.

Maxwell’s job is to pile on quick runs. We were headed for 260 before he blasted 48 off 39 (with Marsh also picking up his pace when Maxi came to the crease). Gave our bowlers a 290 to aim at.

With 3 overs left and 5 wickets in hand, having Maxi push it around for singles would be dumb, dumb, dumb.

Some people are stuck with the mentality of 275 being a good score in ODI cricket when batting first.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

What’s this obsession with closing out an innings?

Especially when batting first. That’s not how it works.

Are you comparing him to Dhoni.

Dhoni was managing the run rate in a chase. He was taking the absolute minimum risks while keep the run rate within reach.

Maxwell was looking to pile on runs and set a bigger target for the opposition.

If Australia finish an innings with 5 wickets in hand batting first, it’s very likely that they’ve left runs on the table because they haven’t taken enough risks.

Your mentality is the same one where everyone was slapping Stoinis on the back for his 63 off 76 while chasing 320 in Hobart. That selfish innings cost us the match.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

Last 12 months in ODI cricket, Maxi has averaged 32 (which is also his career average).

I’m not sure what the strike rate is but it would be 100+ (121 over his career).

He’s done his job as a #7 in the past 12 months.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

T20 game 1 against SA, chasing 108 in a 10 over match, Maxwell scores a brilliant 38 off 23. Gets 1 wicket in his two overs he bowled. 8 batsmen used, only Maxwell and Lynn made it out of single figures (14 off 10).

What more can he do in a 10 over T20 match?

T20 game 1 against India top scored with brilliant 46 off 24 coming in at first drop.

T20 game 2 against India second highest score with 19 off 22.

T20 game 3 against India 13 off 16 coming in at first drop and 1 for 25 off 4 overs of bowling.

None of those innings are failures in a T20 match. Game 3 he was one of our best bowlers.

4 T20 matches, he was the best of the batsmen in two of them. One of our best bowlers in another.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

This is ridiculous now.

The 1st ODI the entire top order failed. Australia were 6 for 66. He had a bad innings, but Finch, Head, Short all got out for single figures, Lynn scored 15 off 32 (11 off 8 is more valuable).

The 2nd ODI 15 off 19. Not great. Stoinis got 2 off 9, no-one scored a 50, Carey top scored with a snails pace 47 off 72.

The 3rd ODI Maxwell bowls 7 overs 0/38 in an innings where SA get 5 for 320. Can’t ask for much more from a part timer.

Gets 35 off 27 chasing 12 an over with SA bowling brilliantly at the death with wide yorker after wide yorker.

Stoinis and Marsh batted us into a hole. I remember them being something ridiculous like 15 off 35 and 4 off 20 at one point despite chasing 320. Dot ball after dot ball, no effort to get singles. Stoinis for all his big hitting scored a slow 63 off 76. That killed us chasing 320.

Maxwell got out for 35 off 27 trying to score at 12 an over. He didn’t have the luxury that Stoinis had of scoring at 4 or 5 an over.

This is just a hatchet job with no context.

Then in the T20s Maxwell was probably the pick of our players.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

He only faced 5 balls in the 1st ODI. He came in at the 48th over for crying out loud.

The 2nd ODI we were headed for 260 before he came in at over 37 and picked things up, which compelled Marsh to pick up his rate as well. All of a sudden we were getting 11 per over.

He got out in the 47th or 48th over which is perfectly fine. His role is to play aggressively. If you’re not throwing the bat at everything with with 3 overs to go and 5 wickets in hand then you’re a bad, selfish late overs batsman. Brilliant 48 off 39 I think it was. How can anyone complain about that valuable innings? It was more valuable than a 75 off 100.

The 3rd ODI is the only innings that could be considered a failure, but 26 off 19 is hardly an innings you can rake someone over the coals for, especially when you have top order batsmen like Finch and Carey routinely failing, Khawaja batting slowly, Stoinis batting himself into a hole again.

If Maxwell scored 26 off 40 I’d say it was an ordinary innings, but not 26 off 19.

Maxi just can’t win.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

Let’s go through the past three games.

He got 11 not out off 5. What more could he have done?

He then gets 48 off 39. Before he came to the crease Australia were headed for 260. Maxwell picks up the pace, Marsh follows and all of a sudden they were getting 11 an over. Perfect late innings 48.

The other night he got 26 off 19 trying to pick up the run rate. He was trying to give our bowlers a score to defend. You can classify 26 off 19 a failure if you want, but what does that say about Finch, Carey, Khawaja, Stoinis, etc.

Maxwell was brilliant in the SA series as well. Did everything asked of him. For a #7 you can’t just look at raw numbers (you’re not even including whether he was not out, his strike rate). Needs some context.

Maxwell is the last white ball cricketer we should be criticising right now.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

This is unbelievable.

Maxwell bats at #7 and is asked to throw the bat at everything.

This series he’s had a 11 not out off 5 balls, a brilliant 48 off about 39 balls, and then 26 off 19 when he was trying to pick the run rate up.

That’s a great series.

The only innings that could be considered a “failure” would be the 26 off 19. If 26 off 19 is a failure then what does that say about Finch’s 6 off 18 in Adelaide, Stoinis with 10 off 20 in Melbourne.

Is Glenn Maxwell the Big Show or a no-show?

He’s the coach of the national side, champ.

No-one has more influence.

Wade should take back the Australian ODI keeper spot

But he’s one of the selectors and more importantly the coach. No selector has more influence than Langer.

And he’s won 4 out of 28 matches against cricketing nations.

It must be the most pathetic record in international cricket history.

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

Finch’s time is up.

There needs to be consequences when you don’t perform for months on end.

Get Wade in there. Carey’s not up to it. Let Carey go back to domestic cricket and force his way into the national side with big innings.

Even Handscomb can keep.

If I were running Cricket Australia, Langer would be on real thin ice right now. I’d call an emergency meeting and have him explain these ODI selections.

Wade should take back the Australian ODI keeper spot

These Indians are the new West Indies. They are a powerhouse.

Not just natural talent but a level of professionalism that doesn’t exist in Australia. They are so well drilled.

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

I’d love to see Ponting as coach. Surely the smartest cricketing brain going around.

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

Langer needs to pay for these hero picks of his that have time and again blown up in his face.

He kept backing the Marsh brothers in Tests despite howls of protest. They cost us the UAE series, cost us big in the 1st and 3rd Tests.

Finch opening for us in Tests had no justification. Not only is he not an opener, he’s probably not good enough to be a middle order Test player. We had far superior openers available, but Langer looked over them and went with the hero pick. Cost us the ODI series as well.

Carey opening another massive mistake. No reason for it. Another hero pick and experiment that has blown up in Langer’s face.

Same with Siddle. That selection was completely out of left field. I really don’t know what he was thinking. Another hero picked that failed for him.

Is Langer ever going to pay for this? Is he ever going to explain himself? Are there any consequences any more for making poor decisions over and over?

Langer’s now won 4 out of 28 games against cricketing nations (I’ve excluded the two T20 games against Zimbabwe and one T20 game against the UAE they aren’t international-level cricketing nations for all intents).

4 wins out of 28 games. How can people not be outraged by that coaching record and the selection blunders he has made?

Sloppy Australia hand India 2-1 series win

He keeps wickets in hand and doesn’t let it get out of hand. Needing 9 an over with 5 overs to go and 6-7 wickets in hand is a powerful position to be in. 12 an over is a problem, but he doesn’t let it blow out to that.

Glenn Maxwell dropping a sitter? Not remotely possible

Shauny is a nervy type who looks like he’s about to spew until he gets his score into double figures.

Not a leader of men.

Glenn Maxwell dropping a sitter? Not remotely possible

I agree Mitch Marsh is a decent enough contributor in ODI cricket, but Stoinis has taken Mitch Marsh’s role and is doing a good enough job. He’s got big flaws in his game Stoinis, but so does Marsh. It’s up to Mitch Marsh now to put up some strong performances in the BBL and Shield to force his way back into the national side.

Langer did say that runs are currency. Marsh hasn’t made many runs recently, he cost us the UAE series. He needs to go back to the domestic series and make a compelling case for taking a punt with him again. He’s had more chances than any other young cricketer in the country.

Glenn Maxwell dropping a sitter? Not remotely possible

I agree with most of it, however shouldn’t focus too much on Maxi’s dropped catch because no-one really focused on all the dropped catches in the first innings of the Boxing Day Test. Everyone was blaming the supposed “dead pitch” (that Australia got rolled on when they batted).

“They’ll find it difficult to name Finch, Carey, Khawaja, Hazlewood, and Head in the squad.”

Khawaja still retains his spot, but I’d make sure he’s the next to cop it if he doesn’t get his head into line. The guy plays with no passion, like he’s happy to just stay on the Cricket Australia payroll. Lazy between wickets, no real urgency about his game in general.

At the end of the day he averages the same as Maxwell (32), except Maxwell is 50% more efficient with a 120 strike rate vs 80.

It’s time to move on from Finch, and Carey isn’t an opener. We have no chance in this upcoming Indian ODI series if we have those two opening the batting. Finch cost us the Test series and now a ODI series. Enough.

This is the national side. We select the best 11 players in the country to represent us. Domestic cricket exists for players out of form to get themselves back into form.

Can’t have Bailey representing our country with that batting stance he has. It’s a joke. It’s all for attention. If you need to resort to such measures to stop yourself from skying balls to catchers on the leg side then you’re not an international cricketer. You’re deeply flawed.

Plus the Indians ball smart. These aren’t BBL calibre bowlers.

Glenn Maxwell dropping a sitter? Not remotely possible

Masterful run chase by India. They sum it up so well whether ODI or T20 matches. So smart and deliberate. They’re going to miss Dhoni when he’s gone. One of the all time greats.

HIGHLIGHTS: Ice-cool Dhoni steers India home again for series win

The players handed wildcards have no connection to Hewitt’s management team.

Just another Tomic lie.

Tomic is 26, lived a lavish lifestyle and likely to have frittered most of it away, hasn’t made much money in recent years, will never be a better player than he is right now, hates playing tennis, clearly is mentally ill.

I don’t see this ending well for Tomic.

Hewitt hits back with some explosive claims against Bernard Tomic


Nadal looks in imperious form. His body won’t hold up for 7 matches on a hard court though.

Can the 'Demon' ruffle Rafa's feathers tonight?

Soccer has never had sustained support in this country.

Active support works best when it actually involves support

Shauny averages 29 in Asia. He’s not really an ‘Asian specialist’ either.

In memoriam: The international career of Shaun Marsh

He was the first to throw Maxi under the bus back in November. Was considering putting a 32 average batsman (same Khawaja) down to #8.

Maxi hadn’t even had a bad run of form which was the bizarre thing.

Finch on the other hand has been putrid since November, cost as the 2nd ODI, cost us the 1st and 3rd Tests.

Why do we let these guys like Finch, Mitch Marsh, Shaun Marsh in Tests ruin our summer?

Aaron Finch defends ODI spot despite lean run