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He can always quit footy and get a job. No-one has a gun to his head saying he has to play football. With the money he’s earned he’d have quite a bit of money put away. Certainly enough to take some time off and find a new career where he’s not in the limelight.

Freo's Hogan banned for alcohol slip-up

One of my favourite sporting memories is a Friday afternoon game at Wrigley Field. Optus Stadium is a hollow bowl built in the middle of nowhere in comparison.

Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

They finished 4th last year with a very easy fixture.

Sure, they beat the Tigers convincingly in the prelim, but upsets do happen in sport otherwise we wouldn’t watch. It came out of nowhere. Remains to be seen whether it was an anomaly or a trend. I suspect an anomaly because Collingwood were a middle of the road kind of team for 23 rounds.

Don’t forget that from 1/4 time of the Grand Final West Coast were at least a 10 goal better team, they were just terribly inaccurate in front of goal. All of this on Collingwood’s home ground against an interstate team too.

2019 AFL season preview: Collingwood Magpies

Good point.

Lyon should not be a World Cup certainty

Guys like Gil live in this fantasy land where they are never accountable for bad decisions, frivolously burn hundreds of millions on ridiculous vanity projects doomed to fail like the Suns/GWS/AFLX/China games. The reality is the AFL runs itself. It’s built on the back of the big Melbourne clubs with 120 years of passion and the financial might of West Coast.

When these guys are forced to venture out in the real world they get their pants pulled down.

Demetriou lost $150 million at Acquire Learning.

Mike Fitzpatrick lost his shirt investing in a wave technology company where he was director.

These were their first ventures after leaving the safe confines of the AFL and both ventures went t*** up.

Why the AFL is secretly nervous about season 2019

Great stadiums (atmosphere, intimacy, aesthetics, history) definitely make for a richer experience. And of course the actual fans themselves. Most of the stadiums you have mentioned are newer stadiums which often lack those qualities.

But in general you are correct.

Attending live sports has become a hassle for the most part.

It used to be a choice between your 48cm TV with analog signal and 5 channels or attending live with all the atmosphere, noise, colour.

Now it’s a choice between your 65 inch HD (or 4K now) TV, internet enabled devices, or attending live getting patted down, having security scowl at anyone having fun, paying amounts for food/beer/tickets that far outstrip inflation, plus you have the complete disconnect between teams and fans to add insult.

Not to mention that live sport is competing with Netflix, sport from all over the world, lifelike video games — all in an environment where wages have stagnated for a decade and cost of living has exploded.

Sports stadia are garbage, and here’s why

Don’t need three spinners in England. Probably could get away with Maxi and Stoinis with his half trackers sharing 5th bowler duties.

Lyon should not be a World Cup certainty

True mate

Franklin may be fit for Swans opener

But Fremantle have a long list of players who have been in trouble in recent times. Maybe 20% of the list, with many of them repeat offenders.

Freo's Hogan banned for alcohol slip-up

Agreed. These behavioural problems need to be highlighted because it’s more than a coincidence. Even the coach has got in the action.

Freo's Hogan banned for alcohol slip-up

Bennell (whose only real issue was at Gold Coast)

Bennell has been stood down by Fremantle on multiple occasions. He’s been on several last chances.

Are you just in denial?

Freo's Hogan banned for alcohol slip-up

Good point mate

Freo's Hogan banned for alcohol slip-up

Not the first time Bud has felt 50-50 about passing a test

Franklin may be fit for Swans opener

Players who been suspended for drug/alcohol/behavioural problems at Fremantle in recent times (help me out if I miss anyone):

Bennell (multiple times)
Brad Hill
Blakely (skipped training to go surfing)
Shane Yarran
Michael Johnson
Brennan Cox
Luke Ryan
Ross Lyon (club paid hush money to cover up sexual harassment)

Freo's Hogan banned for alcohol slip-up

I’ve given my top 8 champ. Time for you to put your money where your mouth is.

2019 AFL season preview: Melbourne Demons

That is true. Foxtel might get the new rights deal, but it will be for substantially less. The A-League in its current form will not exist.

Six talking points from A-League Round 22

Give me your top 8 and I’ll give you mine.

I know you don’t have the guts to put anything on the record.

2019 AFL season preview: Melbourne Demons

The AFL is just buttering us up year after year because Gil is too gutless to make a unilateral decision where he’ll be held accountable.

So we have to put up with this charade year after year.

4:30pm on a Saturday afternoon doesn’t solve anything anyway. It’s an awkward time. 7:30pm makes more sense.

I don’t really care what time they start the game, but the public and players have made it clear that they want a day Grand Final.

Gil just needs to put it to rest now. He’s tried buttering up the public, but failed to get the outcome he desired (much like with games in China & NZ, two expansion teams in NSW & QLD, AFLX).

The solution that could solve the twilight saga

2015 was 30+ I think.

Who cares any way? Same conditions for both teams. Sun doesn’t have the same strength as in summer where it burns.

The solution that could solve the twilight saga

It looks as though Collingwood will be second.

I’m not sure why everyone is so gung ho about them. They were completely outplayed in the Grand Final after 1/4 time on their home deck.

Had a ridiculously easy draw last season.

I think they’ll make the 8, not the 4.

Melbourne are in my top 4, but you can’t really rely on them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they finished 1st or 10th.

2019 AFL season preview: Melbourne Demons

I’ve been saying those things for years but shouted down by people on hear unfortunately. Glad to see others are waking up. The A-League in its current iteration will be insolvent after the next media rights package is negotiated.

Six talking points from A-League Round 22

The glamour club playing at a sparsely populated suburban oval in 2019 is not what the A-League had in mind when it was formed.

The A-League will be in for a rude awakening when the next media rights package is negotiated. I see some teams going bust.

Heaven help the A-League if it’s only Optus that bid for it. Then no-one will watch.

Six talking points from A-League Round 22

Figjam Fyfe, eh?

Let’s see if he can stay on the park for more than 12 games first.

Fyfe: Contested beasts to dominate in 2019

This guy is turning into a bit of a drama queen.

He’s the third highest paid driver on the grid but got beat by his teammate all weekend, then has the cheek to say the car isn’t good enough.

Has taken little pot shots at RBR and Verstappen in the off season implying that they were favouring Verstappen over him. Verstappen beat Ricciardo last year fair and square. Ricciardo had a lot of bad luck, but Verstappen beat him comfortably for raw pace.

Now blaming media and sponsor commitments for his poor weekend which is rubbish. He threw his weekend away by trying to pass another car on the grass when it was completely unnecessary.

I hope he doesn’t get bitter about losing much like Mark Webber did.

Ricciardo: I couldn't prepare properly because I was trying to please everyone

Verstappen or Vettel might pick up on odd win, but Mercedes will dominate this championship.

Poor race from Ricciardo. Stupid trying to pass someone on the grass like that.

Let’s hope Bottas can channel Rosberg of 2016 (and 2014 Rosberg took Hammy to the last race). Our only hope for a somewhat watchable championship.

In qualifying yesterday, the Mercedes was pulling away on the straight, through most of the corners. It’s a dominant car, Ferrari won’t be able to pull back this advantage. Bottas was half a second quicker than Vettel and we know that Bottas is inferior to Vettel.

Valtteri Bottas breaks his drought at Australian Grand Prix