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Couch Expert on all things, legend of none. Geelong FC, QPR, and general sports fan. Love the whole grow, harvest, cook way of life.

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Fans should select the Australian cricket team

Fans should select the Australian cricket team

23 Feb 2013

The public should get the chance to select an Australian cricket team online and choosing a one-off T20 game or series that fans could become selectors for should be a priority for Cricket Australia.

Cheika returning rugby to its former self

21 Feb 2013

The ‘couch experts’ out there in Australia have massive televisions, booming surround sound and watch just as much sport as the selectors or so called ‘expert’ commentators.

Sydney grade cricket's got talent

19 Feb 2013

I was at Chatswood Oval Saturday with cardboard cut-outs of ‘The Hoff’ and Sharon Osborne to find the next Ashton Agar.

The Australian public's right to select a cricket team

15 Feb 2013

There is a very common saying you might have heard before that states, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

Bounce the ball and get on with another season of footy

13 Feb 2013

Anyone else excited for the start of the AFL Season on Friday night? Its NAB cup time, the precursor to main season start. I can’t wait for football to begin again.

An ode to the couch selectors

23 Jan 2013

My household and the cricket loving community have all had their say on who should have been chosen for the international Twenty20 games coming up.