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1991. West Coast v Hawthorn was played at Waverly Park due to Southern Stand construction.

SCG to host NRL grand final as Greenberg snubs Brisbane

The fundamental problem is this – Champion Data is a business. They make money from their data. The more data they release for free, the less valuable they believe their data is.

Oztam has the same problem – but worse. Cant publish the publicly released tv ratings data in any kind of format without paying for a subscription (20k a year).

Footy fans aren't worthy of access to stats? Give us a spell, AFL

1. The VFL itself wasnt insolvent, clubs were.
2. License fees werent the only thing that saved the VFL clubs, although the West Coast and Brisbane ones helped. Of far greater benefit was the tv deal signed at the end of 1987 for 4 times the amount.
3. The AFL makes as much if not more money from non broadcast income than it does broadcast income in most years.
4. AFL broadcast deals are more dependent on Victorian viewers than all other states put together, given Victorians make up more than half the audience, and their advertising market value is several times that of the other states. Do some research.
5. There are currently 2-3 of 9 clubs dependent on AFL largesse at the moment, and a good part of that is due to AFL fixturing and marketing polices, as well as being forced into agreements they have no control over.
5. Whatever players may have come in from other states after 1973, the vast majority of players in the competition were still Victorian. Hell even today, more than half the draftees come from Victorian clubs, including the TAC Cup.

Tasmania needs a team in the AFL

You mean the interstate clubs established specifically to enter the VFL/AFL to stop actual existing state clubs from leaving to join the VFL/AFL? WA was so desperate they even caved to every demand the VFL made.

Where the players come from doesnt change the fact the comp was the “real” VFL.

Financially speaking NONE of the state comps was doing great 30 years ago – in the mid to late 80s, the WAFL was fully bailed out by the WA Government, 7 VFL clubs were almost broke, 9 SANFL clubs reported massive losses.

Tasmania needs a team in the AFL

Its also not true.

The confusing thing about A-League expansion

speaking of not including the regional data – AFL regionals in NSW came in at 3 times the NRL regionals in Victoria. Its also worth noting that the NRL was on the primary 9 channel in Melbourne, whereas the AFL was on a secondary channel into Sydney.

The NRL is falling behind the AFL

Where the Grand Final is held has no bearing on the makeup of the league.

Expansion didnt save Carlton. We were perfectly fine in 1986 thanks.

And Expansion didnt save anyone after the Bears and Eagles came in, the 30m tv deal did that at the end of 1987. The saving clubs thing was done and dusted before the Crows came in 1991.

Sooner the non victorian clubs and their supporters remember they joined a league with a hundred year tradition of holding a grand final at the MCG, the sooner we can put this to rest. Its worth noting that we still hand out the Brownlow, Coleman and Norm Smith medals, as well as the McLellan Trophy – all VFL traditions.

They can also remember that most of the leagues support, tv audiences, matchday attendance, members, and sponsorship is due to Victorians.

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

The AFL isnt a charity, and if it makes less money it has to charge fans more, give clubs less and cut distribuitions to state leagues.

Theres a bigger picture here.

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

I dont see how anyone thought it was going to go another way.

The AFL wanted 300 million for Etihad alone, and clubs had their hands out for their own venues too. In addition grassroots needed funding for womens facilities. Then there is the fact that the Southern Stand was always going to need a rebuild before the contract was up.

What did you think the Victorian Government was going to ask for in order to hand over 300m to the AFL and its clubs?

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

Someone has to be grounded in reality and not pie in the sky ideals

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

didnt even mention the stadium. Its not like the MCG stands arent being upgraded every 20 years or so…no wait they are.

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

The notion that its not already truly national is ridiculous. Every expansion in the last 30 years has been non victorian. Half the AFL Commission is non victorian in origin. Half the AFL CEOs since 1993 have been South Australians. There are at least two professional AFL sides in 5 different states, with at least 6-7 matches a year played in the other one, and 2-3 matches a year played in the two territorys.

Not a national game. Spare me.

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

Moving the Grand Final – in fact any finals – was never a condition of the license fee.

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

Even the MCC pays up for the grand final – $250+ for each person in the members on the day, and between 16-20,000 of them alone. That alone is worth $4-5m to the league.

Thats without the 23,000 AFL members who pay for the privelige, and would likely have access to the Grand Final regardless of where its held.

5,000 AXXESS ONE members from Etihad Stadium are entitled to entry to the Grand Final – cant see that changing unless the AFL makes them AFL members under its stadium ownership.

Then the MCG has a LOT of corporate boxes and seating that isnt matched anywhere else, except maybe ANZ.

Then the 50,000 odd club members who pay a minimum $180 to go plus reserved seating fees.

Then the attendance bonus for 100,000 people from the MCC if the AFL meets its quota for the year. This can be worth between $1.50 to $3.00 per head if footy brings in more than 2.1m patrons in a year. (last year 2.35m patrons through the gate would have been an extra $150,000 from the grand final alone)

The AFL's grand final plan is a slap in the face to 45% of fans

the clubs listed above are fully integrated leagues/football clubs

The billion-dollar world of AFL clubs

you cant have them in WA clubs

The billion-dollar world of AFL clubs

Gaming Revenue

Canterbury – $74,390,104
Penrith – $65,374,000
Eastern Suburbs – $44,965,581
Parramatta – $41,172,597
North Queensland – $11,218,900
Cronulla – $8,407,201

The billion-dollar world of AFL clubs

also raw data and source material

2017 AFL & Club Annual Reports

The billion-dollar world of AFL clubs

Also: Eleven AFL clubs took $134 million in revenue from their pokie venues. Nine clubs reported $22.19 million in venue profits, while Hawthorn and Geelong didnt divulge venue costs. Hawthorn generally making several million in profit, while Geelong are actively reducing the number of pokies they have at hand.

The billion-dollar world of AFL clubs

The AFL doesnt hand out that data for the mens comp either – well not in the last 20 years.

AFLW is not worthy of all the hype

it’ll be settled in the end. just like Osullivan and Rehns cases were.

Close case set to present a legal headache for the AFL

The AFL will “takeover” – or you know, just rent, publicly available stadiums that governments and stadium managers are more than happy to rent them. You want exlusive use of a stadium? Buy the damn thing.

It's time for the FFA to step up - or stand aside

thats the funny thing about the Hindmarsh stadium issue – there was a two day break between AFLX and Adelaide United ad the ground turned up rubbish. Allianz had AFLX the night before and was fine. People want to blame anything, they should be blaming the ground maintenance and ground managers.

Its not unknown for the MCG or Etihad to stage 3 AFL games across a weekend, and its not unknown for “AFL grounds” to have soccer fixtures played on them mid AFL season, or an origin match midweek. Theres no exclusivity for these places.

Five quick takes from AFLX

No such thing as an A-league ground. Ground used by the A-league maybe, but as all these stadiums are public venues – except Docklands, which is fully owned by the AFL – then the Government or ground manager (the same in the case of Hindmarsh stadium) can rent it to whoever they like.

Five quick takes from AFLX

“The crowd at the Sydney edition of AFLX really drove the point home – this is supposed to be the AFL’s tool for expanding into the land of the rectangular stadium, but you could get a bigger AFLX crowd by hosting the tournament in my backyard.”

There was nearly 10,000 at the game – reflected in photos taken in the shade on the broadcast side of the stadium, as opposed to the very sparsely populated sunny non broadcast side visible on television.

Five quick takes from AFLX