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Clubs and coaches are the reason for the condition that gameplay currently finds itself in, specifically countering flooding tactics, the “rolling maul” and similar things. The AFL is trying to keep the game free flowing and leading to much criticised rule changes designed to keep the game free flowing, but are foiled at every attempt by coaches who want to bog the game down. Its about winning ugly, even as their clubs need people to watch.

The problem with appointing an independent party as keeper of the code is that the AFL will simply ignore it – much like the VFL did with the NFL before the VFL simply took over the NFL in the mid 80s.

Bear in mind that not only does the AFL Commission run the AFL itself, but it directly controls state football in every state and territory except WA and SA, and both those states are reliant on AFL revenues (whether its at their stadiums or their clubs) to survive in the future. Theres simply no one to stand up to the AFL Commission any more.

Am I not pretty enough? The AFL needs to look in the mirror

They didnt act like it either. The AFLs mistake was that they did promote it properly – this was noted on twitter by several current and former Mathildas during the opening Carlton v Collingwood game.

I mean god forbid that a sports organisation with the resources of the AFL would actually use those resources to promote a womens competition,.

League, union or AFL: Which is Canberra's sport of choice?

The AFL have never claimed to do any of these things.

League, union or AFL: Which is Canberra's sport of choice?

Some say Lawson has been bought off. Rubbish. League folks say it. No one else gives a damn.

And its not unheard of for someone who writes a report to be bought on board to implement its recommendations.

Is AFL in Sydney finally seeing sustained growth?

or you can keep believing the league press about afl figures. Because that aint going to be biased at all.

Yes, there was some issues with participation figures reported for AFL Sydney in 2011 & 12 – there was a report issued then and those figures were addressed afterward.

A comparison of AFL growth in non-heartland states

Heres an actual fact. Crowds in Melbourne for the AFL are up 7% over the 1998 figures. Average crowds in Melbourne have risen from 38,014 to 40,851 since 1998.

The total number is down an entire 1%, but theres also 9 less games in Melbourne for 2017 than there in 1998.

Thats facts. And using the same source Nemesis did.

Does anyone care about the summer of football?

You might want to go back and read some of the tweets from current and former Mathildas players at the time, regarding how to properly promote and showcase a womens sport.

2017, the year women's sport in Australia went big

Havent even seen that anywhere from the AFL.

It has been put forward that its ideal to send the code overseas – where many competitions already use rectangular grounds in Europe, Asia, the US and even NZ.

Forget AFLX, the future of Aussie Rules is 12-a-side

lol the SANFL can do whatever they like.

Codewar with the AFLs AFLX? hahahaha give me a break.

Forget AFLX, the future of Aussie Rules is 12-a-side

umpteen rebuilds?

The MCG has been rebuilt in 2 parts – the Great Southern Stand in 1992, and the Northern Stand in 2004. Some refurbishment has been done to the Southern Stand to modernise it.

However the vast amount of this is paid for by the MCC and not the state or federal governments.

The WA and SA Governments have literally spent money replacing stadiums that were built in the 70s. In WAs case, they’ve literally just refurbished a soccer stadium at the cost of 90 odd million, and Hindmarsh was done for soccer after 2000 as well. Not to mention the 2006 build of Aami Park as a rectangular venue in Melbourne that has cost the state more money than it has contributed to any AFL stadiums in Victoria.,

Think no one wants new stadia? Try asking football fans

to be fair, the MCG has been entirely rebuilt since – in two halves. The Great Southern Stand (1992) and the Northern Stand (2004). Although most of the cost was met by the MCC, with little input from Fed/State Gov.

The Roar Podcast: What's the best way to judge a sport's success?

not to mention that the stadiums in Perth and Adelaide are replacing stadiums that were literally built in the 70’s.

Sorry, Mr FitzSimons, I'm not signing your petition

The entire Showgrounds upgrade was done for $65 million – $20 million of which was paid by the AFL and RAS

Sorry, Mr FitzSimons, I'm not signing your petition

Theres a vast difference between the amount spent on the SCG, Spotless and Homebush compared to the proposed rebuild of ANZ, the SFS, not to mention Parra, and the money already spent on rectangular stadia in the Sydney area.

Sorry, Mr FitzSimons, I'm not signing your petition


Sorry, Mr FitzSimons, I'm not signing your petition

The figures arent sketchy at all. A sum total of 120 million of almost 500 million total was spent by the taxpayer (including Vic Gov money which replaced promised Federal funding for the Northern Stand). The MCC covers far more of the funding through debt than the Government has ever spent.

The MCG hasnt been rebuilt since 2002. Only the Northern Stand was rebuilt for the Commonwealth Games at a grand total cost to the taxpayer of $77 million (of more than $400 million total). The remaining money for the redevelopment was picked up by loans taken by the MCC (a private company) – not the MCG Trust (the government stadium owner). There has been another 40 odd million in taxpayer funded upgrades to the Southern Stand, but not a rebuild – the stand dates to 1992.

Will Sydney FC fans follow if the club heads north of the bridge?

they’d laugh at him, but I dont think anyone would say he has no right to comment.

Forget the AFL, what can we do to get more fans to A-League games?

having a different opinion doesnt necessarily make one ignorant.

Forget the AFL, what can we do to get more fans to A-League games?

its a relatively free country, people can have opinions. Sheehan has only been a sports writer/commentator for 40 odd years.

Forget the AFL, what can we do to get more fans to A-League games?

Actually AFLW was more a reaction to the rise and rise of the WBBL. Expansion was always happening in 2019.

Things can only get better for AFLW with expansion

VFL wanted to move to Waverly because they felt they could make more money at Waverly which they owned. The move never happened though.

Its not the involvement of interstate teams that delivers any thing special, its the fact its been the home of football and the grand final since 1897.

Another fake news flag for Victoria unfairly won at the MCG

The key word is tried. They still didnt.

Another fake news flag for Victoria unfairly won at the MCG

I suggest you check your own history. The AFL wasnt founded in 1990, it was simply rebranded. The WA and SA clubs came to the VFL, with its attendant traditions (MCG finals, and Brownlow/Coleman/Norm SMith Medals, Mclelland Trophies etc etc)

Another fake news flag for Victoria unfairly won at the MCG

Contracts are only not worth the paper if both club and player agree. In Gibbs case, the club held him to his contract. Theres no problem here. Theres a perception issue – if a player wants to leave you have to let him go…well no you dont.

The pre finals bye doesnt threaten the integrity of anything. What rubbish. It would threaten the integrity if it was only offered to some clubs in the finals and not others, but the fact is its offered to ALL clubs in the final series. and the top 4 still retain a double chance. it does give some players an extra week of recovery to be ready for finals footy and thats good for everyone.

What does the AFL need to fix ahead of season 2018?

You mean more than having a 600 million dollar stadium handed to them for 6 months a year at no cost to the SANFL?

Are Southern Expansion after Kogaragh Oval?