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I am a passionate rugby league fanatic that is so sick of the disgusting refereeing blaming attitude that has infected the greatest game of all. Aspiring journalist, passionate referee, and lover of all things rugby league.



That’s more of a knock on than Kyle Feldt’s disallowed try, put it that way.

Does Jason Saab come up with the season's most unbelievable grounding - or a knock-on?

I’d like to offer some clarification for the second last paragraph. Yes, the Eels are sweating on Waqa Blake – we’re sweating on the possibility he’s NOT rubbed out for next week…

It’s hardly a coincidence our best form of the season was the eight weeks to start the year when he was injured.

Gutherson's C-bomb spray at teammate in Roosters thumping sums up Eels right now

As much as it stings to admit; a very good and accurate article, Tim.

I was there at the 2009 GF with my Dad and we were both heartbroken when Archer penalised Moi Moi for a perfect tackle on Billy Slater. It still riles me up watching it even to this day but the Parra faithful can’t blame that for the loss; the Storm were the better side for the first 65 minutes. We came out nervous and they put us to the sword, and that was that. We did well to pull back to 22-16, and we probably would have scored again had Slater’s knock on been called as such, but you can’t wait till the last quarter of a grand final to kick into gear.

As far as this season goes; at the start of the year I said that anything short of a preliminary final appearance wasn’t good enough and needed to result in BA being moved on. I maintain that opinion, especially now. A top 4 spot is vital to a premiership, and makes a preliminary final berth all the easier. We’ve been entrenched in the top 4 all year, so if our run home drops us to 5th or 6th, we’re gone.

The top 3 is pretty much locked in, barring a tremendous form slump by the Bunnies or Penrith somehow collapsing without Cleary. That leaves a three way battle between the Eels, Roosters, and Sea Eagles for the coveted fourth spot. Provided that Tom Trbojevic doesn’t get injured, you’d have to say Manly are the favourites given their run home.

For Parramatta to hold on to their place, they need to start off with a defeat of the Roosters tonight. If we can’t beat Easts with half their team injured, we won’t beat the Bunnies, Manly, Storm, or Penrith either, and I’d be nervous of the Cowboys too.

Forget Melbourne in round 2, tonight’s game is the most I’ve been nervous all season. Anything less than a win simply isn’t good enough and puts a proverbial line through our season.

I sincerely hope we can get it done.

Crash and burn time: 'I can't imagine the trauma of being one of the Blue and Gold faithful'

Paul Kent has the wrong vowel in his last name.

Paul Kent slams Warriors for giving RTS an early contract release to return home

I feel tremendously sorry for him and the entire New Zealand team, along with their families. Australia’s continued incompetence when it comes to the pandemic has cost them immensely.

All the best for RTS – I hope the NZ team doesn’t become too disconsolate when he leaves. You certainly can’t blame him for doing so.

BREAKING: Tuivasa-Sheck's NRL career over

Neither of the two were great by any stretch, but Wighton has a lot more to answer for than Moses does. By far the worse performance of the two.

'Basically non-existent': Moses and Wighton produce disastrous display

I’m so pleased that you wrote this article Mary; and I couldn’t agree with it more. Spot on the money.

I’m pleased you published this before I finished mine; not only because yours is far better, but because my working title was “Paul Gallen is an Idiot” which probably wouldn’t have made it past the editors! 😂

Lockdowns are hard for everyone, not just single footy players with an 'urge'

Newcastle needs to host a game next year. 2022 at the latest.

This is a devastating blow to the Hunter who now suffer because of the inconsiderate Peter Ricks in Sydney who didn’t obey the rules and spread the virus around.

BREAKING: Origin 3's new home locked in as Newcastle ruled out

I really hate that he is able to serve his two match ban while in isolation… if he had to be put in isolation for 14 days after being labelled a close contact somewhere through no fault of his own he’d be missing 2 games without being banned. He should be serving his two match after his isolation period ends.

Arrow out of Origin after reports he brought woman into camp, reckons he's 'truly sorry'

I couldn’t agree more Steve; there has to be a way to get it to go ahead; even if it does mean quarantining upon return. Just start next season a little later to give the players the full off-season and don’t have too many events planned for the end of the 2022 season.

I remember flying up to Brisbane for the 2017 World Cup Final and being amazed at actually being at the Final of a World Cup, but the stadium wasn’t even sold out; it was really disappointing. Contrast that with the Australian/Lebanon group stage game I went to at the old SFS, and you could be forgiven for thinking the match was being played in Beirut. While the Australian fans weren’t too enthused about attending the game, the Lebanese community turned out in droves. Lebanon had nearly the entire crowd on their side and you could tell how much it meant to them to see their national team in action.

The 2021 World Cup should be an exciting staple of the calendar; 16 teams competing for the second time ever and the debut appearance of both Greece and Jamaica; it should be incredible just to see them on such a big stage. It should be a monumental celebration of the game of rugby league and a chance to see the best players that 16 countries have to offer. The NRL should be doing everything they can to make sure this tournament goes ahead provided the government allow them to. If it means disrupting the start of the 2022 season, so what? International rugby league needs to be much higher on the priority list than it currently is.

In the land of 'it's coming home', Australia's disdain for RLWC causes deep wounds

Fantastic news – it had to be in NSW if possible. I know Melbourne will be upset they didn’t get the nod; but they are nowhere near as important to Origin as they think they are.

I just hope the NRL and NSW are firm and really strict on the ban on Sydney residents buying tickets; the last thing Newcastle needs is a side of COVID to go with the game.

'Bluecastle': NSW eye Origin sweep following Game 3 venue change

Update – Paul Vaughan has been sacked.

Don’t the door hit you on your way out, you absolute bell-end!

'What are these peanuts doing?': Full list of shamed Dragons' fines, bans

My thoughts on Moses are the same as they were for Reece Walsh, I wouldn’t have picked him, but I hope he has an absolute blinder and puts in a phenomenal performance just to serve up all the naysayers a hearty helping of humble pie.

Origin 3 teams: Who's in for Cleary? Fittler names his NSW line-up

That enormous sigh of relief you just heard probably came from Daly Cherry-Evans… surgery for Cleary in the off season likely means that DCE will keep his no. 7 jersey for Australia in the World Cup at the end of the year; although I don’t think he’s anywhere near being one of the top two halves in the game right now.

All the best to Cleary; it would have been devastating to him and to Penrith’s chances if they lost him for the entire season. Matt Burton should cover for him well enough for the next four weeks or so to ensure they stay in the top two come finals time.

Playing through the pain: Panthers make the call on Nathan Cleary's season

Mulitalo has to be feeling pretty miserable right now but he’s only got Queensland to blame. They picked and played him in their U20s side even though he wasn’t eligible to play for the Maroons under the eligibility rules. At best, it was an oversight and the selectors forgot to do their due diligence, and at worst they tried to make him eligible by picking him and trying to claim eligibility for the Maroons by saying he played in the U20 side. At best, a regrettable oversight. At worst, an attempt to cheat the rules.

Honestly I think the former is more likely, but either way Queensland are entirely to blame for the farcical fiasco. You can’t blame NSW for wanting the rules enforced.

Six talking points from State of Origin Game 2

Newcastle. It’s gotta be Newcastle.

Anybody saying it shouldn’t be in NSW is out of their minds. As long as it’s viable considering the latest outbreak, Game III has to be in NSW. Having 2 games in Queensland and the last game in a “neutral” state is almost farcical.

V'landys "looking at all options" as Sydney Origin III is placed into jeopardy

How stupid… the selfish ticks have put the entire competition at risk.

Bulldogs trio of Napa, Wakeham and Schoupp in hot water with the NRL

I don’t understand the storm surrounding this photo… It’s nothing that both sides haven’t done to each other for the past 30 years. Hell, Thurston giving it to Pearce was one of the most talked about photos of the entire 2015 Series.

If Queensland are seriously trying to paint NSW as arrogant by this photo, they have a lot of looking in the mirror to do.

Bring it on: Luai ready for Maroons response to 'that' Kaufusi photo

Oooh; can’t agree with you in regards to Stadium Australia. Is QCB better than the MCG? Absolutely; the crowd being a kilometre away from the field is terrible for atmosphere. But Stadium Australia? Don’t think so. It’s not quite as close to the action as I’d like but it’s still got 83,000 screaming fans in a good configuration.

For me, the QCB was the best option to move the game to, alongside Bankwest. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype; it should be a great game.

Will Townsville prove to be the difference in State of Origin Game 1?

Hard to disagree with that. I can’t say I’m upset at Melbourne losing what should never have been theirs to behind with.

Will Townsville prove to be the difference in State of Origin Game 1?

I’m just here desperately hoping the reports and rumours are true and Gould has been passed over for commentary duties tonight. Hearing him have a tantrum over every penalty will make me want to frisbee my phone out the window… and there’s concrete out there.

State of Origin Game 1 preview, prediction: Queensland Maroons vs New South Wales Blues

Can we have one Origin series without Queensland trying this nonsense? No doubt before Game II there’ll be a gastro bug going through the camp or something.

Tonsillitis leaves Gagai in doubt for Origin opener

Waqa Blake must have dirt on BA. Bringing in Dunster is fantastic but dropping Fergo and leaving Waqa in the side is ridiculous; the liabilities he presents far outweigh his assets.

How many more defeats will it take for Arthur to wake up and smell the mediocrity?

NRL Round 13 teams: Eels dump Ferguson, Dragons shuffle backline

As an Eels fan it stings a little that our new stadium was passed over in favour of the Cowboys’ slightly newer stadium, but it should definitely be a good spectacle.

I just hope it means NSW will host 2 games in a series in the next few years. I’d also like to see Game II switched from Suncorp to ANZ; having one side able to lose the series without a home game is pretty farcical.

CONFIRMED: Townsville to host Origin 1

Terrific selections; Wighton and especially Tariq Sims excluded.

REVEALED: Brad Fittler names NSW Blues team for State of Origin 1