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If Inglis can continue his great form, he may just pinch Paine’s spot by the end of the summer. I’m just not sure that the statement “Paine is our best keeper” is still true today…

Can India take down the Aussies with Steve Smith and David Warner involved?

I think thats a little harsh. Zampa has been very successful and consistent in the ahorter formats over the last two years. Yes, he doesn’t turn the ball massively, but he has developed enough control and subtle variations to be a serious handful. Hia short-form stats over the last two years are far better than you suggest.

Four takeaways from Round 1 of the Sheffield Shield

Please, are you joking? England would never drop Stokes from their ODI team if available- let’s compare their records:

Batting- Avg 40.63, SR 93.94
Bowling- Avg 41.71, 6.01, SR 41.6

Batting- Avg 34.36, SR 90.37
Bowling- Avg 36.79, 5.55, SR 39.7

So, Stokes wins the batting (but both have good figures for all-rounders) and Marsh wins the bowling. Basically, your argument has zero merit and your letting your bias cloud your judgement. Both teams should be (and are) pretty happy with their medium-pace all-rounders.

In Marsh We Trust: Mitch keeps Australia at the top of the T20 rankings

You must be joking? The Eagles with the majority of their ‘A’ team back are serious contenders!

The AFL finals equation: Every contender's best and worst case scenarios

He said he’s been back in full training for a few months now, so that’s encouraging. He’s definitely a nice guy, took the time to sign all my son’s cricket gear and chatted to us for about 15 minutes. He even played a prank while my son was getting Aaron Hardie’s autograph, hiding the lollies that he left on the desk! 😂

Australia collapse, England win second ODI

Not sure why you’re not a Jhye fan, I think the guy has a huge future! I think he’s an extremely talented bowler, especially considering he ‘only’ 5’10”. He’s no mug with the bat either…

Australia collapse, England win second ODI

I just played cricket with Jhye at a Midland Guildford Junior Cricket event, and he had no trouble swinging the bat hard at it! He was also bowling- though admittedly slow, as it was to juniors! 😂

Australia collapse, England win second ODI

There’s a decent gap between “not to blame” and “bowling collapse” causing the loss. I think that you’re both correct- the loss wasn’t the bowlers fault for those (admittedly poor) last 10 overs, but neither are they blameless. It certainly played a part in the loss, just like the batsmen’s inability to safely negotiate some very good bowling.

Australia collapse, England win second ODI

He’s just saved our bacon in two consecutive games, I guess you must be trusting Dan quite a bit now.

In Marsh We Trust: Mitch keeps Australia at the top of the T20 rankings

What a pathetic comment. Have a look at his career figures in ODI’s and his form for the Scorchers. You’re equating his lack of Test success with his ability and results in the shorter formats, and they are nothing alike.

In Marsh We Trust: Mitch keeps Australia at the top of the T20 rankings

This is a technicality, but medium is not correct- he bowls as a Fast-Medium, generally in the 130-140kph range.

Analysing each Aussie playing in IPL 2020

A very good call, as it turns out!

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Rounds 17

I agree. I think their first three games in the Hub were them not having gelled yet, and still working into it. Their last two games over there showed them getting it together. I still have question marks over how much they let teams get back into games, but I think their interstate form will be far better than the beginning of the season. Still expect them to possibly lose 1 or 2, but with a game in hand, should still finish top 4. Come the finals, they have the team to go all the way, there’s no doubt of that!

AFL power rankings Round 13

Apart from 1 point, they are all subjective, sorry to tell you. And even that point is debatable.

Brisbane deserves to host the AFL grand final

All of those comments suggesting SA is ahead of WA in ‘footyness’ are very subjective. Just because you’ve written them doesn’t make them true. I can play that too: “WA footy is better because our grass is greener”.

I’m with Seymorebutts- I think WA is the better bet.

Brisbane deserves to host the AFL grand final

100%. That record in an era of uncovered pitches and without modern protective gear is remarkable. Hayden’s record is fantastic, but in an all-time Ashes Series, it’s Hutton for me.

Pick The Roar's greatest Ashes XI of all time: Matthew Hayden vs Len Hutton

Disagree. The openers are definitely English.

Help us pick the greatest Ashes XI of all time

Nah, Cummins, Spofforth & McGrath as the pacers for me. Yes, I know Fred bowled on uncovered wickets, but that Avg is amazing and a SR second only to MJ!

Help us pick the greatest Ashes XI of all time

Hey matth, another great read, even though I only just got to it now- thanks!

Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you discuss Doug Walter’s bowling? I never saw h8m in action, but those figures demand respect!

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter W

I’m predicting that the “W” team will be hard to beat!

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter J

How about Dylan Alcott? Surely worth a mention?

Aussie tennis is A-OK: Part 2

Your anti-Federer bias is pretty strong, and quite irrational. You can qualify it and put as many disclaimers on it as you wish, he still has 20 Grand Slams to his name. Federer, Nadal and Djokovic will go down as three of the greatest players the game has ever seen, and debate will rage forever on who is the GOAT. I say just celebrate the incredible fact that we witnessed 3 of the GOAT playing at the same time- how awesome for us!!

Novak Djokovic: A champion like no other

This has truly hit me hard. Having 3 young children myself makes my appreciate the terrible loss the family’s of all who died will be feeling. I’m a mad Jordan/Bulls fan, but I always appreciated the extreme talent and dedication that Kobe had. I don’t know what else to say, the whole thing is just unbelievably tragic…

Vale Kobe Bryant, a basketball and Lakers great

Great all round game by the Scorchers. I was particularly impressed with Jhye Richardson- he was very economical while they were looking to up the ante, with a very clever mix of balls. Livingstone and Inglis were brilliant.

Perth scorch clumsy Thunder

Only if the wicket supports it. Otherwise, have Marsh at 7.

Turner and Agar leave the Aussie middle order weak