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He is looking pretty darn good! His batting is exceptionally strong for such a tall guy (who is primarily a bowler). If he can maintain, and possibly even improve, he could be an amazing find for Australia.

Cam Green rescues WA again

He is very much a confidence player, our Warner. He has got it back now, and if he can maintain it, he might do very well against much better opposition in the NZ series. As he said, his defence looks tighter and he is definitely leaving the ball better. I, for one, can’t wait to see how we go against NZ!

Warner reveals key to form turnaround

Just quietly, how abysmal is the Pakistan fielding, particularly Afridi? Just hideous to watch…

The secret to Labuschagne's success

To be fair, the Australian batsmen flattered the SA bowlers. Only one batsman averaged over 40, and none scored more than 223 runs for the series. Four SA batsmen topped that average, and the majority scored more runs. Also, outside Cummins, the rest of the Australian bowlers were between average to poor.

Bearing all that in mind, I think it’s fair to say that Cummins was excellent, at the very least. Whether you could say he ran amok is possibly open to further debate.

Australia's Test attack looks ominous

Ouch…. Hurts even more that it was his brother!

Ashton Agar in a bad way after attempted catch goes very, very wrong

Nice piece, Rohan. I think Burns & Head would be the best call, but who knows what they’ll do. I also agree with several others that Pucovski needs at least a full season of Shield under his belt. He is a great talent, but we don’t need to get him in immediately, let him build up some consistency first.

Five-way battle for two Test batting spots

Steady on, his bowling has definitely improved and he is a more than capable 5th bowler, perhaps even good enough for 4th spot. If he can maintain that form, he could slot in as a genuine bowler who can bat, which will free his mind and could potentially help his batting. That’s my 2c, anyway.

Marsh injury could bring Stoinis into Test frame

Nice alliteration. Definitely bad timing for Marsh, he was actually looking good with the ball and decent with the bat!

Mitch Marsh mourns moment of madness

“They got the Brexit vote right.”
Umm… Okay. ????

Aussies should be disappointed with underwhelming Ashes

You keep repeating yourself, TB…

England win despite stunning Matt Wade ton

I genuinely think we should have Wade as WK and batting at 6, then Carey once Wade is done. Paine needs to retire. MM adds value to the side, but mainly as a bowling all rounder batting at 7. It’s a shame he got himself out in both innings this Test, he was looking pretty reasonable.

Warner and Harris were excrement, yet Waner has credits in the bank and performs well in Oz. It’s worth persisting with Bancroft as he absorbs a lot of balls and can possibly succeed. Burns and Khawaja to get more chances in Oz. Head also needs more time, but as he won’t be playing Tests in England for a few years, he’s got time.

The bowlers were good to excellent, Siddle was poor in the last Test but very unlucky in the first two with 5 dropped catches. MM’s bowling was superb in this last Test, worth persisting with as the team’s bowling allrounder, if pitches demand it. We can afford to carry him if our ‘keeper bats top 6.

Very happy to see the urn retained, but disappointed with lack of consistency and effort from all but 4 Aussie players, and we know who those 4 are!

England win despite stunning Matt Wade ton

He should’ve been in the One Day squad for the World Cup ahead of Stoinis, 100%. I’m not a fan of name-calling, but Stoinis was a spud for the WC… I’m hoping (still) that MM can make it as a genuine Test player, be that as a bowling allrounder or a genuine allrounder, but he should be a shoe-in for the shorter formats, probably as VC or C. He is a genuine nice guy and a natural leader, so it opens many opportunities for Australia if he can fill that leadership role in the Test team as well.

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

I’ve been a long time supporter of M. Marsh, I was glad to see him get a shot.

Are we being too harsh on Marsh?

Give the bloke some credit, Anon- he bowled extremely well last night, getting appreciably more swing than anyone else from either side, in fact more than anyone else all series. No one is arguing that he hasn’t had a lot more re chances than anyone else, but maybe he can finally be the consistent performer Australia would love.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

Nice piece, Ronan. I was curious as to what everyone who queried (like yourself) or derided (like many others) his selection would say this morning. I’ve always had huge respect for Marsh, who’s been on a hiding to nothing with his selections. If he can maintain some consistency (finally), he could become a great leader for the Australian team. I was hugely impressed by the amount of swing that he was generating at good speed last night, significantly more than any other bowler in the series to date. Let’s hope he gets his fifer, and knocks a belligerent 50 as well!

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

Marsh is only 27, it may just be that it has finally clicked. I, for one, am hopeful this is the case. Also, bear in mind that Siddle has had 6 catches dropped off his bowling this series. His average would look a hell of a lot better if they had stuck.

Humble pie all 'round as Mitch Marsh rips through England

Great article, he’s just next level and it’s bloody brilliant! I don’t have the words either, and it makes me giddy.

Smith's talent speaks for itself while leaving us lost for words

I agree, not many people make sense when Marah is selected, due to apoplectic rage! This is a horses-for-courses approach, and I’m fine with it. I’d love MM to score a 100 and take 10 wickets, but I’d prefer consistency from him. I’d love him to be our Test Stokes, and who knows, maybe his time has finally come? Wishful thinking?

Dropping Head for Marsh was a mistake

I agree, though at least Bancroft absorbed a lot of deliveries compared to the other openers. I’d bring him back in with Khawaja to open and drop Warner & Harris. I’d also consider dropping Lyon (finger injury) for Pattinson or *gasp* Mitch Marsh. We may have won the Test and retained the Ashes, but the opening spots are real concerns, and we have few outside those 4 you mentioned that contribute regularly.

Australia fourth Ashes Test player ratings: Smith, Cummins and Hazlewood put in star turns to retain the urn

I like to think that he’s worked on it and improved. His batting form on Tour has been good. It may be too early to put him in, but hopefully he’s finally got his technique on an upward trajectory. We can hope, anyway.

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical

Good call, get JL on the blower…

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical

And yet MM outscored the rest of the Aussie team against these amateurs… Admittedly, not by much, but more is more!

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical

People can improve, you do realise that, Spruce? Marsh has openly admitted to performing well below par previously, and to his credit, has worked incredibly hard on it. I’ve watched as much of his batting on tour in the UK as I can, and he is definitely playing less with hard hands. I also think his bowling has improved- he is keeping it tight and getting appreciable movement, at pretty good pace. I’m not saying he’s 100% the real deal now, but he’s making steps in the right direction.

Maybe he’s ready now, maybe he’s not, but outside Smith, Labuschagne, Hazlewood & Cummins, I can’t see him being any worse than the rest.

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical

Where is this perception that Marsh is a poor fielder coming from, U? Sure, he’s a big guy, but from what I’ve seen, he’s pretty darn good in the field. He’s a natural leader- if his batting had followed his potential to now, he’d probably be captain or vice.

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical

Does it weaken our batting, though? Based on many of the ‘performances’ seen so far, it seems unlikely he could do much worse. Granted, he’s no Smith, but who else is?

Mitch Marsh Ashes recall would be farcical