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I care too much about the teams I support to actually watch them play. It's easy to watch with no investment but if Carlton, Sydney Thunder or Arizona Cardinals are on it's too stressful...! Fond of sporting history - there's a lot of that already so I struggle to keep up with new history every year.



I did think of Bond, but with the decade split he played something like 11 tests in one half and 7 in the other so the longevity wasn’t there. Even Cairns was a stretch considering how many tests NZ played in that period but I thought there was just enough.

McCullum/Watling could have gone either way, if you wanted the pure keeper making the swap won’t cost much.

The All Time XI For All Time: New Zealand

Only Young was on your list at that time, don’t ask me why he didn’t play. Three years ago is a different era anyhow, the Teague Train is now the Voss Van.

Sean Darcy got the 3 votes in that game btw

With or without Weitering, the Saints need to splurge to stay relevant. Here's who they should chase

Had to check because I’m curious like that and wish Paddy all the best – looks like this was Round 16 2021. 9 kicks, 13 handballs, 8 clearances, 1 goal, 1 Brownlow vote in a 16 point win even though Freo had 4 more scoring shots. If he could have replicated that form more often for us it would have been great but there were too many others in that sort of role who did it better.

And Don, Fyfe did play in that game 😛

With or without Weitering, the Saints need to splurge to stay relevant. Here's who they should chase

QLD slow bowler from the 1930s Charles ‘Chilla’ Christ to hold up an end

The true inventor of Bazball was born 150 years ago, and his records are still utterly bonkers

I’ve read a few of Old Ebor’s articles, truly fascinating stuff.

It’s the mystery and romanticism you mentioned in a different comment that attracts me so much – when the entirety of a career is available in HD for instant replay there’s less room for looking at contemporary reports and understanding context. I know Pat Cummins is a great bowler, I’ve seen it over and over. Do I know Bill Howell? Not really, but he took 10/28 in an innings and that’s worth investigating.

The true inventor of Bazball was born 150 years ago, and his records are still utterly bonkers

Geez I love the history of this sport. A few bits in there that I wasn’t aware of.

There’s a podcast out there called the Golden Age of Cricket – historians/biographers discussing one player in great detail in an interview. For instance, Gideon Haigh got to wax lyrical about Warwick Armstrong for a few hours. My personal favourite was the two-parter on Wilfred Rhodes but I haven’t listened to the Syd Barnes one yet. Might be worth checking out.

The true inventor of Bazball was born 150 years ago, and his records are still utterly bonkers

Exactly that. Anyone can and will make an All Time XI (or XV for Rugby, or 22 for Aussie Rules…) but placing restrictions on the selections makes it more of a challenge and more fun for me. Looking into the history of sport interests me much more than the now and this gives more opportunity to delve deeper than I normally would.

The West Indies All Time XI

Point of order – University was not part of the competition in the late 1800s, rather 1908-14 only. So if you want to knock off 2 x Carlton, 2 x Essendon, 1 x South Melbourne, 1 x Collingwood, 1 x Fitzroy I could understand but be vehemently opposed because damned if I want Collingwood to have the most premierships 😛

Six Points: AFL must act on Cameron concussion farce, 2024's best game, and the end of days arrives in Victoria

The two hardest positions to select were the second opener and the wicketkeeper. Splitting the 1960s instead of the 1970s allows for Hunte to be picked but then Fredericks wouldn’t have been able to represent the 70s over Viv so we’re back at where we started. Haynes and Greenidge were obviously both valid choices for the 80s, which allows one of Ramadhin/Valentine to represent the 50s replacing Marshall/Holding for a more balanced but weaker attack. My favourite thing about creating these teams is that there is no right answer and changing one selection can have a massive butterfly effect on the rest of the side.

The West Indies All Time XI

Completely agree that choosing an All Time XI would not be exactly the same as this but I like the challenge and creativity of keeping each era represented. Normally for Australia, say, there would be all of Gilchrist / Warne / McGrath in the team but under these restrictions it’s a matter of deciding who misses out. If it’s Gilchrist do I select Grout for the 60s, Oldfield for the 20s, Marsh for the 70s and skip Lillee… fitting a team around that is more fun than another generic all time team. In this instance the decision was whether to choose Dujon and for which half of the 80s or to cheat a little with Walcott. Maybe Ramdin for the 2010s but his stats don’t inspire.

Ramadhin especially suffered in the 1957 tour when May et al padded him away to distraction but no one can take the successes of the 1950 tour from he and Valentine.

The West Indies All Time XI

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The West Indies All Time XI

The game isn’t the story anymore.

Talking about the game is.

Massive overreaction to Sam Draper non-story proves players can't even enjoy harmless fun anymore

“They gained selection ahead of Charlie Blythe…”

This should be Colin which I’m sure you know, but the ICC ranking site has it as Charlie for some unfathomable reason. Cost me a perfect Sporcle quiz because it wouldn’t accept surnames only…

Team of the Month: a May-born World Cricket XI

I had to check because I thought Wasim Akram also shared that honour, and it turns out that Stuart Broad is the third member of that exclusive club.

And it turns out there was one more wicket after Trumble’s second hattrick to end the match – naturally, he took that as well.

Team of the Month: a May-born World Cricket XI

What a cracking side! Growing up, Lara was the only player that genuinely scared me – that little shuffle across and exaggerated backswing into another coruscating cover drive and wresting control of the game was so dramatic and watchable. I also enjoy the Lohmann exception in Rabada’s description; such absurd stats even for the 19th century.

Love a lot of the pre-WWII names in there as well – IIRC Trumble is the only player whose last act in Test Cricket is a hattrick. Tate has long been one of my favourites and I do have a soft spot for Verity as well. The dissection of his 10/10 against Notts is one of my favourite cricket books.

At a glance this is one of the strongest benches, never mind the lineup itself.

I’m feeling inspired to get back to my decade teams after reading this 🙂

Team of the Month: a May-born World Cricket XI

This is copied directly from AAP, take it up with them.

AFL News: 'No credibility' - Freo slam ex-ump's 'spoilt brat' whack at Clark, Dees to challenge Pickett ban

“4. Can’t the AFL leave well enough alone with [subject]?”

Come on Tim, you know the answer to this is always ‘no’. I’m only mildly surprised the annual calls for a night Grand Final haven’t kicked off yet.

As a Carlton fan yeah that was a bad call for the mark/non-mark but it again shows the folly of isolating umpiring decisions from late in the game only and not any other time. And anyone seriously suggesting that umpires rig games for specific clubs needs to pull their head in. They’re just as fallible as Harry McKay or Charlie Curnow playing on from the goalsquare…

Six Points: Clutch kings do it again, footy's dirtiest player, and debunking 'Vic-centric' fixture myth

The Cricket Aus Youtube channel has recently started a 24hr stream of ‘Gold’ – highlights from 91/92 against India and back through the 80s. Haven’t seen anything more recent than that when I put it on of an evening but surely the 92/93 Frank Worrell Trophy has to be in there.

It’s great as someone who grew up with the 94/95 Ashes as my first memories to see what I had missed only a few years prior. There’s something comforting in the nostalgia of it all as well as being able to see the likes of Dev, Botham, Lloyd, Richards et all strut their stuff rather than just reading about it.

Reliving the Eighties and a great era for fast bowlers

Might have a bit to do with Tim giving them a full article praising Alex Pearce’s resurrection – none of the other games given an in depth review have been mentioned except for Adelaide’s veterans. There are 17 other teams you know 😛

Six Points: Commonsense solution to score review influx, and why this star Tiger should get two weeks

Good idea for an article series that – looking back at clubs’ past drafts and ranking them. IIRC Cripps was a reach at 13 as well (pity about the other two picks in that draft even if Holman has made a nice career at GC).

AFL pre-season notebook: Is this man about to fix the Dees' biggest problem?

Riewoldt in 2004 is the biggest oof of air that has ever been taken out of me watching a game. Utterly incredible.

Tarrant in 2001 rolling over the pack along with Gerald Healy claiming that the Royal Decree was that it would be the MOTY (only for Moorcroft to have his say later) was an absolute belter.

McPharlin in 2005 a worthy call for at least a HM for mine.

Also taking place in the game that Andrew Walker took the shouldabeen MOTY was Eddie Betts kicking the shouldabeen GOTY dancing around a couple of defenders and goalposts before dobbing it in – Ballantyne’s triple effort was a worthy winner I guess but this was just funny.

Masters of the Air: The ten greatest AFL 'speckies' of the 21st century - and #2 wasn't even Mark of the Year!

Largely reasonable list, I feel as though David Swallow might be a bit low, and much as I love Sam Walsh having him top 3 already is pretty wild.

The list of pick 2s is pretty interesting – I reckon the top 3 would be Nigel Lappin, Jarryd Roughead and Trent Cotchin but there some additional very good players there.

Future stars or false hope? Every number one pick EVER, ranked ahead of 2023 AFL draft

Maxi’s absolutely better, no chance Harvey could do what Maxwell did this week, but damn if Harvey didn’t have some of the wickedest slower balls in the game.

World Cup player stock market: Whose shares are rising and plummeting after Indian odyssey?

I can see that but I would rather it was explicitly stated in that case – it’s an all too common phenomenon in media to ignore the past when it comes to Australian sports and it irks me no matter which sport it is.

That said not having Ian Harvey in the shortlist is also pretty wild 😛

World Cup player stock market: Whose shares are rising and plummeting after Indian odyssey?

“He has vaulted himself into the conversation for Australia’s best all-time all-rounder alongside the likes of Shane Watson, Steve Waugh and Andrew Symonds.”

Keith. Ross. Miller.

All time includes before 1985 ffs

World Cup player stock market: Whose shares are rising and plummeting after Indian odyssey?