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I care too much about the teams I support to actually watch them play. It's easy to watch with no investment but if Carlton, Sydney Thunder or Arizona Cardinals are on it's too stressful...! Fond of sporting history - there's a lot of that already so I struggle to keep up with new history every year.



Great, now let’s hear from the 700 or so other players who have been vaccinated and presumably would like as many people as possible to be protected.

Same as the 40 cops (out of 20000) who quit in protest against mandates getting airtime and not the 19960 who agreed with it.

‘Ethically wrong’: AFL star not keen on mandatory jabs

I remember reading that he changed his voicemail message during the series to something like “Leave a message as I’m out – probably LBW Alderman” *beep*

A joyful XI of players who made me fall in love with cricket

As much as President Leo Sayers would make me feel like dancing, it’s actually Luke.

Much prefer Voss to Lyon or Clarkson, he’s in that sweet spot of having been in the hot seat but enough time honing his skills to develop in a good way. Makes me feel a bit more optimistic for next year and onwards.

Voss locked in as Carlton coach

You mean like Richmond circa 2010? Things are cyclical – Carlton won 5-6 round 1 matches in a row before the MaltBolTeague years.

Of course I have no faith in this cycle turning any time soon… 🙁

'Carlton has no idea': The Blues' 2021 season review

These cricket history articles are an absolute treat – it’s hard to keep up with them all!

The Brisbane 1950-51 test is remarkable not only for the declarations, but in England’s second innings, Arthur McIntyre was run out… off the last ball of the day… attempting an all run four!

Very much looking forward to parts two and three here.

Ashes archives, Part 1: Ten things that will never ever happen again

It’s a great read, I managed to pick it up in a used bookstore some years ago. There is a description of a MacDonald over where he took 3 wickets that is among the finest passages I can recall.

Ashes anniversaries: Armstrong’s Australians

Thanks Daniel, and congratulations on a great 4 years. Greatly appreciated the feedback you gave last year while I was writing – I’ve kept it in mind ever since.

Best of luck for the future.

The Roar bids farewell to Managing Editor, Daniel Jeffrey

Yeah he was a stretch. Still better than Everitt and Giles though.

Carlton are this century's saddest football club and it's not even close

This was before the bidding era, so 39.
We traded 32 for Everitt and 39. Look at these names picked in that time: George Hewett, Toby Nankervis, Alex Pearce, Tom Cutler. Ouch.

Carlton are this century's saddest football club and it's not even close

Hardly the most egregious error I’ve ever seen in an AFL article but Cameron Giles was pick 39 in 2013 so not quite in the top 35.

I feel like the club has just become predictable. A game against a higher credentialled opponent that is vulnerable for a multitude of reasons? Time for an ‘honourable’ loss. Blowtorch is getting just that little bit too hot? Let’s actually play to potential for a week.

We play at our own level against better teams and let teams in worse positions than us bring us down to their level. Rising to the occasion is apparently only for bread at Carlton.

Carlton are this century's saddest football club and it's not even close

That was Essendon in 1993 that won a flag by cap cheating but go off

Is footy's forgotten free agent the key to unlocking Carlton's skipper?

I think Archie Jackson would also be in with a shout for <10 Tests, albeit for extremely sad reasons. Was looked at as a better prospect than one D.G. Bradman in the late 1920s.

The likes of Sam Trimble and Ian Brayshaw could have had a run in the baggy green at one point too, but Siddons/Hussey are easily the top two there.

England's best-ever one-Test players

Carlton (I would very much like to not play on a Thursday and have some level of enthusiasm for the weekend but that’s life)
Brisbane (I feel like Geelong are still finding their wheels)
Sydney (HGA and return of Franklin will be big)
Port (Duh)
St Kilda (I reckon the belief from Rd 1 will carry them this week)
GC (It’s not Round 6 yet)
Richmond (Duh)
Dogs (Tough one, more who I want than who I think)
Fremantle (Ditto)

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 2

Poor Norman Yardley, being supplanted by old mate Bruce. Wouldn’t have really called him a great of English cricket either, but a good presence in those early post WWII series.

I like the analysis here. Doing it for the likes of Tendulkar vs Ponting would shed some extra light on their careers as well. I wonder what the bowling equivalent would be – averages between 20-40 for semi premium and over 40 for premium? Worth consideration.

Test batting averages: What’s in a number?

I vaguely remember someone stopping a match to measure Ponsford’s bat because it seemed too wide. Could very easily be thinking of someone else but it’s the sort of thing that could happen.

The Australian cricket Immortals

That’ll do it for sure. IIRC he only played all matches in a series twice out of 8 that he featured in as well. Those two 1934 innings with Bradman and his Shield voraciousness really amplify his reputation.

The Australian cricket Immortals

Wall had a lovely flowing action from what I saw in archival footage but really was ok at best.

The Australian cricket Immortals

I’m enjoying the discussion more as a point of fact because we both rate Woodfull in different ways rather than any great disagreement. In both of his first two Ashes series in England (1926/1930) he averaged over 50 – it was only Bodyline and his final series in 1934 that he dropped appreciably, having averaged 53.5 to that point.

Ponsford and Kippax feasting on non-Test standard bowlers and being very good to excellent in Tests is a different matter. Maybe Kippax’s animosity with Bradman or being overlooked for 1926 affected his career somewhat? Hard to say. Looking at Ponsford’s stats, he was much more up and down in tests with 4 series averaging under 25 (including South Africa 1931/2 and 4 series averaging over 45).

That sometimes the Australian Test Team opened the bowling with Stan McCabe and Bill O’Reilly is an indictment on the pace bowling of the era. Besides Wall and McCormick who was there in 1930s?

County sides having greater depth than Shield sides is a very fair point, and potentially repeating itself almost 100 years later. But that’s a whole new topic.

The Australian cricket Immortals

“The method used to decide the championship was a new points system and matches were limited to five days.[1][2]”
Citing Wisden 2004 in there.

4 day match, result Drawn and QLD getting first innings points. Might have been because of weather as I’m looking at other matches that same season and they’re all showing as 5 dayers, such as Bradman’s debut:

Tests got limited after the Durban epic, and I think there was a Test in 1929-30 where England and the Windies lasted 9 days (Sandham 325) before England needed the next boat.

The Australian cricket Immortals

All true, but that average of 65 is still significantly higher than the majority of his peers outside Ponsford and Bradman. I believe it was only Tests that were timeless in that era, Shield matches were still 4-5 days. Even so, an average of 46 in Tests and twice captaining sides that regained the Ashes in England is hardly anything to sneeze at.

Not to mention he would have been knighted had he accepted the honour – given that you could make the argument that he should be second to Bradman of players in the era where Australians could still be dubbed as Sir.

The Australian cricket Immortals

Should be in South Africa’s immortals so we kept the 2005 Ashes grumble grumble… 🙂

The Australian cricket Immortals

I reckon AB would have to be in with a shout as well, leading Australian cricket from its nadir to very nearly top of the tree but for an errant glove in Adelaide.

Similarly the mention of Ponsford below needs Woodfull as a counterbalance – again for leadership but look at his FC record. Averaging 65, incredible.

Going old school you’ve got George Giffen, probably Australia’s greatest all rounder before Miller. Scored 271 and took 16 wickets in a Shield match one time.

Australia has been fortunate to have such fantastic players all through history. Just thinking who England’s 5 immortals would be. Grace and Hobbs definitely, Barnes and Botham likely, then probably Hammond. Cook, Trueman, Anderson if and when he retires would be next in line I think.

The Australian cricket Immortals

So come back to us in 2040 when the Carlton/Collingwood rivalry has run for 20+ years.

Bit hard for them to have a longer rivalry than 4 years when the competition as a whole has only been around for that long.

Was the Showdown a rivalry in 1999?

2021 AFL Women's season: Round 1 preview

You think the century plus of rivalry between Carlton and Collingwood prior to the AFLW beginning doesn’t have anything to do with it?

Perhaps we should revoke the Showdown Medals awarded to Ricciuto, Stevens, Francou x 3, Schofield, Johncock and Burgoyne being as how they were the first 4 years worth of medals awarded…

2021 AFL Women's season: Round 1 preview

“Round 21, 2013 was the last time that Carlton beat Richmond.”

Pretty confident there was a game a few weeks later that Carlton also won 🙂

Which records will tumble in the season opener between Richmond and Carlton?