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I care too much about the teams I support to actually watch them play. It's easy to watch with no investment but if Carlton, Sydney Thunder or Arizona Cardinals are on it's too stressful...! Fond of sporting history - there's a lot of that already so I struggle to keep up with new history every year.



First of all, I’m not Victorian.

Second of all, the Modra discussion took place in the M article. This is the S article, a full 5 teams later. That’s a full 125 extra selections to complain about if you so desire.

Third of all, if one game where Modra kicked 13 goals is the entire basis for SOS not being worthy of being in this team you’ll need to take it up with the panel that chose him as FB of the Century and didn’t put Modra in as FF of the Century.

Fourth of all, as I said yesterday, the criteria were laid out in the first article and have not changed. For instance, I hadn’t even heard of Paul Bagshaw until he was mentioned in the comments of the B article so it wouldn’t be fair or decent to try to select from the non-V/AFL teams given my lack of knowledge.

Fifth of all, literally only two WA players have been mentioned as possible selections: Nipper Truscott yesterday, and Stephen Michael earlier. Every other grievance has been about SA.

There are two Adelaide players in both the T and V teams published in the past few days, go and feel better about things there.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter S

Yes, yes, you’ve made your point. It’s only been on, what, the last six articles now? Find a new angle.

The criteria were listed clearly in the first article and I haven’t deviated from that. I knew of some names from the SANFL such as Ebert, Robran, Farmer etc but I haven’t spent 3/4 of my life reading about the history of the game in those states. I’d be doing myself a disservice if I tried to include every league in selecting the teams.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter T

Good get – certainly would have been in the 25 somewhere. Likely shifting Scott Thompson to the bench I’d say.

Just looking at Wiki now – 3 flags and 7 GF losses, wow.

Thanks for mentioning him, I had no idea about his success. There’s a lot of SA / WA football history I don’t know but would love to find out.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter T

Slight amendment to the team – Mark Tandy would be in the starting 18 and Neil Trezise on the bench. A TOC berth and endorsement from an official Legend of the game is enough to outweigh two flags.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter T

Move on. This is sad.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter S

Loved Secko but wanted to reward a bit of longevity for Smith. Smart was 26th man in the squad, really tough cut.

I could put Stoneham in over Sidebottom pretty comfortably though.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter S

Roach, Richo, Riewoldt… the Tigers have been spoiled for choice the last 40 years. Each of them could have been FF here.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter R

Oh and Langford for the 80s.

And Hodge, Lake, Franklin, Lewis… Roughead/Rioli are literally in this team.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter R

For Brisbane the likes of Brown, Lynch, Lappin, Black, Leppitsch, Akermanis, Voss (kind of a spoiler but come on), and Power are all in their respective teams.

Hawthorn has Ayers, Dipper, Moore, Mew, Matthews, Dunstall, and Pritchard.

Melbourne’s era has Barassi, Cordner, Johnson x 2, and Adams at least.

Notice how none of those surnames start with R? Yeah.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter R

The Australian episode is so over the top ocker that it’s impossible to take seriously.

The knifey-spooney scene alone is worth the price of admission.

The backlash to Gibbs' send-off is laughable

Respect and camaraderie between former teammates now foes? Not on my watch!

Things like this and the excoriation of Essendon for having a lighthearted moment at half time against Geelong show just how much some people will make mountains out of sandgrains. They’re not even molehills.

I’m reminded of the ice hockey episode of the Simpsons where the crowd riots because Bart and Lisa remember they love each other instead of being mortal enemies. At least that had the excuse of being an over the top cartoon scene.

The backlash to Gibbs' send-off is laughable

Simmo has been a champ for so long it’s hard to remember a Carlton without him. Just keeps doing his thing.

An ode to Kade Simpson

But then we could also have gone Beau Dowler, Mitch Thorp, and Cale Morton instead… I’m pretty content with what we got there. Could it have been better? Sure. Could it have been worse? Defnitely.

Kreuzer set to announce AFL retirement

Alex Witherden for Cameron Polson? I mean I’ve got a soft spot for Polson but he has precisely zero currency in a trade.

Gibbons can move into the midfield more rather than sticking up forward. Considering all he went through to get onto a list, shopping him out would be counterintuitive.

Having seven wins being “five more than expected” for 2020 is pretty insulting – most expectations were to have around 8-10 wins in a full season and we’re still on track for that. These aren’t the Pagan years.

What Carlton needs to win a premiership

I have no idea how I got that wrong, my apologies. I think he was the first player who was from the rookie draft to win a Brownlow, maybe that’s what I was going for.

Appreciate the feedback too 🙂

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter P

And the Australian cricket team in 1984 when Chappell, Lillee, and Marsh all bowed out.

Carlton shouldn't rush their veterans out the door

Would have been nice to kick a bit straighter but I’ll take the win. Nice not to feel nervous when checking score updates for a change.

Carlton win sets new benchmark for Blues

The first article was submitted as V/AFL teams but got formatted to what we have now. So be it.

I’m kind of amused that it’s South Australians having such issues. No calls for Stephen Michael, Frosty Miller, Horrie Gorringe, or Phil Matson out there…

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter O

Ooh tough one. I love Sticks as a Carlton man, but Carey would have to get the nod. Maybe I would put Kernahan at FF instead of Kennedy 🙂

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter O

Well yeah if it was the best AFL list only I’d have just 30 years to look at and that’s no fun at all.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter O

I refer you to the disclaimer that was at the start of the A article, somehow this has attracted more criticism than the selections themselves (Modra aside)

“Some notes before I begin. I am basing my decisions on a player’s VFL/AFL career. Someone such as Russell Ebert, having played the majority of his career in the SANFL, may well make the E team were I to expand the scope but it was already tricky enough to narrow down lists of names from the past and present.”

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter O

Ross Gregory played two tests in that series and was overlooked for the 1938 tour because the selectors thought he had the future ahead of him. Sadly WWII intervened and he died in 1942.

Forgotten efforts from famous Test players: Part 1

Adelaide 1936-37’s 212 would be up there – not the great 270 that Wisden nominated as the best innings of the 20th Century, nor the 169 that paved the way for Badcock and Gregory in the final test, but an exhibition of discipline that was needed in order to set a target good enough for England to struggle chasing to tie the series.

Forgotten efforts from famous Test players: Part 1

Tell that to Peter Siddle.

There are these things called supplements that can provide whatever animal-based nutrients a vegan diet happens to be missing.

I’d say injury cutting out North’s best midfielder has more of an impact than Brown cutting out meat.

North Melbourne can rebuild without trading Ben Brown

The article and series have from the start been labelled as V/AFL teams when submitted.

The AFL all-time great alphabet teams: Letter M