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There was also the ‘hair puller’. Gee i miss their commentary.

Mug lairs, thugs, grubs, nigglers and smug buggers - who are the players you really love to hate?

Amazing longevity, but he probably should have retired a few years ago. On the other side, Broad probably should have gone two years longer.

Anderson names retirement date after McCullum tells him it's time: 'It's been an incredible 20 years'

When I grew up if someone called you a name you beat them up and then that was it. No snitching to mummy. Please lets go back to better times to solve name calling.

NRL News: Integrity Unit investigate alleged Walker and Mitchell racial abuse, Crichton left in lurch

Manly fans can breathe again.

Blues Origin predicted team: Another blow for Blues with Best joining star quartet on the sidelines

I think for a half to succeed, having an experienced partner can help. Brooks is arguably playing better with DCE beside him. Ezra Mam is on fire with Reynolds beside him. It’s tough making a youngster the number one half in the team.

Luke, Lachlan and Lewis: If NRL clubs can't find 7s, it’s because they created a lost generation of halfbacks

Imagine if Shane Bond hadn’t retired early, there would have been some records begging there.

The possibiliy of Jofra Archer's career coming to an early end will rob cricket of a bowler with so much talent

Over-rated and the Bulldogs seem to go together…Anasta anyone?

Don't believe the hype: Why did Bulldogs fork out big bucks for the most overrated player in the NRL?

I really thought we might see a different Titans under Hasler, but it looks unlikely at this stage.

NRL Power Rankings: Round 3 - Eels seal real deal status, Bunnies need Easter miracle, Tigers terrrrific, Titans in tatters

I am satisfied with Manly’s tight loss. Starting the season with Rabbits, Roosters and Eels, they would have easily been 0-3 given the recent seasons struggles against teams usually in the eight. Good signs for a Manly fan.

NRL Round 3 Talking Points: Blowouts, bad bunnies, and bunker babies are back

After 2 in round 1, I got a perfect round 2. I never saw the Dolphins winning as a boilover nor Manly. Go Manly!

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions - Grand final rematch, busted Bunnies, hot-and-cold Dragons, Storm half strength

I am liking the look of Manly. So far they are doing well against the better teams which has been a problem in the past few seasons. Go Manly!

NRL Power Rankings: Round 2 - Manly rising rapidly, Dragons crash back to reality, spotlight intensifies on Rabbitohs

Don’t do it, just let it die. The Olympic and World Championships are more meaningful than games with the best in the world missing.

Malaysia offered a fortune to step in as Commonwealth Games host after Victoria's withdrawal

A bit rough. Do people born after 2000 not know about sticks and stones….?

'I am really sorry': Leniu cops HUGE ban as NRL judiciary hands down verdict for ‘monkey’ racial abuse at Mam

Don’t forget Mr Flat Track Bully, David Warner.

Round 9 Sheffield Shield wrap - Is anyone putting pressure on Marnus for a Test spot, and is 'poor Will' done?

One innings does not equal form. Marnus got 6 in the second innings. It was a blip.

Marnus regains form but Australia's ongoing middle-order woes put heat on Carey as Kiwis claw back into Test

Instead of bowing down to Americans again, how about we just drill it into them that it is Rugby League. We don’t need to change for them. I simply call it League when talking to people.

Rugby league needs a new name but what can you call it to stand out in football’s confusingly crowded landscape of codes?

Precedent has been set now that you can set a future retirement date and not be dropped regardless of form.

Aussies confirm Marnus call with team locked in for second New Zealand Test as Cummins reveals special goal

I am not sure how monkey on its own is a racial term, he didn’t say he was an [insert colour] monkey, which would be offensive. HTFU.

Leniu to face judiciary over alleged 'monkey' racial slur, heated hotel confrontation revealed, Tuqiri blasts Robbo

Future premiers 😛 Manly beating Souths wasn’t an upset IMO.

The Roar's NRL expert tips and predictions, Round 1: Can Storm continue hot streak, will Dragons fire, more upsets to come?

Sorry but it is still simple name calling and is easily ignored.

Leniu to face judiciary over alleged 'monkey' racial slur, heated hotel confrontation revealed, Tuqiri blasts Robbo

I am, but it doesn’t mean that i wasn’t teased or called offensive names during my life. Words only hurt if you let them, if you ignore them knowing some people are just a-holes you can just move on with the more important things in life.

Leniu to face judiciary over alleged 'monkey' racial slur, heated hotel confrontation revealed, Tuqiri blasts Robbo

This may not be a popular opinion. Growing up in the 80s, if someone called you a name then you would tell them to ‘F off’ and that was the end of it. I never when running to the teacher to dob on them. Are we really living in a society where we make a big deal about name calling?

Leniu to face judiciary over alleged 'monkey' racial slur, heated hotel confrontation revealed, Tuqiri blasts Robbo

I hate seeing this keep happening. For his long term health it might be time to try a different sport. Might end up the first cricketer with CTE.

Pucovski retires hurt in distressing scenes after another Sheffield Shield head knock

Footballers are not too bright are they. There is ALWAYS a camera watching these days.

Broncos brawlers get their first slice of Vegas luck after breach notices served but bans unlikely

Is the shield really the pathway to test cricket anymore?

Round 7 Sheffield Shield wrap – Who's keeping their spot at the head of the Test queue?