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Hey @Tony,
First of all thanks for reading the article and taking the time to comment that loss (to Manly) was a true eye opening moment for me as a fan, and hope it was the same for the players. The loss to Souths, while alarming, at the same time not too bad the big question was asked pre-match whether they could take it to the top 4 – the answer is yes they can take it to the top 4 but they lack the experience at the moment to get themselves over the line.

Are the Titans finals-bound? A critical view

Thanks @andrew,
Obviously as a fan I like to see the Titans do well. In all honesty – and its so hard with so many results and unknowns right now – but I’d say Top 8 yes, Top 4 No!

Unfortunately, there are some players putting their hands up not to be offered a new contract, and at the moment there is the baffling such as the signing of Ese’ese and yet no matches a quarter of the way into the season.

Time will tell 🙂 Thanks for reading the article though greatly appreciate it.

Are the Titans finals-bound? A critical view

Nigel Owens for Head of Referee’s here – never afraid of being criticised or booed. That is exactly what we need the NRL referee’s to do.

A plea to coaches: Stop rorting the HIA system

Yes – that, not just in the Storm jersey unfortunately, is what I picture now with so many players just going down because of the breeze.

Just a “For the Record” for everyone else – with this article I wasn’t just targeting the Melbourne Storm I actually submitted this story Saturday morning but due to editing and the sheer amount of articles The Roar receives it wasn’t posted until a couple days later – where more incidents had happened across the weekend.

The TL;DR version is: We all have to cop changes to the game for the interest of player welfare and safety – however, coaches & players need to do their part and not rort the system while so many are trying to do so much to learn about CTE and the repercussions of repeated head knocks in professional sport.

A plea to coaches: Stop rorting the HIA system

Your opinion – and you’re entitled to it.
When The Contender was on air there were more ‘every day’ people talking about boxing, Australian boxing, and people knew some of the names of these fighters that were doing battle on the show which is a huge step forward than the ‘every day’ boxing knowledge now.

And your opinion about the sporting mad nation – the amount of sport, the passion Australian’s have for their sport, and participation numbers care to suggest we are a sporting mad nation – I definitely was not the first to refer to Australia as a Sporting Mad Nation and definitely will not be the last.

Let's bring a new golden age to boxing

Absolutely and that is the flip side of the coin. It doesn’t matter if we went out like in the good ol’ days and threw cash, cars and boats to secure top talent to buy a premiership. BUT as you rightly pointed out it also depends on how the other teams recruit, bond with new players and perform on the field.

Oh and lets not forget hoping for just the right amount of 50/50 calls to go your way at the right times of the game.
I wont comment on the Broncos, as then it looks like I am just ‘bashing’ our closest rival – but boy do things need to change there and quickly – but they are a team that will look at this year and come back with vengeance next season and depending what happens off the field over the next few months could be a real danger team next year.

To be honest – and I am glad I am not on any panel discussion show where this will be brought up time and time again when I am horribly wrong – but just based on signings to date, recent form etc here is my top 8 for next season (don’t worry if I am horribly wrong I will start a new account so I can’t be held to this – lol)
Storm, Roosters, Penrith, Eels, Raiders, Dragons, Broncos – Titans. (not in any particular order, just personally would love to see Titans higher than Brisbane haha) Manly, Raiders and Tigers to go close I do think Sharks will be 9th with the Titans pipping them at the post and off course Knights will be a handful… but hey if I was good at predicting I’d be a betting man and not a writing man 🙂

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans

Cameron Smith? lol okay so that is a delusional hope. I am with you we had Rein and Peats both were pretty decent signings… but wrong time for them both being at the club. Hooker is also where I would say we are lacking – as said numerous times in these comments I think we have a decent backline – not earth shattering, but players that do their job well. Forwards are improving, although Arrow wouldv’e been ideal to keep, we need good quality ball distribution and that comes down to the hooker, someone who can kick from dummy half giving the club their 3rd and 4th option when it comes to last tackle (assuming the likes of Taylor, Fogarty and Brimson).

Fingers Crossed and I will be riding the coat-tales into the new season 🙂

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans

Can’t argue at all. From the highs of 2010 to effectively bottom of the heap the next 10 years not really ideal 🙂
I guess what we are hoping for as fans is Mal, and his culture of winning, getting the most out of players at Origin and International level will help identify players, and help them raise their games… we can all hope can’t we? 😊

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans

I completely understand and agree with you. I am trying to find the right words to say this without sounding disrespectful – so please everyone forgive me ahead of time.

Neil Henry was/is a great coach. Just as Michael Maguire, Anthony Seibold, Wayne Bennett – as you said you need the players to react and carry out the game plan as coached… some players respond well to certain coaches, while others dont.

Neil Henry + Garth Brennan, with all due respect weren’t the ‘people’ person some of the players needed at the time. I just mean its the small things that seem to have the team starting to click. No longer do they look like they are just there collecting their pay check they seem to be putting up a fight, hanging in there and forcing their opponents to go to another level to beat them – unfortunately as we have seen this season the opponents have been able to do it quite easily… but the effort that has seemed to be lacking is there.

Honestly, I agree with you in relation to paying overs, another article I have been working on is counting down the top 10 duds buys by the Titans – and let me tell you it is difficult narrowing it down to just 10 🙂

But I am hopeful, that unlike Jarryd Hayne, that its not pass Fifita the ball he will fix everything. Something more like forging combinations and lifting those around him is more what I, and I hope many other fans, are hoping for.

We are looking at a new season – 2021, fingers crossed no major impacts on the season proper, and so with a new season comes new hope and on paper the Titans are beginning to look formidable – however, as sport fans we all know games aren’t won on paper 🙂

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans

Absolutely appreciate your view but all players have to start somewhere, ideally on a smaller pay check, however with the recent results of the Gold Coast Titans they need to pay overs to get players to the club, better on field performances will eventually have the need to pay overs slowly come down as they continue to improve.

Everyone is quick to point out the graveyard that is the Gold Coast – but lets not forget the Giants/Seagulls were formed primarily to combat the inclusion of Brisbane into the competition. The Gold Coast Chargers made the finals in 1997 and the ARL revoked the license at the completion of 1998 – despite being one of the only clubs to actually not be broke.

The Chargers demise was the ARL not Gold Coast created. Graveyard or living up to their name of glamour strip and finally getting the results the team, the region, the supporters, the sponsors and those in charge deserve?

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans

Kerr was outstanding last night. I, like many others in SE Queensland are hopeful that with forwards playing to earn a starting spot next year, and the go-forward provided by men up front that they have shown they can do, will help improve the sides performances overall.

As we all know forwards are just one part of the issue.

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans

Oh completely agree this is either going to be on the realm of when we signed Scott Prince, or it will be a Jamal Idris, Jaryd Hayne type of result. Obviously we are all hoping for the former. Not just as a Titan fan but as a football stand point.

Fifita has had a lot of tickets placed on him by others, I hope he doesn’t get overwhelmed with expectations as we have seen with many top players – Ash Taylor for the Titans comes to mind. But only time will tell – for the young bloke I am just hopeful he puts in a solid season.

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans

Isn’t that the hope every year? 🙂 As the old saying goes ‘beggars can not be choosers’. As a Gold Coast Titans fan who has spent years hoping this was the year, that ‘this signing’ was the one that changed the club… I am pretty sure I speak on behalf of all Titans fans when I say finals football is finals football 🙂

Why 2021 will be the year of the Titans