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Thanks Cracka.

I was actually surprised how the best 22 looks once on paper.

I really don’t no what to expect from Longmuir but it surely has to be more attacking and aesthetically pleasing then recent times.

Fremantle 2020: The purple haze is clearing

I think that’s what makes Fremantle a bit confusing, they got those upsets last year but managed to lose to sides they would of thought they were beating.

They beat the Giants, Dogs, Collingwood, Geelong and Brisbane but lost to the Gold Coast Carlton, St Kilda and Melbourne.

It was a bit hard to figure out who the real Dockers were.

I expect more of this inconsistency in 2020 but it to start becoming less up and down as the younger players take the reigns.

Fremantle 2020: The purple haze is clearing

Thanks Vercetti.

Yeah this year and the future is down to the production of their recent draft picks, which have already shown plenty hence the optimism.

The forward line is definitely a worry. Freo seem to lack depth here, and even with Hogan the forward line was a bit of a concern. Without him its hard to find enough goals to win matches against good sides.

I think the ceiling and floor of the Dockers is probably a lot wider then most sides. There is a lot of upside, but a lot of unknowns as well.

Fremantle 2020: The purple haze is clearing

You did pose some good questions Robert but I was far too distracted by “party cricket”.

One of my new favourite terms.

The Big Bash has big problems

Agree with a lot of what you say here Fadida.

“City winning it was hollow, an artificial club bankrolled by dirty money. Liverpool winning it would be deserved, more meritorious.” – Couldn’t agree more. The Man City titles just have this empty vibe to them.

I am coming to terms with the year very slowly. Its been a long wait, but its also provided great banter. Hope your brother enjoys it.

Agreed regarding City. Hopefully when Guardiola leaves things start to fall apart. Surely he will burn out soon.

If Ole hadn’t of come flying out of the blocks and somehow got away the most ridiculous of wins in Paris then we wouldn’t even need to fire him because he wouldn’t be there.

Got a feeling he is going to hang around a lot further into his 3 year contract then is warranted.

It hurts, but Liverpool are going to La La Land

Thanks Lionheart, glad you enjoyed it.

You should try to get along to some Championship games while your over there. I missed out because of the dates, but from all reports its a great experience.

Reasonably priced, accessible if your in London, great atmosphere etc.

I have an English mate who is a big Charlton fan and speaks highly of going to the Valley.

It hurts, but Liverpool are going to La La Land

Yeah fair to say I am being a bit narrow minded regarding the situation. Frustration certainly coming through.

I guess its been 7 years now for Man U. I will probably feel a bit more open minded once the tide turns but the combination of United’s recent seasons, Man City success and now this Liverpool season is making me want to return to the glory days at the cost of an equal and interesting competition.

Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day I want it to be exciting. Even last years title race was a cracker. Thing is excitement to me now is being back on top.

I just want United involved in a close finish and ultimately winning. Is that too much to ask?

It hurts, but Liverpool are going to La La Land

Hi Buddy,

I don’t think its going to stop Liverpool fans at all. I think now we are just going to hear about there history AND the current squad. Urgh.

Another team winning the EPL is good for who? Not for me. I enjoyed the Leicester title because it was just such an aberration. I have always felt its quite an Australian sporting concept that everyone should get a go at winning.

I would like the EPL to be more competitive just from an interest standpoint but I don’t want Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal winning. Ever. So that leaves the odd fairy-tale run like Leicester but United can win the rest.

It hurts, but Liverpool are going to La La Land

Hi Robert,

I stopped shorted of looking that deep into the schedule but certainly valid points.

Regarding the test players I did mention it was more of personal frustration then an actual legitimate issue founded in facts. I would say though i feel the novelty factor and star power early on easily accounted for the lack of Australian players. We had the likes of Ponting, Muralitharan and Warne playing in a flashy new competition. Even the likes of Shaun Tait and Keiron Pollard were decent draw cards for the casual fan.

The Big Bash has big problems

Thanks Jose, appreciate it.

I feel you regarding it being boring at times. Its strange, the quality of the cricket if often fine but it all feels so inconsequential it becomes hard to stay engaged week after week.

Funny you say that, after writing this I decided to try and catch up with someone and go to a BBL game tonight. They asked if we could just have dinner instead which I though was quite ironic.

The Big Bash has big problems

I am a fan of all cricket, I love it.

But I don’t think I am alone based on the comments. There is a general vibe from people that they love cricket, but are struggling to engage with the BBL.

Honestly shocked to hear there is that many jerseys floating around. I have seen very few in Melbourne, but ill keep my eyes out.

The Big Bash has big problems

Hi Liam,

The gimmicky “guff” is the aspect which is making it feel less like a sport and more like entertainment. Its this which is confusing people, and turning people that love cricket away because it just doesn’t feel like cricket.

I think it’s that attitude – that its perfectly fine, that we have found a niche etc. – which dooms so many businesses.

Yeah its cricket, and the AFLX was Australian Rules Football and the died real quick.

The Big Bash has big problems

Hi Michael,

Similar questions have been asked above regarding attendance. I do see where you are coming from. I thew this years figure in because it felt relevant to the article – your right that the figure is a bit compromised by the season still ongoing.

Personally I think once you start playing with the number of matches as dramatically as the BBL has (28 to 56 in 9 years) then looking at accumulative attendance becomes almost pointless. The BBL could add another 20 matches next year and the accumulative attendance could go up again, but I don’t think that gives us any real insight into the leagues popularity or whether its sustainable.

The 2015/16 BBL season had 35 matches while the 2018-19 season had 59 matches.
They increased the fixture by 60% and got a 11% increase in total attendance. I think that points to a reduced interest in the product and a lack of sustainability even if it is seemingly trending up. I do see how you can spin it as a positive though.

The Big Bash has big problems

Hi HR,

Yeah that’s a fair point regarding Smith. I probably should of used his IPL stints as an example as opposed to the BPL. My point was Smith has played in other Twenty20 competitions, but not the homegrown version.

I think once you start playing with the number of matches as dramatically as the BBL has (28 to 56 in 9 years) then looking at accumulative attendance becomes almost pointless.

The BBL could add another 20 matches next year and the accumulative attendance could go up again, but I don’t think that gives us any real insight into the leagues popularity or whether its sustainable.

The Big Bash has big problems

Thanks JGK, appreciate it.

Comparison to the NBL in the 80’s is interesting. It certainly feels like the gimmicks and added extras works in the beginning, but then people stop getting distracted and start looking at the product.

Surprised to hear the kids genuinely hate the experience.

If our international players had come straight back into the BBL following the test series I suspect the competition would have had a very different feel.

The Big Bash has big problems

Hi Jay,
Enjoyed this. As a Lebron fan who once again became a Cavs and therefore a Kyrie fan; I agree that he certainly dances to the beat of his own drum.
“Irving as the score-first, ball-hog guard who you just can’t win with” – That really is the most comfortable narrative around Kyrie.
One of my sporting highlights is seeing the Cavs beat Boston by 1 point at TD garden back in 2014. Just as you said, Kyrie needed Lebron’s 41 that night but it was an un-tucked Kyrie in the 3rd quarter who brought them back from 20 down with a period of offence play which is still one of the most breathtaking things I have seen live.

Kyrie Irving cooks brilliantly and alone

Hi Christo,

I hear what your saying, but I don’t know if we can call them outliers if they make up more then 20% of the seasons and occurred back to back. I think the disappointment is the BBL has failed to capitalise on the momentum from those 2 seasons.

Your suggestion is pretty much my general feel. Agreed regarding regional centres, certainty some goodwill in listening to the people and spreading the matches around.

The Big Bash has big problems

A fair point regarding this season.

Certainty puts everything in life into context.

The Big Bash has big problems

Thanks Stephen, appreciate it.

I honestly hadn’t not even really thought about the impact of the weather on such a short time-conscious game. Certainty must play into decision making when taking the whole family.

Cracking list of names in that Thunder team no doubt! Andre Russell hit some huuge balls.

The Big Bash has big problems

One of the better suggestions i’ve heard.

I would think the only issue would be the 6 year broadcasting deal which begin in 2018. One of the pitfalls of signing long-term deals is it locks you in to the now.

The Big Bash has big problems

Thanks Damo, appreciate it.

NBL rise should be great to watch. I managed to just catch the very end of that NBL era. I remember going to see Copeland, Gaze, Loggins and D-Mac but don’t really remember just how much buzz basketball was causing. Certainty good memories.

The Big Bash has big problems

Thanks Aaron.

I like the sentiment of what your proposing but one of those demands the broadcasters brought to CA was MORE international signings and there is 1 billion reasons they’ll probably get what they want.

The Big Bash has big problems

This Freo related banter has inspired me.

I am going to write a similar preview for Fremantle at some stage in the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully we can continue the conversation on that piece.

St Kilda 2020: Look ahead because you can’t look backwards

Hi Col from Brissie,

I left a lot of discussion of the departures out of this article to try and focus on looking to the future. His a loss, but his the type of loss that probably wont be discussed again at the club.

Newnes is absolutely an AFL level player however after 155 games he still hasn’t consistently found a spot on the field. He has been thrown around everywhere. Even last season I think he was picked in the back line early, the wing mid season, the bench later in the year etc. In 2018 he was playing half-forward for a little while. Newnes has felt like a square peg in a round hole for years now.

I would say his strength is gaining metres and his 2016-17 seasons were both strong in this area. He does a lot well but probably isn’t elite at any one skill. His durability and experience will no doubt add value for Carlton but he is a bit of a victim of circumstance here.

Newnes never played a finals with St Kilda in 8 seasons. His impact on games has slipped the last couple of years and with such sweeping change his the type of player that gets moved on to allow the club to start feeling fresh.

St Kilda 2020: Look ahead because you can’t look backwards

Hi Brendon,

Thanks for your comments, appreciate it.

I am sure internally they are thinking finals but I just think it’s going to take a year before its realistic. The question is what side misses the 8 to squeeze them in?

That’s a big wrap for Howard and interesting to hear. Admittedly I haven’t seen a lot of Howard, but what I had seen wasn’t jumping out at me. Looks like he has been a victim of getting switched around and a lack of constancy in his career to date. As I said there is obvious upside, just want to see it improve the Saints defence before I see it as a positive move.

Midfield is undeniably shallow. I had an extra section that I removed due to length which looked at needs beyond 2020 and an elite inside midfielder was top of the shopping list. Even some depth in the area is much needed. I put Hill in the midfield as his going to be the one they are trying to get on the outside and release. He might not be at the centre bounce but he will be the first one they are looking for running past. I am confident Saints get there return on the Hill trade.

We have the same prediction, but I think it will feel positive. Its always disappointing to miss finals but if it leads to a positive outlook in 2021 then its a small price to pay for a side that hasn’t played finals since 2011.

St Kilda 2020: Look ahead because you can’t look backwards