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Hey matey,

I see Horry and Barkley as examples of the excesses of the rings argument – people overrate Horry because he has 7 rings and underrate Barkley because he has no rings.

Appreciate your point re: LeBron teaming up with Bosh and D-Wade. LeBron and KG were able to eventually get elite teammates, but that was only after having prime years of their careers wasted thanks to organisational ineptitude in Cleveland and Minnesota.

As long as there’s nuance I don’t mind using team stats. I’d say LeBron’s finals performances against the Warriors in 2017 and 2018 were much more impressive than the championship runs in 2012, 2013 and 2020, but according to the rings argument 2017 and 2018 are blights on his record. The 2011 finals are a fair knock on his legacy though – he was a complete no-show in a series they should’ve won.

The absurdity of NBA GOAT debates Part 3: What if?

I’m a doggies fan in the Eastern suburbs bro don’t remind me 😂

But from memory that Roosters team in 2013 was quite different, they had signed Maloney, SBW, Jennings, etc while in 2010 you had Todd Carney in his Dally M year

The Storm's NRL stranglehold grows stronger, but Panthers are 2021 favourites

Off the top of my head I think the only GF losing teams in the NRL era to make it back to the GF the next year were:
– the Roosters lost in 03, lost again in 04
– Storm lost in 06, “won” in 07 if you count the salary cap premierships
– Manly lost in 07, won in 08
– Storm lost in 08, “won” in 09 if you count salary cap premierships
– Storm lost in 16, won in 17

The Storm's NRL stranglehold grows stronger, but Panthers are 2021 favourites

Appreciate that last bit regarding patience from the fan base. Very bullish on Arteta as a manager, but as you said it’s going to take a while to put together the right roster. It can also be hard sometimes to tell whether Arsenal are playing poorly because they’re a flawed team or because it’s football and every team has rough patches in a season.

Thankful that we got that FA cup victory to reward the fans after a traumatic period dating back to Baku. I reckon we’ll give top four a good run this year as long as Chelsea and Man U continue to back dud managers 😂

Arsenal's future is bright under Mikel Arteta

Bravo 😂

Daily Telegraph accidentally reveals NRL grand final winner before kick-off

Thanks mate! I think the real absurdity is writing a 4 part series on why a debate is absurd 😂

Appreciated the scope of the arguments in your article – you comprehensively argued your point. Despite being quantitatively driven I personally try to steer clear of stats when comparing NBA legends because “greatness” is so subjective. In terms of legacy I think LeBron’s performances against the Warriors in the 2015 and 2018 finals with no supporting cast were much more impressive than his performance against OKC in the 2012 finals, but if we’re using finals record as a gauge of greatness then the 2015 and 2018 finals are blights on his record.

The absurdity of NBA GOAT debates Part 2: Comparing apples with oranges

Love D-Rose but don’t think he’s the right fit for LA – too much of a ball stopper and not much of a threat when the ball isn’t in his hands.

If I were LA I’d overpay Rondo for one more rodeo and hope he stays , wouldn’t surprise me if he pulled some bullshit and went to the Clippers though lol.

Derrick Rose to the Lakers: Good for everyone?

C’mon mate you know the real GOAT is Delly 😛

The absurdity of NBA GOAT debates Part 2: Comparing apples with oranges

They’ve been rebuilding for more than a decade now 😂

The Pistons are stuck in purgatory where they’re not good enough to make the playoffs and not bad enough to get a top 5 pick and get a top young talent. The road back to relevance would have to be similar to Milwaukee where you find a hidden gem outside of the lottery – I love Sekou Doumbouya but I don’t think he’ll be a Giannis, maybe a poor man’s Pascal Siakam if we’re lucky.

The other issue is that the Pistons have to overpay free agents to play in Detroit. The weather is terrible, it’s dangerous to live there and the franchise has been in decline since the Chauncey-Iverson trade back in 2008 – not very enticing!

NBA offseason: Two franchises that need to start rebuilding

Not an AFL fan but a good read nonetheless mate!
While I’m sure the AFL has a lot to work on, from an outsider’s perspective they’ve got a sensational product. One thing I’m particularly impressed by is the engagement with female supporters. I’m in Sydney and I know plenty of women who are diehard supporters for their AFL team – probably could count on one hand the women I know who would want to go to a NRL game.

Three things the AFL can learn from the NBA finals

Good read mate!

Would be keen to hear what franchises you think would be better off closing up shop and moving to Seattle – I’d put my beloved Pistons pretty high up that list

NBA offseason: Two franchises that need to start rebuilding

Thanks mate!

For me I think Boston (Kemba sucks on D, Smart sucks on O) and Milwaukee (no reliable 2nd option) as they’re currently constructed aren’t good enough to seriously contend, so let’s see what their GMs can do 👍

Five way too early predictions for the 2021 NBA season

Great read mate!

What does LeBron's Lakers title mean for the GOAT debate?

Looking forward to reading it mate!

The absurdity of NBA GOAT debates

And they were doing it in Converse All Stars! Give Wilt some Jordans and he’d be jumping over the backboard 😂

The absurdity of NBA GOAT debates

Zach Lowe may be the GOAT of sensible basketball analysis

The absurdity of NBA GOAT debates

G’day Damo,

Completely agree, I’ll probably write an article on how different the leagues were when LeBron and MJ played. Dennis Rodman is a hall of famer in the 90’s and a bench player in the 10’s.

A caveat I’d add is that MJ had the benefit of playing with the illegal defence rule, so while the defence was much more physical, it was much harder to send help to MJ’s defender. Gimme a couple of weeks and I’ll put something together 👍

The absurdity of NBA GOAT debates