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Rugby tragic who asked mum what the score was at moment of birth. Best match ever = Sydney Olympic Stadium,



Machpants wins Quote of the Day contest for the whole week with his “Lack-of-Attack Larkham” moniker. Love it! LoL

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

Happy 10th anniversary Brett, may there be a further 956 articles in the next decade, preferably on the resurgence of the mighty WallyBees. 🙂

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

Hi RT, Harry and Digger tell us that you had a great weekend. Good to know you had a grouse weekend and even better to see that you have recovered. 🙂

btw has TMB got any BGP in the team? cackles wickedly!

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

Adsa, and didn’t M.Ledesma send back a beautiful riposte? His comment, (can’t remember the exact words) were similar to “S.Larkham a coach? Everyone knows the decent WB backline moves are coach Chieka’s work” were pretty much spot on even if Super Mario was speaking tongue-in-cheek.

I couldn’t believe the poor backline moves from the WB. They have Izzy on the wing against small Argie wingers and never once put in an up-n-under his way. Where were the moves with centres and backrowers/roving wingers coming in at different angles to the ball-carrying centre to confuse the defence? I only saw one inside pass in the game and the receiver was running the same line as the passer. The only tactic I saw and often was the NSW ploy of a long pass by K.Beale and 2nd receiver to stretch/get around the defence.

The WallyBees did well to score three tries with that lousy attack of theirs, and to be sure the “attack coach” has no right to make stupid jibes at Mario L. even if it was as a friendly giggle.

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

Hey Chookman, is I.Folau a hog or, as you a fellow suffering Tahs fan must know, Izzy just cannot pass a ball on the run from left to right. At the Tahs he loves chiming in wide out on the right and how many times has he passed a ball 2 metres over or behind his winger and blown a certain try.

But you are correct, the RC has spiced up. Interesting times indeed! 🙂

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

Sheek, sounds a bit like my rels in USA. Get rid of D.Trump they say! And I ask “and you want M.Pence there?”. Similar to the folks saying “sack Chieka” without a viable alternative.

Even if you cut the head off RA, the replacements come from the same plant. As Geoff alludes in his article above, much of the angst in RU in Australia is each Union selfishly just thinks of their own problems and solutions without thinking of the good for the whole. If I had mid-management people like this I would handcuff them all on a weekend thinktank and they stay there until a plan where everyone sings from the same sheet is developed. This is what’s happened in NZ and Ireland and by gawd it seems to work there.

And can you honestly say the “mid-management lower” Unions have been outstanding successes? The Shute shield is a shambles, going broke and heading towards a 3-team competition, the folks at NSWRU seem anti-club and just want Centres of Excellence to feed the Tahs whilst ignoring the clubs. Meanwhile everyone is playing Machiavelli-like games against everyone else to achieve their own ends.

What do you think of Johnny Football’s Roar article and the post by Sam Figg both ex state-NRC players, to see the ridiculous situation we have with the certain Unions trying to kill off the NRC.

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

Great article Johnny, and some very relevant points by both yourself and Sam Figg. The biggest problem in Australian rugby is all the Unions have their self-interest 1st and foremost and willing to play Machiavelli-like games against others to achieve it. Imagine running a large company like this, you would be bankrupt very quickly.

The decline of the NSW NRC and the death of the second-tier player

Geoff, NZ would have needed Bernie the “Iceman” for that guarantee. 🙂

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

Congrats to the win (and the wine) Carlos. Argentine rugby needed the wins against SA and Australia and should only go forward from here. As Geoff points out, the hints came when Los Jaguares had their great tour earlier in SR2018 and moving Mario Ledesma (trained in Australia may I cheekily add) to head coach is proving one very smart move indeed.

In the blog on Saturday I nominated the Argie #5 Tomas Lavanini as MotM. He was like a road block in the heavy stuff, forced a couple of turnovers and was hard to stop with the ball. And lets not forget the Pumas had 2 tries disallowed by inches.

Strange indeed that in both matches, the team that scored the most tries lost the match.

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

Force, sorry mate but it’s not that easy and I am certainly no fan-boy of the ARU/RA corporate wan*ers. The stadiums are booked months ago in weekend blocks as no-one knows who will be playing where or when during the finals so likely Perth’s Optus stadium would have been booked Sept 8th, 15th and 22nd. Its a similar story for AAMI stadium in Melbourne and Suncorp in Brisbane with the NRL finals.

Added to the stadiums is the organisation for teams that must be made months in advance; for example transport, hotels and training facilities for teams plus the selling of tours and tickets for supporters.

I am like you that I love afternoon rugby tests, but the money men at RA have gone off that idea after the June 2017 tests which all had poor turnouts (though RA should accept their terrible planning there, the Fiji and Italy tests were played in the wrong locations).

However I agree that ideally the Springbok test should have be played in Perth at the NIB, possibly on Sunday 9th arvo or even the Saturday arvo. But didn’t the WB play a couple of SB test matches in Perth about 6-8 years ago and got rotten number of spectators? Would they have got more than 16,700 folks if the game against Argentina was played in WA instead of the Gold Coast? I very much doubt it.

Perhaps the RA should look at the feasibility of playing our RC home test matches prior to 8th September when the other codes start their finals. That would get around the problem of lack of stadiums. Am I correct in that there was no AFL played on the weekend of 1st and 2nd September, surely a tweak to the RC timetable could take advantage there for a big international in Melbourne or Perth? Am with you that the RA top brass should stop sipping the Pimms and put the thinking caps on.

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina

Davey that’s a nice re-writing of history there. Facts: Scotland RU and its sycophants (Gavin Hastings et al) cried like babies when Joubert awarded THAT penalty but conveniently forgot Joubert’s multiple errors which favoured their side in that match, the IRB (aka Home Unions Protector) burned Joubert at the stake while conveniently saying nowt about Jaco Peyper’s errors which favoured Scotland in the match against Samoa that got Scotland over Japan into that QF match (no red card to Ryan Wilson for stomping and a massive penalty count against Samoa), Joubert could not refer to the TMO so did what any referee would do and made a decision. It’s very similar to Joubert’s terrible display which robbed France of the 2011 RWC (put on a fairness cap and check out this video ).

As for anyone moaning that R.McCaw got pinged in a ruck, every #7 worth his salt is a ruck cheat. Just in that SR2014 final he got caught, them’s the breaks. As for the fabled apology, yeah sure every referee rings up the losing captain after a match to discuss all his errors. And I believe in porcine aviators too. 🙂

If Michael Cheika cares as much about the Wallabies as he says he does, he should resign

BF, no way that E.McKenzie is coming back. You have to remember that captain Hooper has just been signed up till the end of time at half the Australian GDP, as well the “essential” K.Beale is still in the WB fold.

If M.Chieka, as expected, does resign after RWC2019 then RA must look overseas. I’m not convinced Jake White is the answer (good team manager but a one trick pony in plans), more we need a modern coach who has shown a willingness to mix ideas and plans plus good man management. Joe Schmidt, Stuart Lancaster, John Joesph or Davie Rennie are coaches that spring to mind. However if the clods in RA, as is more likely, promote the “Golden Child” S.Larkham as head coach then Australian rugby and we fans may as well kneel in unionism and commit a Group Harakiri (seppuku) and save us all the grief to come.

Mario Ladesma, in reply to Larkham’s cheeky sledge, was not too far off the mark when he queried the attack prowess of any Larkham-coached teams. Look at the Brumbies when he was in charge, a backline to drool over (Nic White, CLL, M.Toomua, T.Kuridrani, J.Tomane, H.Speight) and yet most of their tries came from lineout mauls. Go figure, that’s rugby to snooze by.

If Michael Cheika cares as much about the Wallabies as he says he does, he should resign

Forced Fan, true that it sounds dumb to play a match in Gold Coast one week after a game in Brisbane. It’s a recipe for financial disaster considering that the Gold Coast Titans in the NRL constantly get rotten numbers at their games (the last one was an outlier as 45,000 odd Bananaheads rocked up to farewell J.Thurston). However I don’t think RA had much choice; it’s a hard road while the AFL and NRL are booking out all the large stadia in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth well in advance for their finals.

Ideally the 1st RC match against AB should be played in Brissie, the 2nd against SB in Sydney then the 3rd against the Puma in Melb or Perth if a ground is available or troop back to Brisbane. Perhaps RA should have sweetened the ear of a certain NSW premier and got a few hundred million bucks to upgrade Concord Oval to a 35,000 seater solely for rugby union. I remember this was the main ground for the 1st Rugby World cup and boy was it dire, but an upgrade would solve a lot of problems for RA.

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina

Best Optimistic post of the week. 🙂

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina

First comment, Whoot!

Most got 5 for at least trying. Lower scores went to L.Tui (headspace was elsewhere) who dropped the ball too often andmissed a couple of important tackles, K.Beale who refused to tackle and must have run 5km with the ball all at 90° to the field, R.Arnold who seemed right off the pace although he was a rock in the middle and everyone’s whipping boy N.Phipps. Higher than 5 went to Captain Pocock, S.Sio and T.Tapou. Was a dire game to watch so likely missed a lot.

VOTE: Wallabies DIY player ratings vs Argentina

Tom, as an aside, did you hear that bloke playing for the Rising Rebels and masquerading under your name bagged 5 tries in the NRC match in Mudgee this afternoon.

Been a day for the English. And btw, Good work on the blog. Many thanks. 🙂

What the Bok? Saffas stun All Blacks in incredible boilover

Agree with Corne Biltong, love to see the big boys cry. After last week’s effort and this massive turn-around in defence, guile, guts and rugby as it should be played; should we not phone WADA to test your boys?

I reckon that’s one of the best SA matches I have seen. Congratulations to your team and best for the SA supporters who now see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. May the Bokke keep up the good work and you supporters go easy on the Alesatian. 🙂

What the Bok? Saffas stun All Blacks in incredible boilover

TWAS, but isn’t P.Samu a fair bit taller and much better in lineouts and attacking breakdowns? I know M.Hooper has been playing injured but going off my alcohol-razzled bwain, I seem to remember Hooper has forced one perhaps 2 turnovers whereas Samu is around 6-7 despite a lot less game time.

Hooper out, Pocock to captain at No.7

Hi Baz, as a long term option I agree, like Fionn I admire Tom Banks for his size, blinding speed and defence. But for all these important RC matches I would blood Banks on the wing. In today’s world of fast monster wingers I would much prefer Banks to J.Maddocks. Get Banks into the WB setup, then if there are injury issues with I.Folau or DHP (such as EOYT2017), then Banks can step in. I know K.Beale plays back as cover (and hiding from defence), but his efforts as fb on that tour were pretty horrible to watch.

Don’t get me wrong, Maddocks is a very good player but I see his potential at 5/8 or a Mr Versatile bench warmer. Maddocks’ biggest problem is his SR coach is chasing QC and the Force’s A.Deegan for the 5/8 spot, which pretty much means the Rebels coach has no inclination to trial Maddocks over a period of time and keep him as a winger-fb. If Maddocks is seriously considering playing as a fb-5/8 hybrid ala Bernie then he should move to Queensland and take Jono Lance’s spot.

Hooper out, Pocock to captain at No.7

Excellent news that Jack Dempsey is eyeing a comeback. I really hope he gets back to his previous level of footy. The main reason for the long recovery is Dempsey’s leg had suffered nerve damage, as well as tissue and ligaments, which raised extra concerns in light of Rob Horne’s career-ending nerve damage in what seemed a run-of-the-mill arm injury.

Battle of the backrows lighting up the NRC

That really puts some talent back into the Viking Horses. I bet they are chuffed that Rob Valetini is back. The bloke showed so much promise in last year’s NRC only to get injured early (was it round 2?) in SR2018. Makes up a little bit for losing Isi Naisarani to the penguins.

Battle of the backrows lighting up the NRC

Nice points The Selector, I think Liam Wright is a gun and could possibly be the next Liam Gill up in Bananarama Land although I think his best position would be at #6. Am not too sure but I think Wright has played most of his Reds games at #7 also. I would suggest Wright plays openside because Sam Scott-Young is a blindside who doesn’t have the pace to be #7 and C.Timu has the pace and beef for a #8. A pretty awesome backrow, likely the best in the NRC. I watched both the Qld Country games in NRC2018 and reckon L.Wright has been one of their best.

As Brett says below, the bloke is only 20 and can only improve. Suddenly Australia is looking good with talent covering more and more positions. The outlook is not as dire as it look back in 2016. 🙂

Battle of the backrows lighting up the NRC

Hi Oliver, some good argument here and nicely written. 🙂

Sadly news is through that both D.Pocock and I.Folau are out of the game. Goodnight nurse, kindly switch off the lights as the WB corpse cools! (Coincidence that Izzy and John Folau are both out of their matches this weekend with ankle problems. A weakness in the Folau “ankle gene”? )

Actually its not that drastic. The weak tackling in the #10-12 axis is gone, and DHP showed last week that the fb position is strengthened in areas with him there. The WB have a big chance if (a) KB doesn’t crab and push his outside backs over the sidelines (b) the backline stands much flatter rather than attack from the next suburb which are easy pickings and (c) the defence line stays in a line and shooters only if their position is covered. That #10,12,13 axis will have their work cut out with the two Bok centres without leaving massive holes from shooters.

But I guess the main thing is how the smallish backrow can hold off the ginormous Bok forwards for the whole match. When one of them goes off, we have “fearsome” Ned coming on while they have Francois Louw and M. Marx, chalk and cheese.

Not confident but GOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Wally-Bees !

Wallabies vs Springboks Rugby Championship preview and prediction

Hi Nicholas, your line “12’s who cannot make front on tackles are pretty thin on the ground!” I can think of one who is an International #12, goes by the name of Kurtley Beale. 🙂

Why the grass is not always greener up north

Totally agree with the changed 5/8. The defensive issues of the 10-12 channel really had to be sorted out, playing B.Foley and K.Beale together just puts targets on their backs. Putting Matt Toomua at IC reduces the size of that hole. Add that K.Beale has been mainly 1st receiver anyway then B.Foley was more a light IC, not up-to-scratch at front-on tackling but a very good cover defender (see his try saver Bled II).

Would have preferred to see Tom Banks at 23 instead of Jack Maddocks, or even 14 instead of DHP, but that’s picking hairs. Coach Chieka ditched one fav (R.Simmons) but evened it up by bringing back another fav (Ned Hanigan), for as the Bible says “He taketh but also giveth” (or something like that). 🙂

Interesting that the Boks have M.Marx at 16 reserve hooker, is this some secret ploy, a rest for MM or political reasons?

Wallabies team vs South Africa: Cheika rings the changes ahead of South Africa clash