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Rugby tragic who asked mum what the score was at moment of birth. Best match ever = Sydney Olympic Stadium,



Rumours are K.Hunt is off to the Tahs. Karmichael knows that a Tah blue jersey is a guaranteed WB spot for the RWC2019 tour. 🙂 I just hope that K.Hunt has sorted out his mental demons and keeps off the white powder.

On the I.Perese issue, as reported on the RA website “It’s understood he will spend the upcoming season playing for the Redcliffe Dolphins in the Queensland Cup and will also help run a F45 franchise in Strathpine – north of Brisbane – he purchased early last year.” I don’t know what a F45 franchise is but looks like Perese was offered money AND a job for life to switch, no wonder he went to the NRL. Rumours that Perese was off to play for the Broncos have been around since about April this year, so it’s not quite a shock.

Izaie has had a lot of knee problems for the last couple of years so couldn’t get game time. While he was recuperating, talent like J.Petaia and CFS got to show their wares and Perese was not guaranteed a starter spot at the Reds. This brings in another important factor of playing NRL, Perese has 16 teams to choose from (or 3 Queensland sides) whereas Rugby can only offer 4 teams and lots of sitting in airplanes and hotels.

The Reds don’t need another winger, they have forwards and ouside backs to burn. The big weakness at the Reds is the halves (and fb if rumours of K.Hunt are correct). They should have busted their guts getting a quality 5/8th or halfback to run the show. Even someone from overseas if necessary.

Perhaps the Reds should have gone all out to convince J.Maddocks to try his luck at 5/8th up in Sunny Queensland. If that doesn’t work, or H.Stewart really improves, then he could always play at fb so its a win-win for the Reds. Good judges say Maddocks could be the next big thing at 5/8th, but he has Buckley’s chance of getting a run there for the Rebels. Also it’s unlikely the Rebels would release him, which is a shame for Aussie Rugby.

Australian rugby dealt massive blow with Izaia Perese set for shock code switch

Let’s compromise and give the GOAT N.Lyon a 9/10. His bowling was very good and batting was better than many of the so-called specialist batsmen in the team. He put in 70 overs, got 8 wickets for less than 3 runs an over and troubled all the Indian batsmen at one stage or another. And this was against top quality batsmen who are weaned on spin bowling.

If I remember right, India won the test in Adelaide in 2003. R.Ponting and R.Dravid both got double centuries in the 1st digs and Australia collapsed in the 2nd innings. Both teams had great batsmen but the series was ruined with roads served up and double centuries everywhere. I don’t know why but SKW nor G.McGrath did not play one match. S.McGill was the Aussie leggie for the whole series.

Anyway I only mention that series as IMHO only J.Hazelwood and N.Lyon would get in that team. Not one of our current batsmen would get a look-in, not even as bat cleaner/vaseline applicator. 🙂

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, First Test

What strangely hasn’t been picked up upon was C.Pujura, when he was on 89no, was caught by T.Paine off a quickie (can’t remember which but I think it was P.Cummins). It was the faintest of snicks off the near bottom of the bat as Pujura took at almighty slash at a ball bouncing almost-shoulder high and wideish. The bowler stopped and weakly appealed, Paine put in an unsure appeal, the umpire ruled no contact, everyone hummed and ahhed and decided not to appeal the DRS. I was flabbergasted that they didn’t chance their DRS-arm as India at the time were 8 down and one wicket then would have finished the Indian first innings at about 210. OFC the television hotspot replay showed there was a snick and it was a good one. Pujura went on to make 34 more runs (123) and India another 40. T.Paine can wear that bad judgement as of all people he should have known, crowd noise or not.

Considering India won the match by 31 runs, one could surmise that had the Aussies appealed and got Pujura out then they would have won the match. Of course in reality it just would have meant that S.Marsh would have had to keep his current form and score about 40 less runs in his 2nd dig. 🙂

The Liebke Ratings: Australia vs India, First Test

Nice article Samuel, welcome to the Roar Writer’s Club. Yes M.Cheika has every right to complain with terrible decisions. But he is just too one-eyed, for he carries his heart on his sleeve, and ruins his gravitas with officials. He needs to be more impartial and accept that some go against you but some go with you. I’m not too sure what weighting is given with complaints through the official channels, but a mite more openness would certainly clear the air. More it appears the ostriches at WR clutch their gin n tonics even harder and ignore any change. The only times I have ever heard the blighties respond to terrible ref decisions is when a NH team loses the match.

Sadly the end result is it feeds ammunition to folks who bellow that to win at Twickenham you have to beat the touchies, ref, TMO and television producer as well as play better rugby than the English team. And this spoils what was clearly a well-earned win for England. I also hope that I.Rodda’s Reds coach kicks him if he runs at the line so upright again.

Lets not also forget the WB team was all over the shop with disciplinary suspensions, injuries and some howler selections. What gobsmacked me was M.Koroibete was not in the 23 and suspended, but then parachuted in to cover D.Pocock’s injury (work that one out!) while the obvious (better!) replacement winger, Tom Banks, sits wasting him time in an English pub.

Let's talk about that decision

John, you sound “like the whiney little bitch that .. ” you purport M.Cheika to be. Any decent argument that you put up is totally enfeebled with your pathetic last line “For me – very much Australian – that tells me everything …”.

Why don’t you start your post with what you really feel? Something like “ALL Aussies are whingers, not like we magnificent fans from (place country here)”. Let it out what you really think John, we “whingeing Aussies” are hanging on your every words of wisdom. 🙂

Let's talk about that decision

Hilly, sorry mate the other back-rower J.Dempsey did 14 tackles (he missed one but slowed the bloke down <>) in his 59 mins. D.Pocock did 5 tackles in his 50 minutes.

Amazingly in player comparisons on the RA site, Pocock is awarded 1 turnover won whereas Hooper is awarded 5. ESPN stats doesn’t give turnovers won. Have we self-appointed experts got it all wrong or are they counting strips/dropped ball as turnovers? 🙁

Izzy Folau needs to clean up his act. He turned the ball over 4 times, certainly 1 crazy pass and he got rucked another time.

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Nice squad there KK, with loads of talent and rugby nous. One other name that really has impressed me at the back end of this season is the Reds blindside flanker Angus Scott-Young. Only 21 and has the heart of a lion. Similar height but not as good as Ned Hanigan in the lineouts, however ASY is a far more effective overall player.

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Nicely said CB2, perhaps mildly sarcastic but a nice comparison of two 7’s. 🙂

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Phil, Tate McDermott is a reserve half back for the Qld Reds, played 8 games (starter or reserve) for them in SR2018. He has only just turned 20, needs a bit more weight and is behind James Tuttle and fighting with Moses Sorovi to get game time. He has also played for Queensland Country in the last two NRC competitions.

Queensland’s biggest problem is their halves.

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Agreed there Pine, I still have reservations of AAC at this level as (a) he is not the fastest these days and (b) England backline is a different story to Italy. Personally I would not be too unhappy to see AAC and J.Petaia swap positions during some attacks. As you know he can seriously do damage and it never hurts to confuse the Poms with a different point/style of attack.

M.Cheika will never do it but he has to punt both B.Foley and K.Beale from the starters. Both are out of form and as you show there are better options with a M.Toomua, S/Kerevi and AAC in midfield and J.Petaia/S.Naivalu/T.Banks on the wings. All decent defenders, no need to shuffle around in defence and speed out wide. What’s not to like about it?

England are starting to get a pretty decent backrow going now in the forwards. M.Wilson, S.Underhill, B.Shields and T.Curry are, dare I say it, a better unit than the Pooper with J.Dempsey/N.Hanigan. The tight 5 should do OK though S.Sio has been a worry in set pieces.

The only optimism I can offer there is England has missed an extraordinary number of tackles in their last 3 matches, though only lowly Japan has managed more than one try against them. A good fast-paced WB backline such as yours or mine above could seriously dent that record. Over to you, Mr. Cheika. 🙂

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Connor33, I agree that yesterday Ireland played tight constructive team rugby and sqeezed the life out of the AB. Congratulations to all of Irish rugby players and followers, well done and it shows the strength and depth of rugby in Ireland.

However, methinks you are getting ahead of yourself to continue to assume that Ireland meets the AB in the QF of RWC2019. To be sure, that could happen but a multitude of results could cause any number of different QF match-ups.

The other quibble I might comment on is your line ” .. every high tackle; every cynical act—… ” Dare I suggest you take a good look at your own Rob Kearney and his methods in bringing down opposing players when contesting the ball from high kicks. How that bloke hasn’t received >5 red cards for his “contesting” is beyond me.

The Wrap: It's 'About Schmidt' as Ireland plan and execute perfectly

Jake Gordon has got to get rid of that Step-be4-u-Pass habit. It loses too much time and any 1st receiver is smashed by the rush defence as the ball arrives. Consequently they are standing too far back.

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Wow, the haters really came after B.Foley though I honestly think he and K.Beale look jaded and seriously need a couple of months right away from rugby. I gave both of them a 4 for this match, and guess what! I actually saw K.Beale tackle a bloke front on around his legs. At that moment I stopped drinking thinking the beer was playing tricks.

I think all the #10’s are playing to orders, and they are the wrong orders. Even M.Toomua stood way back in this game. All year we have seen the #10 and #12 standing 10 to 15m behind the gain line with only one of 2 tactics. Play wrap-around moves 10m in front of any tackler (which fools no-one) or boot the hell out of the ball straight up the middle of the field and give away possession. Fionn would know as a Brumbies supporter if this is from B.Larkham’s playbook. Whoever it is, the tactic seriously needs to be punted.

Of the forwards S.Sio has had a bad last two games, giving ground and penalties in the scrums as well as a yellow card. The England THP will be salivating. J.Ainsley also looked under the pump. The rest of the piggies did well, just more work needed to get that lineout working smoothly. D.Pocock and A.Coleman came off at 50m, which threw a spanner in the works as P.Samu was already on the field so J.Dempsey had to return as Pocock had a HIA.

fyi Dempsey trucked the ball up in heavy traffic 14 times for 31m and also 13 tackles (and 1 miss), also lost the ball in one tackle. Apart from he gave the final pass in Thor’s try, Dempsey did nothing X-factor but I thought he did the job of a hardworking forward and gave him a 5½.

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Fionn, it’s almost criminal how M.Cheika has ignored T.Banks all season. What, he got about 6 minutes of playing time over 9 games this season?

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

I don’t know why you blokes keep saying J.Petaia is out of position on the wing. In SR2018 he played more games on the wing for the Reds than at OC, he only moved to OC when S.Kerevi was injured in June. Whilst I agree that he has all the hallmarks of a great OC, I saw him play a fair bit in the NRC2018 all at OC and his defence is still a mite loose. He is pretty good but he does tend to grab at shirts occasionally. He is so strong (at 18, omg!) that he often pulls his opponent down but he did get brushed a couple of times against the Vikings and Fiji, though to be fair he chased the blokes he missed and got them 10m further.

I agree that he should be in the WB side now but I have no problem of him being introduced to the systems and the higher levels of International Rugby on the wing and learn. This bloke is going to be a superstar for 10-12 years. I imagine the NRL blokes are already waving big money at him.

Wallabies player ratings vs Italy

Carl, you tipped Wales to beat Australia? I’m on the phone to Peter Dutton and he tells me the Black Maria van will be outside your home in 4 minutes.

The Ghoul said “that’s UnAustralian, you support Australia or go back where you came from, I bet this Carl bloke is one of those Africans burning down Melbourne. I hope he likes Manus Island”. 🙂

Another week of Spring Tour rugby tips

The ref called that the Italy half was standing past the 15m sideline as the lineout was in progress. If that is correct, and the referee was like 4m from said half with a clear view, then the halfback should have been standing 10m back and consequently was offside. Calls for the TMO are ludicrous if it was right in front of the ref, the 15m line is pretty clear cut. The half’s job was to minimise J.Gordon’s sniping from set plays and I guess he got a bit too anxious to cut Gordon’s space, saw the slow pass was catchable and went for it. Great try if he got away with it, sadly he didn’t. 🙂

Agree with you on Thor’s try, should have been called back for a shepherd by running behind Pocock; but honestly wasn’t it a thing of beauty to see the TT crunch through 5-6 players for the tryline.

VOTE: Wallabies DIY player ratings vs Italy

D.Pocock, I.Rodda and T.Tupou all got 7, B.Foley and K.Beale got a 4 (to be honest I think both need a long rest to freshen up). Everyone else got 5’s and 6’s. The rating scores are reflected by who the opposition is also, against Italy I would have expected a few more 7’s and 8’s.

But a win is a win, that’s 4 from 12 or 33% win rate now. On the way up, sez this optimist. LoL

VOTE: Wallabies DIY player ratings vs Italy

Dave, Rory Arnold is out also. A shame as all of the starting 2nd and backrow need a rest. That chance is gone now. 🙁

Italy vs Wallabies: Spring Tour preview and prediction

“but this coaching group could take the All Blacks to 5-6 in the world.” I love the comment, and sadly for the WB only too true! 🙁

Italy vs Wallabies: Spring Tour preview and prediction

Rory Arnold is out also, Rob Simmons on the pine in his place.

Is it me or are the WB players being flogged a wee nit too hard just prior to their matches? This year especially they all look a bit listless, usually the last 30 minutes of every match. The ridiculous musical chairs is messing up the backs but nearing half time some of the forwards look like they are 50 years old. This year we have seen the following replaced within 1-3 days prior to a test match; T.Tupou, D.Pocock, I.Folau, A.Coleman, M.Hooper and T.Polota-Nau, R.Arnold and J.Petaia.

Italy vs Wallabies: Spring Tour preview and prediction

One really big problem is half of those forwards need a rest so they can rip it into the Poms next week. This happened last year, they were knackered near the end of the year, and lots of injuries, and got flogged in the last two matches (England and Scotland).

Rodda, Coleman, TPN, Foley and Beale should not be in this 23. Pocock on the bench but minimum time on field. Though I see R.Arnold and J.Petaia have pulled out, so one of these locks would now have to play.

Lose-lose for the Wallabies against the Azzurri

Sheek, in answer to your line “And I don’t understand on any level shifting Foley to #12. Only reason is to be first choice goal kicker I suppose.” M.Toomua is a fairly handy kicker also. Didn’t Cheika see his penalty kick almost from the sideline last week?

B.Foley must be almost knackered by now and really needed the rest but the WB coach cannot move away from his beloved two playmaker system. Many folks suspect other reasons also (protecting certain selections etc). All the bloke has is a “Plan A or the highway” game plan and lots of ranting and excuses. Pretty sad to watch.

Michael Cheika's mixed selections for Italy

Well said Olly. Am in total agreement. Even Eddie Jones has dropped the two playmaker system (G.Ford to the bench) and is now playing a crash runner at IC and largish but slippery H.Slade at OC

On the basis that M.Cheika is about 3 years slower that Fast Eddie, then the B.Foley-K.Beale combo will be ditched sometime in 2021. 🙂

Michael Cheika's mixed selections for Italy

I disagree James, B.Foley and K.Beale will never ever be good international IC as neither of them can tackle front on. Bernie goes for the shins but at an angle or he will mostly miss, while Kurtley waves arms hoping to strip the ball or possibly slow the ball carrier down as a speed bump does.

For mine both of them stand too far back in attack, too often against opposition rush defence our attack ends behind the gainline. I’m constantly amazed that one of the forwards (who have just grunted for 15 phases to make 10m) doesn’t give both of them a good clip over the ears when the 1st backline move loses most of that 10m gain.

Petaia and Gordon to debut, Ashley-Cooper returns versus Italy