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Rugby tragic who asked mum what the score was at moment of birth. Best match ever = Sydney Olympic Stadium,



Peter Fitz-Simons is a goose. Once his “uber PC-ness” is offended he just cannot let go with his one-eyed hackneyed shouting from the sidelines. He is like a rat that found some old cheese; he just cannot let it go!. And it’s not just I.Folau but his oft-childish comments on Tiger Woods and Greg Norman. There are many others but I honestly don’t read his column any more as I don’t need to be told how to think.

What PFS can’t understand is his boorish rants are just as bad as the Old Testament bible pushing its vengeance-filled commands to the ignorant masses of the time.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

Lewis, I really have been avoiding most of the media regarding Folau’s gaffe but I was always of the impression that his contract had a “social media” clause.

When did the disclosures come out that “that his contract does not in fact have a social media clause…” and if that is correct then as you say RA is a cooked goose.

Cheika stumbles in first test of new Wallabies paradigm

What’s interesting is that so many of Izzy’s team-mates are now lining up and basically saying IF is a pain in the rectum with his sanctimonious preachings. This is now causing team disharmony between these blokes (I presume most of them are Hell-bound for various reasons anyhow), the religious group (which is a fair number within Australian Rugby) and those who just wish it would all go away.

RA may be hopeless in many ways but they always bow to Player Power. I read that as bye bye Isreal whether he wins the CoC or not.

Rugby Australia names panel for Folau code of conduct hearing

Brett, you’re not half wrong with your comments on form continuity. Stone the crows, I’m on a 50% tip rate this year. Any other sport and the cops would be looking for suspicious bets. But it’s a wild ride so let’s enjoy it. Onto this week’s tips:

– Chiefs without Big Brodie and DMac should belt the Lion cubs. Though interesting they have W.Whiteley and Quokka Smith back in so should be tougher to break down.

– Did I hear Geoff say “Moondogs by Plenty?” Nope, it’s gonna be Digger dancing in the aisle.

– Reds will try their guts out but will never win outside of the Australian conference on their ONE tactic “lots of tackles and give it to Samu“. Even so, only a zealot would put their hard earned on the Sharks.

– A tough one so give it to the home boys. Blues have been playing good footy but so have the Penguins. Flick of the coin on this one.

– Rebels by heaps but will be interesting to see how the Tahs will attack in their post-Izzy daze (geddit). K.Beale will spend so long looking up into the sky as bombs rain down on him that his post-playing days could be an Astronomer. Will be great watching M.Hooper against R.Hardwick. Also will M.Cheika be in the dreary SCG stands watching his love-child B.Foley playing against He Who Shall Not Be Named.

– Brumbies have named about their best side but will miss D.Pocock and L.McCaffrey whereas the Sharks team is TBC. Sharks should win but Brett betting against the Brumbies AND Blues = pick the other team here.

In Short. Chiefs, Hurricanes, Sharks, Highlanders, Rebels, Brumbies. (At least one win for an Ozzie side).

Sure Thing: Unless he goes off to taste the vines and mademoiselles of Bordeaux, then Rieko Ioane will be holding the crown as Super Rugby Greatest Try-scorer in the not-distant future. He might be in love with himself but is one hell of a football player. Overall is the best winger I have ever seen (sorry Campo but you are now 2nd). 🙂

Super Rugby Round 10: The circle of craziness is complete

Geoff, looking at the numbers of Roar comments and at 12:40am Friday morning one article Bye bye Izzy … has scored 341 comments in about 12 hours while Daniel’s article Rugby union would be a more inclusive ….. has killed them with 641 comments in about 14 hours. That is the highest number of posts I’ve seen on the Rugby site for yonks.

A lesson in life here that we see often with our pollies. “If you want to be noticed by everyone, it’s not how well that you play the game, but how much Fire and Brimstone you can pour out to the masses”.

Super Rugby Round 9: A little too obvious?

Sighs, another so-so week of 4 from 7 in this SR season from hell. As for the masqueraders once known as the Lions, are they any good unless playing against non-SA teams with a SA referee? A real Jekyll & Hyde side. Anyway we march forward to Round 9, teeth gritted and hoping to hell that I am not damned.

– The Crusaders have put their No 1 team out and should be way too strong for a weakened Highlanders side. A.Smith has been missing for the last two weeks. Ishe injured or get lost in the airport loo again? Am really taking to Shannon Frizell, the bloke is a BEAST!

– Rebels have RHP in the 2nd row for Matt Philip (rotation) and have picked a very strong team to boss it over a tired and weakened Stormers missing S.Kolisi et al. The Rebels want to show them SA teams just how good they are with a neutral (Kiwi) referee.

– The Blues have changed their front row to start Karl Tuinukuafe and Ofa Tuungafasi to counter the very good front row of the Chiefs. This is anyone’s game, head says home team but I’ll follow RT and Brett and go the Blues. I heard somewhere that SBW is injured again so poor old Nonu has to last the whole 80 minutes. This match is worth watching just to see Big Brodie and Meanie Patrick going for it.

– Am SHOCKED that Brett has picked the ponies over last year’s finalists. The Brumbies have big Rory, S.Sio and FF back and will have pencilled this game in as a Must Win. Don’t know who is in the Lions’ team (who cares?) and with one beer too many; I’ll tip the Brumbies by 9. The Lions are pretenders this year, even alley cats have more bite.

– Sharks and Jaguares could be a shock loss to the home boys but gee the Shorks looked good last week. If M.Marx wasn’t there the Sharks would have won by +60. And you have to admire Los Jaguares, they held on by the fingertips for the whole match and stole the biscuits in the last 5 minutes. To demonstrate how crazy this SR2019 is, the Bulls beat the Sharks in Round 7 so which form does one tip by, or should I buy another dart board? I’ll go for the Sharks on last week’s form.

– Loads of changes in the Bulls team and they look pretty strong with 6 Springboks in the starting side so you have to pick them in the rarefied air of Pretoria. The Reds won’t be easy though with loads of beef in their forward pack and their top shelf centre pairing of S.Kerevi and C.Feauai-Sautia causing havoc in the backline. The Reds have lost two gun wingers in F.Dauguna (broken arm) and S.Naivalu (rotation) so I suspect A.Toua and J.Hardy to be targeted. T.Tupou gets to start but BPA is back to the bench. Am not sure how the coaches expect continuity with mass changes every week.

In short: Crusaders, Rebels, Blues, Brumbies, Sharks and Bulls. Five home teams and 3 team names start with a B.

Sure thing: the Tahs have an extra week to teach K.Beale how to catch a high up-n-under while on the run. Without Izzy at the back, the Tahs can expect Super Rugby damnation and a hell of a season.

Super Rugby Round 9: A little too obvious?

Pretty good picks there RT. It could be a ” home team whitewash” but then again the only game likely to spoil that scenario is your beloved Bluebags turn them Chiefs into wailing indians. Its the only 50-50 match so I close eyes and throw at dartboard, evens = hometeam and odds = Blue visitors.

Super Rugby Round 9: A little too obvious?

Doc, Referee is Glen Jackson so Reds pick up about12 points and 20 non-penalties there. The good thing is ref favoritism won’t be a factor (though ref incompetence is still a possibility) 🙂

Super Rugby Round 9: A little too obvious?

G’day Terry da Kidd, S.Kepu can swap and from memory played as LHP when Sio was injured a couple of years ago.

But I agree it’s not impossible to see a real smokey for the RWC2019 squad in young Harry J-H (not from accounts!). You know you have a good up-&-coming prop when in a game against AB props the Kiwi commentators are talking him up. Would love to see H.J-H get a run or two off the WB bench in the RC and Samoa games. A definite WB from 2020 onwards.

However baring injury I suspect the RWC2019 WB squad will be LHP: S.Sio and J.Slipper, THP: AAA and T.Tupou with S.Kepu kept as 5th choice as he does a good job at both ends.

It’s a few days since my post and what eluded my thinking then is even if the two co-selectors FORCED M.Cheika to pick Q.Cooper at 5/8th and S.Kerevi or K.Hunt at IC then poor Quadie and the IC have to play to Cheika’s match plans. These genius plans take absolutely no heed of strengths and weaknesses of the opposition just start every backline attack 15 m behind the gain line and perform multiple loops and passes before you are anywhere near a defender and fools no-body. Get tackled at least 5 m behind gain line. Repeat ad nauseam for the whole match.

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 8

As a rabid Tahs fan, the only upside I can find is at least Isreal.F pointed the finger and sent homosexuals and we drunken fornicators to hell in the bye week for the Tahs.

That means the Tah coaches have an extra week to either work a fullback into their game plans or more likely it pushes K.Beale to fb and settles K.Hunt almost permanently into the inside centre (2nd five for our Kiwi brethren). On the downside, who the hell is going to defuse the bombs now? K.Beale at times reminds me of some of the atrocious dropped catches you see in the BB/IPL. 🙁

Tah-Tah, Izzy: Rugby Australia, NSW Rugby confirm they'll sack Folau

Now for the WB squad as per Oliver’s request. I don’t expect RA’s new Gang of Three to pick this team as M.Cheika will fight tooth and nail to get all his olde favs from the last 3 years of tripe. From my reading of quotes, the job of the two alt-selectors is to help Cheika to pick a team that will optimise HIS game plan. I expect Cheika to use that card time after time to get his way.
I am going to select my team on the basis that D.Pocock will not be fit enough to make the 1st WB sides in July. If he is fit then he is starting #7 and M.Hooper the reserve.
I.Rodda No contest
A.Coleman Can live with M.Philip as starter if Coleman out
L.Jones Gr8 lineout and 3rd best in Defence SR2019 behind M.Hooper and PS du Toit.
I.Naisarani If wounded then S.Higginbothem
W.Genia No-one close
Q.Cooper If you want your team to win. Best try-assists in all of SR2019
Sefa Naivalu or T.Banks. As fast and larger that M.Koroibete but has a rugby brain
S.Kerevi Forget the rest. Most carries and defenders beaten in all of SR
T.Kuridrani Am happy for T.English here if T.train badly out of form.
R.Hodge You have to have that long kick in your team. Can swap at times with
I.Folau Most NH teams pump high ball and no-one is as good as Izzy.
BPA Has the bulk to be an international hooker, Rangi too small and Latu a goose
J.Slipper If form and fitness improves then S.Kepu perhaps but
S.Kepu If form and fitness improves then T.Tupou and let Slipper & Kepu battle 4 LHP
M.Philip Am ok with LSL (formally Tui) and R.Arnold also. Amazed R.Simmons is 5th
best tackler in SR2019 but lock position needs beef and mongrel as well.
A.Cottrell A workaholic but does miss lots of tackles. I could accept N.Hanigan as he
has improved and is good in the lineout.
J.Gordon BADLY needs time on the field to get experience.
M.Toomua Can fit into #10 or #12 position if required
DHP Move Folau to wing if/when DHP is on. Otherwise T.Banks on wing.
This team has players in form and in their SR playing positions. The scrum, mauls and lineouts have lots of beef, height and power which are absolutely necessary for international rugby. There are no grandpas in the team (thanks and bye TPN and AAC) and no non-tackling crabs in the backline. Placekicks from Cooper and Hodge so no need for B.Foley who had poor 2017 and 2018 seasons.
For the RWC2019 squad, then B.Foley must come in. Who else depends on form and fitness.
What does worry me is M.Cheika was on Fox answering a sort-of Q&A. When asked about the composition of the backrow he hyped up the chances of R.Valetini, a backrower who weakens the lineout and whose home address is Royal Canberra Hospital, yet Cheika could never say the words Luke Jones or Scott Higgenbutt. Smells of a good excuse to keep Ned in the run-on side!

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 8

Here we go again, some kid comes into SR, plays a couple of decent games and the Roar goes insane putting him into the WB team. Anyone ever heard of M.Mason, N.Stizaker, J.Debreczeni, N.Frisby, D.Paia’aua, A.Ready, J.Tuttle and J.McIntyre? just to name a few blokes who after a couple of SR matches had half the Roar crowd demanding their immediate elevation into the WB squad yet ALL those blokes have big flaws in their game. Where are those blokes now?

I now see the same happening with Tate McDermott; yes he has put in a couple of decent games but he hasn’t torn the opposition to shreds. Let’s see the kid play to the end of the season, especially against big boppers from SA and NZ, before anointing him The Next One. 🙂

As far as Aussie halfbacks in SR, its WillieG (smart, experienced with a decent pass) then the Simpson Desert to (in order) J.Gordon, N.Phipps, M.Ruru and J.Powell (who all have loads of experience) then to T.McDermott and Moses Sorevi whose pass lets him down too often.

With the Blues vs Tahs match yesterday, N.Phipps started and I honestly thought he played a fair game. No wild passes as the Phipps Haters constantly point out and always at the back of the ruck often supplying speedy service. In his 60 minutes he made 4/5 tackles and even got credit for a turn-over. But he barely bothered running with the ball and was pulled. Jake Gordon was much more busy, ran the ball twice and got a nice meat pie. He also got a turnover and made 3/3 tackles. Phipps is not useless as many make out and always runs himself into the ground for his team, but I think J.Gordon has more strings in his bow. J.Powell and M.Ruru seem to have gone backwards this year but have time to improve and get noticed.

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 8

Ken’s Leg, P.Cully from the SMH is a joke NSW cheer-squader. If you are in serious need of amusement, take a boo-peep at Cully’s SR Aussie Team of the Round on Mondays. He only watches one match to make up his team.

The bloke has absolutely no clue nor shame in sprouting all things Tahs. On par with his predecessor G.Growden, who just sat in Crane Place playing politics with the NSWRU gin-slingers.

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 8

TWAS, I must have missed it. When did J.Petaia make his WB debut? I know he was picked to play against Italy but had to cry off with a hammy from training.

Nine talking points from Super Rugby Round 8

At least I beat The Crowd last week. On to Round 8 and praying for redemption.

– Highlanders sans A.Smith and E.Dixon against almost 1st choice Hurricanes team but playing in Antarctica aka Dunedin? As Digs would say “Canes by $hitloads” 🙂

– Stormers played a pretty good pacy game against RT’s Blue Boys. Reds have finally twigged that S.Kerevi must be at #12 and that means dropping an out-of-form D.Paia’aua and putting Super Seva at OC. Add that lots of rumours are floating that the Reds are not happy little campers so minds are easily distracted. This match totally depends on who is on their game, so I’ll make Harry a Happy Hooker and go for the Stormers. On a side note, why the hell does this game have a SA referee (Marius van der Westhuizen)? Surely it should be a Kiwi or an Aussie ref (as Saffers say after another penalty count of 78-1 “Home Ground Advantage”).

– Lions on Terra Firma will be too fast for the sloths masquerading as Sharks.

– Crusaders at home against some mob missing half their players and still using their abacus to figure out the mathematics of Josh Friedburger’s budget. Save the plane fares and just give them the two points. Of interest, is Ethan Blackadder a son of Todd?

– Those Blue Bags against TNT. After last week’s efforts by both teams and in the absence of magic mushrooms, I have to pick the Blues. Of interest is why K.Beale has been shunted to the bench hiding him from the trucks called “Blues centres” yet is guaranteed the WB #12 gig. As Hamlet said “something is rotten in the state of Aussie Rugby”.

– Am rapt in the free-flowing game of the Sunwolves but the Rebels will show that big bopper forwards win rugger games. Go back 3 weeks for the clue. Once the Reds’ forwards tightened it up they simply ran up the guts right through the Moondog pack. Rebels will do it even better.

– In round 2, Los Jaguares beat the Bulls and made them sing “Cry for Me in Argentina”. I suspect the Bulls have payback on their minds. Expect snorting charging beasts to gore the jaguars, who will wonder if the plane took them to Pamplona instead.

Sure thing: The best result for Super Rugby would be all home wins this week.

The week’s best comment by far comes from our Brumbie man Brett with “the Lions will have more trouble with the post-match fish fingers than they will with the Sharks,” Priceless. 🙂

Super Rugby Round 8: Redemption and recovery round

Hey RT, thanks for the confidence in my tipping ability. 🙂 Perhaps you are right as of now I have that 1 correct tip after 3 matches. And I think you were sorta correct in that the Tahs exploded.

Hey mate! You gotta be ecstatic with them Blues. That forward pack is looking pretty good though a bit sus in lineouts still and speed to burn in the backs. Your Blues are storming (geddit??) up the ladder after tonight’s win. Is there enough grog in the bottle shops to supply you, Bluesfan and TM after 3 wins in a row?

Too bad their good run will be exploded next week by TNT. 🙂

Super Rugby Round 7: All eyes looking forward, thanks

Just finished watching the Tah’s “blue wall” get breached multiple times by the Nihonjin hordes. Tahs are still on top of the Aussie Conference with 15 points.

Scenarios after the Reds vs Rebels match are: (a) Rebels go on top of the Conference if they win; (b) the Reds will go on top if they win with a bonus point as they did last week against the Brumbies and (c) Tahs stay on top if the game is a draw or Reds win with no bonus point.

On that basis I am now cheering for the Reds to win with a bonus point. That would have all 5 teams on 10-15 points and every week could see big changes in the table. The beauty of the Conference system. 🙂

Not just another game as Quade aims to flip Brad the bird

I just don’t understand the bagging that Q.Cooper cops. [A] He is the only player in Australia over the last decade or more who has the skill set to totally rip the opposition apart. Sure it comes with risk but when a Finn Russell or D.Carter pass is intercepted and a try scored I don’t see the internet light up with calls to sack them. I blamed coach R.Deans (and some boofhead Kiwi fans) for Cooper’s erratic RWC2011. Deans wanted the flamboyant match-winning Cooper but publicly demanded no errors, Ridiculous!
[B] Every match I has seen Q.Cooper play, he has pretty much tried his guts out. What the freekin-hell else can one ask of a player?
[C] Obviously Quade rubs some people (and coaches) up the wrong way. Unless one is personally there then comments just generate toilet paper.
[D] With the structured rush defence walls of modern rugby, you need a pack that’s going forward and variety in your attack. The WB couldn’t get one try against Wales in the EOYT match with their constant “attack from 15m behind the gain line and chuck it wide” strategy. Didn’t AWJ say he never felt so comfortable defending against the WB? One certainly cannot accuse Q.Cooper of offering no variety.
[E] I think M.O’Connor’s remarks that Cooper needs to cut down his errors to get on the plane to Japan, as well as coach D.Wessells match plans, has forced Cooper to be a mite more conservative, even so he is STILL the best 5/8th in Oz atm.
[F] Cooper needs to fix his defence and go lower. High tackles are penalty magnets, if he goes low and misses 10-15% it puts him about equal with the other 5/8th contenders.

I applaud the comments of most of the Queensland fans here, most want to see Quade and W.Genia play a blinder in a losing side (A.Cottrell and C.Magnay are also Queenslanders in the Rebs team). They could get their wish but the odds are against it.

It’s a night game so temperature should be out of the equation. I believe the Reds have lost the outside centre C.Feauai-Sautia for this game, meaning D.Paia’aua moves to IC and S.Kerevi to OC. This removes a lot of strike power from the Reds attack (and some HUGeeeeee tackling) and makes their job a lot more difficult as DP is out of form and Kerevi’s defence at #13 is a bit hit or miss. Add that the Rebels will be smarting and the return of W.Genia, I.Naisarani and A.Coleman adds starch to the side. The Reds didn’t contest Brumbie rucks last week, instead conceding the ball (and not giving penalties) and fanning out in defence. I don’t think that will work against the Rebel’s pack and classy backline.

After saying the Rebels should win, they will have be ahead by at least 10 points come the 60th minute. Two reasons why I say this. Firstly the Reds bench forwards are scary if you compare them against what the Rebels have, to boot: BPA, H.Hoopert, T.Tupou, H.Hockings and F.McReight is a Fearsome Fresh Five. Secondly the Rebels have 2 big centre/wingers on the bench but no cover for the 5/8th unless J.Maddocks or R.Hodge are the designated cover. If Cooper has to leave the field, the Rebels’ backline structure is shot.

Enough with blab, let’s hope for a good game by all 46 players with lead changes. 🙂

Not just another game as Quade aims to flip Brad the bird

Daggett, and take a gander at the quality of the forwards coming off the Reds bench. SCARY! Rebels need to be 10 up by 60 minutes or they will seriously be pushing uphill.

Super Rugby Round 7: All eyes looking forward, thanks

RT, Your Blues put in a really good shift last week. Tons of speed and smarts in the backline with an improving pack. Have marked 6th April Eden Park as Crunch Day for it’s Blues vs TNT. 🙂

I am a retired scientist but after bombing ALL 7 tips last week then I’m seriously thinking of renouncing Brett’s Law of Rugby Relativity aka Don’t tip the Blues.

The only sure thing in SR2019 is everyone will have a horror tipping week or four. 🙂

Super Rugby Round 7: All eyes looking forward, thanks

Mack Mason made his debut in 2017 against the Crusaders (Sunday arvo footy in Sydney is great) and played an OK game in attack in a well-beaten side. He is game but is quite small and had quite a few big boppers run through him.

What amazed me was that for the next 12-15 months, people on the Roar were putting his name up as starting 5/8th for the WB.

Super Rugby Round 7: All eyes looking forward, thanks

Three of the expert tipsters did quite well with tips around 50% accuracy. After my score of NONE from 7 who am I to point fingers at the two experts who got 1 and 2 respectively. I shall follow Brett’s advice and press the Erase Memory button. Surely I must do better this week.

– In the Battle of the Barretts both Canes and Crusaders have near full strength sides though the Saders are missing both their AB props and Dane Coles is MIA for the Canes. The Hurricane’s forwards have struggled to dominate all year and I expect Big Barrett, Big Sam and KR to keep them on the back foot for the whole game. Saders by 9.

– Those Noble Tahs (aka TNT) should win this one easily. The Moondogs team seems depleted of 1st choice players, including A.Mafi. Of interest is John Folau is off the bench to play with big bro Izzy and Mack Mason gets his 2nd starting jersey nearly 2 years after his first. The Tah’s bench has 2 locks and no backrowers although Ned.H can move back if necessary.

– This is a difficult one, the Stormer’s beast pack against the Blue’s backline stars. I’ll follow the B.McKay Law of Rugby Relativity “Never tip the Blues” and go against the pre-game favourites.

– As good as the Reds looked last week, the Rebels forwards and backline is a class above the heat-stricken Brumbies. Add in two certain halves who want to show the Qld coaches what they are missing and the Rebels have lots of troops back. Even so this game could be a banana skin; the Red’s forward reserves are streets better that the Rebels’ bench and it’s a worry the Rebels have two powerhouse centres/wings on the bench but no cover for their 5/8th. Will be very interesting if Quade goes down. Rebels to win by 6.

– The Shark’s team has yet to be announced though we do know Marius Louw won’t be there after copping a 3 week holiday for a coat-hanger on Tom English last week. Bulls have basically the same team that belted the Sharks 3 weeks ago so I’ll ride the Bulls for an away win despite they looked like they were on the sauce last week.

– Neither Jaguares nor Chiefs have named their teams. The Chiefs are starting to look the force of old and tore the Bulls apart, mostly on the right side. Can they beat the jet-lag and continue their form, how many AB players missed the flight to Argentina? Jags at home are rested and play decent footy and without knowing the teams I think they can win.

Sure Thing for Round 7. I truly am surprised that tin-eared SANZAAR put those SA jokers Jaco Peyper and Egon Seconds as referee assistants for the Tahs-Moondogs match instead of the Reds vs Rebels game. The welcome from the Rebels’ fans would have been quite entertaining. 🙂

Briefly my tips are: Crusaders, TNT, Stormers, Rebels, Bulls and Jaguares.

Super Rugby Round 7: All eyes looking forward, thanks

Dead right Nicholas and more than once did I wake up, laying on my back while play had moved 30-40m away and with someone pushing that dreadful smelling salts under my nose.

Likely people would have said those days “HIA?? Ha! that’s for sissies!” LoL

Why even Rebels have to follow the rules

James, by coincidence Caleb Timu got suspended for punching in a Brissieclub game on the weekend.

Phil; at ASY’s hearing, he said his hand was hurting which was why he had a closed fist when he struck J.Slipper. Slow-mo also suggested his forearm struck Slipper’s shoulder first which “bounced his clenched hand” to “brush” Slipper’s head.

I was more interested in what the Shark’s player would get for the old-style stiff arm on Tom English’s noggin. They usually go the rule; 2 weeks if a Saffer, Life if Aussie. LoL

Super Rugby Round 7 teams: Waratahs ring changes for World Cup management

You could be right Forwards, remember Tahs were lucky to get the win in Tokyo in Round 2.

Daryl Gibson must read my posts. I see John Folau has been included as C.Rona had to drop out with injury.

Super Rugby Round 7 teams: Waratahs ring changes for World Cup management