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Rugby tragic who asked mum what the score was at moment of birth. Best match ever = Sydney Olympic Stadium,



Drew Mitchell is a flip. The mute button was invented for blabs like him.

Drew Mitchell urges Wallabies to permanently ditch overseas player rules

Tuohyred, That is a beast. Can we sign it up for the Tahs front row? 😁

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 17: Race in three

😛 😁

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 17: Race in three

Incidentally its a small start-up brewery. The Hazy IPA is a nice drop.
AND they sell Hairyman Tshirts, get Brett to buy one for you for your tipping efforts. Check them out. 😛

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 17: Race in three

The Thugby Box of Chocolates to ScottD for Optimism. 😛

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 17: Race in three

Took a pounding again last week but I did tip that one Kiwi side would be crying by the weekend so was right there (after sneaking down to Canberra and rubbing engine oil and grease on Jordie’s kicking boots). Silly me picked the wrong team to belt the Kiwi but none of us knew that JOC was feeling crook. Onto this week:

I would normally fancy the Reds to beat the men from the tropic Canes but again no JOC and B.Hegarty at 5/8th always worries me. Canes have almost their strongest while Reds have opted for the two tough Anguses rather than the speed and agility of RyanS and FraserMac. Canes to play out of their skins and win by 15.

Meanwhile in Canberra, Brett’s Brumbies will apply the hoof to the penguin’s dreams of TT glory. B.Kuenzie is better than a lot of people credit him and will do OK. People were bagging NoahL in the blog last match but he obviously was not 100%. If Stan want to attract more viewers, they should mic up the two halfbacks in this game. Now THAT would be Entertainment Plus!.

Crusaders mean business in this match, they have their best team (of those still standing). Meanwhile the Rebels are sans M.Toomua and S.Ili. Crusaders to win by a few …………………………………. dozen.

If Force halfback I.Prior passes the pill anything like he has of late, then that Unspoken 450 nm wavelength team will win by a cricket score. Force will try hard and everyone will applaud their guts in losing by 5 or 6 tries to 1.

Them Noble Tahs have a 6-2 bench, expecting the Chiefs piggies to throw the kitchen sink at them. Jack Maddocks has been sent to clubland to learn some defence basics and has been replaced by J.Ramm, so that’s a HUGE plus. Sadly the negatives are the scratchings of C.Tizzano and Jake Gordon. Meanwhile Chiefs let ALB have a rest from running in all those tries against the Rebels. TNT to win this one. Ha! GotCha. Chiefs by 6 tries to 2.

In Short: Hurricanes, Brumbies, Crusaders, Blues, Chiefs.

Sure Thing: Next weekend will be a bore for Aussie Rugger fans as the Primary Colour plays against the Borg in the Big TT Tamale. Even my local club team has a bye so it’s get onto Stan and watch replays of the WB 1999-2003.

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 17: Race in three

Muzzo, Roy Orbison was a fan of NRL?

Well I’ll be bu99ered, but I guess he liked all those muscles and sweat on those big boys. 😛

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 17: Race in three

Harry, I was at a local Shute shield game a couple of weeks ago and this HUGE advertising hoarding was on the other side of the field advertising “The HAIRYMAN”.

Were you playing for or sponsoring Southern Districts Rugby? 😂

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 17: Race in three

I suspect all the whingeing about quarantine is in reality coming more from the French clubs who would rather rest their star players than having them playing test matches and possibly getting hurt.

I would be massively surprised if the full French 6N team toured. The owners of French clubs are hugely self-centred; they make our Shute Shield 7 look like benefactors to all things westies. 😛

Suliasi Vunivalu ruled out of France series with hamstring injury

Obese, S.Vunivalu injury prognosis is at least 2 months out, so that rubs him out till August.

These blokes are like fine-tuned racehorsees and olympic sprinters, fast as hell but always suss to a pulled hammy if the muscles aren’t warm and you take off to run down a kick or whatever. J.Petaia is similar.

Suliasi Vunivalu ruled out of France series with hamstring injury

Ah Sunny Tropical Wellington, named windy for its soft breezes from the capricorn. 😛

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 16: Try stopping the frontrunning Hairy Man

Drove all around the US in 2016. My brother, who lives in California told me to ask at the renters for a car without Ca plates or I would cop heaps in Tx. Aussie accent kept me out of trouble though. Like nearly all communities, Texans are fixed in their ways a bit but most are good people.

Later at the Texas-Louisiana border at this fabulous truckie cafe/rest centre. First Texan I met had a hat on with words to the effect “just try to take my gun off me, hippie leftie!”. Sat down with him and others and after a while chatted about gun laws in Australia. He was aghast and said “we got no time for socialist policy experiments here”.

That would be the first time ever that I have heard Johnny Howard and the LNP in Australia called “socialists”. 😂

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 16: Try stopping the frontrunning Hairy Man

Armchair ½, I LOVE that show. Am watching it for 1st time on Stan.

Rugby and Breaking Bad, damn there is a god after all. 😁

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 16: Try stopping the frontrunning Hairy Man

Getting down to the pointy end and I imagine by Sunday evening there was be a few long faces in NZ to join the 5 Aussie faces which went long in Round 2. Onto the tips;

Crusaders are building nicely, they may have a few “kitchenhands” in the reserves but those blokes will be trotting on at the 65th minute mark with the scores locked at 45-10. I love watching the Force play but sheesh they really do need some speed.

This one is the match of the round. Both sides looked really good last week. I haven’t seen the Brumbies pounded like that for many years. The Reds were all over the Chiefs but took the foot off the pedal and almost lost the match. No wonder B.Thorn was filthy. I’m flying the Aussie flag here but this one is anyone’s game. Blues know if they win this one then its an almost certain final berth for them so they will be playing out of their skins. Reds by 2 in a cliff hanger.

The Tahs are so decimated by injuries that M.Hooper may be dragooned in to wear the 17 shirt. An absolute tenet in Physics is nothing can reach the speed of light. We may see a new QCD theory as the Highlanders push the Tahs scrum to the South pole at warp speed 5. Highlanders by loads.

Brumbies playing at home are always a tough ask. Two weeks ago I suspected the Canes’ push for TT glory would die in the Canberra dirt but I suspect injuries and form will gift this game to the DiggerCanes. Brumbies back row looks a little short of class when looking at what the Canes are bringing over and their backline looks totally outclassed. Weird when you see Nic White, Irae Simone and Tom Wright warming the bench. Expect to see the Canes centres/wingers short kick and run around the lumbering battleship called Solomone Kata and bag 4-5 tries. As Digger would say “Hurricanes by plenty”. On a happier note, its pretty good to see Ruben Love in the starting side. Great news that he is OK.

There is no such place as a fiery hell. If you die with a mortal sin then you are resurrected as a Melbourne Rebels fanatic. Such a decent team that live up to their nom-de-guerre The Rabbles. Chiefs will be snarling to get some points or they lose the ticket to the big dance. Chiefs by 30.

In short: Crusaders, Reds, Highlanders, Hurricanes and Chiefs.

Sure Thing. This week is make or break for most of the Kiwi sides and they will be throwing the kitchen sink for victory. A few red cards for high tackles gone awry this weekend and certain people will be begging for Phil Gould to run the referees appointments board. 😂

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 16: Try stopping the frontrunning Hairy Man

Well the rumblings about the Brumby maul have finally caught up with them, but totally agree with Brett that t’is pretty sad when the ref pulls out a long arm penalty which shocks all and sundry, then fails to see an even worse case about 3 minutes later. Bagging referees is almost a national past-time but sheesh they do bring a lot on themselves with inconsistencies. N.Berry and D.Murphy will red card people if you so much as look at someone’s head whereas some Kiwi refs trot out all sorts of excuses to avoid giving even a yellow. The last few weeks we have heard “oh its was purely accident, his mum tells me he is going to be canonised next month” to “the bloke in the ruck was too low and what was poor Jordie to do?” while totally forgiving Jordie boy for diving into a ruck OFF his feet and clouting a bloke in the head. I actually wondered if that referee was going to card the other bloke for “attacking Mr Barrett’s arm with his face!”. Jordie has form, if he had been called to front the Judiciary, I bet he would not have DHP as a character witness.

Then we see a try by Du’Plessis Kirifi on the weekend when his so-called decoy runner shepherds him through the gap and not a word is spoken. I sometimes wonder if SA’s gun ref, Mr Egon Seconds, has scored a job as referee administrator in a land not too far from Australia. 😛

The Brumbies have a perception issue only they can address

Hi RT, sorry about the late reply. Only saw 20 minutes highlights of the Blues vs Brumbies match. Very impressive, the wheels totally fell off the Brumbies cart and I must say it could all be sheeted to the way the Blues man-handled them. They can’t blame injuries or send-offs they were totally dominated.

Perhaps it’s the year of the RT after all. LoL

Tipping panel week 15: Fearless prediction week

groansssssssssssssss 🤢

Tipping panel week 15: Fearless prediction week

I don’t think Trevor Hosea of the Rebels is into Chooks, ala Tennessee style! 😂

Tipping panel week 15: Fearless prediction week

Have been flying the Aussie flag for the past two weeks and getting flogged, dropping 2 games every weekend. The Tahs have more chance of winning in Wollongong by 50 against the Borg than I have of Tipping Glory in 2021, so bu99er it I’m gonna tip two Aussie sides again.

So who wins? The crazy attack style of the Hurry Cains versus the structured defence of the Force. It wouldn’t surprise to see the Force leading the Canes about the 55 min mark as I don’t think there is much difference in the two run-on sides. Then the Canes bring on their subs (ArdieS and V.Aso) and its all over, Red Rover. Interesting to see T.Kuridrani returning for the Force. The battle of the centres will be worth the gate money. Canes by 10.

Them Noble Tahs to pull an upset. Nah just kidding, The Borg by heaps. Sadly! 😢

The rest of Saturday will be St Aussie Day.
The Un-Named Colour will crack under the pressure of the Brumbies. As with the Force, the structure of the Brumbies game will force RT’s mob to crack trying for flash tries and they will leak points like an old geezer with massive prostate problems. The Blues’ heavyweight subs will come on (Nepo, Patrick and Akira) but too late, Brumbies roll home by 8. What happened to Ofa Tuungafasi and Jacob Rats Knees, being rested or injured?

Reds have beefed up for the Chiefs so have brought back ASY at #6 with L.Wright at openside. The backline is massively changed, finally the two Fijian wingers are on the run-on side. Their main problem with the backline is did they discuss who is gonna cover who while shaking hands during the warmups. I expect the Reds to come out a bit more savvy, rather than leaking 25 odd points in the 1st 8 minutes, and play a more nuanced game. They have the forwards and attack to win this game; just have to stop leaking silly tries. Oh and hopefully someone, anyone, even the bl00dy janitor, has told them about how to kick smart, not down the throat of backs who live off unstructured counter-attacks.

The only way the Rebels will win this one is if the Highlanders relive the RWC1995 final and eat too many crook shish kababs and babaganouj at Coogee’s finest on Saturday night. That leaves 12 hours for the bugs to work on those penguin duodenums and colons. Rebels are playing better as more troops return from the sick/broken bay but are just not gelling as a unit. Highlanders by +15.

In Short: Hurricanes, Crusaders, Brumbies, Reds, Highlanders.

Crusaders and Chiefs for mine. Crusaders should score the max in their last 3 games while the other 4 will like drop a match or two. Their opponent will either be the Chiefs or Highlanders. Even if Reds beat the Chiefs, the Hamilton Boyz should get a losing BP and that will get them into the big dance.

Tipping panel week 15: Fearless prediction week

Comedy gold. The Soap is on crack! 😂

The Reds should have beaten the Crusaders

Predicted two wins by SR-Au sides last week and got burned big time, but am mad enough to predict a minimum of two wins by the Oz teams this week. Didn’t someone once say “only the mad just keep doing the same stupid thing”. As Napoleon XIV sang last Century
“And they’re coming to take me away ha-haaa
They’re coming to take me away ho-ho hee-hee ha-haaa
To the funny farm …”

This week tips:

I expect a far better showing from the Rebels but Canes to score 5 tries to 1. Looks like so many Canes players got tired from running in tries from last week that 7 players have been rested. Main interest is how will newbie Carter Gordon handles the heat at 5/8th and finally M.Toomua is in his correct position at IC. Its do-or-die for Matt, otherwise is the WB bench at best for him.

Force to throw the proverbial sink at the Highlanders. They won’t play as dumb as the Reds did last week and could sneak in a victory. S.Frizell back in is offset by S.Timani back for the Foreign Legion. The Penguins are my bogie team, I tip them and they play like hacks, tip their opponents and they murder them. So bu99er them, I may as well tip their opponents.

Brett’s unmentionable colour vs Them Noble Tahs at Eden Park, now what could go wrong? I should tip the Tahs but I know RT will burst a boiler laughing, so I’ll tip the 450 nm mob for an easy win.

I don’t buy the Chiefs are tired from travelling, but I still reckon the Brumbies will belt them. Brumbies look a stronger side from last week whereas Chiefs have 5 changes. Expect L.Messam to push his zimmer frame in front of R.Valentini to stop him.

Reds and the Borg will have some very good rugger in it. Both teams have beefed up from last week and both will have their coach’s footprints in their derrieres. You would expect a Reds’ win at fortress Brissie but lost confidence in them after last week’s effort. They seriously played 3rd grade subbies tactics and skill in controlling territory and possession. The Borg by 13.
Incidentally I wonder how our esteemed Kiwi Roar followers think of my prediction that David Havili is a dead cert for the AB #12 shirt.

In short: Hurricanes, Western Force, Tahs Blues, Brumbies, Crusaders.

Sure Thing: In the week where Aussie teams win all 5 matches, there will be silence from Rupert’s Rags.

Tipping panel week 14: Bounce back week

wow don’t know about Moss Vale as I always knew Elvis was still alive but thought he ran that fabulous pizza joint along Botany Bay. I guess he might live in Moss Vale and work in Brightlon Le Sands. 😛

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 13: We meet again

You do know there is only 25 games, don’t you? Your estimates have aussie sides wining at least 10, but Kiwi sides only losing 8. 😊

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 13: We meet again

Eowwwwwwwwww! Comparing Whittaker to Cadbury is like stewed mutton to a quality lamb roast. One is for the dogs, the latter is for royalty. 😊

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 13: We meet again

Viva, great name there. Play on Elvis now lives in Moss Vale? 😛

Super Rugby tipping panel Week 13: We meet again