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Anyone with half a brain would be in a vegetative state, kept alive only by machines. If they could communicate, they’d say that Australia could have batted first, leading to four innings, and that Sri Lanka were unpredictably affected by injuries to two of their specialist bowlers. Mind you, that’s assuming that the individual with half a brain followed cricket.

Australia win at the Gabba on Day 3

Loving this series!

Looking back: The 1988 Australian Formula One Grand Prix

100 percent agree. Australia could have won every previous game 10-0 and a short backpass still would have eliminated them. Professionals versus professionals but people expect dominant wins every time.

Australia's Asian Cup defence comes to a bitter end

Gallop also reminded players that the information they had given in surveys was to be held confidential.

“There is a curiosity around information. I’ve reminded them of the confidentiality of the survey work that was done.”

The confidentiality of a survey is supposed to allow for opinions to be given without fear of retribution. If someone chooses to provide said opinions without anonymity, there’s no reason that they should be stopped from doing so (yes, process of elimination could lead to a more narrow range of ‘culprits’, but when the detail is being kept anonymous, it matters little). Gallop is trying to go from the protector party to the protectee.

Gallop offers few answers on Stajcic sacking

I think the Russians are interfering with team selection debates.

Faulkner is ready for an ODI return

Can’t believe what I’m about to write… the only player who is a 100% lock for now and the world cup, and would be the best option in terms of providing stability… is Shaun Marsh… I think I need a drink.

Aaron Finch is Australia's biggest World Cup worry

Thankfully for Sri Lanka, the Australians aren’t as good as the New Zealanders.

Sri Lanka face an uphill task

And the reasons for the 9-3 setup are numerous. India refuse to play Pakistan. Zimbabwe already cannot afford to host multiple tests. The bottom six would go broke. Not ideal, but pragmatic.

The time for a Test world championship has arrived

I fully agree with you. My reason for giving a model was to show the author giving an idea with no thought of the application was wrong. Hypothetically, you could argue that the amount of rep games played should be a factor, but, as you were alluding to, that doesn’t address quality of contribution.

A common-sense salary cap solution the NRL will never adopt

I say I want the Mariners to fail, but really I just want them to be doing worse than the Jets. Go back to seasons 1-3 of the competition, rather than the last 5 years of fighting to be the most mediocre.

Active support works best when it actually involves support

Salary cap or no salary cap, transfer fees are a must.

Another Central Coast loss proves the A-League salary cap must go

Great article, and most on this site would be able to relate to the pain mixed in with the hope. With the Asian Cup now at 24 teams, India should keep qualifying, and the results will come.
I know India qualified for one world cup, but withdrew after FIFA barred them from playing barefoot. Surely that would have been in the 1950’s?

The agony and ecstasy of being an Indian football fan

Best wishes! I’m sure you could sneak in a cheeky guest column here and there…

An illustrated review of Australia's 3-2 win over Syria, and my last column

Not been able to settle into a position has been a perennial issue too. Was it under Jones that he played as a number 10?

Three A-Leaguers that aren't utilised properly

Jérôme d’Ambrosio is ex F1.

BMW drivers crack, giving d’Ambrosio a maiden victory at Marrakesh E-Prix

Cool, thanks. Never noticed that before.

Announcing new features for The Roar's comment section

As a football fan, it is sad to witness the Mariners’ demise. As a Jets fan, however…

What in the world happened to the Wanderers, Roar and Mariners?

Glad to see.
Any chance of a “report comment” button for the stuff that escapes the bot filters?

Announcing new features for The Roar's comment section

Wouldn’t the batters be too tired to stay in if they’re forced to share 250 overs of bowling between them per innings?

Pulling the goalie: why Australia should play eleven batsmen in every Test

2013 Newcastle made the finals on a 12-1-11 record, beat a Bulldogs team that limped into the finals, got an impressive win in Melbourne, and then had 40 put on them by the Roosters. One good result shouldn’t take precedence over the just above average season and the mediocre 3 year stint.

Rumblings at the Rabbitohs as Bennett takes charge

Reminds me of when Jarryd Hayne was suspended by the Eels for being shot at. When will these players learn to stop being the victims of crime???

Will Phil Gardner's tactical nuclear strike keep the Knights in line?

Kalu’ showed the way for openers, but he could not rack up the scores year in year out. At his peak, though…

India's ODI batting is monstrous

It’s difficult to compare eras regarding scoring rates, but I can’t go past Hayden, Gilchrist and Ponting for the best top 3.

India's ODI batting is monstrous

Yes, one of them.

Peter Siddle named for first ODI in eight years as Finch reveals Australian XI

Good point, but it should be able to be planned around. Maybe arrangements can be made for squad players to have a guest spot for a local team, be that at county or club level. Australia could reciprocate that arrangement for touring squads. If Swepson could have had a game or two for a Ranji Trophy team in between his tour commitments, he would’ve gained valuable experience to the conditions and been more prepared if he were called up to the test team. An ‘insurance’ fee may need to be provided to the clubs involved, but CA have the cash.

Will Pucovski must be a two-year commitment, not a two-Test thought bubble