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I love cricket so much I once had a dream I was timed out. It was the worst nightmare I've ever had. I also support the Western Bulldogs, which, much like dressing like clowns on the street and scaring people, was weird and depressing for a very long time, briefly became amazing in late 2016 and then swiftly went back to being weird and depressing. I also occasionally tweet about things at @timejmiller.



Fair point Macca. For me, Carlton’s efforts in the first two weeks have been good enough to justify looking more into just how a good team would attack them- if you can lock a side in for finals after a fortnight, you’d almost have to with the Blues.
The Pies aren’t quite as far developed as the Blues are, but I thought they played fantastic, compelling footy in the third quarter that completely dismantled an excellent Geelong. Losing in the manner they did can often overshadow any gains a team makes at any point before- which wasn’t an issue for Carlton, who won their game- so I wanted to put the argument forward before it gets drowned in Kane Cornes’ ‘who gets the GoPro’ style jabs.
As for your ‘four goals in three quarters’ note, they did kick 4.11 in the first half. Kick like they did in the third term and the match could have been over even before that nine-goal avalanche!

AFL Saturday Study: Forget that final quarter, these Pies are for real

I couldn’t have loved the Tigers any more on Sunday afternoon. What a response! As an aside, the Giants hate the MCG like Damien Hardwick hates Marvel, which seems less than ideal for a side that wants to play finals.

Six Points: Coaches, time to stop debutant travesty, and can Swans lead Buddy to one last fairytale?

I’ll admit I might have been a bit harsh on Geelong… but it’s no secret that for the last few years they haven’t exactly been renowned for taking the game on!

I think the amount of goals you kick translating to action-packed, exciting football is a bit of a myth, too- if you’ve got a forward like Tom Hawkins you’re going to be kicking decent scores more often than not.

It’s not a criticism of the Cats at all- they have a game style that has put them in great positions at the end of the home-and-away season frequently. But the way they played on Saturday was just so much more exciting than some of their games in recent times, and I’m very here for it.

Six Points: Commentary cost-cutting must stop, AFL does Dees dirty, and keep the lid on, Blues fans... for now

Yeah, I rate Carlton highly and their midfield looks absolutely stacked. The Dogs’ midfield has some genuine size to it, which is another testing dimension for the Blues- Thursday night is going to be fascinating to see how they go. Win that game and I’m all chips in on them.

Six Points: Commentary cost-cutting must stop, AFL does Dees dirty, and keep the lid on, Blues fans... for now

Thom, I agree with you that certain sections of the media have been disappointingly quiet in regards to those Tom Morris clips. To be clear, what he apparently says in them is absolutely unacceptable and has to be called out.

The piece, though, isn’t intended to be about Tom Morris- it’s about Beveridge. Regardless of any personal history with the person, to stand up and publicly belittle someone doing their job, even if that person turns out to be trash, for me, isn’t on, and he’s better than that. It would have been just as bad had it been directed at Damian Barrett, or Kane Cornes, or any of the other media figures Luke Beveridge has gone after in the past.

Those Morris leaks don’t change anything about my feeling that Beveridge was way over the top. So to answer your question, yep, I’d still have written what I did, and stand by my thoughts.

For the Bulldogs' sake - and his own - Luke Beveridge needs to pull his head in

What I’m wondering about all this is: if Tom Morris does call the Bulldogs, does anything change? They deny the story, Morris runs with it anyway, and it comes out in the end that he was right, Bevo’s still furious that someone’s leaking team selection. Genuinely happens all the time.

For the Bulldogs' sake - and his own - Luke Beveridge needs to pull his head in

Just me and Eddie McGuire…

In all seriousness, I’ve always not liked it when ladder predictor write-ups keep it safe and just copy-paste the same top eight from the year before. History says there will be changes, and that a side that was poor last year will surprise us all, and I’ll be damned if I won’t stick my neck out and see if I can predict who it will be!

AFL Oracle: Which bottom-five team from last year can surge into finals in 2022?

Thanks Andy. Mark Taylor said on Sunday that ‘As a captain, he’d always make you look good’. I think the same goes for writing about him.

From 'That Ball' to 'F--- you Marlon': The ten most iconic moments of Shane Warne's legendary career

Marnus definitely had a lot of luck in the first innings… but he also made a 50 in the second dig, which neither Smith or Warner did.

Was judged player of the match too!

PLAYER RATINGS: Magnificent Marnus and England's 'absolute nightmare'

It’s considered a very derogatory term, especially in England. Throughout the 70s and 80s violent anti-immigration gangs would attack South Asians, not just from Pakistan, and their businesses. It became known as ‘P–i-bashing’ and ever since then it’s been considered a racist slur.

It’s not widely known about in Australia but an English person would probably have to be willfully ignorant of its history to not know that it’s a slur.

'Gobsmacked' England great responds to Yorkshire racism scandal allegation

In fairness, it’s also a team that was 19 points up halfway through the third quarter. Obliterated off the park from then on, but gotta give credit where it’s due to some of the Dogs IMO.

AFL grand final player ratings: Western Bulldogs

Good evening everyone, and welcome to The Roar’s live and rolling coverage of the 2021 Brownlow Medal!

We’ll be bringing you every vote from every round, plus of course the other awards on the night including the Mark and Goal of the Year, right here- so keep tuned to see how your favourites poll!

2021 AFL Brownlow Medal: Every vote as it happens

Yeah, on reflection I reckon it’s unlikely on both sides for draft picks alone to get it done. They’re basically useless for the Lions in the window they’re in, and there’s so many examples of selling the farm to bring in a gun (Bryce Gibbs, Dayne Beams, even Tim Kelly to an extent) where it hasn’t worked out that the Dockers won’t be keen even for Neale.
Normally I’d be dead set against all these trade rumours while there’s finals going on, but with half the country in lockdown what else are we gonna do? 😂

Could a Neale deal help Brisbane, and how would it work? Five big questions from AFL trade bombshell

This is as quintessentially English as fish and chips, the monarchy and teenage pregnancy.

Croatia vs England highlights: 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final live scores, blog

@AdelaideDocker- can you please make your next favourite team be Serbia? My betting habit thanks you.

South Korea vs Germany: 2018 FIFA World Cup highlights, live scores, blog

Amazingly, after being 21-10 down in free kicks at 3QT, the Tigers have had 10 frees to nil in the first 10 minutes of this final term.

Geelong Cats vs Richmond Tigers: AFL live scores, blog

@AdelaideDocker You really mozzed that one mate, haha!

Carlton Blues vs Fremantle Dockers: AFL live scores, blog

Thank god we pinched that premiership in 2016, because we’re looking at another lengthy drought here. That was abysmal.

Port Adelaide Power vs Western Bulldogs: AFL live scores, blog

Ashleigh Barty levels Australia’s Fed Cup tie with the Netherlands 1-1 with a 6-0, 6-2 victory over Quirine Lemoine.

“Coming away 1-1, that’s a good day for us,” Barty says. “I don’t think it was a love and two scoreline at all. There were plenty of tough games. I think we’re in a good position now for a big day tomorrow.”

It didn’t ever feel like the smashing that it looks on paper, as Lemoine would often take games deep into deuce, both serving and receiving. But it seemed for every ripping left-handed forehand down the line, there were two unforced errors, and with Barty in fine form and hitting the lines regularly, that was always going to be crucial.

Lemoine deserved to get off the mark in the second set, however, and then showed great pluck to break Barty when she was serving for the match, and then make the Aussie work hard for the win in the next game.

Join us tomorrow for more Fed Cup action! We’ll have Barty taking on Sam Stosur’s conqueror, Lesley Kerkhove, and Stosur (or potentially Daria Gavrilova) will play Lemoine, before the doubles. Australia should be confident of taking the tie.

Catch you then!

Ashleigh Barty vs Quirine Lemoine: Fed Cup tennis live scores, blog


Barty 6 6
Lemoine 0 2

It took a struggle, but Barty is victorious!

Lemoine defends grimly as Barty clatters a series of powerful forehands her way, and eventually it’s too much to handle as Lemoine nets her backhand. 0-15

Good wide serve from Lemoine and Barty can only net her backhand return. 15-15

This time Lemoine gets some luck on her side, she looks to curl a forehand away from Barty and it kisses the tape, lobs up and lands on Barty’s side! 30-15

She’s frustrated again, is Lemoine, and rightly so as she goes for a low-percentage forehand to the line and sends it wide. 30-30

Match point now for Barty as Lemoine nets her forehand, and the crowd rises to cheer! 30-40

But Lemoine saves it, a good wide serve that Barty’s backhand can only net. I must say, she’s not giving this match up without a hard fight. 40-40

Another match point for Barty, though, as Lemoine nets her forehand. 40-AD

A first serve goes wide, but off the second, Barty sends her inside-out forehand wide looking for the lines! She just can’t finish this match off. 40-40

And an ace now from Lemoine, wide and right into the corner, gives her game point! AD-40

A fault, and then a second, as both serves hit the net! Dear me. 40-40

A great skimming slice from Barty forces Lemoine wide and up to the net, and from there, a crunching inside-out forehand into open court secures Barty another match point! 40-AD

Lemoine uses a challenge on a first serve, and it’s good! Clips the far line, but the point has to be replayed.

And it doesn’t matter, Lemoine nets her backhand on the next point, and Barty has it!

Ashleigh Barty vs Quirine Lemoine: Fed Cup tennis live scores, blog


Barty 6 5
Lemoine 0 2

Lemoine breaks with Barty serving for the match!

Barty crunches an inside-out forehand away that Lemoine can only net as Barty comes charging in for the volley. 15-0

Lemoine not giving in just yet; a good deep return on the backhand forces Barty to half-volley, and her return sails long. 15-15

Lemoine throwing everything at her here with some powerful returns, and eventually Barty mistimes a forehand and it sails well long. 15-30

Great tennis from Lemoine sets up a pair of break points; a great cross-court forehand forces Barty into the lob, and while she scurries back to retrieve, it sails long. 15-40

Barty saves one of them as a Lemoine backhand sails long, much to her chagrin. 30-40

And a double-fault concedes the break! Lemoine hanging on.

Ashleigh Barty vs Quirine Lemoine: Fed Cup tennis live scores, blog


Barty 6 5
Lemoine 0 1

Barty again has luck on her side, a sizzling forehand kisses the tape, lobs up, and gently touches down on Lemoine’s side! Luck’s a fortune. 0-15

Great stuff from Lemoine! She’s played some cracking points today, finishing this one off with a sizzling cross-court backhand winner. Hard to believe that’s the same side she’s netted so many balls today. 15-15

Another soft finish to the point as Lemoine frustrated, she goes for a pretty slow forehand down the line but curls it out, and she looks to her players’ box in bemusement. 15-30

Scorching wide return from Barty forces Lemoine to stretch on her backhand, and the southpaw’s reciprocating cross-court backhand sails wide. Break points once more. 15-40

Too good from Barty, she forces Lemoine wide and deep with a cross-court backhand, and Lemoine’s stretched lob sails long. Barty to serve for the match.

Ashleigh Barty vs Quirine Lemoine: Fed Cup tennis live scores, blog


Barty 6 4
Lemoine 0 1

Barty resumes normal service as a pair of crunchign groundstrokes force Lemoine onto the back foot, and eventually her backhand goes long and wide. 15-0

Another crunching Barty winner too good for Lemoine, this time an inside-out forehand into open court. 30-0

A good wide serve that Lemoine can’t return, and suddenly it’s 40-0!

Too good from Barty, she slices and forces Lemoine deep, comes up to the net and bats away the volleyed return with ease!

Ashleigh Barty vs Quirine Lemoine: Fed Cup tennis live scores, blog


Barty 6 3
Lemoine 0 1

She’s got one!

Barty nets her attempted crunching forehand off the second serve. 15-0

Good wide serve forces Barty onto the back foot, she’s eventually forced into a very short lob, Lemoine steps in and crunches away the smash with glee. 30-0

Now it’s 40-0, and even the crowd cheer as Lemoine curls away a forehand winner. 40-0

And she’s on the board! And she can smile about it, too, a good serve down the T that Barty can only return long. Finally. She’s deserved it, too.

Ashleigh Barty vs Quirine Lemoine: Fed Cup tennis live scores, blog


Barty 6 3
Lemoine 0 0

A big cross-court winner gives Barty the perfect start. 15-0

Another double-fault! Her fifth of the match, and it’s been about her only weakness today. 15-15

Barty still looking the goods if she can get her serves in, crunching an inside-out forehand into open court for the winner. 30-15

Lemoine goes for the lines with a sizzling forehand return, it lands right at Barty’s feet but just misses the baseline. 40-15

Too good from Barty! Lemoine throws everything at her, including a sweeping forehand that looks to have the Aussie in trouble as she moves up to the net, but her volley into open court is up to the challenge! Nine games in a row for the Australian.

Ashleigh Barty vs Quirine Lemoine: Fed Cup tennis live scores, blog