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AFL enthusiast who had the bad luck of being born in Brisbane. My fondest sporting memories were the Lions' three Premierships in a row.



Good article. When you say that Daniel Rich was the first Brisbane Lions rising star winner, do you exclude Chris Scott (who won it as a Brisbane Bear)?

Also, I am a little surprised by your Team of the Decade. Rohan Bewick, seriously? I know that the idea is to get the best team, not the best individual players, but surely there are plenty of better players that can play a utility role. Rohan Bewick wasn’t in the Best 22 when Brisbane were a Bottom 4 side, he hardly deserves to be in the Team of the Decade. Why not replace him with Hugh McCluggage?

The decade that was: Brisbane Lions

Tigers are looking good. Think they will finish 4th or 5th and the Lions will finish 7th.

The Brisbane Lions' road to September glory

Thanks for your reply. I wrote this article before Round 16, where Brisbane was 9-5, and Essendon, Fremantle and Port were all 7-7. If Brisbane won 3 of their next 8 games, they would be 12-10 while Fremantle would also be 12-10 after 5 out of 8 wins. Essendon and Port have both won their game this round which means if they won 3 of their next 8 (one game has been played since I wrote the article), they’d be 11-11.

The Brisbane Lions' road to September glory

They weren’t beaten by Carlton in the first Round, they thrashed them and were top of the ladder after Round 1. Also, Carlton weren’t a powerhouse in 2017. They finished 16th.

Decoding the Richmond enigma

Tom Rockliff is 82kg and 183cm. He is hardly a giant rampaging human.

Port's best win in years expands the contender circle

Final score was 126-46.

The AFL's top teams are under-performing

Disagree that, at this stage last year, Richmond were Premiership certainties. After Round 3 last year Richmond were 2-1. They managed a comeback against Carlton (who lead for most of the match) in Round 1, lost to Adelaide in Round 2 and narrowly beat Hawthorn in Round 3. Richmond didnt look like they’d be favourites for the Premiership and all the talk was around GWS and Port Adelaide (who were at this stage undefeated) and then West Coast when the Eagles had a string of victories. It wasn’t until about mid-season that West Coast went down and Richmond claimed their spot on top of the ladder.

The Eagles have the flag at their mercy

Good article but I think your range is too optimistic. Sure, they could scrape into the 8 but they also could fall below 12th. Even if they win more games, the evenness of the competition could see Fremantle fall. Teams like Brisbane, North Melbourne and even Carlton look like they are getting better while the Western Bulldogs are hot and cold. Fremantle may be improving but this might be another year of growing pains. I would put their predicted finish anywhere between 8th and 18th.

Fremantle Dockers 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

Lappin was a good player but Aker was a freak. They are called the Holy Trinity because they each won Brownlow medals. Lappin was not a Brownlow Medallist.

How the Brisbane Lions can leap into finals contention in 2019