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RW, That ship sailed years ago. This isn’t spoken about much, but when you shun players that are clearly the best in their position, you drive them overseas. Gill and Fardy are some of our best back-rowers that we may never see playing on our shores again.

The Aussie Super Rugby teams should not ruin the 2019 Super Rugby season by resting Wallabies

Why restrict yourself to the current squad?
It may be a flawed premise to think that they are the best on offer, they are just the best for Cheika’s system.
That aside, I don’t really understand your selection strategy.

A fullback is a player that can run left to right and back all day, has a rugby brain, good under the highball, good tactical kicking and can carve up broken play and can chase and tackle on-on one, anything that pokes through the line.
An outside centre has an explosive, line bending run with a decent offload. They can also stop big ball runners and protect a Ruck.
DHP and Banks are our best on offer for 15.
Rona, Karevi, Hodge, English, Karevi, with Petia and Fiawa Sautia (sp.?) emerging are all candidates for 13.
14 requires speed, a kick chase game and some fullback vision. Luke Morahan is the Man, but realistically, Banks, DHP and Maddocks are prime candidates.
Over at 11 you are looking for Tanks, Busses and Trucks – a classic Flying Fijian. Sefa is my Pick, he can play 13 and has the kick-chase of a 14. Marika still has some tactical and defensive deficiencies, the gold Jersey is not the place for on the job training, maybe next year.
Where is Izzy you ask? Well, if he had a defensive game, he would be an ideal 13, A kicking game, a 14, A rugby brain, and distance fitness, 15, but he doesn’t, so he doesn’t make my Christmas list.
Hodge and Tamooa are my candidates for 12. I had earmarked Tamooa at 10, but didn’t impress in the England game. But then again, neither did Foley, or anyone else for that matter.
Gordon and Ginea to share 9, but the structure needs to change to protect them when they kick or snipe.

A Wallaby backline to consider

Saw that in the video window too.
He jumped Ship at the Force at the first whiff of the Axing.
Our best wing fullback and in my opinion is a better all-round player than Folau, who plays a similar role.

The Aussie Super Rugby teams should not ruin the 2019 Super Rugby season by resting Wallabies

Have a look at how many fringe players Cheika Broke in his training and on the field this year and over the last few. Even if he rests his Tah’s faves the rest will still suffer Cheika’s “Live Export” approach to non core players.

The Aussie Super Rugby teams should not ruin the 2019 Super Rugby season by resting Wallabies

Not an issue if you drop the SR pre-requisite for Wallaby selection at the same time.

The Aussie Super Rugby teams should not ruin the 2019 Super Rugby season by resting Wallabies

This is bonkers!
My first reaction is that players should be selected based on their super rugby, NRC and GRR performances.
To give the “anointed ones” a free pass at the start of the season has a couple of undesirable outcomes:
1. Wallaby players have less value to the SR teams.
2. Fringe and prospect players have no incentive to play their best, nor stay in the country. With selection pre-ordained, it destroys the concept of elite pathways and improvement.

One positive by-product is that if some of the top players are getting less game time, it presents an opportunity for second string players to get more minutes on the field………….So they can get noticed by European and Japanese scouts.

The Aussie Super Rugby teams should not ruin the 2019 Super Rugby season by resting Wallabies

The question not asked: Why did he leave?
We throw 7 figure sums at players that could be replaced with minimal impact, but a coach that has proven impact? Sheesh!
My 2 cents is that there was tension between him and Cheika, mos likely on selection and strategy.
Look at the Jags/Puma’s packs. They don’t miss many lineouts, lose many scrums an are there to clean out and turnover a ruck. You don’t need 2 Jackals when you can shove the opposition off the ball.

The job of a coach

It is curious that you mention dropping #10 to fullback in your Cheika Defence.
It is common to drop 2 players into the backfield for defence. Common strategies include 10/15, 14/15 and in the case of Beale 12/15
The Chiefs used this effectively with Arron Cruden, This had a lot to do with his limited defensive abilities. This is not a blight his skills, just that he, much like D-Mac, is a small man, and stopping big ball running 8,s 12,s and 13’s is a losing battle. Both players have great agility, kicking skills and solid tactical brains.
But look at Cheika’s version: Drop Beale, Foley and/or Ginea back, Hide Folau on the Wing and Bring DHP (An actual Fullback) into 13 and Hoops (An Alleged #7) into 10/12 to defend in the trenches.
For me this is the tip of the iceberg, requiring the rest of the “Cattle” to be super fit to compensate for the assortment of passengers.
The motive for Dual 7’s looks like a response to compromised 12 channel defence but that compromises, the Scrum, the lineout and imposes positional requirements for the #6 and reserve lock.

The job of a coach

A good debate has 2 sides, but this is not a good debate, and it doesn’t have to be.
This is “The problem stated” – What should have happened, vs what has happened.
The facts are plain as day,
The authors suggested solution: Replace the coaching staff and do what a large numbers of Roar readers have been banging on about for several years.
The detail of the execution is the debate to have.
Which coach?
Which Players and What is the selection process?
What Game plan.
My 2 Cents:
Listen to Hodgo on Fox’s podcast.
~ Select the best players for the positions and Build a system around them.
This is in contrast to Cheika’s philosophy:
Select a system and then select and mould the players into it.
[Timbo’s editorial:]
Then, keep fringe players in a state of fear so they tow the line and worship the core player group.

The job of a coach

Was the 2017 season that great?
At the time, Fiji, Italy, Argentina and South Africa weren’t as strong as they are now.
A narrow win against New Zealand’s 2nd string team is a false economy.
About the only positive was the win against Wales, and based on their recent performances, I don’t think they were at their best either.

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

Can the new-look Skelton Jump?
The old one couldn’t.
If he can, we should welcome him back.

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

Great Post,
Add Jake Gordon to the list too. His start in a friendly against Italy doesn’t really count. In my opinion, Genia aside, he was the best performing halfback of the SR season.

England loss confirms Wallabies are no closer to RWC success

Lets be honest, Israel Folau may wear the 15 jersey from time to time but he is not a full service fullback. He plays a hybrid 13,14,15 role and the game plan is built around that.
His defence is average at best and he hasn’t developed the rugby brain required by a wing-fullback.
So, gastro and bad judgement aside, let us assume that he is a guaranteed starter and will play in his hybrid role and that there will be the standard dual, lightweight dual play makers. Consider the requirements for the remaining roles.
One of the play makers will handle the defensive wing/fullback role. The other 3 players need to have great defence, which often comes at the expense of speed or sees a 13 or 15 put in the 11/14 roles.
Sefa is my choice for 14, he is a wing/13 with a handy kick-chase game.

The Test winger merry-go-round

I understand the reasoning for it, but I agree, the execution may be abused or manipulated.
The game is haemorrhaging fans, watching fat men standing around having a drink does not appeal to any audience, they can see that at their local pub any day of the week.
So, whenever a player Feigns injury to get a rest, they can be subbed off so that the game can go on. The 1 min Scrums and line outs can be enforced.
In theory, rolling subs to keep players fresh should speed up the game, it works in Touch Football, and is a big tick in my book.
The danger is as you point out, Rolling Meatheads, but I am not sure that will be the case or I won’t care. As long as the game is fast and stoppage free, I am OK with that.

Why Twiggy's rules risk alienating fans

Try the Other way,
Olympic 7’s players selected from the 15 man game.

GRR rules aren’t that much different. There is a shift in tactics, not technique, which they will experience when they hit Cheika’s off-brand game plan anyway.
GRR players may be disadvantaged – they are likely to be leaner, fitter and more mobile, the opposite of NH game plan where large men feign injury to get a few extra minutes of rest before the next scrum or lineout.

Why we must embrace Twiggy's rugby rules

Rugby 7’s Rules are different, yet they still seem to be able to select teams.

Why we must embrace Twiggy's rugby rules

I would much rather pay Foxtel for the privilege of listening to commentators mislead the audience about how good it is to watch a dead horse being flogged.

Why we must embrace Twiggy's rugby rules

I keep hearing this “don’t have the cattle for it” claim. Cheika keeps looking in the sheep paddock at his mates place. There are plenty of quality players out there, they just aren’t wearing the right shade of blue. And now, it is even worse. With 5 year offers for players in the dressage ring, RA have effectively guaranteed their wallaby selection for the foreseeable future.

Michael Cheika’s biggest Spring Tour questions

Spoken from the heart.
Bookies have NZ by 16.5, it is their business to be right.

Folau confirms switch to centres for Wallabies

I am a big Niavalu fan and is ability to play/cover 13/14/11 is a big plus, and Ideal candidate. But that is on 2017 performance. This year, through injury he has had a form slump.
I want to see your man Banks get a chance but there is a catch, with Foley?, Beale and Folau (not) defending the center Channel, it will be green lights all the way to the tryline.
Pre-empting the usual rotating deckchairs in attack/defence, 11 and 14 need to be great defenders as they will be required to compress in and pick up the slack.
I have see Banks catch runaways, stop 1-on-1 in the backfield like a great fullback, but 13 gets messy, Loosies look to punch holes in that area, This is where Rona, Sefa and TK earned their stripes. Do you think Tom can do it? If he can’t, he will get labelled as no good, even though he would be playing out of position, and not be invited back.
I recon it will force Matt Tamooa into 10 or 12.

Folau confirms switch to centres for Wallabies

To be fair, Hoops isn’t a full service 7 either. But if you assume that he is going to play, and in the forwards, this is the best scrum position for him. His speed and 1-on-1 tackling ability mean that in defence, he is going to cause the most trouble for the attacking backline. and In attack, ready to take an offload and make a break through enemy lines. If benching him is an option, Poey does all that, a fraction slower but can also provide some protection at the breakdown and some weight in the scrum, making room for a full service #8 mogrel that can also jump and lock, solving lineout and blindside problems simultaneously. The drawback is that 10& 12 will have to defend their own channels……..

Players are given a game plan, it, not their skills, is the first place to look. Player skills and fitness should have been covered by the selection process.

Read the tea leaves, Michael Cheika

I snicker at the irony of your premise that truth is a casualty and then use the propaganda you sneer at as a foundation of one of your points.

“Short notice” as justification for denial of a team is paper thin at best and reeks of media manipulation.
Can they at least be honest and tell it how it is: It will undermine their player and fan-base and we might suffer economic losses.

It all feels petty, Operation Western Scorched Earth continues with Paramatta becoming new Maginot Line, any attempt to make the land west of it fertile is being managed not unlike Carthage, by adding more salt.

I think you are on the money though, Twiggy would know full well that a Western Sydney land-grab would be a significant step in building his brand and eroding RA as an added bonus.

At it’s core, WSR has a sharp focus on the money, and growing the fan base needed to support it. Apart from exposing RA for their incompetence, I can’t see a single downside for the competition.

The Wrap: Truth the first casualty in rugby’s propaganda wars

Full credit to Valetini, but Cheika isn’t looking for a modern blindside. With Poey and Hooper entrenched, Cheika needs a Mobile lock for the position. There are a number of proper 6’s already in line, , Gus Cotterel would be my first choice, Dempsey fit with proven, current form, but they don’t fill the “Active reserve” lock role that is needed for the Cheikaball 5/3 bench. This is why we see Ned and Simmons, and why we saw Mumm given the role ahead of Fardy.
I think Cheika needs to own his choice, if he is going continue to give Hoops a chunk of the #12 duties, commit to it and, use him as a ready reserve back and go with a 6/2 Bench, allowing a mobile mongrel to wear the 6.

The Wrap: Truth the first casualty in rugby’s propaganda wars

Superficially, as a Perth resident and Force fan, I am gagging to find out what the format for WSR will take next year. I am with you in that regard.

Right now, the only people that need/deserve to know what is going on are the players and the teams. It is sheer arrogance for us to expect that we should have front row seats to the negotiation process.
Announcing a list of teams and then axing one or 2 at the end, reality TV style, to buy them time to finalize things may be the ARU’s style, but Twiggy’s Mindaroo group are professionals and clearly aren’t stooping to that level.

Andrew Forrest has said a lot of things, most of which need to be considered as a wish list, a mission statement, a vision. All good, but they are at the nuts and bolts end of planning and execution. Not all wishes have come true, and that is OK. The plan is for 8 teams, The teams under the SANNZAAR region banner on the same spreadsheet as 20+ others. the next 3 preferred options will get the opportunity instead.

Recently, there have been a spate of articles almost demanding that Twiggy show us his plan or telling us that it is a failure because it is late, this one included.

My inner skeptic saw a bunch of headlines about how Twiggy is making a mess of things, Promising a Western Sydney team and then not being able to deliver.
Then, buried in media noise, it was quietly mentioned that NSWRU and RA “had withdrawn Support” which is Weasel speak for “Denying”. Looks very much like misdirection to make it look like Twiggy’s Fault, It is more likely a desperate act of self preservation.

I get it, it is best for RA, their atrophied carcass will live a bit longer, but it doesn’t seem to be what is best Australian Rugby.
“We don’t wan’t it but you can’t have it”, Not exactly a mature approach. They are losing even more credability, I didn’t think that was possible.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

This is a Fox Fake Sports Delusion.
Just because he wore the 15 doesn’t make him one

13/14 is probably closest to the truth, in attack anyway, he plays #24 in defense.

Captains Michael Hooper and Jim Furyk share a common denominator - both dead in the water