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I snicker at the irony of your premise that truth is a casualty and then use the propaganda you sneer at as a foundation of one of your points.

“Short notice” as justification for denial of a team is paper thin at best and reeks of media manipulation.
Can they at least be honest and tell it how it is: It will undermine their player and fan-base and we might suffer economic losses.

It all feels petty, Operation Western Scorched Earth continues with Paramatta becoming new Maginot Line, any attempt to make the land west of it fertile is being managed not unlike Carthage, by adding more salt.

I think you are on the money though, Twiggy would know full well that a Western Sydney land-grab would be a significant step in building his brand and eroding RA as an added bonus.

At it’s core, WSR has a sharp focus on the money, and growing the fan base needed to support it. Apart from exposing RA for their incompetence, I can’t see a single downside for the competition.

The Wrap: Truth the first casualty in rugby’s propaganda wars

Full credit to Valetini, but Cheika isn’t looking for a modern blindside. With Poey and Hooper entrenched, Cheika needs a Mobile lock for the position. There are a number of proper 6’s already in line, , Gus Cotterel would be my first choice, Dempsey fit with proven, current form, but they don’t fill the “Active reserve” lock role that is needed for the Cheikaball 5/3 bench. This is why we see Ned and Simmons, and why we saw Mumm given the role ahead of Fardy.
I think Cheika needs to own his choice, if he is going continue to give Hoops a chunk of the #12 duties, commit to it and, use him as a ready reserve back and go with a 6/2 Bench, allowing a mobile mongrel to wear the 6.

The Wrap: Truth the first casualty in rugby’s propaganda wars

Superficially, as a Perth resident and Force fan, I am gagging to find out what the format for WSR will take next year. I am with you in that regard.

Right now, the only people that need/deserve to know what is going on are the players and the teams. It is sheer arrogance for us to expect that we should have front row seats to the negotiation process.
Announcing a list of teams and then axing one or 2 at the end, reality TV style, to buy them time to finalize things may be the ARU’s style, but Twiggy’s Mindaroo group are professionals and clearly aren’t stooping to that level.

Andrew Forrest has said a lot of things, most of which need to be considered as a wish list, a mission statement, a vision. All good, but they are at the nuts and bolts end of planning and execution. Not all wishes have come true, and that is OK. The plan is for 8 teams, The teams under the SANNZAAR region banner on the same spreadsheet as 20+ others. the next 3 preferred options will get the opportunity instead.

Recently, there have been a spate of articles almost demanding that Twiggy show us his plan or telling us that it is a failure because it is late, this one included.

My inner skeptic saw a bunch of headlines about how Twiggy is making a mess of things, Promising a Western Sydney team and then not being able to deliver.
Then, buried in media noise, it was quietly mentioned that NSWRU and RA “had withdrawn Support” which is Weasel speak for “Denying”. Looks very much like misdirection to make it look like Twiggy’s Fault, It is more likely a desperate act of self preservation.

I get it, it is best for RA, their atrophied carcass will live a bit longer, but it doesn’t seem to be what is best Australian Rugby.
“We don’t wan’t it but you can’t have it”, Not exactly a mature approach. They are losing even more credability, I didn’t think that was possible.

World Series Rugby: Please just do it, Twiggy

This is a Fox Fake Sports Delusion.
Just because he wore the 15 doesn’t make him one

13/14 is probably closest to the truth, in attack anyway, he plays #24 in defense.

Captains Michael Hooper and Jim Furyk share a common denominator - both dead in the water

Look outside the squad, to NRC…..

Why only blame the coach and not the cattle?

Beale’s pass, if not intercepted would have yielded a coast-to coast try to the Wallabies, that is why he threw it.
High yield, Low Percentages. Straight out of Quade Coopers Playbook. Looks great on the highlights reel,.. unless you miss.

More positional kicking!, Not Less. But the execution needs to be good.
Give the forwards a rest, play the game in the opposition half, not fatigue your players inching away in your own half and then complain about their ball skills under fatigue.

Cheika's hapless Wallabies are the real victims of the 2004 Brumbies player-power push

I am all in for Banks. I think he should be our 15, he is the full package, a rugby brain to compliment his other skills. DHP to 14 or Bench, or out. Maddocks has got some serious speed too.
To my Eye, we have lost the Niavalu of old. since his spate of injuries, I haven’t seen him have a good game since his 2 tries against italy or Fiji (I can’t remember which).
The old Niavalu is exactly what we need. Hybrid 11/13 with a useful boot should he be needed at 14.
But that Super Sefa is missing. I wish him the best, for the future, but I don’t rate him as wallaby material at the moment.

How the Wallabies can rebuild their attack

Broken record time, again.
Chieka plays a lock in the blindside role and then we all complain about him not being very good at 6.
Tui didn’t select himself to play in the position. Barbs should be directed at the coach.

How the Wallabies can rebuild their attack

Cheika chooses to play in the kiddie pool, which is why it looks like there is no depth.

Ned Hannigan on the bench is not a sign of poor depth, it is a sign of poor selection. Gus Cotterel is worlds above him in speed and skill. Gill and Fardy, if retained, could do the job just as well, if not better. Dempsey back from injury, eventually. Others like Valentini and RHP in the wings waiting for an opportunity to at least train with the squad.

Six talking points from Wallabies vs Argentina

Spot on!
Hanson gave a great interview after the AB’s game, praising Smith’s skills at fullback but adding that his ability to play 14 gives Hanson more flexibility with his selection and game plan. This is the mark of not only a great fullback but a great player. Nobody is saying Ben smith is the worlds best 14 (He would make my list though).
It is an insult to the position to put Folau on the same sheet of paper let alone use the phrase “Worlds Best”.
It is time for people to turn off to the Fox Fake commentary, Ignore the highlights reel, take off the sky blue monocle and start actually watching the game. it is 80 minutes long, not 80 seconds. Watch what Folau does for the other 78 minutes 40 seconds and ask yourself if he is adding value.
Apply the same critical eye to B.Smith, Dagg, Banks, DHP,…….any international fullback, and it is chalk and cheese.

If you want a Wallabies shake-up, this may be the time

Folau Best fullback in the world. Bah, Humbug.
Doesn’t make my top 20.

If you want a Wallabies shake-up, this may be the time

Blinding simple, obvious, but needs to be said over and over in as many ways as possible.
Don’t Compromise, Hoops to the Bench, or orange duty, Poey to 7(c) much like the team to play argentina.
I like Gordon I also like the Idea of Banks starting at 15, he earned it this year. DHP has been a bit off since his Bicep injury and concussions. His kicking game isn’t up to snuff. Still think he is a good player, just that Banks is better.
Would like to see Mike Allaalatoa come back too.
Oh, Yeah, and Folau to #3, ……….for the Auckland Warriors.

6 is fast, 8 jumps, 9 runs, 12 tackles, 14 attacks and 15 kicks

I think you might have it back to front. Hoops is the 1 trick pony causing the selection problems. Poey, because he is the better all-round player can play 8 as well as the 7 that he is one of the worlds best. Folau is a joke when compared to other 15’s but he wears the jersey, but doesn’t play the role. Foley, Beale and DHP were doing that for him.

If you want a Wallabies shake-up, this may be the time

Folau is no Dane Haylett Petty. For all the Stats that you spew, none are about being a fullback. A thankless job that takes great skill and requires instinct, an awareness of the big picture and great fitness.
A fullback spends a large portion of their time “Backfield Ball Following” as the ball moves from side to side. They also need to be at an appropriate depth for a box kick or touch finder.
Making impossible tackles – Stopping fast moving players while you are stationary – a recipe to get stepped.
Catching a Highball or inserting into the line to punch though the defense is a great skill, that many fullbacks have, but without the rest of the skills, you may as well play on the wing with a roving mandate to insert, so pretty much standard practice for a #14.
Finishers score tries, it is their job. Fe first pick regardless of form, Play more games and have a “Give it to Izzy” game plan and the stats are going to stack up. But when they are the only tries in the game and the opposition is running through your back line like a dodgey curry, we don’t hear his god being blamed for the tackles he doesn’t attempt.

I feel like a large portion of the less knowledgeable Rugby community have been fooled by Cheika and the fox commentary team into thinking that being a great player makes you the greatest in the position that you are playing in.
Folau the best fullback in rugby! – Wouldn’t make my top 20. It doesn’t mean I don’t respect his skills, He just isn’t a fullback.
For the first time in a wile, I think Chieka is starting to make some better decisions. A fullback at fullback. 10/12 that can kick and defend their own channel, single open side. Less moving parts.

And before the DHP h@t3r5 pile on, I prefer Banks at 15, I think his SR performances this year have earned him the right to the jersey, or at least the opportunity to make it his own.

Izzy on the wing - no, no, no!

Hypothetical question, What would the structures look like if Dizzy Folau had started at 15.
Foley and Beale spend a lot more time defending at fullback when he plays. They were able to leave it to DHP and Maddocks, returning to a more modern structure with less moving parts.

Is it possible that the change in the quality of the defence relates to the change in structures rather than the Tamooa/Foley Swap?

How Michael Cheika deflected the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in Brisbane

At Fullback Folau is a joke. If you can’t see it, you don’t know rugby. Cheika may put him in a 15 jersey, but the guys “Playing Fullback” when he is on the field, and when it matters are Foley, Beale and DHP. Folau may as well be a cameraman as he chaperones the opposition to the tryline. The Role that he does play is some hybrid attacking 13/14/15 that hides from action in defense, which he is very good at, but at what cost?

Folau '50-50' to return against Springboks

He got an attaboy with some minutes playing for the supers.
Look at the talent that has sailed away or playing league. This is the start of the problems.

The Wallabies need change at No.10

Where are my carriage returns!!!!

Roar, you need to get your stuff together!

The Wrap: A way forward for Australian rugby – how hard can it be?

The short term focus on this one thing is what is killing rugby in Australia.
Sure, maximizing it is the right thing to do, but it needs a long term outlook, not a short term dash for cash.
It is an economics problem with subtle nuances and balances. Not something the RA has been known for.

As a consumer, with exception of the Australian tests, the only legitimate way to get Rugby in Australia is to go to the game or buy a foxtel subscription. I am (was) a big fan of the NRC and I will be filling the hill at MacGilvray Oval to cheer on my local team. But if I want to cheer on my local side playing away in Tamworth, I am now faced with an option. Pay, or give up on the game.
Sure, NRC is still a professional comp, but it most certainly isn’t an elite comp, and not all games are televised or streamed live. So the return on investment for a foxtel subscription isn’t the same as during the SR season.
I reiterate, option B is “Give up on the game”

The game doesn’t have the draw it used to but it is being marketed as though it does. By buying a Foxtel Subscription you earn the privilege to become a member of our selective Rugby and land drover driving club. Where in fact the market and the fan base is atrophying to be only die-hard fans.
The current business and marketing model is to squeeze more and more money out of less and less people. This is commonly known as a death spiral.

Job #1 should be to grow the market.
Participants, Supporters, Viewers. Eyeballs = $$$

Axing the Force shrunk the market further, with a short term cash gain for the remaining 4 franchises. Long term, maintaining the country wide footprint with a “shared” or merged team may have been more expensive and unwieldy to manage but holistically, is the better long term solution and most likely more profitable in the short term too.

I am not sure where you get the $5m Warratahs salary cap myth from. That will get you Hoops, Folau and Foley and perhaps some loose change for a pie, a beer and Ned Hannigan. If you are going to accurately represent the information, you need to include player top-ups. This is the elephant in the room, because once you do this, in reality, you find out that the different franchises have different salary caps……

At some point we need to say we can’t afford these high profile players and coaches, Let’s use the millions to develop future players to elite level and/or put some games on free-to air.

In an ironic twist, this is going to be great for Twiggyball. A portion of the market being lost by RA will be gained by WSR. This, combined with the market potential of the region, could make the game a success, it addresses and solves most of the points in your article.

I think you have a good point about blending NRC and Club comps. I have a different spin on it. Run it in parallel with club and SR comps, perhaps fortnightly to coincide with bye and away weeks. Treat it as a representative comp where you are selected to play each week, rather than contracted for the season. The moneymen can work out how clubs are compensated, My thought was that the NRC can rent the players from the clubs, making room for more players to come through the ranks to experience the first grade game. Hey presto, we now have a succession path.

But that is just my 2 cents.

The Wrap: A way forward for Australian rugby – how hard can it be?

Growded is out out touch. The need for Cheika to step down is old news…..Cheika’s legacy will be Australia falling outside the Worlds top 8. At 5 now with a besser block tied to their feet.

Will Cheika be sacked before the World Cup?

If the engineering plans are bad, it doesn’t matter how good your joints are, the roof is still going to cave in.

Tough to make a strong defence for Grey’s Wallabies gig

I am sure that the Wallabies are way fitter than I am but I am gassed 2 minutes after kickoff if I hit 4 rucks in a row.
I can’t remember the details, I think it was a Western Force player, was interviewed on the decision to kick for 3 or touch after a penalty. He stressed the importance of identifying if the forwards were fresh and ready to make another drive.
Fatigue and handling errors go hand in hand. A poor lineout throw, lazy lift, sloppy catch, handoff, poor bind protecting the maul, A fumble, and you have blown your 3 points. If you play your entire game in a state of fatigue, this is going to happen time and time again. There are some great articles about the biathalon, trying to shoot a gun and hit a target with a heart rate of 210 is no mean feat. In the Wallaby game plan, there is no rest for the wicked. One of your mate Hooper’s great skills is to be involved in a frenzy of activity and then reload, and do it again, sustaining it for 80 minutes. It relies on guys like Tui, Poey, Hanigan, Timu and Samu to hold down the fort while he goes to another part of the field, hands on hips, reloading. I don’t have a problem with this per-se, I do it myself, but shouldn’t this fatigue management be available to all players?
I watch the Rebels and the Higlanders backs get involved, cleaning out, protecting rucks. I don’t see Beale, Foley and Folau doing much of this, I do Noholo, Banks, Smith, Debraczeni, Hodge, Meakes. Modern game plans use the term “15 Man” in reference to all players doing all duties. Backs that Tackle and Ruck, Forwards that can pass and catch.

Will the Wallabies feel the need for speed after Eden Park?

There is a lot of chatter about about how the wallabies aren’t fit enough.
My take on it is that the game plan has the forwards exerting massive amounts of energy sapping effort throughout the game playing “Running Rugby”.
A trench warfare battle with the ball inevitably fumbled in the last 10.
Other sides kick it deep, and out and put the opposition under pressure. The Boot of 1 man can gain 60 meters, instead the wallabies grind 7 forwards and Hodge for 5 minutes with the same result.

I haven’t seen enough of Tui at the Reds to say if he is more mobile in their game plan, but you are spot on, under fatigue he isn’t much use, even less as the 1 in a 1-3-3-1 pod.

It might pay to remember though when you play dual 7’s you don’t have the luxury of an 8 that can play Lock in emergency, and you are forced to keep a spare one at 6 or run a 6-2 bench. I think it is a case of blaming the plan, not the player.

Will the Wallabies feel the need for speed after Eden Park?

I am not a fan of Hoops, but Spiros, this was a take-down piece, plane and simple. The guy gave a response loyal to his teammates, to a baited question by a media tr011, a group you, yourself are a member of.
Perhaps it is time your pieces are relegated to the bottom with the rest of the “Roar of the Crowd”

The Australian rugby system is the problem, not just Michael Cheika

I spotted the Hoops shooter too.
Commentators blamed the rest of the team for being out of alignment with him…….
He mays as well have put on a Bell hop uniform and said: Welcome Mr Barrett and Mr MacKenzie, your tryline awaits, We have reserved your usual place between the 2 white posts.. Please come back soon.

Wallabies player ratings vs All Blacks Bledisloe Cup Game 2