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It would be awful to see the matches descend into a games of Uno.
I have observed quite a bit of mic chatter between the Ref and the TMO’s where they ask the question: Any mitigating circumstances?
And this is where the the grey turns to black and white.
My opinion is that a player that ducks or runs dangerously should be accountable for their own safety. “Contact with own head”…..
I don’t think we are there yet, but a rule like this would shift the balance back.

World Rugby’s high tackle framework will lead to ducking

I think it will come down to the Ref.
Australia will be trying to run an upbeat game and the English have a bunch of big guys that fatigue easily that want to slow it down and grind it out, they are masters of polluting the ruck and they seem to have a large number of injuries that miraculously disappear after the forwards have had a rest.
An astute ref can tilt the game Australia’s way if they call these ruck infringements and call BS on the faux injuries.
Not saying it will win the game for the Wallabies but it would be at a pace that I would enjoy watching. Wallabies need to find their ball skills and make the hard tackles, like Japan did if they want a chance of winning.

What the Wallabies need to do to upset England on Saturday

It is a large problem to Chew on.
I have a couple of Mods, I don’t think that the top 4 Tier 1 (Tier 1a) nations should be under any obligation to play the bottom 12-16 teams (Tier 2b) – Call it the Spoils of War.
The Logic cascades, Tier 1b only plays as low as Tier 2.
Call it a sliding relegation system.
Could be done on rankings points as well. If the team can’t improve their rankings with a win against a team, then they don’t have to play. I think the gap is 10 rankings points.
Compulsory 1 low tier game per test window.

GRR might solve the Pacifica problem, but at this point, it is still Hypothetical.

The N in NPC and NRC should discourage inclusion, Pacifica should have their own comp. It comes down to geography.
Have a tri-nations with the winner of each comp playing 1 home and 1 away.

The plan that will boost rugby in the Pacific

Best player has given us terrible results for the last 4 years.
May not be best for the team.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

Well the opposition and referees have been voting for the last 4 years with results.
Australia Lose, over and over, and over.
If the game is centered our 2 “best” players, it doesn’t say much about how good they are.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

I don’t think that the decisions have been bad, maybe a little inconsistent.
The rules have a strict protocol that the TMO’s and refs have been following.
The protocol is not new, and the teams have had all season to get used to it.
I think what we are seeing is the result of the refs are taking it a bit more seriously and the TMO given more angles and authority to scrutinize the events that should not be happening anyway.
Blame the players. or question the protocol, I think the Refs have done OK.
How do you tackle a ball carrier driving less than 1m off the ground without contacting the head or doing a chop tackle? I think the burden of responsibility for player safety includes the ball carrier. If the trend of ducking into tackles continues, we might see players go off for an HIA and Yellow at the same time.

As to rescheduling games, look at the logistics. This isn’t easy, and may not even be plausible.
The next complaint would be that teams won’t be given enough recovery time before the next match.
The best outcome would be to find another stadium to tear up, refund tickets and find a new crowd.

Typhoon season is supposed to end in September and it certainly isn’t climate change, Allan Jones tells me it is all a hoax and, as we all know, Australian rugby coaches know everything and should never be questioned, even when evidence suggests otherwise.

The Rugby World Cup has turned into a joke

My takeaway is that it should be a great contest to watch.
Bookies will favor NZ but the Irish are still a genuine chance.

Thought experiment:
If Ireland win, what does that do for the final predictions?
England SA Final?
Unless of course Japan beat the Boks in the quarters – an unlikely outcome but not outside the realm of possibility.

Ireland vs New Zealand: Betting against the greenback

I think we need to take a moment to give Georgia some credit.
Their forward pack and defense is formidable. Sprinkle a few more players with attacking flair and they will be hard to beat. Watch out for them over the next few years.

If you can’t say anything nice….
Defensive pattern is a sieve for any team prepared to counter ruck.
Skills, Skills, Skills. Learn to catch and pass the balls used in this world cup.
Learn to tackle.

Five things we learned from the Wallabies' win over Georgia

Hoops won the same medal a bunch of times, and I see the same unbalanced performances from him too.
Brilliant in some areas, deficient in others.
When you speak to players off the record, neither player gets a glowing reference, Sure great at what they do, but they are sick and tired of cleaning up after what they don’t.
Makes you wonder if there is administrative pressure on how to vote.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

No win for Georgia but I saw more of the same sieve defense.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

With the exception of ball security, all valid points. But at no point have you mentioned defense.
After watching japan last night making almost all of their critical try stopping tackles to secure a win, I couldn’y imaging Folau either being in the correct position to make the tackle, nor executing them.
There is so much more to the game than making the highlights reel. I will take DHP or Banks any day if it means the opposition aren’t peppering an empty backfield and scoring without a hand put on them.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

Peek behind the curtain, These awards have been devalued, Player of the match is determined by the sponsor and always given to one of their high profile ambassadors.

I will take a win over a loss any day of the week.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

I think the point was that Beale’s Kicking game is superior.
His defense is a different conversation but the same problem as Folau – the search for a complete player continues.
Many start the question: Who in the squad……
But it is the Wrong question – Which In-Form player is the best for the position.
Tom Banks is my pick.
DHP from the available squad. I suspect that he is being rested for the quarters, so I am happy to see Beale doing some tours of duty.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

Wallabies 2015-2019

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

This may be true, but that doesn’t mean that players aren’t available.
The current squad may be second class.
But put away your straw man, that makes Folau’s game third class.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

You are right about Beale and Quade as well, it just made the problem bigger, but since everything is in motion anyway, scalable.

The Chiefs did a bit of this with Cruden and now Mackenzie at 10. But there is a difference. Both Cruden and D-Mac have great Rugby brains and perform a valuable service at 15, they were not hiding. Jono Lance and Hegharty function similarly for the Reds.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

If Folau wasn’t wearing his Wallaby Jersey in his social media profile pic and his inflated follower numbers wasn’t because of his association with Australian rugby, I doubt if anyone would have noticed, let alone cared about what he said. I doubt the internet trolls would have bothered taking the time to provoke him.
But he was speaking from a platform built on his fame as a sportsman representing his country, what he said mattered.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

I want the best available, in form player in each position.
I believe that Rugby is a game requiring a balance of well rounded skills in both attack and defense.
I respect Folau’s specialized skills but he was never that guy and should never have worn the wallaby 15 jersey, no matter how much his wife advocated for it.
14, maybe, but if you run through each of the positions, you find someone better or the speed that is lacking.
13 – TK, Samu K, Rona, 14 Luke Moz, Sefa N., 14/15 Hodge, Maddocks, DHP, Banks

Look at the costs and the players that went overseas, frustrated with automatic first picked, part time performers.

Have an off the record chat with some of the players and get their opinions, they are polar opposites of the love fest that he gets here. Good to get that Dan Carter tidbit from Drew.

But Hey, it’s your article, I have been tilting at this windmill for years.

All that is left to solve why the Australian front line feels like 6 months in a leaky boat. Few of the guys tasked to defend it are actually showing up. White and CLLF are often left holding the bag hanging on for grim death trying to prevent a turnover without a forward even in the same postcode. Doesn’t seem matter who is on the field, the outcome is the same.
After the Georgian forwards destroy us tonight, I expect 5,000 words on the subject turned in by COB Monday . 😛 🏉 …….

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

The reality is that he wore the 15 Jersey, but that was where the similarities to a fullback ended.
He was tasked to the 13/14/15 duties that he was able to do, with the 11,13 and 14 picking up the slack. Hoops helping out defending the in the 12 channel.
The gaping hole left in the backfield was left for the opposition to run through and score multiple tries.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

Worst Win/Loss on record.
Please, go on.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

Quade is the same sort of player as Folau.
Brilliant in a narrow set of skills, average to woeful in others.
Listen to the Posdcast with Anthony F’a’i’e’n’g’a he describes Quade as playing a quarterback role, expecting the rest of the team to do the rest of the work.
Anthony alludes to Quade’s “reduced” defense as a contributor to his career ending CTE as he had to do double the work in the 10/12 channel.

Like it or not, the great teams start with a solid defense, attacking when they can, rather than starting with an attack, defending because they have to.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

I agree,
Marika is improving but is not quite there yet.
His development should be done in Rebels colors, not in the Green and Gold.
A fit Super Sefa has it all. Speed, Tackle, positional awareness, Kick and can play 13 if needed.
Scored 2 Tries n the same game that Folau did, mad 4 times the tackles played 55 minutes and barely got a mention.

How long before Dougunu is eligible????

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

He may have been the highest try scorer, but when you are the only try scorer in the losing team, it makes you stop and think……
Problem with the player, the plan, or both.

Look at the great sides – their tries are scattered across positions.
If the defensive team doesn’t know where the threats are coming from, they need to defend the whole front and back line.

When the game plan is “Give it to Izzy” it makes it so much easier.

Nic got this right, read the bit about Drew Mitchell, the burden on other players is immense, Chieka had a revolving door trying to find players that were able to handle the extra workload and back fill the deficiencies, Niavalu, Hodge, Swoop, DHP, Mitchell, Horne, Rona, when all he had to do was to address the root cause and remove the tumor. Pick a wing on the wing, a fullback at fullback and a wing on the wing.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

Folau was never Australia’s best player.
He was the best under the highball and best in an open midfield.
That is about 10% of the requirements of a role of a fullback.
Top at 10% of his duties, bottom 50% for the rest of it.

You may as well put Usain Bolt on the wing because he can run fast.
It wouldn’t matter if he can’t pass. tackle or go into contact, as long as he ticks the box for the sponsors o the highlights reel.

Glad he is gone, there are much better players for those positions.
Now, if only we could get rid of the guy that put him there…….After all, Folau didn’t select himself.

How the loss of Israel Folau has improved the Wallabies backfield

I said pretty much the same thing to the guys I was with.

In the “Good-ole days” players were less likely to infringe for fear of “rough justice”
Roll away or get smashed.

There is a famous bit of footage where Ritchie was sitting on his backside hands in the side of a ruck where the ref couldn’t see. A Bok player came flying over the the top forearm first hitting him in the face.
Cost him a red card, but the initial infringement was a McCaw special.

I think that the short answer is that players need to be more like half backs.
Instead of diving in, they need to be whiny little b’s like AB halfbacks waiving their arms like spider monkey’s, pointing at a player infringing.

Forwards don’t tend to have the luxury of standing around, hoping the Ref blows the whistle. Their job is to clear the ruck so his half can get the ball to the next phase quickly. Their coach would have told them to “get in there”, not wait for a whistle.

Former Wallabies launch scathing criticism on TMO Ben Skeene