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Tasmanian born and bred, living in Canberra. One time part-time bush league off-spinner without spin, dip, drift or control.



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The ICC must not let Zimbabwe wither

While the World Cup final was playing out to its thrilling finish and farcical result, a low-key tour of Europe was finishing up by one of the nations adversely impacted by having a smaller World Cup: Zimbabwe won their final match of the tour to draw their T20 series against Ireland in Belfast.

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The day-night Test must be abandoned

The pink ball, as it stands, is a failure, and the experiment must be called off. It is that simple. The playing of a day-night Test always looked like it was rushed at the insistence of Channel Nine,and now it looks set to backfire on Cricket Australia in a bad way.

Agreed, but money takes precedence over sport with pretty much every sporting body there is so it will quite possibly happen.
From a “test cricket has primacy” point of view, having the BBL in October would be better. Something high profile but essentially meaningless to let people know cricket has started. Then play the Tests starting with Boxing Day, as more people have day time off in January. But BBL over the holidays is locked in for commercial reasons.

The Big Bash has big problems

“It’s quite dictated by that night session if you have the new ball at night.”
We’re stuck with them for commercial reasons, but pretty damning evidence that the ball still isn’t up to the mark and day/night Tests should not be happening yet.

I would expect Brisdbane to get the Afghanistan Test. Even without any Indian reluctance, the smaller capacity means the Gabba would get the lesser drawing team anyway (as well as CA being able to say it is due to Brisbane’s “traditional” first Test slot).
Perth’s time zone means playing later, so doesn’t need to be day/night for Indian audiences. Adelaide is where we’re had most of them and the one outside holiday periods that coud do with from both local and Indian time.

With the longer daylight hours in summer, is there any reason Melbourne and Sydney can’t start (and finish) an hour later. Other than Seven’s news commitments that is. It always used to be 11am starts for Tests, rather than 10:30 like it is is now. But that was before the extra half hour overtime practically every day.

I still think if Hobart was getting Tests they could have an 11:30 or 12:00 red ball start with how late sunset is, if played close to Christmas (sumer solistice being only a few days before). But CA have locked in only the five Tests for a few more years, including years where six or seven could have worked; suggesting that’s all they want. It is hard to see Hobart, Canberra or anywhere else outside the main five ever hosting a summer Test again.

Indian broadcaster wants day-night Test in Australia

Just don’t call it State of Origin when its not states.
Its a fund-raising exhibition match, which is all well and good. But its not SoO.

AFL officially confirms State of Origin match

You want Maxwell as a second spinner because of his batting? That’s the sort of warped thinking that had Aus picking no-rounders for a long, long time. Maxwell’s bowling is no better than Labuschagne.
As a batsman, one thing Max well does is not get a lot worse in Asia. That is quite different to most Australian batsmen. He’s not top 15 anywhere else but in Asia he has to be considered simply because of how badly most batsmen fall away.
I would think about having him in the squad, with an eye on Wade or Head’s spot – for those two Tests only. I’m not sure I would have him in the squad, but would certainly consider him. But not because of his bowling, which is pretty woeful for a supposed all-rounder.

Langer says Test side likely to stay unchanged for June series against Bangladesh

I would think two spinners will be pn the tour, but I wouldn’t be playing a second one. Even in the most spin-friendly conditions (and Bangladesh doesn’t always provide that, sometimes it just dead and docile for pace and spin) the fifth and sixth best pace bowlers are more likely to get wickets than the second spinner.
The opportunity is there for someone to run through sides in the second half of the Shield season, but as things stand IMO there isn’t anyone.

Langer says Test side likely to stay unchanged for June series against Bangladesh

Four day Tests are only being considered for two reasons:
– the small nations lose money when hosting Tests and the BCCI and CA refuse to assist world cricket
– more T20 can be played

The ICC must leave Test cricket alone

So, will the Sydney Test see any play at all? Things don’t appear likely to improve much, despite lower temperatues, and the air seems to be considerably worse than here in Canberra.

Drama as smoke forces Thunder-Strikers clash to be abandoned

As a cricket event, it is another test and often a bland one. The real issue, as you say, is not the lack of close finishes – which are quite rare in test cricket – but the process of getting to a result is usually a fairly lacklustre one.
The crowds are actually good, boosted by it being Boxing Day. (What would the MCG get if not given that helping hand every year?) And there will be a Melbourne Test unless the pitch is so bad a ban is applied. Test cricket relies a lot on its tradition and flavour, and needs the larger crowds to be seen and noticed. Not that Boxing Day tests are that long a tradition.

It is rapidly becoming cricket’s equivalent to the AFL’s Carlton-Richmond season opener. A snorefest with a big crowd. The difference being that at least sometimes the Test looks competitive until it starts and the AFL season opener is much more contrived false “tradition”.

The Boxing Day Test is overrated

Launceston sort of makes sense for “events” over Hobart, given Tasmania’s unusual demographic situation. It is relatively central for the three main population centres, with the north-south split roughly hald and half. (It was 52% north when I lived there, but the south has seen what growth there has been since those days.)
The problem is there is no suitable venue in the state, so an Australian Football oval has to be used. York Park also does not have a cricket pitch square, a single drop-in is used for BBL, which makes Bellerive’s surface doubtful for Association Football.

The best news is, unlike the mens WC, Australia – with or without NZ – should be able to provide the necessary venues. And it might be a fairer process.

Australia and New Zealand confirm joint bid for 2023 Women's World Cup

There’s no batting concussion sub named. Outrageous this was overlooked. I’m outraged. Outraged I tells ya.

No surprises as Australia make just one change to Test squad for New Zealand series

Does that mean there will be no Australian woman left who has a played a Test that was not against England?

Alex Blackwell calls time on stunning career

West Coast took Ben Johnson. With a name like that, surely he should have gone to Essendon.

2019 AFL Draft Day 2 wrap: Every player picked

The timing doesn’t help. Melbourne and Sydney have the advantage of holiday periods. School hasn’t finished when the Brisbane Test is on (OK it has for year 12). That is also true for Perth and Adelaide. Pakistan are a lower drawing side, so of course crowds will be down. And starting on a Thursday, there was very little intrigue left in the result by the time Saturday morning came around. The downside of neding three days between matches is the Thursday start, in a one-sided game by the time people aren’t at work the game can be decided.

Expect a pretty dismal attendances next year, even if it is a day/night game – as Brisbane is almost certain to get the Afghanistan Test.

As for Hobart, Canberra, etc, CA has locked in just five Tests a summer for the duration of the Future Tours Program; its hard to see them ever lifting that again. Hobart isn’t even getting a single Australian game in either mens or womens T20 championships, which I think shows where CA places them (even with ICC having some input into scheduling as well).

Strip international cricket from the Gabba

Starc’s early Shield form would have him in the eleven anyway, and the reluctance to bowl him was in entirely different conditions to Australia. In England, control is paramount. the ball moves, you need guys who can be relied on to use it.
Pace and bounce with some wild directions (and he hasn’t been that stray on line from the little of the Shield I’ve seen) can work in Australia, and Pakistani batsmen traditionally struggle with bounce in Australia.

Pattinson suspended from first Test following 'serious slur'

That second innings dismissal was pure “worst of Burns”, except he did at least get across to it. Wide, angled bat. There is no need to defend those, just leave them. Until he does that, he’s no opener, and possibly no Test player at all. I still like the idea of him at 5 or 6, but he’s got to sort that before getting back in the baggy green.

VOTE: Who should Australia pick for the first Test vs Pakistan?

And every time an independent study is done, the ABC is found to be fairly balanced. The next study won’t beceuae the government has learned their lesson, they will probably get David Flint and Chris Kenny to perform the studies.
Not agreeing with The Australian or Andrew Bolt doesn’t make things unbalanced, just gives a chance of being sane.

On certain issues, particularly the airtime given, things do seem out of kilter. Marriage equality was one of those. For over a year the lighweight dross that is the The Drum, and the flagship Q&A, almost made it seem like there was no other issue in the world.

But that’s another issue to this one. Should the ABC even be doing sport at all that others willing to cover, given the budget restraints? News, current affairs, docuentaries have to be first priority. Sport as a sub-component of the general “entretainment” categories, perhaps – but the ABC isn’t supposed to be treading on commercial ground more than necessary.

Sad day for Australian sport as ABC opts against broadcasting 2020 Olympics

The Tas 3rd XI is going to be mighty amusing.

Celebrating the Sheffield Shield: The greats of Australian domestic cricket

The worry with Starc finding form is the prospect of a no-rounder being picked at six in case he loses control. And wickets against that Tasmanian side are not the highest difficulty in the game. Wade and to a lesser extent Paine are the only real FC quality in that side and Paine isn’t a renowned regular big scorer. (Remember when may of us thought Silk would be opening for Australia by now?)

Australia's Test opening candidates are not stepping up

Two Tests against Pakistan, three against New Zealand. Where is this sixth test coming from?What am I missing? Australia will likely never play six home Tests again; Hobart has hosted its last and Canberra its only; and there doesn’t seem to be an away one this summer.
That said, I do agree that scheduling and pitches are a serious problem. Melbourne, especially, is a wasteland of a deck kept alive only because it gets the prime spot in the calendar.
The unfortunate reality is the calendar is overloaded with internationals trying to fit around T20 leagues, and India not being willing to shift the pointless ODI series in January hits this summer as well. And the BBL being in the middle of summer makes any sensible scheduling impossible. And availability, with so many southern hemisphere nations playing at the same time getting a nation here when we want them isn’t always an easy thing. Why should a team reschedule a couple of meaningless T20s to suit Australia if they have a Test tour in South Africa or New Zealand.
Workload “management” has generally backfired. While bowlers need to be fresh, they also need to be bowling. Pre-arranged rotations, limiting nets to virtually no work at all, keeping fresh bowlers out of the Shield because they are needed later, these have all been detrimental. Just pick the best fit eleven. If someone is clearly tired, they aren’t part of that “fit” eleven for a match; otherwise just let them do their job.
And what’s happened to paragrpahs recently? Has TheRoar had some update that fails to recognise carriage returns in replies?

Should Cricket Australia adopt the seven 'P’s instead of a bowling rotation policy?

Even three days is too much, but it keeps the AFL in the sports headlines with no sport. So, they will only make it more pointless and add more out of season shenanigans.

How to improve the AFL trade period

His first playing as a wicket-keeper, I think. The other came early on when he was playing as an opening batsman. (Clingeleffer might still have been Tasmania’s keeper?)

Tim Paine finally breaks 13-year drought with his second FC century

What is a farce is the the idea that opposing captains might agree to set up a game. Each should be doing what is best for their own team, and their own team only.

Yes, ideally, a game should be entertaining; but primarily it should be a competition.

Vic-SA Shield match descends into farce

Not to allow for both to get decent crowds, and for first class cricketers to actually play on Test evnues occasionally.
There are only two FC cricket venues in half the states (WA,SA,Vic; one in Tasmania but there’s no full time AFL team there, more in NSW and Qld ) and in none of those cases can the other venues capacity come close to demand for hosting mens internationals of any type.
Without spending billions on single use venues that’s just the reality of a low population, high attendance, nation.
It does compromise the fixture, and the AFL itself makes it even more compromised both on- and off-field.

A Briton's perspective on the problems plaguing AFL

If he is found guilty on both counts, he’ll be very lucky if it is four years. Even six might require a generous interpretation of the rules.

Willie Rioli to 'come back bigger and better' from drugs test turmoil

Why not extend to nine months?
One reason is that, unlike UK sports, almost all AFL venues are shared with cricket. Cricket has access to the MCG, SCG, Gabba, Adelaide Oval, and new Perth Stadium (of the main grounds) for up to six months of the year. Some of these grounds are run by trusts and expected to give cricket the grounds for the summer.
And cricket requires a fair bit of lead-in time for the pitch squares to bed in, whether drop-ins are used or not. That leaves Docklands, Kardinia Park, the Showgrounds and Carrara as true home venues. Of the secondary home grounds Bellerive and, to a lesser extent, Manuka are also cricket venues. This shared venue operation is quite different to the UK.

The AFLPA have also made it clear the players are dead-set against there being any more games.

The kits are another issue. The AFL has rules around “clash” jumpers, but they are not always enforced and hostorically weakly applied to some financially powerful teams.

A Briton's perspective on the problems plaguing AFL