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The ICC must not let Zimbabwe wither

While the World Cup final was playing out to its thrilling finish and farcical result, a low-key tour of Europe was finishing up by one of the nations adversely impacted by having a smaller World Cup: Zimbabwe won their final match of the tour to draw their T20 series against Ireland in Belfast.

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The day-night Test must be abandoned

The pink ball, as it stands, is a failure, and the experiment must be called off. It is that simple. The playing of a day-night Test always looked like it was rushed at the insistence of Channel Nine,and now it looks set to backfire on Cricket Australia in a bad way.

I’m not sure if I’m looking at the latest FTP, but it might be possible for England to come here starting in the new year. That way the English players can go home for a month before coming here for the Ashes – avoiding being away for four months straight without family.
It would mean either rescheduling the South Africa white ball tour, or sending only non-Test players at the start of that tour.

A summer without international cricket is on the cards in Australia

Five day breaks are rubbish when against teams on seven or eight days break, but the full game time is needed.

Chris Scott displeased with having to manage star players due to match length

Once P&R happens, I’m guessing the second division sides will need to come in a round earlier. Even with a 16 team A-League, if that happens before P&R, all starting in a round of 32 might be a bit much.
But I don’t have the knowledge of you guys, I just find the options open to the sport fascinating as it builds.

The FFA Cup is where Australia's past meets its present

I sort of get where you’re coming from, at least while there is no threat of relegation.

The Cup is a completely different competition from the league though. If you’re not good enough in the league you don’t make finals (I know, a touchy subject itself for many) or the ACL.

The FFA Cup is where Australia's past meets its present

(Outsider view to an extent)
I think finals are probably necessary for two reasons.
Firstly, the Australian market is different. There are more major sports and Association Football is not the (locally) biggest in revenue, media coverage, viewership. Participation is a different story of course. Finals, and not having the same few teams dominate endlessly, are expected in the Australian marketplace. Finals have a marketability that the regular season lacks, to many multi-sport followers.
Secondly, in the big European leagues qualifying for the Champions League is itself a goal – even for the bigger teams – once the title is no longer realistic. The Asian Champions League doesn’t capture the fans, or seemingly the clubs, in the same manner. Even with promotion-relegation presumably coming at some point, so many teams may often have little to play for later in the season without finals places on the line.

What is successful in nations where the sport is often practically the only major sport going around is going to be quite different from Australia.
Is a finals system best for the on field component (the most important part)? I doubt it makes any real difference either way, except some clubs, and therefore players, get a slightly longer season.

Should the A-League keep the finals?

I agree, but getting nations to cut a month out of their calendar for a series they probably won’t be taking part in is probably not going to happen.

A fairer format for the World Test Championship

There are so many short-comings of the WTC, but realistically this was as good as it was going to get in the first iteration.
The above would be a solid improvement on what we have, but there are other options. Ideally, every Test nation should be part of it but fitting 12 nations (maybe more a long way down the track, maybe less if some smaller nations finances don’t improve enough to provide players) into any Test system is not an easy task.

A fairer format for the World Test Championship

There is far too much truth there, especially in the latter half.

A fairer format for the World Test Championship

The T20 Worlds would still need some qualifiers, particularly for non-Test nations and maybe those not in the WTC*, but outside of that leave it for the franchises. Those comps already take up far too much of the calendar.

*WTC should be all Test teams but that’s another rant.

Men's ODI, T20 World Cups to be expanded

Its hard to believe they managed to show even more contempt for the game outside their own league and chosen junior “pathways”.

Evaluating Greg Chappell's proposals to revamp Australian cricket

Yeah, more of those would be good. And in season, provided either there is no Shield or no International clashing. A team games a re good, provided the timing is suited. I think we agree here.

Evaluating Greg Chappell's proposals to revamp Australian cricket

1. NTFL didn’t start until October for 2020/21 season, although maybe that was delayed due to COVID.
2. With a full Shield and BBL season, I’m not sure there is time.
3. A games, preferably not clashing with the Shield. Taking internationals and A players out weakens the Shield considerably.
4. Agreed long ago

Evaluating Greg Chappell's proposals to revamp Australian cricket

A draft is worse than that. A player might get picked up by a state with a weak club system, not get interstate cricket game time, and have his development held back as a result.
It works in the AFL (although I would still prefer it gone) to an extent because there isn’t that much difference in the bastardised state leagues than are used for reserve football. With states already constrained by the contract system, and player more willing to move for opportunity than in the past (noting G Chappell himself did move from SA to Qld) the Shield is usually competitive already. Adding adraft just takes away player options.

Absolutely agree that there needs to be long form cricket later in the season. At least when a February/March tour of SA or NZ is coming up. Maybe when there isn’t a Test series until June, or not one at all as in 2021, finishing the Shield early doesn’t matter as much.

Evaluating Greg Chappell's proposals to revamp Australian cricket

In some ways its a shame its still one game. But Saturday night is better than Saturday afternoon, and it should work for Ten. Saturday night is generally not a huge ratings night unless a station has live sport.

Its interesting that the contract stipulates the AFL and NRL, but not cricket. Is that a signal of a move to a winter league, or just that the BBL isn’t seen as an issue – I would have thought clown-cricket and Association Football viewerships would both skew younger than the NRL and AFL.

Any chance Ten might do a Sunday/Monday night highlights package for those without Paramount+? Or too much risk of it biting into streaming revenues?

A new broadcast deal is fantastic news for the A-League

Geelong by around 30 points
Sydney, 20
Hawthorn 40 – North can barely name a team and even the first choice 22 wouldn’t win at York Park, (nor MCG, Docklands, Bellerive, but especially not York Park); Hawks might only kick 8 goals and win by 40 points
Brisbane, 50 – could be a lot closer than that, but I expect at some point the Lions will get run-on
Richmond 70 – Tigers are not at their best, but GWS are way off at the moment
Port Adelaide 20 – could go either way here, but Power
Essendon by under 2 goals
Melbourne 40, or it could be a true blow-out
West Coast 50, with a crowd

The Roar's AFL expert tips and predictions: Round 9

The only issue I see with the A-League going to winter is ground availability. Both Rugby and League churn up the turf something fierce at times, which can be an issue for a game where the quality of the surface can impact the quality of the game.
Obviously there is already overlap and it has been made to work. In the cooler, wetter months that could be harder. Some careful scheduling with the other rectangular field sports should be possible though – and its not really a big issue where both the A-League and the Rugbys only have one game each a fortnight (e.g. Newcastle).

Looking at it from outside, Association Football shouldn’t be too concerned with competing with Rugby League or Australian Football – but with building the competitions, national and local, as best it can and developing Socceroos and Matildas.

Why the A-League and Super Rugby are so far from matching the AFL and NRL

An NRL team in Tasmania makes about as much sense an AFL team in Wollongong. Maybe when looking at a 30th team, and probably not even then.

There is no demand and; unlike an NRL side in Perth, or GWS in the AFL; not big enough to be worth sinking many tens/hundreds of millions into for possible long term viability 30-40 years down the track. And its not worth jack in terms of media rights. From neither a growth of your sport, or a financial standpoint, would a Tasmanian side make sense. Even for the AFL it would only make sense from a history of the game viewpoint.

A simple plan for NRL expansion

No. In this league and this sport, your list is you list. While this wouldn’t be as bad as the mid-season draft, which breaks that ethos screws up other leagues in the bargain, dealing with what happens through the year is part of the game.

Could a player loan system work in the AFL? Dimma thinks so

I think Starc has been preferred largely because he provides “variety”. While Cummins and Hazelwood are different style bowlers, adding Pattinson to the mix does give a sameness to the pace attack. In Australia, a genuine swing bowler’s chances are limited.
Swing doesn’t last long on the red Kookaburra, maybe if there is going to be some moisture in the air and in the deck (the latter to help protect the ball) most likely in Brisbane and Sydney.
So, who comes in?
For a left-armer, Joel Paris might come into the frame.
Bird has had a few chances but is perhaps the obvious swing bowler. Neser has been around the squad a bit and could fit in. To me he’s a different enough bowler, but selectors might see him as too similar.
Pattinson seems the obvious pick , and a near-certainty if Cummins or Hazelwood break down and despite concerns about “sameness” has to be among the top options.

Or, Starc might come good in the final and the start of next summer and be worth retaining. There’s not much FC cricket, but plenty of time, before the Ashes.

Starc's Sheffield Shield flop puts Ashes spot at risk

I actually don’t mind it, or wouldn’t if that was the rule. There wasn’t much prior opportunity, and I much prefer the ball-player having the benefit of the doubt.
However, he took on the tackle and the rule (unless it changed again) is that doing so counts as prior.

'How do you miss that?' Did this last-gasp 'howler' cost Brisbane the game?

Every club should have equal right to wearing whatever junper they want. Home team, including whoever wins the toss for that right in a grand finsl, wears their jumper preference. Including Port against Collingwood. Its up to the away team to have a proper alternative.

It's time for Port Adelaide to break out the prison bars again

I think Eastlake (Canberra Demons) opted out once the NEAFL became the VFL. They may not have been accepted had they gone ahead anyway, but they (at least officially) withdrew from 2021 for financial reasons.
(possible paywall)

Back to the new VFL

This is one occasion where Tasmania are not screwed over. The VFL, even more than other state leagues, is a mish-mash of nothing. Some teams are reserves, some have lost their identity and control of their own paths being reserves in all but name, and only a few are there to actually win the competition.
The flow-on even impacts (to a lesser extent) suburban footy as well, as AFL reserve teams raid local footy for “top up” players. Right through the structure of every state except Tasmania, thanks to not having an AFL team, what is best for the remotest fringe of an AFL club takes precedence over state and local competitions retaining any sort of integrity of their competitions. The sooner a national reserves is up and running, and the game properly managed and funded at every other level the better. But while one league remains the “custodian of the game” focussed on money over sport, that isn’t going to happen.

Back to the new VFL

I’m part way through a similar idea, with quite a different calendar. In mine, the Tests would run when most people have day time off – Christmas through January. BBL would start the summer, more or less when WBBL is now, to keep it out of the Test series.

The problem is, no matter what else, CA won’t move the BBL or the Melbourne and Sydney Tests. The problem of having no Shield during Tests is inevitable, so long as broadcast money takes priority over the actual sport.

How to fix our cricket schedule

One other thing was the OTHER two day Test. Zimbabwe with a very rare away win – to be honest a very rare Test series regardless of result – though currently getting smacked by Afghanistan in the second.

So what if the Test summer's over?