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The day-night Test must be abandoned

The pink ball, as it stands, is a failure, and the experiment must be called off. It is that simple. The playing of a day-night Test always looked like it was rushed at the insistence of Channel Nine,and now it looks set to backfire on Cricket Australia in a bad way.

That last point is often overlooked. Having some shield games late season helps with tours in the Feb and March starts.
The BBL can’t be moved commercially, so we are stuck with a schedule that works against our own home season.

40 is the new 50: Why form can't be measured the Hayden way

Burns opens for Queensland but is also not an opener. Too often the angled bat in defence way outside off with leg and head nowhere near it.
But that is one of many problems, a few moderately good middle order players and not even mediocre top order. Yet four players still have to play top four.
For Perth, I would seriously consider swapping Head and Finch. Finch might gain something, Head won’t lose anything. He’s not worthy either but probanly won’t be worse up the order.

It’s all shuffling deckchairs though. And no Shield from now until the end of the Sri Lanka series …

It's time for a new Test opener

A fair while back now, but didn’t Law only get one game and then dropped to get Ponting into the side?
Different circumstances of course. We don’t have a Ponting (or a Law) available the sidelines.

It's time for a new Test opener

Juts because other teams do it doesn’t mean its not an ethics issue. It just means it is a global ethics issue.

The Cricket Australia XI was a missed opportunity

Not necessarily. Finch may be better down the order. In the Victorian set-up he gets to bat where he suits that line-up best. The selectors may feel he is a better player overall than any currently available opener, and the most adaptable to play out of his usual FC position. Its not like there are openers raring to go on current form.
I would have Finch down the order, but I wouldn’t pick Mitch Marsh (or, on form, any supposed all-rounder) either.

Vics’ stance on Finch both politics and tactics

“Have we forgotten what shield cricket is for in this country? To produce test players”
Well, to an extent. But even there, the Shield needs to be a competition in its own right. The big problems, other than sceheduling, have been CA undermining the competitiveness of the Shield an not allowing States to seek their best outcomes. The more the Shield is hard-nosed competition, without resting or dictates to only bowl x amount of overs, the better mentally prepared players will be for Test cricket – and the more the technical failures will be exposed (and worked on) before reaching Test level.
Could an exception be made in this one case where the squad is announced? Maybe, but the risk is slipping down the same path and the Shield not being the hard proving ground it should be.

Vics’ stance on Finch both politics and tactics

Agreed, he’s not really a bowling option. I don’t think one is needed. If required, he can bowl 2-3 overs every now and then but it shouldn’t be part of planning.

Sheffield Shield stars deserve Test call ups

The fifth bowler only needs to roll their arm over, and not even that. Mitch Marsh barely bowled in the games he was picked last home summer, maybe 5-6 overs an innings, and he was over-used. Giving up 25 runs instead of 20 is hardly a big deal compared to strengthening a batting line-up that it is being generous to call “flimsy”.

I’m no Wade fan, but on form (and moreso on the form of everyone else) I’m struggling to find a reason not to choose him.

Sheffield Shield stars deserve Test call ups

The batting is dismal. It is highly likely Australia will go through this Test series without one Test quality player in the top seven. At home, on roads, the deficiencies might one again be covered up.

The bowling, however, is in fine shape. Even a couple of injuries can be covered reasonably well, even if Pattinson isn’t fit again yet and Behrendorff and Coulter-Nile aren’t playing long form cricket fomr some time.

Is Australian cricket really in bad shape?

An unusually correct decision from CA.

Cricket Australia rejects appeal to lift bans for Warner, Smith and Bancroft

The Minister has discretion to waive the list, which he did. Until now if an FTA network picked up the rights and did not want to use part of them they had to be first offered to other FTA networks (resulting in Lord’s Tests sometimes being on a dofferent network due to clashes with Wimbledon coverage or some such). Minister Fifield used his discretion to allow that step to by-passed and Foxtel to step in for the bits Seven are declining to show rather than another FTA provider.
A loophole in the laws that effectively allows Foxtel to bid indirectly for listed content.

Australia's forgotten fans

At least when in conflict with FC cricket. If you try and ban them from the lot, they will just retire from ListA and FC crciket to chase the dollars.

T20 internationals: The gateway to Australia's Test future

I would have had Maxwell in the UAE, he isn’t that much worse on those decks that he is at home. Others are better at home and worse in those conditions. In Australia, he’s far from a sure thing; and he is flaky, when someone reliable (even if less huge scores) is required to minimise the collapses.

Glenn Maxwell is not the solution for Australia’s Test batting woes

The AFL has basically $0 overseas media rights though. Even the NRL has some rights value in PNG, NZ and maybe the UK. Cricket, rugby or league would have contractual issues overseas to worry about that the AFL does not. (Yes, the AFL is available on pay TV outside Australia, but the value of those rights is zip.) That should not make it insurmountable, but remember Murdoch also owns many of the outlets with overseas rights.

Australia's forgotten fans

How practical is this in Bangladesh? I haven’t seen a lot of cricket from there, but the pitches seem to either be low slow and lifeless or low slow turners. A certain amount is driven by conditions and soils, and a certain amount can be readily changed. I’m not sure how much the current situation is a result of choice and how much a result of natural conditions.
Having more variety in domestic cricket would assist a few nations, not just Bangladesh. Along with “A” team tours, etc, to foreign conditions. Playing on faster, or seam friendly, tours with first Class cricket would be of benefit to Bangladeshi players, as would playing in spin friendly and slow conditions for Australians. Limited overs (20 or 50) don’t really cut it for that acclimatisation, the pitches tend to be very different and don’t have time to wear.

Bangladesh needs to produce faster pitches

India are just as bad as Australia on the sledging front, and Kohli every bit the on-field prat that Warner is (except not being a cheat so far as I recall).

Virat Kohli says India won't sledge... unless the Aussies start it

BBL finals will be on 7, 16 preliminary games are Fox exclusive. But even there, because the BBL is being dragged out even more, just as many games are on FTA as previously.

Assessing Cricket Australia’s TV gamble

That’s what the new service is supposedly all about.
It remains to be seen if that will result in Fox canniablising its television subscription service.

Assessing Cricket Australia’s TV gamble

I’m not sure on the detail, but believe there is a sports specific service in the works and it is this being late which forced free coverage. I would expect the white ball stuff after the tests to be Fox only.

Assessing Cricket Australia’s TV gamble

I believe it is only free because Fox didn’t get their streaming service running on time. Once they get that working, ODIs and T20Is will not be streamed by CA (free or paid). It will require a Fox subscription, either television or streaming.

Assessing Cricket Australia’s TV gamble

In a season with more “normal” scheduling it might not be as big a problem. ODIs normally coincide largely with the BBL season, leacing plenty of cricket on FTA. This season, however, a lot of mens white ball cricket is happening earlier.
The womens games were on, then a big gap for 65-70% of the populace until the First Test in early December. Once the WBBL gets moved, and Tests start mid-November again, that gap in momentum will be reduced. Maybe losing access to mens ODIs and T20Is for most people won’t be as noticeable in that circumstance.
That said, hiding your product is never a smart move in the medium and longer term and that is what CA have decided to do for very little, very short term, cash. (And they had to get the Minister to agree to bend the rules to allow it to happen.)

Assessing Cricket Australia’s TV gamble

Another option is to remove the 50 over format in its entirety. Are two limited over (20 and 50) games really required?

Thought bubble alert, other option:
One thing the easily digestable, always forgettable, T20 format does lend itself to is more global tournaments. A single 16 or 20 team tournament held over three weeks could replace all T20Is. If no othjer T20Is are onnthe calendar it could even be held once a year. There are enough franchise leagues around that players get more than enough T20 – how they gel on no build up would be part of the interest.
Being ICC tournaments the money could be spread to nations needing development (the poorer fuill members and the associates).

It is time to ban international Twenty20 cricket

Their game DID require the fedceral government to step in as it was. Under the previous interpretation of the laws, if a FTA broadcaster did not wish to use those rights they had to be offered to other FTA broadcasters first.
This is why we had Ashes tests from England on SBS during Nine’s Wimbledon coverage, etc.

But that isn’t specified directly, so the minister used his discretion to allow games to become Fox only despite being on the anti-siphoning list and espite there (probably) being other FTA broadcasters willing to show them.

This is what cricket’s television deal should’ve looked like

The small teams would still remain small, and the gulf widened even more. All the death-riding of clubs that some fans like to participate in would get even more noisy as the “unequal distribution” compensation (largely a result of the fixture) would have to markedly increase.

The broken AFL fixture - and the solution

The only thing I want is a system less open to (actual or perceived) manipulation from league HQ. Fixed conferences like the proposed are manipulated for revenue to and to keep small teams small.

A drawing of groups each season, with the only guaranteed double-ups (if any) being the non-Vic derby matches as a nod to travel issues, would be enough. A single ladder, with some transparency around the fixture. That’s all that is needed to the fixture fairer (not fair, but as fair as can be without a 34 round season) and reduce perceptions of favourtism at AFL House.

Of course, the AFL will never accept anything that doesn’t maximise media revenue, and as a by-product ensure the big clubs get all the exposure. So, its a dead idea before it starts out.

The broken AFL fixture - and the solution