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The ICC must not let Zimbabwe wither

While the World Cup final was playing out to its thrilling finish and farcical result, a low-key tour of Europe was finishing up by one of the nations adversely impacted by having a smaller World Cup: Zimbabwe won their final match of the tour to draw their T20 series against Ireland in Belfast.

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The day-night Test must be abandoned

The pink ball, as it stands, is a failure, and the experiment must be called off. It is that simple. The playing of a day-night Test always looked like it was rushed at the insistence of Channel Nine,and now it looks set to backfire on Cricket Australia in a bad way.

They would probably go to Adelaide, there is a hotel basically in the Adelaide Oval complex so they could stay at their training site with no team buses, just a short walk. Feds and SA government would have to agree and that might be the clincher, would the people of SA be happy with a “one rule for us, one rule for them” situation? Particularly if SA was in a more serious situation than it currently is. By November, any state could be in any position.

ICC postpones T20 World Cup in Australia

Even longer. This poison is just about enough for me to give up on the actual cricket.

God knows what happens when one or two players in the Test team need to be replaced. Home series are supposed of the advanbtage of the potential back-ups playing a format vaguely similar to the national team. Someone coming in for Sydney will be coming off a month of crash and bash, in a totally different headspace to building an innings or needing to bowl long spells to a consistent plan.

Men's and Women's Big Bash League fixtures confirmed for 2020-21

The shorther quarters are mostly for the ad breaks, but they were brought in supposedly in case the season got truncated to the point where teams have to play midweek with regular four day breaks or something. There’s no way the AFLPA were going to go for full length games and shortened periods between them.
I’m not even sure it works for TV, less ads during play due to less goals, and mroe ads in ad breaks when people are more likely to change the channel. And the extra horrible, horrible, stuff that goes on in those breaks when the ads aren’t on – the ads are better than a lot of the break time rubbish. BradMacNamara-like in the way they ruin the viewing experience (as if a couple of commentators didn’t do that enough).

The NRL is torching the Frankenstein AFL

Three hours over summer, WA does not have daylight saving.

Afghanistan debut being buried in pink tape

Its not even the same jumper, and if it was, so what? They should be allowed to wear it any time they want, so long as they aren;t the away side when it causes a clash. Yes, that means that if they wanted, they should be allowed to wear it in home games against Collingwood.

Eddie McGuire is seething that Port Adelaide wants to wear the prison bars

From memory the NTCA Ground hasn’t hosted a Shield game this century. And barely a ListA. It does lack facilities, but the oldest First Class venue in the country could host state games again, and womens internationals, with a bit of work. Probably cheaper than an extra drop in at York Park, and adding training facilities etc, each summer.
BBL has to be at YP, due to lights.

Cricket Australia confirm blockbuster summer schedule

As others have said, “confirm” is an optimistic view.
There is no guarantee the international teams will be allowed into the country, in some poorer but affected nations even being in a position where they can send a team is questionable.

Assuming everything except the WorldT20 goes ahead, like most people I don’t understand how Brisbane got an India Test ahead of Perth. I can only presume its because Queensland have shown a willingness to give border exemptions for sporting teams – but WA did offer an AFL “hub” as well. Or maybe the expectation that fans won’t be able to come from India, but Indians in Australia might fly from Sydney and Melbourne to Brisbane in greater numbers than live in Perth.

I presume the “tba” on the first two Zimbabwe ODIs is due to not knowing what Queensland and NT borders will be like; and may be provisionally Darwin and Cairns for the other two games.
Its a shame Zim aren’t getting a Test or two, but even iof fans are allowed they would lose money and CA seem to have made a decision that under no circumstances will Australia host more than five Tests. And Seven’s contract may well stipulate five Tests, getting an FTA broadcast of low drawcard Tests during footy season wouldn’t be easy.

Cricket Australia confirm blockbuster summer schedule

He rarely keeps in any form now, following his injury. Which is sad, as I thought he was the best keeper in the country before then (and I’m not from WA).

An uncapped Australia versus India Test match

You can do that in the ground, maybe at the gates. Particularly if there is no general admission so its all allocated seating.
It is harder on trains and, to a lesser extent, in the car parks. People naturally space out arrival times a little, but depart all at once.
At least for T20 its only a couple of hours. If necessary food/drink stalls can be kept closed. Certainly allowing alcohol seems like a bad idea.
But so muchis unknown. Australia might be practicalyy clear by then, or a second or third wave might be hitting. There might be a disinfectant injection treatment widely available, being sarcastic there, or even an actual treatment. CA and ICC have to plan for it going ahead, but also have contingency plans ranging from “one city”, or “no crowds” to deciding what date to call it off of necessary.

A T20 World Cup without fans?

Are players and staff from India, Bangladesh, England, going to be allowed into the country by October? And have crowds return?
A month ago, it looked like not a chance. Now, who knows.

What will certainly not happen is a postponement. Its ridiculous enough having one WC in 2020 and another in 2021, two in 2021 would be pushing even the standards of the ICC. Either play it, crowds or not, or cancel it. And, really, without crowds, why bother.

A T20 World Cup without fans?

While I generally couldn’t care less about the OIympics, I don’t think cricket belongs.
Mind you, nor do many of the sports which are there. Simply put, any sport where the Olympics would not be the pinnacle of the sport (at least at international level) should be left out – and that includes Football.

In the case of Cricket it wouldn’t even be the prestige form of the game. (Rugby would gone on both counts as well. T20 isn’t the same thing as Cricket, and Sevens isn’t the same thing as Rugby.)

Should cricket be included in the Olympics?

It has to be DK in this head-to-head, but if you were picking to play in England Alderman would probably be the third choice after Lillee and McGrath.

Pick The Roar's greatest Ashes XI of all time: Dennis Lillee vs Terry Alderman

If footy is back in 2021, the AFL can ride it out with all 18 clubs. If any do fail, a bit of phoenxing and “new” clubs which happen to take on the same logo, mascot, colours and football (but not trading) name can be granted a licence.
If we don’t see AFL level footy until 2022, the AFL itself may be in trouble (if that splits the game’s administration off from that of one league, that’s an improvement) and not many clubs survive.

The one thing this may do is actually make a Tasmanian team affordable. If, as seems likely, football clubs have to run opn $25m as a minimum instead of nearly $40m that might be realistic for Tassie.

The six AFL clubs that could go to the wall

They have partners at work, kids at school, other family members may be in the same region. They aren’t shut off from the community. I don’t see how they can have a “no-handshakes” rule and play a contact sport. If nothing else it undermines the whole “social distancing” that seems our only tactic, and does so in a very visible manner.
Contact sports, at a minimum, should not be continuing.

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

I doubt the AFL took any advice from the CMO. Lawyers looking over the broadcast deals and insurance contracts would have been all they looked at.

A-League and national codes' stubbornness shows where priority lies in Australian sport

I’d like to think CA did this for the right reasons. But they are probably just using it as an excuse to save money. Shield games aren’t exactly big revenue raisers, so there is every incentive to cancel unlike the AFL and NRL who have every incentive to play through the risk (until lawyers advise the potential payouts are greater than the broadcast revenues).

Final Sheffield Shield round cancelled, final in doubt due to coronavirus

It might not be far off in NSW. It hasn’t got out of control yet, and new case daily numbers low; but its clearly uncontained and growth in those circumstances has led to it rising rapidly elsewhere. That said, we’ve had a bit more time to prepare than Italy or South Korea had, and live in lower density cities (even in most of Sydney), so might be more effective at maintaining lower numbers than they had without going to such measures.

McLachlan warns games without crowds a possibility due to coronavirus

Sadly, I wouldn’t say cricket is on the rise. Confining white ball mens internationals to paid services has knocked a lot of focus out of the summer (and I daresay part of rugby’s problems as well). And the BBL is really stagnating. Its strong but no longer “on the rise”. Overall, cricket is probably in decline but solid for a while yet. As wicth many sports right now, any growth is coming largely through the womens game.

Which sports are dying in Australia?

Note from Australian selectors: Sean Marsh, Mitch Marsh fill those spots.

More seriously, Stan McCabe for sure

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter K

To be honest, Queensland was quite possibly the second strongest First Class team in the world for much of that stretch; after Australia. Perhaps third, behind South Africa.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter K

Its happened a bit at domestic level, though not as much as I thought and not recently. Lawson, S Clark (NSW), Gilbert (Tas), O’Donnell, Reiffel (Vic)

For Australia, on any sort of regular basis you would have to way back. Benaud was the last regular bowler to be a regular captain – and not exactly a quick. I’m not counting Steve Waugh who was very much a part-time bowler by the time he took the captaincy – even if medium pace is to be included as a “pace bowler” – or fill-ins like Watson.

Looking at it, there were all-rounders before that but apart from Lindwall’s one fill-in game even then it is spinners going back to Ryder as a medium-pace all-rounder. And that is so far back he would have been Bradman’s first test captain, retiring in 1928/9. Actual quicks to have been regular captains : nil.
Part of that may be that fast bowlers often spend plenty of time at fine leg, not an easy place for communication. Lindwall’s one Test as captain is perhaps the only one captained by any Australian who would be deemed a quick bowler.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter K

“As any Tasmanian of my age and generation remembers, attending Hobart Devils games were some of the best memories a sports-mad child could have.”
I can only assume you’re from Hobart. There were very few of us in the north who even recognised the NBL Devils existence. Even basketball fans, they followed the local SEABL side but not the Devils. With no games likely at the Silverdome, the upgrade costs would be horrendous, or on the basketball stronghold of the north-west that is again a big risk.

Understanding how important the NBL returning to Tasmania is to the state

Ian Chappell’s occasional hatreds can be a thing of awesome power, and would be a good fit for Sky News.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter H

K Hughes also had to work with a divided team. Utter greats in Chappell, Lillee and Masrh undermining him had an influence on other players even after they retired. He also finished with basically back to back series against the West Indies, while ChappellG picked which series he wanted to be part of for about four years.

Kim was treated both with ridiculous favour (by WACA and ACB, chosen as a golden boy early in his career) and quite harshly (in the dressing rooms of WA and Australia partly because of the board favouritism). IMO he was a far better player, with better returns for most of the time, than the final numbers suggest.

The Australian cricket all-time great alphabet teams: Letter H

No. Until the early 90s (1993?) it was possible to qualify for a second state via residency. The final rules where based on where you spent most time in formative years (defined as an age bracket, I think 10-16 but am not sure), and it was only then that players had one State or Territory only.

So, Dunstall and Crosisca lined up for Victoria despite being Queenslanders. Pritchard lined up for Victoria on the same weekend Tasmania were playing, despite being Tasmanian. Its under those rules that some originally Victorian Swans were eligible for the NSW/ACT team.

Generally, a tier two state player (ACT, NSW, NT, Qld, Tas) could play for their first first tier one state and vice versa. Hence, Carey (NSW) and Buckley (NT) became SA eligible via North Adelaide and Port Adelaide. But, for example, a WA player could not play for Vic or SA as those three were tier one states.

The greatest AFL State of Origin of all time