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The day-night Test must be abandoned

The pink ball, as it stands, is a failure, and the experiment must be called off. It is that simple. The playing of a day-night Test always looked like it was rushed at the insistence of Channel Nine,and now it looks set to backfire on Cricket Australia in a bad way.

The signs were there in that tri-series. It was really only the bigger grounds in Australia that made it a strategy that din’t quite hold up. That said, it was still a surprise given the strength of Australia at the time. But not a huge shock like India 1983 or Australia 1987.

The formula that reveals the 2019 Cricket World Cup winner

There were also only six Test nations at the start of the 1980s, Sri Lanka became the 7th in the early 80s. South Africa weren’t readmitted until the early 1990s. With an ODI tri-series and separate “ODI status” not really a thing, 40% of potential opposition played here each summer. And it didn’t take many tours to cover all opponents in the rest of the year.

There are now 11 potential opponents in Tests, two of which are very new; and a couple more in ODIs. Of course frequency per opponent should be higher then.

Insane ODI fixturing has cruelled Australia

By that logic India should have played the least number of different opponents, yet have played 10 in ODIs in the same period.

In the other formats the differences are not so stark. Both have played six Test opponents in the same period and India 8 to Australia 7 in T20Is. Without checking, presumably Australia has had a few Test/T20I and T20I only tours while India mostly includes all three formats (though often split with the red and white ball components actually different tours).

It possibly says more about the commercial value of ODIs in Australia. During the local footballs, almost no cricket gets media and public attention. And now hidden behind a paywall only 30-35% of the population even have the option to see (mens) home ODIs and T20Is. The format is likely to be irrelevant to most Australians very soon, T20 still has the BBL in the public eye.

Insane ODI fixturing has cruelled Australia

The rules before the mid-90s were a joke. If the original state wasn’t playing (or were a second tier state playing a second tier state) they could play for a non-original state.
Pritchard was even picked for Victoria the same weekend that Tasmania played Victoria B. When the rules changed (1993?) they made a lot more sense, and players had only one state.

SoO would be great, with real states (and NT). But practicality and broadcasters not wanting to show anything except Victorian games make it a non-starter. Finding a system that works with three teams so far ahead of the others isn’t simple either.

The one move that would re-energise the AFL pre-season

An interesting thing with Afghanistan is how the talk has changed. At the 2015 World Cup they had a genuinely good pace attack, something not normally seen with Asian teams. Occasionally Pakistan have produced a pairing, and India now have a quality set of bowlers; but generally Asian pace attacks have carried one or two weaker members. Now Afghanistan has spinners who have proven themselves in the short forms. That suggests that they may be able to provide bowlers for all conditions. They may just need the batsmen and a good chance at multi-day experience to become a good side in all forms.

Afghanistan's cricketing record suggests a bright future

I wasn’t calling all salary caps sports gimmick sports. Just T20, a sport created solely for money rather than being a sport that was later able to be monetised.

The two you mention do have mid-season trades, I’m not sure how they work it around salary caps as I don’t have any real interest in either. I can watch American Football at times, but that’s about as far as it goes. There are definitely ways to go about it, most of which would require some flexibility around the cap.

Could midseason trades be the way of the Big Bash future?

Ideally the BBL wouldn’t last long enough to have a “mid-season”. I generally prefer the idea that a squad is set for a season, in any sport, and that is what you have to work with.

But with international players already able to replaced due to the demands of national teams it might not be a terrible idea for a gimmick sport such as T20. Salary caps make mid-season trading a difficult thing when compared to most places they operated which are largely much more flexible on salaries squad size (Association Football in Europe being the highest profile).

Could midseason trades be the way of the Big Bash future?

Its such a shame that the NTCA Ground no longer is capable of hosting First Class cricket and never even gets a look-in for ListA (mens or womens), or WBBL. Its probably not suitable for BBL, its a small playing surface and lacking the crowd amenities and lights of York Park. But can still hold 9k, even if about 7k of those are standing.
Apart from the lighting, with a bit of clean up of run-down stands and facilities it would be at least as suited as North Sydney for anything else – and has the solid cricket history that York Park (which has never had a cricket pitch in it except for T20 use) does not. Day time Womens ODIs , WNCL, WBBL and mens ListA could be played there easily enough. Unfortunately the requirements for FC cricket means it can probably no longer host Shield games; but it is ridiculous that a highly decentralised state plays all games at the one venue.

Australian grounds that have hosted just one ODI each

I have no idea how reliable it was, probably completely unreliable, but there was talk he was seen as a poor tourist in his last stint (where his batting was almost as bad as his glove work ). Apparently his attitude and to his failures was said to be affecting other players’ confidence.
If true, and I stress this part, it might make sense. And he was abysmal with the bat last go at Test level, though he was chosen on far less First Class batting form than he is showing now, and was alright with the bat in his first go.
So long as he is not considered as a keeper; not even backup; outside T20, he should at least be considered.

Are selectors prepared to go with their double standards?

Simpler is almost always better for sports uniforms. Has to be the early one.

Cricket Australia letting fans vote on next retro ODI jersey

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some with County contracts are nominally “in the squad” but released for County games. Siddle could well be one of those, so if he gets called upon its not technically from outside the squad even if he isn’t travelling with them. Renshaw may be another, but really needs a good end of Shield and very strong start to the County year to come back into consideration. (Assuming they have 2019 contracts.)

I wouldn’t be surprised if a squad of 17 is named at the end of the WC and “A” tour, but only 14 actually travel as a squad.

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI for the Ashes

The suspensions do seem heavy-handed, but given what has happened something meaningful was necessary. The fact they still happens suggests maybe its not the right way to go about it, but until something better comes along (run penalties are not better, changing the nature of scoring is not suitable) its what we’re stuck with.
One thing I would like to see is the extra overs bowled at the end of the session, not the day. Too often the wrong ream is in the field doing the overtime because there was a change of innings during the day. (It will still happen under a session based rule, but its an extra 7-8 minutes a session not an extra 20-25; and you’ll get a hurry-up if you think you might only get a 10 minute tea break.) Umpires being more proactive in stopping mid-over breaks and incessant changes of gear would help too.

West Indies want over rate policy review

I’m not convinced on Head, and at the start of the summer was very dubious about his selection; but he’s still my second middle order pick after Smith. He has to not slash outside off (and he’s not alone with that issue) and he might do OK.
Stoinis, I just don’t get the fascination. Wade, sure, I would have him in the squad (batsman only, not as reserve ‘keeper) at this stage and either way on the eleven.

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI for the Ashes

Its England. “Dry” isn’t an option. Except sometimes at The Oval but that’s so late dry won’t be a consideration.

VOTE: Pick your Australian XI for the Ashes

Tests over all others, always. The WC is the only time its even a question, and then the answer is “Tests over all others”.

Do we care more about the World Cup or the Ashes?

Wouldn’t we be better off having those players playing red ball cricket in England, whether by extending the “A” tour or through County contracts for those who can land one?
The batsmen especially. They need to master the art of the long innings, and the straight bat against the moving ball. Neither of which are going to be of any use in a world cup where 320+ is going to be required in a lot of games.

Do we care more about the World Cup or the Ashes?

Lazy, yeah, but it also holds some truth. Context is important.
Runs against a second string Sri Lankan attack aren’t the same as runs against Bumrah or Rabada or Philander. Its still far better to get them than not, but after the first 50 minutes or so the Lankan attack was poor.

“Yeah, but it was” …the laziest cricket argument going

That is a bit of an oddity that had never crossed my mind. But actually hosting two nations, without being a neutral venue, is something a bit different.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

When there are two home Test series they will be 3 and 2, according to the FTP.
Next summer is two against Pakistan, 3 against New Zealand.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

I think you underestimate how “entitlements” work for politicians. The only reason the PM, sports Minister and LotO might not turn up for the photo ops is that all ACT seats are safe.
The (to be) three Reps will all go Labor, the two senate split one each. They are in campaign mode, months befpre a official capaign; so there is no point in the seats that are a foregone conclusion. Unless they are aiming at Queanbeyan, and the “bell-whether” Eden-Monaro electorate.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

I’m not involved in junior cricekt, so my comments are based off reading and hearing things from people more knowledgeable than myself.

The “mass participation” element seems to be vital. Its no longer a case of playing a football in winter and cricket in summer. If kids don;t get attracted early, they wonlt be retained. As in the article, they won’t always be retained anyway.

The issue, to me, is that this has been taken too far. At the top end; at least, and ideally for all; there needs to be the opportunity to play longer games without restricted innings and bowling spells. Victoria has apparently moved its entire elite under 18 program to T20. Like it or not, and I don’t, T20 has to be part of it these days – but how is anyone supposed to learn the mental side of the game if the entire program is the short burst game?

Retaining players is important, these boy and girls will keep suburban and bush clubs alive (and fill the stands). But so is developing well rounded cricketers, it is arguably easier to learn to slog after learning to bat than the other way around. Or to learn to mix it up after learning line, length, subtlety and patience.

Its too simple to blame all the problems on T20. Many of these things were put in place, and taken too far, before T20 was on the scene in any real way. It wasn’t as noticeable because we had a great generation of players in the Test team (who had come through earlier systems). The mistakes of 10-15 years ago are visible in elite senior cricket now. The mistakes of now, and of the whole T20 era, aren’t visible at that level yet.

Junior cricket must change for future Test success

Given there are only five Tests a sumemr from next season onwards (according to the FTP and once CA have weaned us back down to five they won’t up it again when there is T20 to be played) this is likely Canberra’s first and last Test and Hobart has already held its last.

Manuka Oval’s Test debut 95 years in the making

AFLX is not suited to anyone, or anything except the most convenient scrapheap.

Should we be excited about AFLW 2019?

Pretty good list, I would have Holding or Headley in ahead of Lloyd but any of a few could fill most of the spots.
IMO, #1 is pretty clear cut.

Who are the five greatest West Indian cricketers of all time?

Who cares where the Ashes are being played when it comes to picking a team to play Sri Lanka in Australia? All Tests should be treated equally, its not a football code building in the finals – or even 50 over cricket leading to a World Cup.

Kurtis Patterson added to Australian Test squad to play Sri Lanka