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The day-night Test must be abandoned

The pink ball, as it stands, is a failure, and the experiment must be called off. It is that simple. The playing of a day-night Test always looked like it was rushed at the insistence of Channel Nine,and now it looks set to backfire on Cricket Australia in a bad way.

Much simpler would have been to have an independent grounds man take control for the final with instruction only – no lifeless roads.
Five days is long enough for a result on all but the deadest pitches. Especially when teams normally only play four days.
If it’s a washout, so be it. The better team over the season takes the title.

We'll have a guaranteed winner this Sheffield Shield season

The MCG on Grand Final day; thanks to the rarity of the day itself, and being packed with sponsors doing deals and not watching the game rather than fans; is less of a home ground advantage than during the year.

It is not a neutral venue for MCG tenants against other clubs, though. Particularly for non-Vic clubs, but also for small-Vic clubs that have played there twice, or maybe once, that year. (Or not at all, although I don’t think that has happened for a Grand Finalist yet.)

It might be as close as we have to a neutral venue, but it isn’t one. Of course, it is the only venue where the AFL could mandate every team plays a minimum of three games there. That won’t overcome the travel factor, but can at least help with ground familiarity.

Grand Finals at the MCG are unfair? That's rubbish

There are some things that are more important than money. The integrity of the sport is one. Without that there soon won’t be any money (and some boards may be quite happy for that to be the case in Tests, so they can milk the T20 cow leaving nothing of actual cricket remaining). Boards are supposed to be custodians of the game, not just custodians sof the bank balance.

While the days of playing half a dozen four day games against good opposition is long gone, two proper First Class games should be workable for major series. And on surfaces similar to the Test ones.
The lack of warm-up games isn’t THE reason for the heavily home-sided series, but its certainly one of them. The science that goes into pitch preparation, and that all venues now doctor pitches to suit either home teams or broadcasters, is another.

Is lack of practice games the reason for poor overseas performances?

One big difference for Brisbane supporters will be going to the Gabba with genuine hope heading into almost all home games. It must have been a while since the fans had that, and maybe it started in the latter part of this year.

Chris Fagan signs two-year extension with Lions

Pushing for the eight seems a touch optimistic. I reckon if they snare around eight wins, and knock over a good team away in the process that is fair improvement.
Unless something big happens in the trade period.

Chris Fagan signs two-year extension with Lions

Well done, they weren’t expected to win.

But what it shows more than anything is how lopsided the game has become; especially in what is supposed to be it’s true form. Home teams just don’t lose, except the very bottom of the Test world.
Pitch preparation has become much more scientific and doctoring that used to occur spasmodically is now every Test. Add the complete lack of proper tour games in, and the only form of the game worth a damn is hopelessly compromised.

Wounded Lions defy the odds to take Test series

Carlton’s troubles are all of their ow making, even the old salary cap breach penalties aren’t any sort of impact now. And it isn’t like they are a small club without the resources to bring players through, they have just been terrible at it for a long time.

I can almost understand in the case of Gold Coast, but draft picks don’t help when a big problem is everyone wanting to leave as soon as possible..

Beverige is right, and priority picks shouldn’t even exist as an option.

Beveridge not a fan of priority picks for Blues, Suns

I know I’m not always welcome on here, as its not my #1 sport, but surely four trophies for ten (soon twelve) teams seems too many. And, yes, the FFA Cup, is open to teams from outside the A-League but realistically how likely is it to be won by any until/unless a fairly strong national second tier happens?
If there’s a 14-18 team A-League and a similar sized A2, then a League Cup starts to make more sense.

Why the A-league needs a League Cup

Its T20. Good form or bad, it has little bearing on actual cricket.

Should we be worrying about David Warner’s batting form?

I fear you may well be correct, but hope he can still get a couple of years in. If all he can do without too much risk is the T20 circus, fair enough, but such a waste.

Australia's Test team against Pakistan will be their weakest in 25 years

I thought they originally sold it as preparing players for “tournament style play”, i.e. World Cups etc.

Australia's Test team against Pakistan will be their weakest in 25 years

The forgotten one in all this is James Pattinson. When fit he is perhaps the best equipped of the Australian quicks in low, slow conditions. He, also, remains unavailable. And he has to show some form to force his way back in. He won’t be a real chance until 2019 – if he gets through the latter half of the Shield season and does so with a decent return.

The batting just looks weak, in any conditions.
I’ve seen a few preferred squads on here and they all look terrible. Yet, I can’t think of anyone better. At first glance, Australia will be lucky to make 300 across a match in the UAE.
Maxwell has the ability, but probably still not the head. Its a short series though, so one innings that comes off might be enough.
Handsomb seems doubtful but might be one to find a way. He may at least be able to adapt his defence. He did get a decent average in Bangladesh, but mostly from one innings despite arguably four starts (is 15 a “start”?). It will be harder in the UAE.

Australia's Test team against Pakistan will be their weakest in 25 years

Seven have the Big Bash on practically every night in January.

It is a conundrum. Most of these women aren’t paid enough to be full time footballers, how many would have jobs that allow them ten weeks off if they get drafted to the other side of the country?

Gillon McLachlan must be more honest about the future of AFLW

That’s a real surprise. I knew he had come good, but still think of those years he was really poor at the format and instinctively consider it the weaker of his three. But that doesn’t seem to hold true with those numbers.

But is he a certainty for the WC when he won’t have anything except 20 over cricket behind him? I guess he gets picked for the UAE series and if form is average into the WC squad. That is, assuming the players want him (and I don’t think that will be an issue really).

The 2019 World Cup will save Warner's career

Hussey always had a brain. Maxwell has the talent, but still can’t be trusted in the long form.

The perception shift that's restored Glenn Maxwell's career

There is a week off before finals begin. So Sunday, other than the club killer that is twilight, makes no practical difference.

Carlton given prime-time fixture as final round of 2018 AFL season confirmed

It actually isn’t as easy as I thought it would be to fix either. The immovability of the ever-expanding BBL circus makes the whole thing nigh on impossible to get right.

Why is Cricket Australia not valuing the One-Day Cup?

Twelve months seemed then, and seems now, about right to me. The problem isn’t with the CA sanctions, but the weakness of the ICC ones applied to every other nation. Even with the new ICC penalties, they are nothing for what is definitively cheating.

Assuming any sort of form on return ,he’ll waltz straight back into the Test and 50-over teams at a minimum.
The issue will be proving form, given the timing won’t really allow for a domestic showing and T20 isn’t proving form for anything else. He’ll have to be rushed into the Pakistan ODI series in the UAE on the back of nothing, and hope it works for the WC.
Warner, in probably still his his weakest format (though far better than it once was), in England, I’m not so sure he makes the WC team as an almost automatic pick.

Ban could make Smith a better batsman

The version I have says the Australian home summer of 2019/20 is:
3 T20Is v Sri Lanka in October
2 Tests, 3 T20Is v Pakistan in November
3 Tests, 3 ODIs v New Zealand in December-January

Maybe that was not the final version??

edit: And only five Tests each summer until at least 2022/23. Ridiculous.

What the 2019-20 summer of cricket should look like

Having either captain or coach as a selector is a fundamentally bad idea.

Langer handed considerable selection powers in sweeping panel changes

tbf, if Carlton had their best 22 available against anyone any game “could very well turn into a massacre” and not in Carlton’s favour.
Every team has bad years, some teams have diabolical years. A few teams have years approaching Carlton 2018. At least they have the resources to eventually recover without the vultures calling for them to fold.

Carlton Blues vs Hawthorn Hawks: AFL live scores, blog

One other advantage England will have, along with Pakistan, is playing 50 over cricket in the build-up. The rest of the nations shut down for the IPL. England can play a 5 game series with Pakistan, and have their next best focus on domestic ListA games. Everyone else will get a couple of warm-up games to acclimatise to England and re-acclimatise to 50 over cricket.
I wonder if that is another reason for BCCI and CA wanting to shut the world off from the world cup? It gives more group games to find form (as well more guaranteed India games meaning more revenue).

Who will win the 2019 World Cup?

Why would the MCG and SCG Tests be day-night? They already get good sales (at least on the first few days), are on when people aren’t work and school, and night sessions would conflict with BBL almost every night. I know CA are cannibalising Tests this summer, let us hope that never happens again.
I assume Adelaide, not Perth, is the intended day-night for the Pakistan series. The FTP only has Pakistan here for two Tests.
This means there will only be five Tests in 2019/20, rather than the seven I would like to see every summer or six we usually get when two teams tour.
God Coast may get a mens ODI or T20I, it is hard to see it getting a Test ahead of the Gabba.

The other issue is making sure players have a chance in the correct format before the internationals. Again the BBL gets in the way, as it means Shield game aren’t played for two months. This really gets in the way of players having form for Tests in the height of summer.

What the 2019-20 summer of cricket should look like

The stand-alone finals are great and not before time. I’m not so sure on the carnival thing, but it probably works better for broadcasters and is something a little different.

It is a shame some of these games have been scheduled on the same day as mens internationals, and sometimes during play. And I still wish CA would bite the bullet an give the women back a chance to play some First Class cricket even just three matches and a final. With only one Test every two years, I understand its not going to be a priority – it is a pity women are denied the traditional form though..

Standalone WBBL finals a big tick for Cricket Australia

Whether Tasmania deserves a team based on sentiment is another question again. On finances and growth (the AFL’s apparent criteria), not a chance.

And I agree GWS aren’t going to drop Canberra any time soon, I think they should. Without showing commitment to their supposed region the people in western Sydney aren’t going to get on board the “Mexican” game. Even with that commitment it will be a long, slow process to get a decent level of support.

Scrap the Suns and other radical ideas to shake up the AFL