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Hey Geoff thanks for Wrapping the whole year. I share with You and the Roar Community a Christmas Missive that my old boss shared with his staff on his retirement in Dec 2010. A Blessed Holiday Season to all.


“Another year will be over very soon. If I were politically correct I would thank you for the good job done this year and would wish you a good time with your family. However I will never be politically correct, I do not need to wait for the end of the year to thank you for the good job and you can have a good time with your family at any time… My comments and wishes will be consequently a little bit different.

The tradition around Christmas has become one of the most superficial customs in our modern world because this has nothing to do with sincerity; this has nothing to do with generosity. This has to do with good consciousness and frenetic consuming. For those of you who are religious, there is no need for a Christmas tree, no need for gifts, and no need for exchanging cards. There is just a need for a reverential silence, profound meditation and an internal joy. I think that for those of you who are believers, this can be a firework of joy in full simplicity.

The move to the New Year is a myth. Time changes every fraction of second. When you have finished reading this, the world you were when you started to read it will already be gone forever. Gone forever! Keep that in mind and try to enjoy every moment of your life. There is no room for frustration, there is no room for grumpiness because the time we have is counted. Just think of what can make your day: a nice smile, a friendly attitude, an excellent joke…

Let us be down to earth. The day we leave, what will count are not our belongings or our career but the people we will have met. As colleagues, you are part of this people. You are too precious for being told banal things such as “Happy Holidays”. You are precious enough for me to be told “Thank you for being in my life”.”

The Wrap: All 2018’s rugby highlights and lowlights

A little like Premium Economy; offers something but not a lot really.

Only optimism for Wallabies fans lies with December decisions

Q: Do you think your coach box histrionics, post match referee conspiracy theories, and Wallaby victimisation allows you and your team to take ownership for the only thing you can control on the park, your own performance?

Suggested questions for Rugby Australia's end-of-season review

Hey Geoff prefer to watch Nathan Harris over Haris Sohail. Gotta love the assessment of the situation then execution of his left footed kick pass. Beautiful play by the replacement hooker and for me the play of the weekend.

The Wrap: Australian rugby, ‘You may ask yourself, how did I get here’?

Cheika has been World Coach of the year and he said after another loss on the weekend that the Wallabies will win games next year.

Cheika persists with 'Plan A' and why Rugby Australia won't step in

Ben got to love the way he got in behind Goodhue to drive him forward 20 metres over the weekend.

The curious case of Beauden Barrett

Geoff couldn’t help but notice that Pocock has changed in his demeanour and he appears more argumentative, reactive, confrontational and comfortable in crossing the line in the blatant obstructive play resulting in the last penalty of the match. Cheika’s influence or just frustration?

The Wrap: Cheika and Jones both losers, but heading down very different paths

Digger – you also have to take into account that the baseline that MC took over from is significantly higher than the current situation. Remembering that McKenzie’s last test, short of MF scoring in the last minute, would have resulted in a Wallaby win in Bled3.

The Wrap: Cheika and Jones both losers, but heading down very different paths

Cheers Mate
Slugging back my whiskey and heading to bed.
I’ll watch your game when I get up in the morning – Comon the Boks!

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

Corne the English turned down a kick as well so not just SH

Wallabies frustration continues with loss to Wales

Geoff I’ve tried many times to compile my Desert Island Discs but never managed to finish given the list changes each time you add or remove a criteria. We are spoilt for choice and music indeed is the laughter of the soul.

The only thing I have in common with Stephen Hawkins is that we’d both take Mozart’s Requiem.

Evocative Sufi music with herbal accompaniment as the last of the daylight creeps away should be appreciated by all.

The Wrap: The Wallabies and other rugby matters explained in vinyl

Bledisloe Cup Anthems

“Tears of a Clown” Smokey Robinson & the Miracles.
”Without out You” Harry Nilsson
“Fear of the Dark” Iron Maiden
“Crime of the Century” Supertramp
“Never Gonna give you up” Rick Astley

And the Mel Cup winner tomorrow
“The Horse with No Name” America

The Wrap: The Wallabies and other rugby matters explained in vinyl

He looked pretty good playing for the Taniwha in the M10.

Former Rebels number ten headlines New Zealand Super Rugby squads

Neither. Just stating what I saw happened. The point being that when Barrett moves quickly into position to create an overlap Genia has to make a split second decision to either tackle Read and leave Folau to cover Barret and Ioane or to cover Barrett. Nicely worked try with Barrett’s speed into the receiver zone creating defensive indecision and time and space for Read to score.

The Wrap: Yokohama Bledisloe will benefit both the All Blacks and Wallabies

Genia was drifting to cover Barrett who was quickly moving into first receiver to put Ioane into space.

The Wrap: Yokohama Bledisloe will benefit both the All Blacks and Wallabies

I agree he set up a nice try for Ben Smith

Welcome back, Samu Kerevi

First push came from Latu

Seven talking points from Bledisloe Game 3

Maybe the RA and MC could have a discussion as to the relative merits of Dickensian wisdom; “The wisdom of the head and the wisdom of the heart”.

The Wrap: What the Dickens does Australian rugby do now?

Here is Ben Smith’s informative piece on RugbyPass about how the game is evolving in attack and his comments about why the Wallabies are struggling in attack. I would add that playing players out of position, chopping and changing combinations, without the core roles of a position embedded in their DNA further compromises this evolution.

“The Wallabies have adopted many of the same ideas, but it is like they have seen the engine and have tried to build the same one without knowing any of the specifications.

Their spacing and depth is amiss, the timing is all out and in some cases, the players don’t have the skills required. The autonomy to play what you see is also missing, trying to run set plays with pre-determined outcomes. The system must have the flexibility to use the best option available, allowing the player to determine what that is, and the team must have shared knowledge about what to do next”.

The Wrap: All Blacks seal 16th title as Wallabies stare down wooden spoon

Another interesting point from the Ryder Cup weekend was selections by captain/coach. Bjorn’s Captain’s picks taking experience over form and the experience delivering. Cabrera Bello and Pieters were unlucky to miss out as their form in 2018 was much better than Garcia and Casey’s. Think Dan Carter leading into RWC15 and Ma’a Nonu who’s Super form was always below what he delivered at test level. We all know what DC did in RWC15.

Moreover all 12 of Bjorn’s team stood up and provided at least one point towards the final tally. Individuals delivering for the team.

The Wrap: All Blacks seal 16th title as Wallabies stare down wooden spoon

Well batted Brett!

“Suit the action to the word, the word to the action”. – Shakespeare.

Fan abuse is never great, but the message to the Wallabies is clear

Came up in conversation during the test match that there’s a rumour doing the rounds, that the reason IF has not signed with RA is that he considering an offer from Twiggy to play in West Sydney next year. ?? like all rumours watch this space.

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

Geoff – did you notice some of the traits common in the Wallabies coaches box are being replicated on the reserves bench when a decision is not agreed with?

The Wrap: Dyantyi and Lavanini ‘slide the doors’ for the All Blacks and Wallabies

In Peter Bills book “The Jersey” he writes of the expectation that the ABs will win every game and it this expectation that drives the high personal/team standards and the need to evolve and strive for the best/complete performance. We remember our losses more than our wins says it all.

Are the All Blacks still happy when they win?

“the Wallabies are playing the white keys in Bb Blues…”

Australian rugby – dissonant chords all over the place.

The Australian rugby system is the problem, not just Michael Cheika