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Funding would come from the extra money from TV rights deals to air the extra game, plus whoever is funding the West Coast Pirates NRL bid.

The National Rugby League chairman thinks five hours on a plane is too much

Totally agree with points 1, 3 and 4. But point 2 seems very short sighted and nothing more than a toxic masculinity, woman hating, misogynistic rant. Please provide hard evidence to back up your arguments in point 2. Thanks

The National Rugby League chairman thinks five hours on a plane is too much

He’s already stated no team will be relocated. So it ain’t happening unless a team goes bankrupt, yeah?!

The National Rugby League chairman thinks five hours on a plane is too much

Suggesting Latrell should “man up” is apparently ‘toxic masculinity’ and should be discouraged.

Bad advice? Too many cooks? Or maybe Latrell just needs to man up

Again, grasping at straws. Non-issue. Nothing needs to be fixed or even spoken about. You’re making the most pointless argument on this entire site.

Should the NRL finally adopt squad numbers?

And the whole “if you haven’t played NRL, you don’t know what you’re talking about” is a low IQ argument. It suggests only those who speak from authority are allowed to speak, which makes this article even more ridiculous. It’s beyond me how these articles get published!

All Newcastle needs is a winning attitude

They need more than just a winning attitude. They need to actually learn how to win.

All Newcastle needs is a winning attitude

Nat you’re grasping at straws defending this pointless argument. Max Power is right. It’s pretty simple stuff.

Should the NRL finally adopt squad numbers?

I get the idea, but pointless IMO.

Should the NRL finally adopt squad numbers?

Green is a garbage coach. He won’t know what to do with holmes

Holmes promises to be better than ever with Cowboys

2 new teams it is. SE QLD and Perth.

New ARLC chairman shoots down relocation

Brisbane’s roster management when it comes to their halves has been diabolical and embarrassing.

The Broncos need experience, and Blake Green could be the answer

Sam is only 30. He only needs a year to fix himself up. Expect him to be back in 2021 with a surgically repaired shoulder.

Are injury retirements a way of beating the salary cap?

Cook is the logical option. Crazy to think it would be anyone else

Murray: I’m not ready to be Souths skipper

NRL really hates the Titans eh

The winners and losers from the 2020 NRL fixture

Munster, because he’s a natural footballer and can defend

Who would you rather? Cam Munster or Luke Keary

Knights could have finished in the 8 last season with the draw they had, and they blew it. They got royally pumped by the gold coast. Remember that? They’ll win a few next year, but will finish 11th.

The Knights can finally make the eight with their 2020 draw

Hunt can play halfback, five eighth, hooker and lock. On ya bike pal!

How on earth did Cameron Murray get left out of the Kangaroos side?

Knights will finish 10th next year. 9th in 2021. Maybe finals in 2022. 147 more articles from Adrian telling us the Knights can turn it around.

The Newcastle talking points following the big gamble of Adam O'Brien

Not if the right calls are being made. I laugh at critics of the bunker. Sure, they get a couple wring, a very very small percentage, but you just have to look at the amount of incorrect calls by on-field refs that are overturned every weekend. If there wasn’t a bunker, the wrong calls made by on-field refs would be doubled. STOP WHINING ABOUT THE BUNKER.

Is the bunker being overused?

Mal thought he needed a utility on the bench so he picked Hunt. People need to relax, Murray will play 30 tests by the time hes retired.

How on earth did Cameron Murray get left out of the Kangaroos side?

About time a cockroach caught up.

Cordner eyes off unique piece of history

Work compo, like any job, should be paid. Why should Sam lose out because of injuries sustained at work? He has a family to support.

If Sam Burgess retires, South Sydney must pay the price

The absolute worst as it directly influenced the result. Anyone who disagrees just doesnt get rugby league.

The worst call in grand final history

Theres an old saying… “sh*t happens”. It’s just too bad it happened in a grand final which directly contributed to the result

Ben Cummins is a good man and a great referee – so lay off him!