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“Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing.”



Vics bowled smart, lots of change of pace.
Khawaja went hard, without being reckless.

QLD bowlers, almost clueless performance they kept bowling same thing over n over again.

Usman Khawaja's back-to-back tons send a message to Test selectors

No effort to change their pace which is the first thing you do when someone is going hard and is comfortable with the wicket with no movement.
Poor from the bowlers.

McDermott and Faulkner pushing for Australian selection

Smug, arrogant and well informed are not mutually exclusive.

Talking through pure ‘text’ can at times lose its intent and appear more insulting.

I try to take it on the lighter side, and enjoy the spirit of the discussion. We all are cricket tragics and very similar in that way.

McDermott and Faulkner pushing for Australian selection

“Mental issues”
That’s really poor Ben.
Using a sickness as an insult is not ok.

Don, to me, appears informed and respectful with his responses. Yes, he is biased, show me one who isn’t.

McDermott and Faulkner pushing for Australian selection

You said it, “same people, different ways”

I could not agree more. Thanks mate, enjoyed the chat.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

Agree Paul, Taylor was brilliant.
As I said earlier, it sounds silly considering Warner caught 4 beauties, and then saying I’m worried about his slip catching.

Let’s hope his catching today is the norm and not the exception going forward.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

I respect that.

To me, I’ve lot of English friends, and few cousins, watching Australia defeat England at Elite level is supremely enjoyable, no way does that imply I don’t respect and admire opponent’s skill.

Somethings give you more pleasure, especially if their is history, watching Mitch Johnson receive all the abuse by Barmy Army, his wife and mum were not spared, somehow English Cricket Board think that’s Ok, then watching Mitch absolutely annihilate them in 2013 was pure bliss.

To each their own I suppose.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

Yeah Paul, it sounds silly critiquing his catching skills when he took 4 blinders. Here I’m doing it anyway.

As a good catcher, one needs to move their body first, and absolute last action should be move hands, Warner almost lunges at ball with hands. Worked today, and he has brilliant hand-eye.

I’m not confident long term it will work, unless he changes his technique.

Good catchers make it look easy with their movement and still frame, paradox.. I know.. almost making it look like ball found them.

Wade has the same deficiency, IMO.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

You want ‘drama’ watch Sopranos mate. I’m looking forward to watching our bowlers annihilate this English side further, and creating some fresh scars.
4-0 to Australia thank you!

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

Warner took 4 slips catches, superb!

But, the way he goes at the ball, reaching for it, makes me nervous. Wade does it too.

Good slip catchers move and wait for the ball to come to them.

Little worried about his aspect.

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

Glorious day of cricket.
Can’t wipe the smile of my face!

Australia's new 'Big Three' demolish England

And the Test 100 he scored, when everyone else failed except Smith.

Dropping Glenn Maxwell against England would be a huge mistake

Shunt a bloke that won us T20 series against India, which then gave us the confidence and turn around our ODI form!
Sure, at least that will be consistent, last time he scored a Test 100, not long after he got dropped.

Dropping Glenn Maxwell against England would be a huge mistake

Mate, Ricky/Langer know a little about cricket, they don’t strike me kind of blokes that will tolerate selfish cricketers. This constant demand of 350 scores is just not cricket. I can’t believe I’ve to write this; 240 on a tricky wicket is hard to score, at times, than 350 on a road.

It's time for Glenn Maxwell to step up

Maxi is a gun, anyone who refuses to see that needs to follow some other sport.

But saying Stoinis and Khawaja refuse to take risks, insinuating they are not team players is just plain wrong. Maybe look up the word ‘Role’

It's time for Glenn Maxwell to step up

Khawaja’s strike rate this World Cup: 88.26, career ST: 84.

But you comment is good, other than factual errors to justify your logic.

It's time for Glenn Maxwell to step up

I agree Ronan, although I was so hoping for Maxi to get in and play long innings, so unlucky the way he got out.

Would moving Carey to 5 before Stoinis and Maxi make sense considering his touch?

Although, for first time in a while, Stoinis looked positive and had better intent.

Carey has gone to another level

Mate, we won against a strong team, and we look like a complete team that can seriously challenge strong favorites India, so yeah I’m little excited about that.

Khawaja’s innings needs to be commended, and NOT criticized is the point I’m trying to make.

I’m not sure why you are hung up on “carried away- Khawaja” bit.

We recognize a winning innings and we move on.

Australia recover from slow start to hammer New Zealand at Lord's

You need more than luck to score 80 odd on that wicket against a quality attack, to say otherwise is plain silly.

Carrey has been sublime.

Australia recover from slow start to hammer New Zealand at Lord's

Carey is the most inform batsman in the tournament, with his current form the option to move him to 5 is extremely tempting.

Carey has gone to another level

Khawaja’s ideal position is as an opener, but the conjecture around he cat bat at other positions is very similar to the conjecture used in the past “he is poor against spin”.

Busting one myth at a time.

Australia recover from slow start to hammer New Zealand at Lord's

Most people struggled to score on this wicket, Khawaja and Carrey stood out.

I’m loving the contest between bat n ball in this tournament so far, credit to ICC, they have done a good job.

This wicket required Test match batting, but jeez only if Carey could lock the form he is in right now. How good is he timing em!

Australia recover from slow start to hammer New Zealand at Lord's

Great performance by Aussies!

Carrey’s touch is sublime, not just in this game, he may not be leading scorer in this tournament, but his touch and timing is second to none at the moment, think-tank needs to use that and maybe play him at 5.

Coming back to game, this was a tough wicket to bat on, against a very strong bowling attack, and the way Khawaja managed to get us out of the hole, Carrey’s innings being a massive part, is a big positive and hardly surprising those who follow Australian cricket.

Yet, the criticism Khawaja received, either they have little understanding of cricket or has to be for non-cricketing reasons.

Australia recover from slow start to hammer New Zealand at Lord's

True, but how many of batsmen you have mentioned can handle the new moving ball?
Buttler/Stokes/Bairstow are dangerous when ball is not moving, and bat middle order in Tests.

Except Root, how many have the technique to play proper cricketing shots and still score 5 an over?

In Tests, English batting is vulnerable, especially at the top, as evidenced by constant higher scores by late middle order and a tail that can bat.

In Warner, Uzi and Smith we have proper Test batsmen that can handle challenging conditions.

English just don’t have that quality, but they do bat deep, and when conditions suit them, they absolutely annihilate opposition.

Four years on, England still refuses to adapt

England’s lack of Test quality batsmen, except Root, has left them exposed.

Test batsmen are conditioned to recognize challenging batting conditions, their muscle memory kicks in and they adapt.

Same logic applies to their bowling, Broad and Anderson would have been a nightmare on that wicket.

I agree James, they have been unable to adapt, is it because of their attitude or because of the players they have at their disposal, I believe it’s the latter.

Four years on, England still refuses to adapt