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Nice preview but forgot completely about Whitfield!

Greater Western Sydney 2019 season preview, best 22 and predicted finish

I see your points Lionheart and I will explain my reasoning. I do not live in Queensland but I think I have reasonable knowledge of the club that is not mine. I have been to games their as well.
1. The football club needs re working. With the new training facilities is great but that needs time to build up a reputation and consistency. There has been significant staff turnover recently which is never a good sign. Players need time and so do the staff. I have limited knowledge with the NPL but I would think Roar would go well as they are the only A-league club their so youth would be drawn for that clear progression pathway. Roar haven’t hit with their recruitment in a few years and that gives the impression that things aren’t good to miss consistently. Look at Victory, Sydney, Jets in the last 2 years. Ownership also plays apart in being given money to spend.
2. Crowds decreased since the start of the season which I understand due to team performance. However saying other clubs crowds also decrease should not be the approach of the club. The club should focus on itself and if it is decreasing not look to the easy excuse that the league is decreasing (even though it’s true).
3. I was wrong about Bowles being youth, perhaps I should of said breakthrough player as he is establishing himself more in recent times and Ingham hasn’t started many games so I still think he’s quite young as well. Roar have multiple great young players though.
4. It is great to hear that you believe that the support was great on Tuesday night and I hope that continues for the rest of the year. I hope that the roar can have a good finish to the year to please the passionate fans like you.
Thanks for the feedback, very appreciative of the insight on the club.

The A-League midseason report card

Ok I stand corrected, great crowds for the first 2 or so weeks. I was more talking about the first 5 weeks to the crowds, and the roar did well promoting with the community before the season started. Perth should be getting more but their prices are very expensive and I believe it’s hard to access if a game at Optus stadium is on (not sure, just based on what I’ve heard, never been to Perth)

The A-League midseason report card

That wasn’t my intention but I like it! I gave the Nix a higher rating because of the lack of expectation heading into the season compared to Perth. They have both done amazing but I think based on what was expected the nix have just edged Perth.

The A-League midseason report card

Nice article, I find it the same that supporting my local A-league club makes you feel more connected than to one in Europe. Heard of this story before and would be interesting if they played each other in a game. With south west MacArthur we could have a similar situation with current fans of Wanderers divided between the two sides.

Wimbledon's way to winning

Reminded me a bit of the recent Asian Champions League when Arnold said we expect that we can win the comp and are favourites but that turned out to be garbage and were knocked out in group stage, hope it’s not the same for the Roos.

Arnie's second coming is off to the worst possible start

O Doherty has had more than 1 start, pretty much starts each week. I reckon the Sydney lads are too high as they don’t play. But de Silva should and in my opinion start

Riser Rankings: January edition

I don’t see enough fans changing clubs and becoming fans. Roar have been solo for a while and like most of the league, struggling with crowds.

Could Olympic become Brisbane's next A-League club?

Interesting article and a real dilemma at the back. My team would be :

Gk Ryan
RB Risdon
Cb Degenek
Cb Milligan
Lb Behich
CDM Milligan
Cdm Luongo
Cam Rogic
Lw Mabil
Rw Ikonomidis
St Nabbout?

What would be Australia's best Asian Cup lineup?

Should be a great tournament Mark. Do you think the cup will be a bit neglected though because there are not many so called superstars apart from Son playing in Europe? If you had to pick a winner who would you go?

Why the Asian Cup is as important as the World Cup

Good safe bet but South Korea could be a good shout, Son’s in unbelievable form.

Why the Asian Cup is as important as the World Cup

Interesting team, I think more of the fringe attackers and midfielders will get given goes than playing many defenders in midfield. Aziz and grant would both do good jobs further up though

My Socceroos Asian Cup line-up

Thanks Christian, Solari has brought back stability and January will be crucial. Any ideas of ideal signings or La Liga hopes?

Way too early Champions League last 16 predictions: Part one

As a giants fan I am very concerned about our next 5 years. Fans have grown but need a flag or at least a grand final appearance to cement them. Our players are ageing and many leaving whilst we are not bringing in the ready made talent in our premiership window.

Every AFL club’s new year’s wish: Part one

Well written article and has proven a good perspective on the nix. The nix have potential and are so important for kiwi football it would be a shame for football to loose a country, which it would if nix go. I reckon a smaller stadium would be ideal and try to give community offers to get 10k. We don’t want them playing at Campbeltown just to get the average crowd up.

The Phoenix's problem? They're the outsiders